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The Ice Queen
The Ice Queen
Author: Alice Hoffman
From the bestselling author of Practical Magic, a miraculous, enthralling tale of a woman who is struck by lightning, and finds her frozen heart is suddenly burning. Be careful what you wish for. A small town librarian lives a quiet life without much excitement. One day, she mutters an idle wish and, while standing in her house, is struck by lig...  more
ISBN-13: 9780316058599
ISBN-10: 0316058599
Publication Date: 4/4/2005
Pages: 224
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

3.5 stars, based on 127 ratings
Publisher: Little, Brown
Book Type: Hardcover
Other Versions: Paperback, Audio Cassette, Audio CD
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  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.
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As with every Alice Hoffman book, I enjoyed this one. I think primarily this intrigued me so much because of the subject matter and the research she put in that she ends up sharing with the readers. I learned so much about lightning strike survivors that I feel as if I'd read a non-fiction book about them.

The main character is maybe a bit difficult to warm up to (pardon the pun), but the elements of this story - and the writing - save the novel, and turn it into something touching and deep.
  • Currently 2.5/5 Stars.
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This book wasn't really my cup of tea. It was too abstract and didn't have enough action for my liking. However, I don't think that's a reflection on the book itself, it's simply not the genre I usually like to read from.

The author writes well; her words flow together nicely, and she's able to easily take something ordinary, such as a lightning storm or an orange orchard, or even a dead mole or a pile of flies, and turn it into something extraordinarily beautiful, or sad and repulsive. It was this vivid use of imagery in her words that kept me reading—that and the fact it's a fairly short book at only 211 pages—when I might otherwise have put it aside and went on to something else.

Why did I decide to read this book in the first place then you might wonder. Well, because I've heard this author's name quite a bit and wanted to try out one of her books for myself. I almost hate to give it a numeric rating here though since my rating will be mostly subjective based on how I personally liked the story in relation to the other books I've read. If I look at it objectively though, I'd have to give it kudos for the quality of writing, the wonderful use of imagery, and the fact that underneath it all, there was a poignant and touching story there.
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Good book, good writing by Alice Hoffman, but it was a little slow and difficult to read. It's also not a really upbeat book, after reading it, I felt kinda depressed.

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  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
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I found this book to be slow and at times hard to continue reading. I think the reason for this was the lack of depth in the characters, the disjointed writing style that didn't seem to have a flow to it and the pace was very sluggish.
Not my normal style of book so that could also add to my review. I understood the reason why she was writing as she was-that is the way the main character thinks and acts but was still very choppy to read. Great research into the subject she was writing about.
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I very much enjoyed this book and thought it well written and a unique read. Some readers say they were bored with it but I don't understand how. I loved it!
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
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This was a very fast read. It was certainly entertaining but for the majority of the book, I did not care for the main character. I thought she was rather childish, which was perhaps, the whole point, but it still did not make me like her. Her being a librarian was nice, and I certainly enjoyed this a lot more than _The Dewey Decimal System of Love_ (the last book that I read where the main character was a librarian). The fairy tale aspect was really the strongest part of the whole book... Some of the other themes, plot lines and characters were much weaker.