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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 2:05 AM ET
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This is where we post our wishes - maybe things we collect, something we can no longer find in our area, things we have always wanted etc, etc. No wish is too big, you never know what will turn up.

We must abide by PBS rules :
You may not wish for money, or monetary donations for any charities ( you may ask for things you collect for charities, like stamps, can tabs etc., but not for money. This includes 'gofundme' sites)
No buying or selling or advertising.
No wishing for credits (Credits are bought, sold and loaned only in the Book Bazaar forum, or use the PBS Kiosk to purchase)

Do NOT ask for books, since books are swapped on the site and book deals are made in the Book Bazaar. You may not ask for free books of any kind sorry. (Unpostables are given away in the damaged book thread of the Bazaar and sometimes in the RAOK thread)

Our own RAOK rules: Please

Do not offer payment for the things you are sent, including postage. RAOKs are given freely, asking nothing in return except a thank you. Try to pay it forward, maybe grant a wish yourself.
Please limit your wishes to no more than 10. Lists could get very long. You can always edit as you go along.
Unlike many other forums, we ask that you do NOT reply within the threads. We do everything by PMs between members. This keeps the threads clutter free and easy to use. When you go to the wishes, you see wishes. In the RAOK, it's all things we are giving away - simple and easy. And please do not post your address in the thread - it's all done via PM.
Please, if you post wishes, be prepared to check in and answer your PMs. It's frustrating when people want to grant your wishes and don't hear from you!

You do need to say THANK YOU. See our monthly ****thank you thread****, or you may acknowledge what you have received via a personal PM to the members who granted your wishes. This is very important if you wish to continue to receive things from others.

Tips :
Check the RAOK forum before you post wishes -- things may already be there for the asking!

If you see a wish you can grant, just PM the poster for their address.

And please remember, if one of the moderators contacts you about a posting, we are only trying to keep the forum running smoothly and according to PBS rules. If you are asked to change, move, or delete your post, please do so. Most of you know the PBS team does get involved to edit posts and accounts do get suspended if rules are broken. We hate to see that happen to our fellow RAOKers!

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Subject: HAPPY 2015 TO ALL !
Date Posted: 1/1/2015 2:06 AM ET
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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 2:07 AM ET
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Happy New Year! My wishes include a computer mouse pad, a sketchpad (received today from Michelle thank you!) and CD sleeves(on the way thanks to Teri) A valentine bear(received today from Michelle thank you!)Thank you. Every year I get myself something for Valentine's day. I'd love to have a card (received by big stone thank you!) Or whatever. Thanks! I have 2 more long shot wishes that I will probably carry over to next month. They are: Real Genius DVD and For Keeps DVD. Thanks

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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 2:27 AM ET
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Wishing for the following:

-Coupons: Friskies cat food (wet), cat litter (any brand), Pedigree wet dog food, SILK soy milk, Burger King, Victorias Secret, Bath and Body Works

-For my honey: anything xbox 360 (codes for free games etc or anything of that nature)

-Bookmarks! I have no bookmarks anymore

-Pens that have a click top

-Giftcards that have a remainder on them and you no longer want them



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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 8:47 AM ET
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I am wishing for

- Calendars with pictures for making into envelopes.  

and the following cross stitch / embroidery charts from the Hearts of America series by  The Victoria Sampler




Hawaii Received from another source



New Mexico


I wish everyone a wonderful 2015!

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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 2:07 PM ET
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I'm wishing for:

  • Coke codes
  • coupons for :  glucose meters/test strips/lancets (One Touch, Breeze 2, Contour, Freestyle, etc.)  - I purchase them using the coupons and donate them to our local health clinic.
  • coupons for:  Blue Diamond almond milk, Atkins shakes, Minute Rice, Sargento cheese sticks
  • Murad Resurgence samples or travel sizes - not available in any local salons or beauty supply stores
  • Alterna caviar moisture shampoo and conditioner samples or travel sizes

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 3:46 PM ET
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Happy New Year!

Any stickers

Bookmark Tassles

OLD or New CALENDARS, the kind you hang on the wall. It can be of anything. Using them for a project, I can use many!

Looooong Shot: looking for these DVD's.

My daughter wants this soooooo bad and swapadvd doesnt have it, we have waited but to no avail..".My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding"   THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!! Whoo Hoooo

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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 4:19 PM ET
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I wish for....

Yarn any and all... I am making 100 hats, 100 scarfs, and 100 blankets to pass out at the Christmas dinner for people in need in 2015. This will be the 4th annual.

Marvin the Martian of anything.

A cute small bag to keep all my hooks in for crochet.

Sleepers 2T

Wallet for a 9 year old boy

Thanks for looking at my wishes. Happy New Year everyone.



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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 4:28 PM ET
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Happy New Year! Wishing you many good things in 2015! heart

My wishes are:

- Coke Codes 

- Any vintage (1940s - 1970s) clothing items (my sizes vary, so I would probably need to know the size first) or accessories. Vintage fashion is a big hobby with me. I am also learning clothing repair and so any condition is welcomed. 

Thanks for reading this! :)

Date Posted: 1/1/2015 5:15 PM ET
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I could use some yarn for homeless blankets and scarves and also some material to make more homeless blankets.




Subject: Wishes
Date Posted: 1/1/2015 5:22 PM ET
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Any cross stitch items (patterns, aida material, threads)

Really need a small pair of embrodiery scissors

Any misc, any theme stickers, or left over scrapbooking items

Kcups...any kind, but specially coffees

Prayers for a much better year, less pain...more fun with my kids! 

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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 6:26 PM ET
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Hope Everyone has a Good New Year!  

Looking for any extra ---

1). Used wine corks

2). Metal keys

3). Cardboard boxes that jewelry comes in,  especially earring size boxes, or other small boxes that approximate size

4). Single Earrings , charms , beads, broken jewelry , unneeded jewelry supplies, etc  .

5). Scented soap or shower gel

6). Candles new or used

7). Long shot request item-  wish granted thank you Salliebear !!!

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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 8:09 PM ET
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My wishes for the new year are:

1. Shower gel that doesn't smell like cucumber melon,plumeria or mint.

2. Coupons-especially any from the internet you have extra of or from odd ball places like gas stations for instance.

3. Anything coca-cola or coke points pretty please!

4. Any DVD you no longer want that isn't horror..Will take them without a case as well.

5. Any kind of foot cream or lotion samples.:)

Last  request are for my mother and may be hard to find:

6. Hamburger relish


Thanks for reading..Will try to fulfill wishes as well.

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Date Posted: 1/1/2015 8:47 PM ET
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*Coke Codes

*Kelloggs Family Reward Codes

*Origami Owl Charms or Jewelry

Thank You

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Date Posted: 1/2/2015 11:06 AM ET
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Happy new year everyone!! I am wishing for the following.

Beauty samples. This can range from makeup to soap and shampoo, perfumes, etc. I travel quite a bit so these really come in handy to throw in my overnight bag. 

Stationary or scrapbook items. Paper, envelopes, stickers, etc. 

Coupons for restaurants or diet products. 

Thank you in advance!!

Date Posted: 1/2/2015 11:28 AM ET
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My wishes haven't changed much for the new year

1. Coke Codes and Pamper reward codes

2. Samples or coupons for Gerber baby food, Juice, Always, Tampax, granola bars, Lactaid, Almond milk, Stouffers, Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice,  cereal bars, instant oatmeal, Plum Organics, Friskies, Secret, Herbal Essence, Emergen-C, Poland Spring, Coca-cola, Gatorade, Ginger Ale, Kraft products, Salad dressing, Salad Bags, Advil, Tofu, Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Cheese Sticks, Minute Rice, Pasta, Sauce, McCormick Spices, Mrs Dash Spices,  frozen seafood, frozen vegetables, frozen potatoes, ethnic haircare products, Perdue Chicken, Crest, Select Harvest soups, Progresso Soups, Campbell Soups, Swiffter products, Similac, Avent, Aveeno, Johnson & Johnson, Pampers,  Baby Wipes, Target Up&Up products, Vicks, Tylenol, K-Cups, Mexican foods

3. Coupons or giftcards for Burger King, Checkers, Perkins, Red Lobster, Babies R Us, McDonalds, IHOP, Olive Garden, AppleBees, Wendys, Panera Bread, Pizza Unos, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Bath and Body Works, Target, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Carters, Childrens Place, Gap

4. For my daughter  (gender neutral items are fine.. everything doesn't have to be pink )  Size 4T/4/5 winter hats, socks, jeans, 2-3 piece outfits w/ pants and long sleeve tops,  long sleeve dresses, tights, leggings, cute T-shirts, white or black cardigan sweater, bathrobe preferably with a hood (but I will gladly accept one without one), size 9 sneakers (preferably with Velcro), slippers, dress shoes . I'd love some onesies in a size 4T/5T if anyone has them. (I know this is a long shot but she needs them for PT). I'm more than happy to accept anything your girls or in some cases boys have outgrown.  I've been out of work for over 2 years due to an illness so its been financially difficult to keep up with her growing.

5. Wooden or plastic puzzles of at least 6 pieces, toy cars (the larger ones made for 2-5 year olds not matchboxes) , and small dolls or other quiet toys or mini board books that I can keep in the diaper bag for appointments or church.

6.  K-cups (either tea, hot chocolate or coffee anything except for apple flavor and green tea)

7. Ladies jeans (I'm still wearing maternity jeans because I haven't had the money to buy new ones yet) or black slacks or long sleeve button down shirts in size 22 (I'm just going back to work and I work in a business casual environment.

8. And I know this may be a long shot but bras in a 44/46G. (Depends on the brand)  (Mine all have broken hooks and I haven't had the money to replace them)

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Date Posted: 1/2/2015 12:52 PM ET
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I would appreciate

Charms- approx size of a nickel

Regular Pepsi Coupons

Coupon for Pearls Probiotic

Aveda Invati shampoo and conditioner samples

John Frieda- luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner samples

**Coupons or Promo Codes for Lowes, Home Depot, Bath and Body Works


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Date Posted: 1/2/2015 1:16 PM ET
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for some reason i can't print coupons from my computer... i could do it before but i can't  now .

coupons for:

for grandkids: baby diapers /pullups /  wipes

for me ::  yogurt / energy bars / cereals / nail polish / covergirl / pudding

for cats :   dry food / canned food / litter / treats

for DD and me:  victoria secrets / bath and bodyworks


paper items:

 round or square coasters from a restaurant


ANYTHING : Wizard of Oz.....


anything : W A L K I N G   D E A D



Date Posted: 1/2/2015 1:51 PM ET
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New Years 2015 Blessings Everyone! heart

Vintage Treasures:  Cross Stitched ( Samplers, Cotton Kitchen Towels, Napkins, Hankies, Book Marks, Christian Verses, etc. ) Aprons, Valentines or Easter Postcards, Prayer Booklets, Mini -very tiny Bibles that fit in palm, Bible Memory Verse Cards.

Jewelry Boxes:  Tiny white, gold, silver or black cardboard - plain- not with words on.

Christian Adoption Stories  or Testimonies of Adopted Persons, Birth Mothers, Birth Fathers, Adoption Reunion Stories. Faith-based  true stories of God's hand in the life of adults touched by adoption- THANKS!  Prefer current stories from magazines, newsletters, your story or from online blogs, etc.

►  K-Cups.  Just got my my First Keurig from our son for Christmas-  I find that many of the coffees taste bitter- Any coffee K-cup flavors/brands that are smoother & milder welcome- thanks so much!  Love Decaf & Chocolate Coffees too!  

Kids or Baby Buttons with cute designs or shapes.

►   Mini or Tiny Photo Frames (gold, silver, hearts, ceramic or wood )

 ► Southwest Airlines Rapid Reward Points ( I know some people don't travel much and you can share points with friends or family ) Thank you for any points to help us earn points to travel to visit my husband's family, our son and our seasonal tiny cottage all in IL. PM me to work out the transfer through my Rapids Reward account. With the Rapid Rewards program, you'll be earning rewards fast. You can even earn rewards faster through the Rapid Rewards Points Center, by buying the points you need or sharing your points with family and friends to help them toward earning rewards.

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Date Posted: 1/2/2015 4:01 PM ET
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Happy New Year! Here is my list!

  • Coke, Disney Movie, Pampers or Huggies codes
  • Coupons - any unwanted, I donate what I can't use.
  • kids dvds ( I have a 3 year old and we don't have cable)
  • kcups - I just got my first machine and love finding new cups to try!

Thank you!

Date Posted: 1/2/2015 8:38 PM ET
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My wishes:

1.) skeleton keys (any kind).

2.) cd/DVD holder pages that you put in a binder.

3.) anything Star Wars.

4.) size 5t girl and or size 18mo boy clothes.

5.) any craft items that I can do with my kids.

6.) hair bows, pony tail holders, exc. for two girls.

7.) socks! Sizes 4t and adult.

8.) any comedy or kids DVDs you no longer want.

9.) sponges.

Long shots:

Evolution DVD (David Duchovney) (being sent by Michelle S (rissycloud) Thank you!), Macgruber DVD (being sent by Michelle S (rissycloud) Thank you!), Pure Luck DVD (Martin Short)

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Date Posted: 1/2/2015 10:47 PM ET
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Happy New Year, Everyone!!  Here's my 'wishes'!:

Coke codes (always VERY much appreciated!)

Kellogg's Special K cereal codes (inside specially marked boxes) for Gevalia coffee


Coupons for:

Nature's Bounty vitamins $2 off any product coupon (expires 3/15/15 -- was in the 1/18/15 Sunday paper)

Aussie hair products (FINALLY found a hairspray that holds without looking plastered!!)

Candy products (especially Hershey's, but all are appreciated!)

Any brand of butter (can't believe how pricey real butter has become lately!)

Scott (or other brand) personal/flushable wipes

Any brand of almonds or peanuts

Frozen burritos 

Little Debbie Snack Cakes 

Mariani or Sunmaid, etc., Dried Fruit

Fresh Express Salad Mixes

Sugarless gum

Granola bars, oatmeal, crackers, or other snacks that I can put in care packages for my son in the Marine Corps.

Lance (or Keebler) cracker packs

Hormel pepperoni, Hormel Compleats, Hormel pork roast

Langer's juice or Welch's, Tropicana refrigerated juice, or any other juice coupons; (Naked juice/smoothie coupons -- ds's favorite, but SO expensive without coupons!)

Libby's canned vegetables

Special K, Honey Bunches of Oats, Chex, or any Quaker cereal

Yogurt coupons

Wet 'N Wild Cosmetics

Maybeline Cosmetics

Rimmel Cosmetics

Covergirl Cosmetics


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Date Posted: 1/3/2015 4:36 AM ET
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My wishes for January:

- Nail polish (looking for pastel and shimmer/glitter)

- any Disney trading cards (the old ones from the 90's)

- any Disney 100 Years of Magic McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

- any unwanted animated Scooby-Doo or TCM (Turner Classic Movie) DVD movies

- any kind of costume/fashion jewelry

- anything involving Greek Mythology and Ancient Egypt

for my grandmother:

- Thomas Kinkade Disney Puzzles (we are searching for: The Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled and The Lion King)

for my good friend's daughter:

- any My Little Pony items

- any Doc McStuffins items

- any Sofia the First items

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Subject: Home now
Date Posted: 1/3/2015 10:53 AM ET
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Subject: kellogg code for someone
Date Posted: 1/3/2015 3:55 PM ET
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the 1 could be l