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Date Posted: 12/31/2013 7:35 PM ET
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Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness thread. Known as a RAOK, this is where we post things to give away to others, asking NOTHING in return but a thank you. No money or credits are exchanged, we give freely, at our own expense. If you see something you’d like, PM the member with your mailing info.

Please note that we must abide by PBS rules - NO buying, selling or advertising allowed.

RAOK rules -
You may not ask for anything in return for the things you post here. Please do not ask for postage; do not ask to swap or trade.
If you ask for a RAOK posted by another member, please do not offer to pay or give something return. This is not allowed and defeats the purpose of the Random Act of Kindness - try to pay it forward and perhaps grant some wishes in the ***I Wish thread***.
We ask that you do not reply within the thread. We are different from most forums in that way. When we go to wishes, we see wishes; in the RAOK, we see just what’s being given away. If you have a question about it, simply PM the member. All RAOKs are handled privately between members via PM.
Please do not post single use codes - such as Coke codes - in this forum. Post that you have them and let members PM you for them. It saves all the replies within the thread (as above). You may start a separate thread if you want to post them that way. Or check the *** I Wish thread*** and simply grant a Coke code wish or two. Codes that can be used over and over again, are perfectly fine to post here.
Please do not ask for ‘everything on your list’ - yes, it’s been done! - let others have a chance.
One of our most important rules - you must acknowledge receipt of the things sent to you! This is our biggest problem. People take the time to post, wrap and mail, then never know if the pkg. arrived. Please say thanks for what you receive, either by PM or in the ****Thank You thread**** here. It’s the polite thing to do, and we all worry about our mail getting through. Those who do not do this often find their future requests ignored, sorry.
Please include your nickname when you mail out a RAOK. This makes you easier to find and thank.
Be sure to check your listing and edit as needed, so people are not disappointed. We know that life gets in the way and computers crash …….but please try.

RAOK Tips -
Think carefully about what you want to give away before you post. Postage costs these days can be terrible for over-sized or heavy, non media, mail. We have all been shocked by the postage for something we mailed here, it happens often. Think first! This is a fun place, but you don’t need to empty you wallet by taking part.!! It’s wonderful to do something nice for others, but be kind to yourself too.

Before you post something to give away, check the ***I Wish thread *** - someone may already be asking for it!

If one of us contacts you about changing your post, please understand that we have to follow PBS rules and guidelines. . Often we have to ask someone to change or delete a post because of that. New things come up here all the time. If something is not appropriate, we will tell you so, and ask you to change it. Remember that the PBS team does oversee the forums. They edit posts and have been known to suspend accounts. We hate to have that happen to our fellow RAOKers when we can take care of problems ourselves.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me and ask. We are always happy to be of help members of the RAOK forum, new or old. Thanks for participating in this great part of PBS! Enjoy!!

Date Posted: 12/31/2013 8:36 PM ET
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Thank you.  

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Date Posted: 12/31/2013 9:34 PM ET
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As usual, I'll be editing this post duing the month to add new items.

- Hello Kitty keychain. I used it for a while but it's still in very nice shapehttp://i43.tinypic.com/2gx398o.jpg TAKEN

- Ankle braclet that closes with a magnet. The picture isn't really doing it justice as the colors are a little lighter and more lively. http://i43.tinypic.com/f1wml0.jpg TAKEN

- Adjustable butterfly ring. I bought this at a secondhand store and painted it myself (it was originally black). http://i43.tinypic.com/110gi6b.jpg TAKEN

- Reusable shopping bag (to cut down on the use of so many paper and plastic bags at stores) that you can carry with you. When folded it's shaped like a stawberry. They are rather thin, though, so best suited for purchasing a few small items. I will order one brand new for the person who claims this, so it may take a little while for the retailer to ship it. Mine has been very handy. http://i41.tinypic.com/2ccrvbm.png TAKEN

- Coupons for dog and cat owners (please check my post on page 1 of the 2014 have/need coupon thread) TAKEN

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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 3:09 AM ET
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I have an evelope of cancelled stamps for a collector.

I'll add more later.

Date Posted: 1/1/2014 7:57 AM ET
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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 8:13 AM ET
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I have some international canceled stamps. to Jennifer

Added: I have two tickets to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. Each ticket provides you a free adult admission and an audio guide. The tickets are valid January 13th-February 28th. to Wanda

I have a 2014 USO Wall Calendar. to Charity

I also have Holiday Card fronts. to L.S.


Send me a PM with your address if interested.

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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 8:41 AM ET
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$0 Balance Gift Cards (from Barnes & Noble, Visa, Toys R Us, Macys, Giant)

Blue Vinyl Checkbook Cover


Cards with Envelopes

Some envelopes were a little stuck due to humidity but they still seal and were never used.

Front Design - Two friends under  a rainbow

We're going to be friends forever! ...and inside...or until one of us gets a life!

Front Design - Animal wearing party hat with balloons

Happy Birthday to someone who's good-natured, funny, witty, sociable and all-around charming!...and inside...You're not so bad when you're sober, either!



Please supply mailing address with request.

Thank you.  

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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 12:57 PM ET
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Everything has been taken!  :)


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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 1:18 PM ET
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Well, I am back after several years. I had health problems and not a lot of spare cash for postage. 

I always have a lot of stuff to give away, so will try to get back here soon.

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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 2:01 PM ET
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Welcome back, Susan - I remember you! Glad you are feeling better -

Date Posted: 1/1/2014 9:30 PM ET
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TAKEN--Booklet and DVD entitled The Vikings--Voyage of the Longships(Ancient Civilizations)

TAKEN--Card fronts
The Amazing 50 states maze book(first few are done)--ISBN--0843176563
Coloring books for both boys and girls


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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 10:25 PM ET
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i have an avon wall calendar to give

also 2 purse calendars, 1 in the ocean, 1 of flowers

1 sheet of flag stickers

a combo of a wallet calendar and bookmark

longhorn coupons exp 1-26-14

olive garden coupons exp 1-19-14

arbys coupons, exp 1-31-14


i also have alot of tea to send out.  tell me what you like. i don't drink tea, so be specific, please.

3 lipton ice tea, tea and honey, mango and pineapple, iced green tea mix pitcher packet. (apparently best if used before 10-13)

bigelow english teatime black tea

bigelow lemon lift tea

bigelow cozy chamomile herb tea

bigelow earl grey tea

bigelow green tea

bigelow darjeeling tea

bigelow decaffeinated tea

bigelow 100% ceylon tea

bigelow orange & spice herb tea

bigelow mint medley herb tea

a 3 pack of twinings of london, pure peppermint, jasmine green tea, honeybush-mandarin & orange

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Date Posted: 1/1/2014 11:15 PM ET
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I have a coupon code for a free SNAPFISH Photo book (8x8, 20pgs, custom cover, $28.99 value) expires 2/28/14. Please PM me if interested.


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Date Posted: 1/2/2014 1:42 PM ET
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I have a small-medium piece of pink satiny fabric.  Please PM if you can use it!  TAKEN :)

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Date Posted: 1/2/2014 2:46 PM ET
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The Walking Dead GN #1 (digital) is free today at Amazon

Date Posted: 1/2/2014 4:25 PM ET
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I have to offer:

1) TAKEN Pack of Harry Potter trading cards (11 random game cards). Photo: http://flic.kr/p/iRkwYP

2) TAKEN Two (used) humorous post-it note pads and (also used) memo pad with cute bee on it.  Photo: http://flic.kr/p/iRktck

3)  TAKEN Vintage packet of gummed foil stars and crosses (some stuck together, but easily separated)  These take me back to my elementary school days, lol!  Photo: http://flic.kr/p/iRj9w8



PM me if you can use any of these; will have more items later this month smiley.



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Date Posted: 1/2/2014 10:43 PM ET
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i have a few more things to offer:


2 wall calendar's-  a puppy calendar

                           a chihuahua calendar

3 recipe's- devil's food ice cream pie

                berry pie

                no bake chocolate swirl cheesecake

size small (12"-13") sweater for a girl dog. too small for my 8 pound girl chihuahua with long fur. pink and purple.

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Date Posted: 1/3/2014 8:17 AM ET
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Date Posted: 1/3/2014 2:10 PM ET
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Happy New Year!!  Here's what I have to offer to start out 2014 -

 1 plastic coupon wallets - check size -  Taken

wall calendars -
   1) from Guiding Eyes, so all dogs    Taken
   2) one from our local grocery store    Taken

Planner/calendars, check size,  for your purse - to 2 people please 
   1) 2 year planner, Botanical Gardens     Taken
    2) 1 year, orange, yellow floral cover

Still have a credit card size calendar card for your wallet      Taken

Alli $5 coupon, Slim Fast coupons

Please PM with your info, thanks.


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Date Posted: 1/3/2014 8:43 PM ET
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sheet of tiny stickers with NFL teams (one for each team I think, there are 28 total) 

2014 Year at a glance one page calendar --nice to have near computer

religious themed bookmarks--you may request 1-3  each (choose from these: St Joseph Pray for Us, Mary Immaculate, Prayer to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception with pic of Mary in Heaven, pic of Jesus with prayer for young people-- suitable for Sunday school)

prayer card for Our Lady of Lourdes with another card with novena schedule

packet of Hungry Howie's coupons, expire 7 FEB

small booklet of prayers and Bible readings-- Angel themed

  small selection of categorized coupons: 1)OTC medicines and vitamins,  2)cleaners and paper goods,   3)personal care items (lotion, razors, contact lens sol, oral care), 4) food  5) children ( snacks, medicines, drinks), 6) diet aids (food, snacks, breakfast drinks)   ---- ask for one, 2, or all packets.  When they expire, they will go to military overseas.

2014 purse calendar, religious with Marian theme

house shaped magnet (says USAA with their ph num and website)

 window sticker for DAV supporter           window sticker for ASPCA member           window sticker for Nature Conservancy       

Other coupons posted on HAVE/NEED coupons forum here under RAOK.


SENT OUT:   *to Lori W-- selection of card fronts 
*to Connie B-- Lean Cuisine code
*to Sara M-- Kellogg's codes
* to Heather H--  Special Olympics magnet
*to Bostonbooks-- 2 wall calendars
*to Autumn-- Native American dreamcatcher
*to Connie-- craft foam pieces
*to Rachael A-- craft foam pieces
*to REK-- Trivia Game booklet, Do You Know The Florida Gators?
*to Lori W-- selection of dog themed notecards and stickers
*to Autumn-- wall calendar --"America the Beautiful" and 3 religious bookmarks
*to Vicki B: 2014 purse/pocket calendar from BoysTown
Coupons to: *Ginger,* Connie, *Stephanie G,* Heather C.

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Subject: RAOK January
Date Posted: 1/3/2014 9:54 PM ET
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Happy New Year!!!

For January, I have the following:

·         Foldable Slippers - travel item, black, no size, but states 11 inches long (it says for men), includes bag TAKEN 

·         Eye Mask & Ear Plugs - travel item, black and white stripes, included ear plugs are not for swimming, includes bag TAKEN 

·         Aloe Gel - 2 Fl. Oz. bottle, 98% pure aloe vera moisturizing gel TAKEN

·         Lanyard, white with advertisement logos TAKEN

·         Sterling Silver Polishing Cloth, size 10" x 8" TAKEN 

Please PM me with your address.


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Date Posted: 1/5/2014 12:11 PM ET
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Here's what I have to offer so far:

1. One new 2014 credit card size calendar from Kraft food and family magazine

2. One new HP Kung Fu Panda Activity Cd-you can make cards,stickers,labels and more with it(last time offering this)

3.One recipe card from Food and Wine Magazine-Chicken with Riesling wine

10. I will make two people a NFL/AFL bookmark or magnet depending on what I have left--I do not have all teams-please give team preference, bookmark/magnet, and color choice in PM. It may take me a few days to make you one but you will get one.

I will add more items when I do more cleaning and when the weather is somewhat better to send items. I appreciate your patience when receiving from me.  Thanks!


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Are any of our "Labels for Education" peeps in need of the 100 pt bonus sheet from yesterday's paper? I have one with 5 UPCs already attached and ready to go!    Gone, thanks.

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