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Topic: **** JUNE RAOKs (things to give away) ****

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Subject: **** JUNE RAOKs (things to give away) ****
Date Posted: 5/31/2017 7:47 AM ET
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Welcome to the Random Acts of Kindness thread, also known as the RAOK place. This is where we post things to give away to others, asking NOTHING in return but a thank you. No money or credits are exchanged. We give freely, at our own expense. If you see something you’d like, PM the member with your mailing info. If you are the one mailing, please be sure to put full postage on any packages you send. Members have reported receiving "gifts" with postage due.  Remember this is a PUBLIC forum, meaning anyone (not just members) can see what is posted here.  Please do not post last names, addresses, or postal tracking numbers here, in order to protect the privacy of our participants.

Please note that we must abide by PBS rules - NO buying, selling or advertising allowed.

For liability reasons, sorry, but no medications of any kind may be posted in this forum. This includes prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

RAOK rules -
You may not ask for anything in return for the things you post here. Please do not ask for postage, or to swap or trade.
If you ask for a RAOK posted by another member, please do not offer to pay or give something in return. This is not allowed and defeats the purpose of the Random Act of Kindness.  Try to pay it forward and perhaps grant some wishes in the ***I Wish*** thread.
We ask that you do not reply within the thread. We are different from most forums in this way. When we go to ***I Wish***, we see wishes; in ***RAOK***, we see just what’s being given away. If you have a question about it, simply PM the member. All RAOKs should be handled privately between members via PM.
Please do not post single use codes - such as Coke codes - in this forum. Post that you have them and let members PM you for them. It saves all the replies within the thread (see above). You may start a separate thread if you want to post them that way. Or check the ***I Wish*** thread and simply grant a Coke code wish or two. Codes that can be used over and over again are perfectly fine to post here in RAOK.
Please do not ask someone for ‘everything on your list’ (yes, it’s been done), so that others can have a chance.
One of our most important rules is that you must acknowledge receipt of the things sent to you! This is our biggest problem. People take the time to post, wrap, and mail, and then never know if the package arrived. Please say thanks for what you receive, either by PM or in the ***Thank You*** thread. It’s the polite thing to do, and we all worry about our mail getting through. Those who don't acknowledge a kindness will often find their future requests ignored.
Please include your nickname when you mail out a RAOK. This makes you easier to find and thank.
Be sure to check your listing and edit as needed, so people are not disappointed. We know that life gets in the way and computers crash, but please try.
Credit transactions should take place in the Book Bazaar or by private PM.

RAOK Tips -
Think carefully about what you want to give away before you post. Postage costs these days can be terrible for over-sized or heavy items that cannot go by media mail. We have all been shocked by the postage for something we mailed here; it happens often. Think first! This is a fun place, but you don’t need to empty your wallet by taking part. It’s wonderful to do something nice for others, but be kind to yourself too.

Before you post something to give away, check the ***I Wish*** thread --- someone may already be asking for it!

If you mark "taken" by your items that have been asked for, please put the word TAKEN in another color by that item, so it's easily apparent to our members that something is no longer available. This avoids disappointments and keeps you from getting more requests for an item that has already been claimed.  Or, just edit your post to delete that item.

If one of us contacts you about changing your post, please understand that we have to follow PBS rules and guidelines. Often we have to ask someone to change or delete a post because of that. New things come up here all the time. If something is not appropriate, we will tell you so, and ask you to change it. Remember that the PBS team does oversee the forums. They edit posts and have been known to suspend accounts. We hate to have that happen to our fellow RAOKers when we can take care of problems ourselves.

RAOK reminders for people requesting something that is offered here -
The people offering RAOKs are doing it out of kindness and generosity, often despite limited means.  Please make your requests for those items in the same spirit, and do not ask for anything that was not explicitly offered.  The people posting RAOKs are offering just what they have, and we appreciate them for doing so.  A request for substitutions is not in keeping with the intention of this thread.  If you would accept only a particular color, size, flavor, or other quality of an offered item, then please use the ***I Wish*** thread to ask for the specific item there instead.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me and ask. We are always happy to be of help to members of the RAOK forum, new or old. Thanks for participating in this great part of PBS!  Enjoy!

Date Posted: 5/31/2017 9:35 AM ET
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I can make address labels for a few people in June. PM me your address and what kind of clip art you'd like or if you want it to be a surprise.

Date Posted: 5/31/2017 12:06 PM ET
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Happy Summer Vacay!!!


I have up for offer this fine June month:

Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion CD-music from the movie

YANNI- Snowfall CD          Goes to Silvercat

A Box of ZEISS brand LENS CLOTHS --Pre Moistened--About 40 inside or more--Come individually wrapped-- For use with cameras, computer screens, eyeglasses ect...       Goes to Sandi B

An awesome hardcover-oversized book with audio on Presidents of the USA. Has some of the presidents actual voices speaking some of their most well known speaches ect.. Full color pics, very nice!  You press in the 3 digit number for each one you want to hear.Goes to Vicky


That is it for nowheart

Image result for summer vacation


UPDATE: RAOK's sent out today to:

Sandi B.

Michelle P.-Larkspur

Diane R.



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Date Posted: 5/31/2017 7:18 PM ET
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Hi Everyone!

1) I can send 8 more people an envelope of blank decorative postcards.. Just let me know some of your favorite colors, themes, anything that would help me pick out cards for you.

A) Postcard Pack

B) Postcard Pack

C) Postcard Pack

D) Postcard Pack

E) Postcard Pack

F) Postcard Pack

G) Postcard Pack

H) Postcard Pack


2) Would anyone like to receive a written postcard? Or do you know of anyone who would like to receive a written postcard in the mail? Maybe a neighbor or a child or someone a little down?  I would be happy to send one out! Just send me a PM with the address and what kinds of things you (or they) like and I'll get one right out.


3) I have some used stamps that I got at a yard sale and I have enough that I can share with several people. A lot of them are of people and sadly I do not know who everyone is or what all the stamps are of so if you request some stamps please be prepared for a surprise :-)

A) Small envelope of stamps

B) Small envelope of stamps

C) Small envelope of stamps

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Date Posted: 5/31/2017 10:57 PM ET
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I have sorted out five more envelopes of stickers for this month....I had all new faces last month so anyone can have them this month! If I have more than five requests I will save you over for the next clean out!

Still plenty of stickers left for this month!

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Date Posted: 6/1/2017 9:19 AM ET
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Sticker-ly sweet of you, Amy! :) I followed in Amy's footsteps by sending out some RAOK stickers, too. All taken for now. Thanks. 

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Date Posted: 6/1/2017 6:43 PM ET
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I could Lord willing send out 2 small envelopes of stickers (before the 17th) spreading cheer too if someone wants. Just pm me! :) Both taken thank you! :)

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Date Posted: 6/1/2017 10:29 PM ET
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Things are finally going back into place and I am ready to post and play again!

Happy Summer to everyone!

For June, I have the following to offer:

Taken. *1  3D Stick 'n Sparkle Kids Craft kit

Taken *4  bags of green pompoms

Taken  *6 sets of BFF Blue Moon beads

Taken *2 Plastic bags with zippers like curtian or sheets come in

*1   2in1 Blue/Black Dry Erase marker

*3  extra large mess utility bags  (red, blue or green)

*3  sets of bow pigtail holders ( Longhorn design on a tan ribbon)

Taken*1  Betty Boop  Purse

*1 pair kids flamingo sunglasses

Taken*1 set Magnetic paper dolls

Taken *1 set of rainbow colored ponytail holders


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Date Posted: 6/2/2017 2:02 PM ET
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I can order some magazine subsciptions this month. Here are your choices, and they will go to first to request so you might want to select a first selection and a second. I am redeeming points that are expiring so I'm not sure how long it will take until the magazine starts coming. Get your address and selection to me by 6pm EST 6/2.

Style Watch Taken

Money Taken

Entertainment Weekly Taken


All requests have been processed. It said 6-12 weeks for delivery to start.

Update, one subscription didn't go through as the magazine was no longer available. It didn't say which one though. So I do apologize.


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Date Posted: 6/3/2017 4:34 PM ET
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Hi everyone!

This month I am giving away one book credit. As last time, I am making this open to more people by making it a sort of raffle. This post will be up for 3 days. If you are interested in the credit, PM me. I will add your name to the list. On the 6th one winner will be picked at random to win the credit. :) 

WINNER IS Seacat66!

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Date Posted: 6/3/2017 6:54 PM ET
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Here's what I have to give:

1. Mini sports removable tattoos-can give to two people

2. Monster jam(trucks) peel and stick tattoos-enough for two people

3. Half a sheet of Dora stickers

4. One sheet of monkey stickers

5. One sheet of ant stickers

6. One set of blank stick on gift labels-they are white with a gold and silver theme got them secondhand so they may not stick?

7. One unopened set of playing cards-features the painting of the boy in blue on them.

8. Will make one person a pocket letter

Please make sure your address is in your pm. Will send items when time permits me. Thanks.

Date Posted: 6/3/2017 7:55 PM ET
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Connie, what is a pocket letter?

Date Posted: 6/3/2017 10:26 PM ET
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smileyHappy June! smiley

Let's start the summer off with a beauty bag giveaway! 

I'll make one grab-bag of beauty samples (might include shampoo/conditioner, makeup, perfume, etc.).  Like Jessica's idea above, I'll leave this up for a few days, put requestor's names in a hat & choose one winner yes.   Just  PM me your name & address  :-) - Winner is Gina!  Thanks for all the responses!

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Date Posted: 6/4/2017 8:14 AM ET
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I am finally beginning to get my act together after all that has gone on.  I will post one thing at a time, to keep it manageable for now.

TAKEN:  Vera Bradley Emily Satchel in Classic Black.  Used one entire winter season.  Very mild fading in small unnoticeable spots.  No tears or stains.  I like it, but prefer a smaller bag.

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Date Posted: 6/4/2017 6:37 PM ET
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I have to give this month several items (I've been clearing out things, like everyone else):

  • May and June 2017 copes of Smithsonian Magazine--both to one person for postage reasons please
  • Package containing 3-6x9" (approx)gift bags and 3-smaller ones. Package also contains several all occasion greeting cards with some glitter on them and a blue gel pen. It came as a free gift with something I ordered and I have no use for it. TAKEN
  • 1 small metal tin (like an Altoids tin, but this never had mints in it)
  • 1 roll of adding machine/register tape. I have no idea what type of machine it would go into. It is a larger size roll (approx 3 inch in width) and could be good for scrap paper, grocery lists, or for your kids to use for drawing or games.
  • I have a few adult coloring books--mandala, mendhi, paisley, landscapes, and some other designs. Also some others with prayers and scriptures. (most of those have nature scenes mixed with the scripture/prayer). I can mail a book to 5 people this month--please list 2 to 3 choices in your PM) I know a lot of people like these, so I will definitely keep your names and choices and try to catch up with you next month as postage allows.
    • Pk1: CONNIE B.
    • Pk2: GINA G.
    • Pk3: SUSAN T.
    • Pk4: KAT N.
    • Pk5: DONNA W.
  • small envelope of coupons for various household products: Ziplock bags, Ziplock containers, Glade products, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, and also 1 for L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal, and 1 for Arla Cheese.
  • Several Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. These can be used in store, or I can message you the code to use on-line.

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Subject: will add more later
Date Posted: 6/5/2017 10:14 AM ET
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Shutterfly gift code:  $20 to shop at Shutterfly, exp 30 June

New bookmarks of famous Native Americans, multiples of: Chief Joseph, Geronimo, and Sitting Bull.

Sending to:

Mary (booklady)-- napkins for project

Andrea-- set of 4 bookmarks

Katherine N- bookmarks


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Biofreeze sample packets

Mouse pad: large, round, new

Used/vintage colored pencils: black, blue, brown, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, silver, yellow, white.

Unused get well card

Replacement eartips for stethoscopes, multiple sets.

Coupon potlucks.

Sticker potucks.

Unpostable paperback: Kerry Greenwood "Urn Burial". 

Multiples of the following coupons:

  • Citracal $2 3/31/18
  • Clari Spray $5 3/13/18
  • Coppertone $1 3/31/18
  • Crazy8 20% off
  • Crest $1 4.6+ oz 6/30/17
  • Dannon $.50 4 or 6 pack yogurts/cups/drinks 9/15/17
  • Enfamil Enspire $5 6/30 or 7/1/17
  • Enfamil Enspire $7 off 2 6/30/17
  • Enfamil powder $5 off 2 refills 6/30 or 7/1/17
  • Ensure $2.25 multipack 12/31/17
  • Glucerna $2.25 multipack 12/31/17
  • Gymboree 20% off
  • Hydralyte $2 electrolye products 12/31/17
  • Miralax $2 6/30/18
  • Mothers Milk tea $1 3/1/18
  • Janie and Jack 20% off
  • Puffs basic $1 6/30/17
  • Rhinocort $4 11/30/18
  • Zyrtec $4 24+ count 11/30/18

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All items have found new homes.

Happy June!


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I just found some unused Xmas gift labels from the late 70 s to the 80 s.

Will gladly give to two people..give me a theme or object you like and will try to oblige. :)

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ALL GONE!  That was QUICK! I hope you all enjoy your worry stones. I had so much fun tumbling the raw material in my rock polisher - it's amazing how the speckles or multi-colored lines brighten up and show their patterns afterwards. This was great fun! laugh

Some of you know of my love of minerals of any kind and I have an unusual offer to make you. I have 10 polished stones of varying colors and kinds - some out of my desert backyard - that I am offering you for 'worry stones'. They fit nicely between the second finger and your thumb in a 'loose fist position' and can be kneaded when you feel tensions mounting. The smooth and cool hardness can be comforting and the stone can easily travel in a pocket or your purse for quick access! 




If you would like one, please pm me and include your name and address. Hey! These are stressful times!!

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Updated my post on page 1.


Subject: Happy June!!
Date Posted: 6/7/2017 8:20 PM ET
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here are my June offerings and as always first come, first served:

magazines:  taken

audio books (tapes):  taken

DVDs: taken

stickers, etc:  taken

clothing:  taken

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Ensure coupons exp; july 30