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"Thirdly, Death is nothing else but a change of a short and temporary for an unalterable and eternal condition." -- John Pearson
John Pearson (born October 5, 1930) is a writer best associated with James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

Pearson was Fleming's assistant at the London Sunday Times and would go on to write the first biography of Ian Fleming, 1966's The Life of Ian Fleming.

Pearson was commissioned by Donald Campbell to chronicle his successful attempt on the Land Speed Record in 1964 in Bluebird CN7, resulting in the book Bluebird and the Dead Lake

Pearson would also become the third official James Bond author of the adult-Bond series, writing in 1973 The Authorised Biography of 007, a first-person biography of the fictional agent James Bond. Although the canonical nature of this book has been debated by Bond fans since it was published, it was officially authorised by Glidrose Publications, the official publisher of the James Bond chronicles. Glidrose reportedly considered commissioning Pearson to write a new series of Bond novels in the 1970s, but nothing came of this.

Pearson also wrote "true-crime" biography, such as The Profession of Violence: an East End gang story about the rise and fall of the Kray twins. He also wrote the non-fiction book, The Gamblers, an account about the group of gamblers who made up, what was known as the Clermont Set, which included John Aspinall, James Goldsmith and Lord Lucan. The film rights to the book were purchased by Warner Bros. in 2006. It was currently adapted by William Monahan.

He also wrote Façades, the first full-scale biography of the literary Sitwell siblings, Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell, published in 1978.

Pearson has also written five novels:
  • Gone To Timbuctoo (1962) - winner of the Author's Club First Novel Award
  • James Bond: The Authorised Biography of 007 (1973)
  • The Bellamy Saga (1976)
  • Biggles: The Authorized Biography (1978)
  • The Kindness of Dr. Avicenna (1982).

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Total Books: 163
Learn Me Goodest
2018 - Learn Me Goodest (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781719315586
ISBN-10: 1719315582
Genre: Literature & Fiction

All the Money in the World previously published as Painfully Rich
All the Money in the World
2017 - All the Money in the World (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover, Audio CD
ISBN-13: 9780008292041
ISBN-10: 0008292043
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom
2017 - Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9781936233779
ISBN-10: 1936233770

Painfully Rich J Paul Getty and His Heirs
The Profession of Violence
2015 - The Profession of VIolence (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780008150280
ISBN-10: 0008150281
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, Literature & Fiction

An Exposition of the Creed
2014 - An Exposition of the Creed (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781107624115
ISBN-10: 1107624118
Genres: History, Religion & Spirituality, Christian Books & Bibles

The Bluebird and the Dead Lake The Classic Account of how Donald Campbell broke the World Land Speed Record
2013 - Golf [Shire Library] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780747812296
ISBN-10: 0747812292
Genres: Sports & Outdoors, Crafts, Hobbies & Home

The Life of Ian Fleming
2013 - The Life of Ian Fleming (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781448208067
ISBN-10: 1448208068
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, Humor & Entertainment

The Ultimate Family
2013 - The Ultimate Family (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781448208081
ISBN-10: 1448208084
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, History

The life of William Hey Esq F R S
2012 - The Life of William Hey Esq F R S (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781231211915
ISBN-10: 1231211911
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, History

Notorious The Immortal Legend of the Kray Twins
2010 - Notorious the Immortal Legend of the Kray Twins (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781846051524
ISBN-10: 1846051525
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

An Exposition of the Creed With an Appendix Containing the Principal Greek and Latin Creeds
An Exposition of the Creed Revised and Corrected by T Chevallier
2010 - An Exposition of the Creed Revised and Corrected By T Chevallier (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781143447594
ISBN-10: 114344759X

The Dramatic Works of Thomas Heywood The Golden Age the Silver Age the Brazen Age the First and Second Parts of the Iron Age
Joannis Pearsoni  Adversaria Hesychiana
2010 - Joannis Pearsoni Adversaria Hesychiana [Ed. by T. Gaisford] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781142869359
ISBN-10: 1142869350

The Minor Theological Works of John Pearson
2010 - The Minor Theological Works of John Pearson [Volume 1] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781152787117
ISBN-10: 115278711X

Vindiciae Epistolarum S Ignatii
2010 - Vindiciae Epistolarum S Ignatii [Volume 2] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781152103221
ISBN-10: 1152103229

2009 - Opera Posthuma Chronologica Etc [1688 - Latin Edition] (Paperback)
2008 - Vindiciae Epistolarum S Ignatii V1 [1852 - Latin Edition] (Hardcover)Paperback
1996 - The Sitwells and the Arts of the 1920s and 1930s [Literary Modernism Series] (Paperback)Paperback
1989 - Facades (Paperback)
1980 - The Sitwells a Family's Biography [A Harvest/Hbj Book] (Paperback)Hardcover
1973 - Arena (Paperback)Hardcover