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Jules Henry (November 29, 1904 – September 23, 1969) was a noted American anthropologist.

Henry earned his Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia University in 1935. Afterwards, he was employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Labor and held various teaching positions at the University of Chicago and in Mexico City. During this time, Henry conducted sociological research on various indigenous tribes in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. From 1947 to his death in 1969, Henry served as professor of sociology at Washington University in St. Louis.

Henry wrote Culture Against Man (1963) questioning the authority of and rationale behind cultural institutions, particularly education, and Pathways to Madness (1965), concerning mental and developmental disorders and raises the question how disease and disorder arise from dependencies on families and institutions. His work that presaged much of current focus on finding ways to improve failing schools and contend with a culture that is educated primarily by paid media is hugely influential, but largely left out of print and hard to find.

He argued in favor of recognizing the collective nature of experience and in favor of analyzing and constructing institutions with greater collectivity and social responsibility in mind.
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Two Southern Tlingit Tales Contributions To Algonquian Linguistics The Linguistic Position Of The Ashluslay Indians
Pathways to Madness
1973 - Pathways to Madness (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780394718828
ISBN-10: 0394718828
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

Pathways to Madness
1972 - Pathways to Madness (Hardcover)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780224007146
ISBN-10: 0224007149
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

On Education
1972 - On Education (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780394717821
ISBN-10: 0394717821
Genre: Nonfiction

Pathways to madness
1971 - Pathways to Madness (Other)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780394473239
ISBN-10: 039447323X

Culture Agnst Man V283
1965 - Culture Agnst Man V283 (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780394702834
ISBN-10: 0394702832

Culture Against Man
1965 - Culture Against Man (Paperback)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780075536857
ISBN-10: 0075536854
Genre: Nonfiction

Essays on education
Essays on Education [Penguin education specials] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780140806120
ISBN-10: 0140806121

The Nacirema Readings on American Culture
The Nacirema Readings on American Culture (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780316807531
ISBN-10: 0316807532
Genre: Nonfiction

On sham vulnerability and other forms of self-destruction
On Sham Vulnerability and Other Forms of Self-destruction (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780394473550
ISBN-10: 0394473558

Jules Henry on education
Jules Henry on Education (Hardcover)Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780394480305
ISBN-10: 0394480309

On sham vulnerability and other forms of self-destruction
On Sham Vulnerability and Other Forms of Self-destruction (Other)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780394719702
ISBN-10: 0394719700

On sham vulnerability and other forms of self-destruction Essays
On Sham Vulnerability and Other Forms of Self-destruction Essays (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9780713903270
ISBN-10: 0713903279

Les hommes se droguent l'Etat se renforce
Les Hommes Se Droguent L'etat Se Renforce [French Edition] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9782851840554
ISBN-10: 285184055X

Jungle people A Kaingang tribe of the highlands of Brazil
Jungle People a Kaingang Tribe of the Highlands of Brazil [A Caravelle edition] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9783947052110
ISBN-10: 3947052111