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Topic: It's June 2012 - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's June 2012 - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 6/1/2012 9:09 AM ET
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My Reading List - June 2012


  1. "TRACK OF THE CAT" by Nevada Barr (Anna Pigeon #1) (B) Patroling the remote West Texas backcountry, Anna's first job as a national park ranger is marred by violence she thought she had left behind: the brutal death of a fellow ranger. When the cause of death is chalked up to a mountain lion attack, Anna's rage knows no bounds. It's up to her to save the Protected cats from the politics and prejudices of the locals - and prove the kill was the work of a species far less rare.
  2. "BORN TO BE BAD" by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Bureau of American Defense #1, #2 & #3) "ONE BAD NIGHT" (A) The bureau believes that agent Jason Banks has sold them out. Agent Samantha Winslow has never particularly cared for Jason, whom she reluctantly finds attractive, and she volunteers to bring him in. Under orders to infiltrate his rogue mission and kidnap him, she is also trying to pull off the ultimate double-cross. But who would have guessed that Jason would be so pleased to be her captive? "BAD TO THE BONE" (B) Marianne wins the Hideaway Heroine Sweepstakes and a chance to pretend to be the heroine in her favorite romance novel. Whisked away to a remote island, Marianne's daydreams become real when BAD agent Kyle Foster kidnaps her and uncovers her every fantasy. "CAPTIVATED BY YOU" (A) BAD agent Rhea must go undercover as a dominatrix to capture a deadly terrorist. Fortunately, Agent "Ace" Krux, whom she has long desired, is her training partner. Immediately, the roles of master and slave are wonderfully blurred and Rhea and Ace unleash a wealth of hidden desire.
  3. "LOVE'S ENCORE" by Sandra Brown (A) (abridged Audio CD) In one reckless night, Camille Jameson's life was changed forever: a tall, handsome stranger, an evening of romance - and enough regrets to last a lifetime. Two years later, Camille is a successful interior decorator with the opportunity to restore one of Mississippi's proudest plantations. She arrives excited and eager to face her greatest professional challenge to date - until Zack Prescott saunters through the mansion's front door and back into her life. He is exactly as she remembers, except for the knowing look in his eyes that reminds her of what they once shared. Now, forced to live in unbearably close quarters, Camille and Zack will discover if they have the courage to face the past - and, perhaps, a future together.
  4. "THE LAST BOYFRIEND" by Nora Roberts (Inn Boonsboro #2) (A++++) Owen is the organizer of the Montgomery clan, running the family's construction business with an iron fist - and an even less flexible spreadsheet. And though his brothers give him grief for his compulsive list making, the Inn BoonsBoro is about to open right on schedule. The only thing Owen didn't plan for was Avery MacTavish. Avery's popular pizza place is right across the street from the inn, giving her a firsthand look at its amazing renovation and a newfound appreciation for Owen. Since he was her first boyfriend when they were kids, Owen has never been far from Avery's thoughts. But the attraction she's feeling for him now is far from innocent. As Avery and Owen cautiously take their relationship to another level, the opening of the inn gives the whole town of Boonsboro a reason to celebrate. But Owen's hard work has only begun. Getting Avery to let down her guard is going to take longer than he expected and so will getting her to realize that her first boyfriend is going to be her last.
  5. "RANDALLS - WYOMING WINTER: Cowboy Cupid/Cowboy Daddy" by Judy Christenberry (Wyoming Randalls #1 & #2) (A+) The Randalls are a family forged by indestructible bonds, unquestioning loyalty and everlasting brotherhood. But they are also single men...and the long cold winter is approaching...fast! So what's the eldest Randall sibling to do? His only recourse is to find brides for all of his brothers. And the resulting matrimonial matchmaking is guaranteed to be full of surprises.
  6. "LARKSPUR ROAD" by Jill Gregory (Lonesome Way #2) (A++) Fifth-grade teacher Mia Quinn expected a tranquil summer in her hometown of Lonesome Way, Montana, sewing for her quilting group's exhibition fund-raiser and caring for her rescued dog, Samson. But all her plans for a relaxing break are thrown out the window when Travis Tanner - the boy who broke her heart in high school - returns to town with his 10-year-old adopted stepson. Now an FBI agent, the boy Mia once knew has turned into well over six feet of male muscle - and he still has the power to make Mia lose her train of thought with just a glance. When Travis asks her to tutor his troubled son, Mia quickly discovers that the sparks between them are hotter than every. As danger comes to Lonesome Way and family secrets come to light, will Travis and Mia realize that love can be even better the second time around?
  7. "UNTIL THERE WAS YOU" by Kristan Higgins (A+++) She's having serious prom-night deja vu...Posey Osterhagen can't complain. She owns a successful architectural salvaging company, she's surrounded by her lovable, if off-center, family and she has a boyfriend - sort of. Still, something's missing. Something tall, brooding and criminally good-looking...something like Liam Murphy. When Posey was sixteen, the bad boy of Bellsford, New Hampshire, broke her heart. But now he's back, sending Posey's tratorous schoolgirl heart into overdrive once again. She should be giving him a wide berth, but it seems fate has other ideas.
  8. "SUMMER DAYS" by Susan Mallery (Fool's Gold #7) (A++++) Locked in an unexpected land dispute, Rafe Stryker is trapped in the one place he vowed never to return to - the Castle Ranch in Fool's Gold, California. He made millions facing ruthless adversaries in the boardroom, but nothing could've prepared him to go head-to-head against stubborn, beautiful Heidi Simpson No one is more surprised than Rafe to discover that he's finding Heidi - and his life as a cowboy - much more compelling than he wants to admit. For Heidi, the Castle Ranch is the home she's always wanted. After a life on the road, the viacious blonde has finally put down roots. She won't give that up without a fight, not even for a man whose late-night kisses make her yearn to be a little less - wholesome. As the two turn from passionate adversaries to passionate, period, they'll discover that summer love can last a lifetime.
  9. "AGAINST THE SUN" by Kat Martin (Raines of Wind Canyon #6) (A++++) It's not in bodyguard Jake Cantrell's job description to share his suspicions with his assignments. Beautiful executive Sage Dumont may be in charge, but Jake's not on her payroll. As a former special forces marine, Jake trusts his gut and it's telling him there's something off about a shipment arriving at Marine Drilling International. His instinct is aroused...in more ways than one. A savvy businesswoman, Sage knows better than to take some hired gun's "hunch" as gospel. And yet she is learning not to underestimate the man her grandfather hired to protect her. Determined to prove Jake wrong, Sage does some digging of her own and turns up deadly details she was never meant to see. Drawn into a terrifying web of lies and deceit - and into feelings they can't afford to explore - what Jake and Sage uncover may be frighteningly worse than they ever imagined.
  10. "BITTERSWEET RAIN" by Sandra (unabridged Audio CD) (A++++) Caroline is a survivor, but will the return of her first love be her downfall? Caroline Dawson survived the town gossips who whispered behind her back. She survived the slow death of her husband, Roscoe Lancaster, the richest man in the county and her senior by three decades. But she feared she might not survive Rink Lancaster, her husband's son. Years before she married, when she and Rink were teens, he had introduced Caroline to her first tremulous taste of love - and then broke her heart. Now Rink is back He says he wants to settle his father's estate. But driven by a storm of emotions as undeniable as before and more dangerous than ever, what he really wants is to settle the score with Caroline.
  11. "LOVE DRUNK COWBOY" by Carolyn Brown (Spikes & Spurs #1) (A++++) She's a self-made city girl...High-powered career woman Austin Lanier suddenly finds herself saddled with an inherited watermelon farm deep in the countryside. She's determined to sell the farm, until her new, drop-dead sexy neighbor Rye O'Donnell shows up. He's as intoxicating as can be...Rancher Rye O'Donnell thinks he's going to get a good deal on his dream property - until he meets the fiery new owner. Rye is knocked sideways when he realizes that not only is Granny Lanier's city-slicker granddaughter a savvy businesswoman, she's also sexy as hell. Suddenly Rye is a whole lot less interested in real estate and a whole lot more focused on getting Austin to set aside her stiletto heels.
  12. "MY SISTER, MYSELF" by Tara Taylor Quinn (Shelter Valley #2) (A++) She's not who she says she is! Tory Evans is living her sister's life. Christine is dead, murdered by Tory's vengeful ex-husband and now - for her own survival - Tory has taken on Christine's identity. Her name, her job, her new home in Shelter Valley, Arizona. He's reinventing his life. Ben Sanders is a divorced father who's come to Shelter Valley to resume the education that was interrupted years before. He's intrigued by one of his professors, the woman he knows as Christine Evans. She's smart, she's beautiful - and she's hiding something. She's also off-limits. Despite that, despite the secrecy and the danger, Tory and Ben are drawn to each other. Second chances really do exist. Especially in a place like Shelter Valley.
  13. "SECRET AGENDA" by Paula Graves (Cooper Security #4) (A++) (Kindle) He's faced down danger multiple times, but now Pentagon liaison Evan Pike had to deal with the ultimate confrontation. Telling Meagan Randall that her late husband had been murdered by his own government was difficult. Keeping their association strictly about business, however, was proving impossible. Especially once Meagan's life was put in jeopardy. On the run with a stranger, Megan wondered how her quiet life has changed so drastically. Having Evan as her protector was comforting and she knew he'd do anything to keep her alive. But he was also the man who had her questioning her belief that she'd never love again. And that was even more dangerous.
  14. "DANGER IN THE SHADOWS" by Dee Henderson (O'Malley prequel) (A++++++) (Kindle) Her life is not her own - the bureau owns her. Under FBI protection, Sara isn't even Sara Walsh anymore; her name is what they tell her. Her home is where they send her. She's never there for long. A stranger owns her. Though faceless, he haunts Sara's dreams. He's the man who abducted her as a child and continues to stalk her. He's the one who's determined to end their connection - and Sara's life. But mostly, fear owns her. Which makes falling in love with a man as high-profile as Adam Black a bad idea. And a dangerous one. For both of them. The world is an unsafe place for love - and certainly an unsafe place for children Adam longs for. No one knows better than Sara and she can't take the risk...But if she doesn't, her life will never be her own. Where will she find the courage to name her terror and face her fear?
  15. "TWO LITTLE MIRACLES" by Caroline Anderson (A) Double-trouble surprise! Julia hasn't seen her husband, Max, for almost a year - but he's just walked through the door looking as breathtaking as ever! Max has come to make things right with his beloved Julia. But he hasn't bargained on meeting two surprise little twin girls. Now Max has two weeks to prove he's the best husband and father in the world!
  16. "FOR THE LOVE OF A WOMAN" by Christina James (A+++) (Kindle) When Marly Hampton offers a handsome stranger a meal and a place to sleep, it's only for the weekend after he breaks down in her small town on the outskirts of the Smoky Mountains. But the mysterious Mitch Allen stirs emotions in her long thought buried. A widowed, single mom raising her son, Marly has no time for romance. Or is that about to change? Mitch won't be staying in town any longer than it takes to repair his truck. The former Boston detective has hit the open road to run from painful memories. Falling in love is the last thing on his mind. When he's accused of murder, Mitch comes out of retirement not only to fight for his reputation but also for the woman who has opened his heart. Can they both face a past that stands in the way of their future before they lose what could be? Or will the evil lurking nearby succeed in destroying them?
  17. "UNSPOKEN PROMISES - WESTERN ESCAPE" by Becca Dale (Kindle) (B) Billie Jensen hates liars and cheats. She's spent her entire life watching her mother forgive the unforgivable with just a few words from a smooth-talking man. So different from her father, Officer Treynor Pandoah seems like everything Billie has ever wanted - quiet, solid and truthful - until he snuggles up to another woman on Valentine's Day. He says her eyes lied, but how can she trust a man who won't share what's in his heart? Treynor's done waiting for Billie to forgive him for something he didn't do. A man shouldn't have to explain himself to the woman he loves, but if he can't find the words to take the tears from her eyes, he could lose her.
  18. "ISN'T IT RICH?" by Sherryl Woods (Million Dollar Destinies #1) (A) Straitlaced tycoon Richard Carlton suspects that his Aunt Destiny has more than business matters on her mind when she insists he meet klutzy PR executive Melanie Hart. Melanie might be brilliant - and beautiful - but Richard won't open his wounded heart to any woman, no matter how much she might make his pulse race. Yet when the press mistakenly reports that they're a couple, Richard convinces Melanie to pretend that they're engaged - to bolster his reputation and to teach his matchmaking aunt a lesson, for one and for all. But is this relationship just a charade, or do opposites really attract - for keeps?
  19. "ONE CHILD" by Torey L. Hayden (A++) Sheila was wild, unreachable, abused - and a genius. She was a child lost in a tortured world until a brilliant young teacher reached out. Six-year-old Sheila never spoke, she never cried and her eyes were filled with hate. Abandoned on a highway by her mother, abused by her alcoholic father, Shiela was placed in a class for the hopelessly retarded after she committed an atrocious act of violence against another child. Everyone said Sheila was lost forever - everyone except teacher Torey Hayden. Torey fought to reach Sheila, to bring the abused child back from her secret nightmare, because beneath the autistic rage, Torey saw in Sheila the spark of genius. And together they embarked on a wondrous journey - a journey gleaming with a child's joy at discovering a world filled with love and a journey sustained by a young teacher's inspiring bravery and devotion.
  20. "WHITE PICKET FENCES" by Tara Taylor Quinn (Shelter Valley #3) (A+++) Come home to Shelter Valley where love lasts and families matter. Miranda Paarsons is content with her life. She has a great job, a wonderful family, a lovely house. She has good friends. And she lives in a town where people know her, care about her. So what's missing? Passion - as she finds out when she meets Zack Foster. Zack's a veterinarian who's recently moved to Shelter Valley after the failure of a marriage he'd considered perfect. He still likes being with woman, but now prefers his romances "short and sweet." Randi and Zack learn what it is to feel truly passionate about someone else - and they begin to want the passion they've discovered. But to get something, you have to give something up. Can they exchange contentment for happiness - even if greater happiness means greater risk?
  21. "HER SURE THING" by Helen Brenna (Mirabelle Island - an Island to Remember #6) (A++) Nobody's perfect - but she's close. As Mirabelle Island's only doctore, Sean Griffin is in demand - for his medical expertise. As a single guy...well, in a community this small, his social calendar isn't exactly full. Doesn't seem to matter how eligible this bachelor may be when there aren't single women around. Then Grace Kahill moves back and things are looking up. A former cover model, she definitely catches his eye! The passion ignites between them, but Sean suspects Grace is holding back. Is this about her appearance? Surely she knows he wants her for more than her looks. He'll do whatever it takes to convince Grace of that. Because he knows he's found the perfect woman to share his life.
  22. "ASK ANYONE" by Sherryl Woods (Trinity Harbor #2) (A+++) Waking up to discover an antique carousel horse and an armed guard in his front yard is not what Bobby Spencer needs on a quiet Sunday morning. Once again the Spencers are going to be the talk of Trinity Harbor, Virginia. And Bobby isn't feeling very kindly toward the person responsible. But Jenna Pennington Kennedy is a desperate woman. That carousel horse is her ticket to capturing Bobby's attention and convincing him to offer her the opportunity to plan the town's new riverfront development. It is also her chance to prove to her father that she is a responsible woman and not the reckless kid she'd once been. The last thing Bobby wants in his life is a sexy single mom who's driven to succeed. The last thing Jenna's looking for is another ride on an emotional roller coaster. But in Trinity Harbor, love has a way of defying expectations. Ask anyone.
  23. "THE BAIN AFFAIR" by Alison Kent (Smithson Group - SG-5 #1) (A+++) Meet the men of the Smithson Group - five spies whose best work is done in the field and between the sheets. Smart, built, trained to do everything well - and that's everything - they're the guys you want on your side of the bed. Go deep under cover? No problem. Take out the bad guys? Done. Play by the rules? I don't think so. Indulge a woman's every fantasy? Happy to please, ma'am. Fall in love? Hey, even a secret agent's got his weak spots. Get started with Christian Bane, SG-5. Christian Bane is a man of few words, so when he talks, people listen. One of the Smithson Group's elite force, Christian's also the walking wounded, haunted by his past. Something about being betrayed by a woman, then left to die in a Thai prison by the notorious crime syndicate Spectra IT gives a guy demons. But now, Spectra has made a secret deal with a top scientist to crack a governmental encryption technology and Christian has his orders: Pose as Spectra boss Peter Deacon. Going deep undercover as the slick womanizer will be tough for Chritian. Getting cozy with the scientist's beautiful goddaughter, Natasha, to get information won't be. But the closer he gets to Natasha, the harder it gets to deceive her. She's so alluring, so trusting, so completely unexpected he suspects someone's been giving out faulty intel. If Natasha isn't the criminal he was led to believe, they're both being played for fools. Now, with Spectra closing in, Christian's best chance for survival is to confront his demons and trust the only one he can...Natasha.
  24. "ALONG CAME TROUBLE" by Sherryl Woods (Trinity Harbor #3) (A+++) Trinity Harbor's sheriff Tucker Spencer has seen some action...but finding an almost-naked woman asleep in his bed leaves him speechless. Especially because this woman - Mary Elizabeth Chandler - broke Tucker's heart six years ago by marrying a charismatic Virginia politician. Now her philandering husband has been shot dead and Mary Elizabeth needs Tucker's help. She needs Tucker...period. But can he forgive her - and will he want a future with her once murder and mayhem are behind them? Seems everyone in town has an opinion about their top cop's reunion romance, including Tucker's father, King Spencer, who's determined to manage his son's love life - even as he mismanages his own. But Tucker's not listening. He needs to clear Mary Elizabeth's name...and maybe even save her life. Then he'll confront an even more troubling mystery...love!
  25. "TALL, DARK AND DEADLY" by Lorie O'Clare (FBI Sex Crimes #1) (A+++) When you can't fight a killer desire, surrender is the only option. Grace Jordan is leaving her dark past behind. Having traded her big-city badge for live in the slow lane in Rockville, South Dakota, Grace and her daughter were hoping to make a fresh, clean start. But crime is at large in small towns, too...and young women keep turning up brutally murdered. Before she knows it, Grace has got a serial murder case on her hands - and the infuriatingly seductive FBI agent Justin Reece by her side. Grace did not come to Rockville looking for romance. But she can't deny the chemistry between her and Justin - no matter how much she might want to. Meanwhile, things keep heating up as more women turn up dead and a disturbing new pattern points to a killer who seems to be sending a message for Grace alone. But how could he know such, dsecret, scandalous details about her life? Unless he happens to be someone from the past she would kill to forget.
  26. "SCARLET NIGHTS" by Jude Deveraux (Edilean #3) (A++) Engaged to the charming and seductive Greg Anders, Sara Shaw is happily anticipating their wedding, just weeks away. Every detail, down to her heirloom dress, is ready. But when Greg gets a phone call during the night and leaves without explanation and a stranger suddenly appears in her apartment and refuses to leave, Sara realizes her fiance was not who he claimed to be...and that Mike Newland, her best friend's brother, has crashed into her life on an undercover mission to track a notorious criminal frighteningly close to Sara. Winning Sara's trust is the detective's first task, but Mike never counted on revealing his own intensely private ties to Edilean or sharing secrets he's never told anyone else. As the pair works together to solve two mysteries, their growing love begins to heal each of them in ways they never could have imagined.
  27. "RED'S HOT COWBOY" by Carolyn Brown (Spikes & Spurs #2) (A+++) When Pearl Richland inherits her aunt's 1902 motel she returns to her roots. Tired of the big city, she's ready for small town life, especially when sexy cowboy Wil Marshall comes in to escape an ice storm. Pearl never thought she'd turn in her high heels and start dating a cowboy, but Wil's got an awful lot to offer if a girl's available for a whole lot of fun, sizzle and unexpected trouble.
  28. "DARN GOOD COWBOY CHRISTMAS" by Carolyn Brown (Spikes & Spurs #3) (A+++) He's one hot cowboy...and she's out for a sizzlin' christmas. Raylen O'Donnell is one smokin' cowboy. He could have any woman he wants, but he's never been able to forget a certain dark-haired girl who disappeared from his life. So when she suddenly returns to the ranch next door. Raylen's not fixing to let her get away again. Raised in a traveling carnival, Lizelle Hanson thought all she wanted was a house that didn't have wheels and a sexy cowboy for her very own. But settling down's going to take some getting used to and catching Raylen, the hotter-than-hell cowboy next door, might just take a little holiday magic.
  29. "THE SHAUGHNESSEY ACCORD" by Alison Kent (Smithson Group - SG-5 #2) (B) The second installment of Kent's exciting and erotic series features SG-5 covert op Tripp Shaughnessey. Hot and bothered by the curvaceous Glory Brighton, owner of his favorite sandwich shop, Tripp soon learns Glory's past includes some very bad men connected to Spectra.
  30. "A CREED COUNTRY CHRISTMAS" by Linda Lael Miller (Montana Creeds #4) (A) In the unforgiving Montana wilderness of 1910, widowed rancher Lincoln Creed is up against more than rustlers, wolves and the coming winter storms. His young daughter has needs beyond the beans and bacon he can barely cook. Lincoln must find little Gracie a governess, a lady who can teach and cook - yet won't set her sights on him. Disowned for her refusal to marry, twenty-five-year-old Juliana Mitchell shares the love in her heart with her yioung students at the underfunded Indian school. When she meets Lincoln and Gracie, her response to the handsome rancher makes her realize she's not against marriage after all. She longs to help, yet the orphaned children in her care need her. But in the season for miracles, Providence just might find a way to bring Juliana, the children and the Creed family together for Christmas Eve.
  31. "INTO THE CROSSFIRE" by Lisa Marie Rice (Protectors #1) (A+++) Sam Reston's world is dangerous, uncertain, violent...with no room in it for the helpless and weak. Then the most beautiful woman in the world moves next door to him. Nicole Pearce's life is complicated enough. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a secretive, hard-bodies, hard-headed neighbor. Yet Sam leaves her breathless - her body tingling with desire - and it takes every ounce of her fabled control to resist offering herself to him, no strings attached.  What she doesn't know is that Sam Reston is on an undercover assignment...and she's about to step into the crossfire. Never has Sam ached for a woman so badly. Now Nicole's in grave danger and he will become her shield. Because a terrorist plot hatched half a world away is heading to their doorstep - and it can be derailed by only one man and one woman.
  32. "A TURN IN THE ROAD" by Debbie Macomber (Blossom Street #8) (A++++) Sometimes where you think you're going isn't where you end up. In the middle of the year, in the middle of her life, Bethanne Hamlin takes a road trip with her daughter, Annie and her former mother-in-law, Ruth. They're driving to Florida for Ruth's 50th high-school reunion. A long time widow, Ruth would like to reconnect with Royce, the love of her teenage life. She's heard he's alone, too...and, well, she's curious. Maybe even hopeful. Bethanne herself needs time to reflect, to ponder a decision she has to make. Her ex-husband, Grant - her children's father - wants to reconcile now that his second marriage has failed. Bethanne's considering it. Meanwhile, Annie's out to prove to her onetime boyfriend that she can live a brilliant life without him! So there they are, three women driving across America. They have their maps and their directions - but even the best-planned journey can take you to a turn in the road. Or lead you to an unexpected encounter - like the day Bethanne meets a man named Max who really is a hero on a Harley. That's when Bethanne's decision becomes a lot harder. Because Grant wants her back, but now there's Max. From Seattle's Blossom Street to the other end of the country, this is a trip that could change three women's lives.

Currently Reading -

  1. "Eight Days to Live" by Iris Johansen (Eve Duncan #9)
  2. "Freedom" by JoAnn Ross (High Risk #1)

Currently Listening to -

  1. "Motion to Supress" by Perri O'Shaughnessy (Nina Reilly #1) (unabridged Audio CD)

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The House at Sugar Beach Helene Cooper

A Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole

Notes fom the Backseat Jody Gehrman

Modoc Ralph Helfer

The Prairie Grass Murders Patricia Stoltey

The Art of Eating In Cathy Erway

Dishwasher Pete Jordan

Molokai Alan Brennert

Cabin Lou Urenech

Apple Turnover Murder Joanne Fluke

The Art of Racing in the Rain Garth Stein

Flight to Heaven Capt. Dale Black

On A Dollar a Day: One Couples Unlikely Adventures in Eating in America Christopher Greenslate

Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs Michael Collins MD

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I just started The Witness by Nora Roberts and so far it's very good.  She is one of my favorite authors.

Finished this book last night and it was really good.  If you are a Nora Roberts fan you will enjoy this book.

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  • The Coffins of Little Hope by Tim Schaffert 
  • Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan
  • The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney

Currently Reading

  • The Pursuit of Other Interests by Jim Kokoris 

Listening To

  • The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

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Finished:  Child of my Heart by Alice McDermott

                    Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas

                   Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

                  The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker

Reading:  Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls

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Currently Reading

  1. 11th Hour by James Patterson (Women's Murder Club # 11)

Currently Listening To

  1. Homeport by Nora Roberts


  1. Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells ( Sabina Kane # 1)
  2. Blood Trails by Sharon Sala ( Searchers #3)
  3. The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall (Vish Puri # 1)
  4. The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Spencer Quinn ( Chet and Bernie # 3)
  5. The Lion's Game by Nelson Demille (John Corey # 2)
  6. Still Life With Crows by Preston & Child ( Pendergast # 4)
  7. Die Trying by Lee Child ( Jack Reacher #2)
  8. The Witness by Nora Roberts
  9. Night Fall by Nelson DeMille ( John Corey # 3)
  10. Brimstone by Preston & Child ( Pendergast # 5)

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Got one done already! 


The Pyramid: The First Wallander Cases by Henning Mankell - Four short stories about Wallender's first years on the force, including one as a beat cop. They're a bit simpler than the usual Wallander story naturally since they're shorter but it was still very enjoyable. He wasn't much different in the early days, slightly more unsure of himself. Being written in retrospect I expected a little more about the character's development as promised in the liner notes and it doesn't really do that. Still good Wallander cases though. 

Bossypants by Tina Fey - It was kind of lacking in the bio aspect, she's not one to delve too much into her personal life which makes for a different kind of memoir but it was funny. There's a lot more about her work than her personal life but it's still in her voice. That's one of my ratings measures of a memoir, can you hear the person saying the words in your head, and it sounds very much like her. I get the feeling the Tina you see on tv is very much the real Tina. 

Black Seconds by Karin Fossum - I read it in less than 24 hours which I don't normally do but I just couldn't put it down. You know pretty much what happened from the beginning, it's not a great surprise, but it unfolds so compellingly I had to keep reading it. 

Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - Not really my style but he did just die. I did the audiobook while playing games. 

The Doorbell Rang by Rex Stout - Gotta love a Nero Wolfe book. Typically complex story and I learned a new word - aristology - the art of dining. 

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton - A rather morose tale of some unhappy people living an unhappy life. It was compelling but not very satisfying. 

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson - Written with a delightfully dry sense of humour and the wisdom of a born storyteller, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand explores the risks one takes when pursuing happiness in the face of family obligation and tradition. — When retired Major Pettigrew strikes up an unlikely friendship with Mrs. Ali, the Pakistani village shopkeeper, he is drawn out of his regimented world and forced to confront the realities of life in the twenty-first century. Brought together by a shared love of literature and the loss of their respective spouses, the Major and Mrs. Ali soon find their friendship on the cusp of blossoming into something more. But although the Major was actually born in Lahore, and Mrs. Ali was born in Cambridge, village society insists on embracing him as the quintessential local and her as a permanent foreigner. The Major has always taken special pride in the village, but will he be forced to choose between the place he calls home and a future with Mrs. Ali?

Stonemouth by Iain Banks - Audiobook. Not much of a story, not much happened until the last 4 minutes and even that didn't really fit. The only reason I listened to it is it was read by David Tennant, the story pretty much sucked. 

Great Expectations by Charles Dickins I've read it before and ebjoyed it so this time it was BBC dramatization. Great story made even greater with execellent performers. 

The Dog King by Christoph Ransmayr - This is the second translated from German novel I've read and neither one of them had a point, I wonder if that is typical German fiction thing. The ending didn't make sense either. 

If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster - A novel by the master of sarcastic memoirs. She says at the beginning that it is a fictionalized story about buying a fixer-upper house which she and her husband almost did but changed their minds. So she basically imagined what would have happened if they did so the characters and the language are the same as her memoirs, it's basically an imagined memoir. There were several parts that made me actually laugh out loud which is not something I do often while reading no matter how "Laugh out loud funny" the book's jacket claims it is. I'm more of an internal laugher, but I did just have to laugh at some parts. I do wish she would ditch the footnotes, they are often the funniest jokes but annoying. I think I get her pretty good now though, one of them I knew what it was going to say before I looked. Maybe I've read too many of her books......

Firewall by Henning Mankell - I kept having deja vu feelings reading this, I swear I've seen parts of this story before but I know I haven't read it. I have seen some of the tv show episodes, maybe they used to plot in one? Anyway, this one was a little creepy somehow, it made me a little nervous reading it in bed at night. That's not necessarily a bad thing I just don't usually have that problem. Another good one, on to the next!

Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani - Much too "nice" for my tastes. It's not a romance even though that's kind of where it's going but it's close enough to not be my cup of tea. Everyone was just too nice, what town doesn't have at least one crank? Even the most popular girl in school was nice, that's just wrong. If you want some really light fluff this is for you. 

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Currently reading:

Slim to none-- Jenny Gardiner

Night Road-- Kristin Hannah

The Darwin Awards-- Wendy Northcutt


Harvesting the Heart-- Jodi Picoult

Mercy-- Jodi Picoult

Sweet Valley Confidential-- Francine Pascal

Stick figure: A diary of my former self-- Lori Gottlieb

Fragile-- Lisa Unger

Mystic Lake-- Kristin Hannah

The Doctors- Five minute health fixes

Bowling Across America 50 States in Rented Shoes- Mike Walsh

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Oh Nancy, I do appreciate your new abbreviated list form.  I always felt so miniscule with my one entry; like I had to list at least 100 to be worthy to post here. cheeky

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Just finished:

How Green Way My Valley by Richard Llewellyn  ( B+) 

Housekeeping by M. Robinson.  (C)


Currently Reading: A Gathering of Old Men by E. Gaines

Up next:

Rush Home Road

Cold Sassy Tree

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It Amazes me that all of you read more than 1 book at a time! I think its awesome..But Alas, I only read one book at a time.

Currently I am reading SLEEPING NAKED IS GREEN by Vanessa Farguharson..

As I am an eco geek, I enjoy reading a funny story about  a writer who decides to GO GREEN and make changes every day for a year.


Check it out!


Kelly G

Mary (mepom) -
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Black Seconds by Karin Fossum 

has been recommended before.

Compared to Henning Mankell?

1 to 10?


Mary S


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I'm reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.  I just love her writing style!


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Just finished:  

  • Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey - EXCELLENT distopian mystery novel - comprised of 5 connecting stories.
  • Crave by J.R. Ward (audio) - just ok...I'm really just not as into this series as I would like to be

Currently reading:

  • First Shift - Legacy by Hugh Howey - just started this one - a prequel to the aforementioned Wool.

Up Next:

  • A reread of A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness to prepare for the release of the sequel next month.


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It was a toss up between Oryx and Crake and State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.  Since the Ann Patchett is in Large print, I decided to read it first.  Got me in the first 10 pages.

ETA:  I loved Mercy-- Jodi Picoult.  It is my favorite by her.  Love to hear how you like it.

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Finished The Historian this week.  If you have read this book, come join our discussion of The Historian during the month of June.  The Basement Book Club (called that because the forum we use is at the bottom of the forum lists) is looking for new members to join our monthly discussions.  Come on down, we are in the September Hot Topics forum.

Here is a link to the discussion thread - Historian discussion in September Hot Topics

All are welcome, the more the merrier!!

Next up is Big Stone Gap, the book club selection for reading in June.

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It's been a slow reading month for me.  I'm having a hard time sitting down with a book for some reason.  This will have to end!!  I've got too large a TBR pile for this to go on.

Finished:  Deadly Harvest by Heather Graham -- the second in the Flynn brothers trilogy,  a really good paranormal thriller.  

Spiderweb by Penelope Lively  -- My first book by Lively and I'm not sure whether I'll read any more of her books.  This book is about an English woman, 65-year-old former anthropologist, Stella Brentwood, trying to adjust to being in one place and owning a home, a dog and all that entails after years of moving from place to place with no strings or commitments.  Other people are thrown into the mix, at times a little confusing, there's quite a bit of reflecting on past experiences and how it all ties in with her life to this point. Well-written, but with the English vernacular, sometimes hard to understand her meaning. Certainly different from my usual type of read.

Tears of the Moon by Nora Roberts  --- Second in the Gallaghers of Ardmore series.  A fun read, a little bit of Irish faeries, a lot of romance and typical Nora Roberts.  She does have a lyrical style of writing, especially when it comes to her Irish stories.

Stately Pursuits by Katie Fforde --- I hadn't read any of Fforde's books, but I will look for more.  This is a funny, well-written tale about a jilted young woman who is asked to house sit at a stately, if somewhat rundown, old house in England. The people she meets, the plans they make to bring the house back to its former glory and the problems along the way make for a very enjoyable read.     

Reading nowEve by Iris Johansen & Heart of the Sea by Nora Roberts

Up next:   I've just been picking books at random lately.  Whatever appeals to me at the time.  I've been reading several new [to me] authors, some I've really liked, some are so-so. 

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I'm reading "Fifty Shades of Grey",and  rereading "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff".

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I am heading on a two week vacation, and I am taking a stack if books.  This is a last chance for these books, most of these have been on my shelf for awhile, but I never seem to pick them.  So, if they don’t get read this summer, they are going to GoodWill.  Feel free to comment, or vote on what I should read or maybe just skip!  Thanks! 

I don’t know how to link but the list is named "MGTs TBR". http://www.paperbackswap.com/MGTs-TBR/list/9193/

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Hello everyone!

I am going to be starting MODOC The Elephant story by Ralph Helfer.

Looking forward to it!



Amy N. (nanaamy) - ,
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Hello All!

I'm reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. I really amazed by the fact that the Life of this Ordinary Woman changed Medical History and as a Nurse had never heard of her in any of my classes. I took a step back and as a daughter was outraged by this fact. This is one of the few books I've read recently that has really upset me about Modern Medicine.

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megt:  I liked The Undomestic Goddess. Not as good as some of her other books, but it was still good :)  I haven't read any of the other ones you have on your list.

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Currently Reading:

A Woman's Place by Lynn Austin

To Be Read:

Innocents by Cathy Coote (Only reading because she wrote it when she was my age)

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

At Close of Day by Joseph Bentz

The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James

& a whole bunch of Harlan Coben novels just for when I run out and need something to grab

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Updated my post and bumping for Sunday.

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The Year of Wonders~Geraldine Brooks,: I have enjoyed it so far, she has a firm grasp on the ways of speaking in 1666, very engaging, ran out of time and there is a line around the block for it here. so I'll wait until I getit from the library again.

Reading now:

City of Shadows~Ariana Franklin: This is a great new discovery,  very intriguing, ironic humor and suspense. picture it, Berlin,1922, a Russian scammer/playboy and his loyal secretary are speculating whether a anonymous asylum patient is the last survivor of the Romanoff family who was slaughtered by the Bolshevics. 

Last Night at the Lobster~Stewart O'Nan: This story of the last night of a Red Lobster before it get's scrapped by the franchise company is very timely, the lives and fates of employee's and the impersonal big bad buisness world collides in a melancholy heap. a small book but great read!

The Thirteenth Tale~Diane Setterfield::A book about Books,Love this catagpry, about a mysterious woman writer and her audience.

What we Talk about when we talk about Anne Frank~Nathan Englander: a set of stories by a fave of mine, I try to read all of his work!

Factory Girls~Leslie T. Chang: very interesting creative NF book about working conditions in present day China.

L is for Lawless~Sue Grafton: Kinsy Millhone is My favorite orderly woman detective, just because she starts out that way but things get crazy and decidedly unorderly in a hurry and it really takes the reader along for the ride. Always entertaining and impressivly convincing dialogue!!! 

I think this enough for now, don't you?


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks~Rebecca Skloot: I have heard so much about this book and it is the selection for my Book Group in August.

Mistress in the Art of Death~Ariana Franklin: See, I'm hooked!

All that I am~Anna Funder: A story about friends in the beginning of Hitler's Germany. The friends begin to organize a plot to assasinate Hitler, well, we will see, there was about 15 or 16 plots like it during that time and I think most of those people were caught and executed. I have seen some very good reviews about this book so I'm excited to get into it!  

Next next: Not sure, will go through my pile.

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