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Topic: ****June What books are you looking for? ****

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Subject: ****June What books are you looking for? ****
Date Posted: 6/1/2008 11:34 AM ET
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Please post the books you are looking for!

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Date Posted: 6/1/2008 11:36 AM ET
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I am looking for any deals on pony pal books (we have 1-8, 16, 19)

also any deals on puppy patrol books or animal ark

Also looking for deals on these Magic Tree House books:




















and these research guides for the magic tree house books:

Rain Forest

Knights and Castles


American Revolution

Ancient Greece and Olympics

Ancient Rome and Pompeii




Mummies and Pyramids


Sabertooth and ice age

Twisters and other terrible storms

Tsunamis and other natural disasters


 I am looking for deals on To Dance With Kings :: Rosalind Laker

 or a deal with either of these books:

 Last Voyage of the Valentina

     Double or Nothing (Star Trek The Next Generation: Double Helix, Book 5) :: Peter David





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Date Posted: 6/1/2008 11:52 AM ET
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I'm hoping to find some sort of deals on these. Please send me a pm if you have any and can offer a deal on any of them.

Leanne Banks:

*When She's Bad

Vicki Lewis Thompson:

*My Nerdy Valentine, *Nerds Gone Wild

Wendy Markham:

*Hello, It's Me, *Once Upon a Blind Date

Hailey North:

*Bedroom Eyes

Charlotte Hughes:

*Hot Shot, *Night Kills

Jennifer Greene

*Blame it on Cupid*Lucky, *Where is he Now?

Christie Ridgeway:

*Do Not Disturb, *First Comes Love, *Then Comes Marriage

Stephenie Bond

*Body Movers, *Party Crashers

Susan Donovan

*Public Displays of Affection, * Knock Me Off My Feet

Sarah Mlynowski:

*Milkrun, *As Seen On TV, *Fishbowl

Wendi Corsi Staub:

*Lullaby & Goodnight, *She Loves Me Not

Kimberly Raye:

*Sometimes Naughty ,Somtimes Nice,  *Sweet as Sugar,Hot as Spice

Red Dress Ink:

*Hardly Working; Betsy Burke, *Performance Anxiety; Betsy Burke, *Killer Summer; Lynda Curnyn, *Looking for Mr. Goodfrog; Laurie Graff, *You Have to Kiss A Lot of Frogs; Laurie Graff, *The Dairy Queen; Allison Rushby, *The Last Year of Being Single; Sarah Tucker; *Lost and Found; Jane Sigaloff


*Kisses to Go; Irene Peterson, *Bachelorette #1; Jennifer O'Connell, *Wild Ride; LuAnn McLane, *Spin Cycle; Sue Margolis, *Falling for Gracie; Susan Mallery, *Wanting Something More; Kathy Love, *The Stork Reality; Malena Lott, *Wedding Survivor; Julia London, *Southern Comfort; Karen Kelley, *The Dixie Bell's Guide to Love; Luanne Jones, *To Kiss a Frog; Elle James, *Undressed; Stef Ann Holmes, *Lucky; Jennifer Greene, *Reinventing Mona, Jennifer Coburn, *Diamond in the Ruff; Emily Carmichael,  * The Myth of Me and You; Leah Stewart,   *Lucy Get's Her Life Back; Stef Ann Holms, *Bitten and Smitten; Michelle Rowen, *Califonia Demon (Bk. 2); Julie Kenner,

Thanks for looking!

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Subject: Looking for Daniel Silva & Stephen Coonts & Gregg Loomis
Date Posted: 6/1/2008 12:12 PM ET
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Looking for deals  on the following titles by Daniel Silva:

The Kill Artist

The English Assassin

A Death In Vienna

Prince of Fire

The Messenger

The Secret Servant

I would like mass market paper backs  from a non smoking or pets enviroment.

Also looking for the following titles by Stephen Coonts:

Under Siege

The Red Horseman

The Intruders


Hong Kong


Fourtunes of War

The Assassin

Gregg Loomis

Voodoo Fury

The Julian Secret

The Sinai Secret







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Date Posted: 6/1/2008 12:13 PM ET
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I am looking for a deal that includes the following:

I appreciate you considering this offer!  :)


*I do have a requestor condition about books not currently being in a smoking home. 

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Date Posted: 6/1/2008 12:23 PM ET
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Hoping to find deals on these titles. Thanks


Demon Eyes--Maynard/Sims

Had Enough?A Handbook for Fighting Back--Carville


Little Brothers--Hautala

No Cure for Cancer-Denis Leary

Nothing Human--Munson


Vanishing Point--Roessner

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Date Posted: 6/1/2008 12:26 PM ET
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Sorry the list is long

I'd love a deal on any of these books please. I'm a Boxer, so Box o' Books on these would be great too. Also I don't care if they unpostable as long as they are readable. Please no books that smell of smoke to you, if it's used and you don't know if it's been around smoke that fine. Just as long as you don't smell smoke.

Chocolate Snowman Murders--by Joanna Carl

Murder by the Slice; The Christmas Cookie Killer--Livia J. Washburn

Miss Zukas Mysteries--Jo Dereske

Desiree Shapiro Mysteries--Selma Eichler

Gardening Mysteries--Mary Freeman

Far Wychwood Mysteries--Patricia Harwin (I only have the 1st one)

The Ghost in the Little House--William Holtz

When Did We Lose Harriet?; When will the dead lady sing?; What are you Wearing to Die?; Sins of the Fathers; Daughter of Deceit --Patricia Sprinkle

Carrot Cake Murder--by Joanne Fluke

Shadow Music--Julie Garwood

A Perfect Murder--Rita Mae Brown

The Ghost and the Femme Fatale--Alice Kimberly

Shoebag; Shoebag Returns both by Mary James

Delilah Doolittle mysteries (Got the first one)--Patricia Guiver

Puzzle in a Pear Tree; Puzzled to Death; With This Puzzle, I Thee Kill--Parnell Hall

Toadfern Mysteries (stain busting mysteries) got the first one--Sharon Short

Best Served Cold; Bring Your Own Poison--Jimmie Ruth Evans

The Cinderella Pact--Sarah Strohmeyer

Container Gardening for Dummies

The Hindenburg Murders; The Lusitania Murders; The Titanic Murders; the Pearl Harbor murders--Max Allan Collins

Bargain Hunters mysteries--Sharon Dunn

Antique Mysteries--J.B. Stanley (got the 1st  2)

Veiled Threats; Died to match; May the Best Man die; Death Takes a Honeymoon; You May Now Kill the Bride; Bride and Doom--Deborah Donnelly

For Better or Hearse; To Love and To Perish--Laura Durham

No Nest for the Wicket--Donna Andrews

The William Powell, Myrna Loy Mystery--George Baxt

Death with an ocean View; Death is a Bargain; Who Killed Swami Schwartz?; Hurricane Homicide--Nora Charles

Curiosity Killed the Cat-Sitter--Blaize Clement

Ghost Hunting--Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson

Passport to Peril mysteries--Maddy Hunter (I have the first 3)

The Thing--Alan Dean Foster

Also looking for these Silhouette Special Edition Series Romances in the "Northbridge Nuptuials" subseries by Victoria Pade

Having the Batchelor's Baby


and these Silhouette Desires to finish a series. Would like a 2 for 1 on these or a box o books would be even better!

Exposing the Executive's Secrets--Emilie Rose

Paying the Playboy's Price--Emilie rose

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Date Posted: 6/1/2008 12:29 PM ET
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Hoping for a deal on any combination of the following.  Thanks so much for looking!


Joe Weber:

Defcon One


John Weisman:

Jack In The Box



Brad Thor:

The Lions of the Lucerne

Path of the Assassin

The First Commandment

The Last Patriot


David Hagberg:

Without Honor


Critical Mass

High Flight


White House

Joshua's Hammer

Allah's Scorpion

Date Posted: 6/1/2008 12:52 PM ET
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I am so wanting Atrocity by Jerry Ahern to be posted


I am looking for William Johnstone books. I am looking for deals on those of the below list that is already posted in the system...and for those that have the other books that aren't...to please post them.

  • Devil
    1. The Devil's Kiss (1980)
    2. The Devil's Heart (1983)
    5. Wolfsbane (1987)
    6. The Uninvited (1988)
    7. Crying Shame (1988)
    8. The Nursery (1987)
    10. Cat's Cradle (1986)
    11. Jack-In-The-Box (1986)
    12. Rockinghorse (1986)
    13. Baby Grand (1987) (with Joe Keene)
    14. Sandman (1988)
    15. Carnival (1989)
    17. Darkly the Thunder (1990)
  • Ashes
    17. Battle in the Ashes (1993)
    26. Triumph in the Ashes (1998)
    27. Hatred in the Ashes (1999)
    29. Crisis in the Ashes (1999)
    30. Tyranny in the Ashes (2000)
    33. Enemy in the Ashes (2002)


  • Mountain Man
    5. Law of the Mountain Man (1989)
    6. Journey of the Mountain Man (1988)
    9. Pursuit of the Mountain Man (1991)
    10. Courage of the Mountain Man (1995)
    11. Blood of the Mountain Man (1996)
    12. Fury of the Mountain Man (1993)
    13. Rage of the Mountain Man (1994)
    14. Cunning of the Mountain Man (1994)
    15. Power of the Mountain Man (1995)
    16. Spirit of the Mountain Man (1996)
    17. Ordeal of the Mountain Man (1996)
    19. Vengeance of the Mountain Man (1997)
    20. Honor of the Mountain Man (1998)
    21. Battle of the Mountain Man (1998)
    22. Pride of the Mountain Man (1998)
    26. Justice of the Mountain Man (2000)
    27. Valor of the Mountain Man (2001)
    29. Quest of the Mountain Man (2003)
    30. Trek of the Mountain Man (2002)
    31. Ambush of the Mountain Man (2003)
    33. Destiny of the Mountain Man (2005) (with Fred Austin)
    35. Rampage of the Mountain Man (2007) (with J A Johnstone)


  • Rig Warrior
    1. Rig Warrior (1987)
    2. Eighteen-Wheel Avenger (1988)
    3. Wheels of Death (1988)
  • Blood Bond
    1. Brotherhood of the Gun (1990)
    3. Gunsight Crossing (1991)
    4. Devil Creek Crossfire (1992)
    5. Gunsmoke and Gold (1992)
    7. San Angelo Showdown (1994)
    8. Death in Snake Creek (1994)
    9. Slaughter Trail (2006)
    11. Texas Gundown (2008) (with J A Johnstone)
    12. Ride for Vengeance (2008) (with J A Johnstone)


  • First Mountain Man
    1. The First Mountain Man (1991)
    2. Blood on the Divide (1992)
    3. Absaroka Ambush (1993)
    4. Forty Guns West (1993)
    5. Cheyenne Challenge (1995)
    6. Preacher and the Mountain Caesar (1995)
    7. Blackfoot Messiah (1996)
    8. Preacher (2002)
    9. Preacher's Peace (2003)
    10. Preacher's Justice (2004)
    11. Preacher's Journey (2005)
    12. Preacher's Fortune (2006) (with Fred Austin)
    13. Preacher's Quest (2007) (with J A Johnstone)
    36. Preacher's Showdown (2008)


  • Eagles
    2. Dreams of Eagles (1994)
    3. Talons of Eagles (1994)
    4. Scream of Eagles (1996)
    5. Rage of Eagles (1998)
    7. Cry of Eagles (1999)
    8. Blood of Eagles (2000)
    10. Revenge of Eagles (2005)
    11. Pride of Eagles (2006) (with J A Johnstone)
    12. Crusade of Eagles (2007) (with J A Johnstone)
    13. Thunder of Eagles (2008) (with J A Johnstone)


  • Rockabilly Hell
    2. Rockabilly Limbo (1996)
  • Last Gunfighter
    4. Ghost Valley (2001)
    6. Showdown (2002)
    8. The Burning (2003)
    10. Manhunt (2004)
    12. Renegades (2005)
    13. Savage Country (2006)
    14. The Devil's Legion (2006)
    17. Ambush Valley (2008) (with J A Johnstone)


  • Code Name
    2. Survival (2000)
    3. Death (2001)
    5. Quickstrike (2003)
    6. Extreme Prejudice (2004)
    7. Kill Zone (2005)


  • Invasion USA
    Border War (2006) (with J A Johnstone)
  • Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man (with J A Johnstone)
    1. Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain Man (2007)
    2. Deadly Trail (2008)
    3. Purgatory (2008)
  • Novels
    Sanction (1981)
    The Initiation (1982)
    Dagger (1984) (writing as William Mason)
    Eagle Down (1985) (writing as William Mason)
    Bloodland (1986)
    Death Master (1987)
    The Devil's Laughter (1992)
    Them (1992)
    Bats (1993)
    Night Mask (1994)
    Hunted (1995)
    Prey (1996)
    Ordeal (1998)
    Blood Oath (1999)
    The Last Rebel: Survivor (2004)
    Black Ops: American Jihad (2006) (with Fred Austin)
    Remember the Alamo (2007) (with J A Johnstone)
    Judgment Day (2008) (with J A Johnstone)
    Jacknife (2008) (with J A Johnstone)
    Sidewinders (2008) (with J A Johnstone)


  • Collections
    Best of Mysteries: Slaughter in the Ashes Tripwire, Last Chants, Saints Mudd, the Last Suppers (2000)
    Lost Trails (2007) (with Loren D Estleman, Elmer Kelton and Louis L'Amour)


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I am looking for DEALS on:

Fannie Flagg- PM me

Informania Books Christopher Maynard     Sharks, Aliens.Vampires

American Girls Collection

Kathy ReichsTemperance Series 1,3, 6, 8, 10

Carolyn Hart -  Death on Demand series #3, 4, 5, 6 , 8, 10, 11. 12, 15, 17, 18

Magic Treehouse  #7,  8,  22, 23, 24, 25,   & 27

Heather Graham    Dead Room

Nicholas Sparks Hardbacks- The Choice, Three Weeks with my Brother, Message ina Bottle

Blair Witch Files Series- Cade Merrill   # 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8

The Wereling Series- Stephen Cole  #1, 2 & 3

Shark Life- Peter Benchley

Any books about Diving and/ underwater pics, ocean life, etc.

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I'm looking for deals on:

Jerrilyn Farmer

Perfect Sax

The Flaming Luau of Death

Kate Flora

Death at the Wheel

Jonnie Jacobs

Murder Among Strangers

Suzann Ledbetter

North of Clever

Susan Mallery


Suzanne Enoch

Billionaires Prefer Blondes

Don't Look Down

Touch of Minx

Susan Grant

How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days

Lorraine Heath

Just Wicked Enough

Kate Bridges

Klondike Fever

Western Weddings (Anthology w/ Jillian Hart and Charlene Sands)

The Proposistion

The Bachelor

Anne Stuart

Catspaw II

Christine Rimmer - Bravo Family

Married by Accident

Mercury Rising

Fortunes Series Romance - Fortune's Children / Dakota Fortunes

The Honor Bound Groom - Jennifer Greene

The Secretary and the Millionaire - Leanne Banks

Bride of Fortune - Leanne Banks

Mail-Order Cinderella - Kathryn Jensen

Fortune's Secret Child - Shawna Delacorte

Husband--Or Enemy? - Caroline Cross

Groom of Fortune - Peggy Moreland

The Most Desirable M.D. - Anne Marie Winston

The Pregnant Heiress - Eileen Wilks

Baby of Fortune - Shirley Rogers

Fortune's Secret Daughter - Barbara McCauley

Her Boss's Baby - Cathleen Galitz

Did You Say Twins?! - Maureen Child

Marry in Haste - Karen Rose Smith

The Expectant Secretary - Leanna Wilson

To Love and Protect Her - Margaret Watson

Her Good Fortune - Marie Ferrarella

A Tycoon in Texas - Crystal Green

In a Texas Minute - Stella Bagwell

Merger of Fortunes - Peggy Moreland

Fortune's Vengeful Groom - Charlene Sands

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Karin Gillespie:

Dollar Daze: The Bottom Dollar Girls in Love

A Dollar Short: The Bottom Dollar Girls go Hollywood 

Robin Jones Gunn

Sisterchicks on the Loose

Sisterchicks do the Hula 

Kimberly Raye:

Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice

Sometime Naughty, Sometimes Nice

Sweet as Sugar, Hot as Spice

Ginny Aiken:

Married to the Mob

Mixed up with the Mob

Carly Phillips:

Cross My Heart

Left Behind - Large Hardback:


Glorious Appearing

Soul Harvest

Tribulation Force

Julie Ortolon:

Just Perfect

Drive me Wild

Dear Cupid

Falling for You

Lead me On

Don't Tempt Me


Janet Evanovich:

Two for the Dough

Lean Mean Thirteen

Judi McCoy:

Wanted: One Special Kiss

Wanted: One Perfect Man

Terri Farley:

Dark Sunshine

Phantom Stallion

The Renegade

Stacy Hawkins:

Watercolored Pearls

Robyn Sisman:

Weekend in Paris

Melody Carlson:

Dark Blue: Color me Lonely

Lyn Cote:



Lilian Jackson Braun:

any of the Cat Who books EXCEPT  "saw stars"  "brought down the house"  "said cheese"  "smelled a rat"  "drobbed the bombshell"  "blew the wistle"  "turned on and off"  "lived high"  "played post office"  "ate danish modern"  "had 14 tales"  "ate a cardinal"  "talked turkey"  "saw red"  "robbed a bank"  "wasn't there"

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Currently looking for a deal on Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts hopefully in combination with other books on my reminder list. If you have it on your shelf and are willing to deal, please let me know.

Got it! Thanks!

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There will be no deals needed for all the WL books.

I'm looking for deals on the followings books/authors. If you have 2 or more and you're willing to cut a deal or swap a box please pm me!

Adele Ashworth:

The Duke's Seduction

P.C. Cast: No deal needed

Goddess of Love, Goddess of the Rose and Warrior Rising.

Loretta Chase: 

Captive of the Night, Lord of Scoundrels, The Last Hellion and Your Scandalous Ways.

Susan Dexter:

Winter King's War Trilogy (The Ring of Allaire, The Sword of Calandra and The Mountains of Channadran), Prince of ill luck and Wind Witch.

Christine Feehan:

Carpatian Dark and GhostWalker series - i haven't started yet and i would love a deal!

Lian Hearn:

Grass for his Pillow, Brilliance of the Moon, The Harsh Cry of the Heron, Heavens Net is Wide.

Brian Jacques:

Redwall Series - all of them except #1 Redwall. A good deal on those would make me a very happy swapper!

Brenda Joyce:

Deadly series: Deadly Love - i need this one so i can start reading! xD

Sherrilyn Kenyon:

Fantasy Lover, Kiss of the Night, Night Play, Devil May Cry, Dark Hunter Companion, Dream Chaser

Mercedes Lackey:

Dragon Jouster books: Aerie - no deal needed but i would like the paperback version.

Elemental Master books: The Fire Rose, The Gates of Sleep, Phoenix and Ashes and Reserved for the Cat. Paperback prefered.

Katie MacAlister:

The Corset Diaries, Men in Kilts, You slay me, Fire me up, Light my Fire, Holy Smokes and Playing with Fire.

Lois McMaster Bujold:

Legacy, Passage, Paladin of Souls, Miles in Love, Miles, Mystery and Mayhem and Miles, Mutans and Microbes.

Maggie Osborne:

Silver Lining (in keeper condition!) and A Strangers Wife.

Laura Joh Rowland:

All of the Sano Ichigo mysteries. They're all on pbs in paperback. I would love a deal on those!

Gena Showalter: No deal needed

The Darkest Kiss, The Stone Prince and Heart of the Dragon.

Also looking for a book for my DH: Tarnished Heisman: Did Reggie Bush Turn His Final College Season into a Six-Figure Job? by Don Yaeger. I take it in anyway i can get it. It's quite new (still only Hardcover) and i would either take the published release or even an ARC.

Thank you!

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This is my Reminder List. I am always looking for a deal on these books to help save on credits. If you have more than two of these and would do a deal please let me know. Any binding is fine.

Black Cross :: Greg Iles

Blood and Gold (Vampire Chronicles) :: Anne Rice

Blood Canticle (The Vampire Chronicles) :: Anne Rice

The Coffin Dancer by: Jefferey Deaver

Custard the Dragon and the Wicked Knight by: Ogden Nash (or any Custard the dragon books)

Dragons of a Fallen Sun (Dragonlance: The War of Souls, Bk 1) :: Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis

Immoral :: Brian Freeman

In Safekeeping (Silhouette Intimate Moments No. 343) :: Naomi Horton

Strangers :: Dean Koontz

The Thomas Berryman Number :: James Patterson

Your Planet or Mine by: Susan Grant

Tippy Toe Murder by: Leslie Meier

Into the Labyrinth by: Tracy Hickman and Magaret Weis

The Seventh Gate by: Tracy Hickman and Maragaret Weis

California Demon by: Julie Kenner




  • Creepshow  (probably doesn't come in Hardcover so will accept it however as long as it's in good shape)
  • Cujo
  • Danse Macabre
  • The Gunslinger
  • The Drawing of the Three
  • Head Down
  • Secret Windows


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    Subject: what i am looking for
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    i am looking for the host or the tenth gift, thanks

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    I'm looking for a 2/1 deal on PB copies of Odd Thomas and Brother Odd by Dean Koontz.

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    These are books from my reminder list.  If you have 2 or more and are willing to deal, please PM your offer.  Thanks so much for looking!  I HAVE A NON-SMOKING HOUSEHOLD REQUESTOR CONDITION!

    Red Dress Ink (chick lit):

    • The Last Year of Being Single - Sarah Tucker
    • The Last Year of Being Married - Sarah Tucker
    • Marrying Up - Jackie Rose
    • Killer Summer - Lynda Curnyn

    Donna Andrews

    • Murder With Peacocks (Meg Lanslow, Book 1)

    Chris Bohjalian

    • Before You Know Kindness
    • Trans-Sister Radio
    • The Law of Similars

    Allison Brennan (all 3 from one person, please)

    • The Kill
    • The Hunt
    • The Prey

    Ellen Byerrum

    • Killer Hair (Crime of Fashion, Book 1)

    Joanne Fluke

    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen Mysteries)

    Brian Freeman

    • Stripped
    • Stalked

    Patricia Gaffney

    • Circle of Three

    Billie Letts

    • The Honk and Holler Opening Soon

    Stella Maclean

    • Heart of My Heart (Harlequin Superromance)

    Debbie Macomber:

    • 311 Pelican Court 
    • 44 Cranberry Point
    • 50 Harbor Street
    • 74 Seaside Avenue

    Cammie McGovern

    • Eye Contact

    Laura Moriarity

    • The Center of Everything

    Elizabeth Noble

    • Alphabet Weekends:  Love on the Road from A to Z
    • The Friendship Test

    Emilie Richards

    • Whiskey Island

    Karen Rose

    • Die for Me

    Jamie Saul

    • Light of Day:  A Novel

    Elizabeth Strout

    • Amy and Isabelle

    Denise Swanson

    • Murder of a Sweet Old Lady (Scumble River Series, Book 2)

    Elaine Viets

    • Dying in Style (Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper Book 1)
    • Shop Till You Drop (Dead End Job Series, Book 1)

    Amanda Eyre Ward

    • How to be Lost

    Jennifer Weiner

    • Good In Bed

    Lolly Winston

    • Good Grief

    Monica Wood

    • My Only Story

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    SoBe -
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    Here's mine, I'd appreciate any deals to get these!

    And I apologize again this month, for the very long list! But thanks for any and all help!


    Susan Mallery

    • Delicious (The Buchanans, Book 1)
    • Full-Time Father
    • Prodigal Son (Family Business, Bk 1) (Special Edition, No 1729)
    • Accidentally Yours

    Suzanne Enoch:

    • Flirting with Danger
    • A Touch of Minx
    • Billionaires Prefer Blondes

    Susan Donovan:

    • The Kept Woman
    • Knock Me off My Feet

    Tara Janzen

    • Crazy Hot
    • Crazy Cool
    • On The Loose
    • Cutting Loose
    • Loose and Easy


    Rita Herron       

    • A Breath Away
    • Marry Me, Maddie
    • In A Heartbeat
    • Last Kiss Goodbye

     Beverly Barton:

    • Sweet Caroline's Keeper (The Protectors 15)    

    Karen Rose:

    • Hot Pursuit (anthology with Carla Cassidy and Annie Solomon,)

    Carla Neggers

    • Kiss the Moon
    • The Widow
    • The Rapids

    Lori Foster:

    • American Heroes: Riley (Harlequin Temptation, No. 930)
    • Lip Service (National Consumer Promotion)  with Julie Elizabeth Leto

    Dara Joy:

    • High Energy
    • High Intensity

    Julie Kenner:

    • The Givenchy Code (Play.Survive.Win, Bk 1)

    JD Robb :

    • Immortal In Death

    Heather Graham

    • The Island

    Mariah Stewart:

    • Priceless
    • Last Look
    • Dead Certain
    • Voices Carry
    • Final Truth : A Novel of Suspense
    • Last Breath
    • Dead Even
    • Brown-Eyed Girl
    • Dead Wrong

    Pamela Britton

    • Dangerous Curves
    • Red Hot Santa (anthology with Leanne Banks, Cherry Adair, Kelsey Roberts)
    • In the Groove

    Merline Lovelace:

    • Ex marks the Spot
    • The First Mistake
    • Beauty and the Bodyguard (Fortune's Children)

    Erica Spindler

    • Bone Cold
    • Dead Run
    • Fortune
    • Killer Takes all
    • In SIlence
    • See Jane Die

    Kasey Michaels

    • Stuck In Shangri-La

    Sherrilyn Kenyon

    • Bad Attitude (Bureau of American Defense)
    • Born to Be Bad (Bureau of American Defense)

    Leslie Kelly

    • Shes No Angel
    • She Drives Me Crazy
    • Killing Time
    • Her last Temptation

    Andrea Kane

    • Run For Your Life
    • No Way Out
    • I'll Be Watching You

     Deirdre Martin

    • Chasing Stanley
    • Body Check

    Nora Roberts

    • Carolina Moon
    • Heaven and Earth (Three Sisters Island Trilogy) 
    • Face the Fire (Three Sisters Island Trilogy)

    Barbara Freethy

    • Ryan's Return
    • Ask Mariah
    • Silent Fall
    • Love will Find A way
    • Some Kind of wonderful
    • Just the way you are
    • Don't say a Word

     Kristine Grayson

    • Totally Spellbound
    • Completely Smitten

    Lucy Monroe

    • The Real Deal
    • 3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys

    Annie Solomon

    • Like a Knife
    • Dead Shot
    • Blakout

     Lynsay Sands

    • What she Wants

    Lauren Royal

    • Lost in Temptation (Signet Eclipse)

    M.J. Rose

    • Lip Service
    • In Fidelity

    Hailey North

    • Love:Undercover

    Kasey Michaels

    • Maggie by the Book
    • A Gentleman By Any Other Name (Romney Marsh Trilogy 1)
    • Dial M For Mischief

    Gennita Low

    • The Hunter

    Stephanie Laurens

    • A Rogue's Proposal (Cynster Novels)  --- a like new copy please, no deal needed for this one

    Emma Jensen

    • His Grace Endures

    Lisa Jackson

    • The Mccaffertys: Thorne: Thorne (The Mccafferty Brothers) 

    Christiane Heggan

    •  Enemy Within
    • Where Truth Lies

    Leigh Greenwood

    • Laurel (Seven Brides)    
    • Jake (The Cowboys)   

    Katherine Garbera

    • Legends And Lies

    Jasmine Cresswell

    • The Refuge
    • The Inheritance

    Rachel Butler

    • The Assassin
    • Deep Cover((Selena McCaffrey Series, Bk 2)

    Jodi Thomas

    • Give Me A Texan (with Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace)

    Claire Berlinski

    • Loose Lips : A Novel   

    LeeAnne Banks

    • Footloose 

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    Subject: Looking for deals on the following books
    Date Posted: 6/1/2008 8:49 PM ET
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    These books are on my reminder list...PM me if you have two (or more!) of them and can offer me a deal:

    • Mr. Impossible & Lord Perfect - Loretta Chase
    • After Midnight & The Vampire Who Loved Me - Teresa Medeiros
    • Brazen & Forbidden - Susan Johnson
    • The Rake & Thunder & Roses - Mary Jo Putney
    • After The Night - Linda Howard
    • Almost a Gentleman - Pam Rosenthal
    • Devil's Bride - Stephanie Laurens
    • The Duke - Gaelen Foley
    • Everything's Coming Up Rosie - Kasey Michaels
    • His Every Kiss - Laura Lee Guhrke
    • The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
    • Let Sleeping Rogues Lie - Sabrina Jeffries
    • The Marriage Bed - Laura Lee Guhrke
    • Master and Commander - Patrick O'Brian
    • Misery - Stephen King
    • Night in Eden - Candice Proctor
    • The Proposition - Judith Ivory
    • Quite a Year for Plums - Bailey White
    • The Rake - Mary Jo Putney
    • The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch - Marsha Moyer
    • The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell  - Samantha James
    • Simply Irresistible - Rachel Gibson
    • Shoot From The Lip -  Leann Sweeney
    • Slow Heat in Heaven - Sandra Brown
    • Soul Mountain - Gao Xingjian
    • Upon a Wicked Time - Karen Ranney
    • Wide Sargasso Sea - Jean Rhys

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    Looking for deals on Tara Janzen's Steele Street series:

    Crazy Hot

    Crazy Cool

    Crazy Wild

    Crazy Kisses

    Crazy Love

    Crazy Sweet

    On The Loose

    Cutting Loose

    Loose and Easy



    Please PM me

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    Subject: looking for deals
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    I am trying to collect all of Diana Palmer's books.  I currently have 29.  I am looking for deals on books she has written that I do not have.

    Date Posted: 6/1/2008 9:18 PM ET
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    I have Callaghan's Bride and Beloved if you want them. I'll do a 2 for 1 on 'em.