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Topic: Kindle at Radio shack $79 is this a good deal?

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Subject: Kindle at Radio shack $79 is this a good deal?
Date Posted: 4/22/2012 5:45 PM ET
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for what it does.  I am an avid reader.  I have a laptop and smart phone. I don't need online.

Is this $79 one a good enough one?  

I want it to be easy on the eyes, the eink seems best for me.

I have been waffling between the fire and the reader but really will spend HOURS reading so I think finally my mind is made up, I have the $$, am ready to go get it tomorrow.

Is it the same warranty purchased at radio shack? 

Do I need to buy it through amazon for any reason? 



Date Posted: 4/22/2012 9:28 PM ET
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That's the same price you can get it for at Amazon.com.

However, you can save yourself the sales tax by ordering it from Amazon.

You don't need to order it via Amazon though, you'll just register it with Amazon once you get it home and get it set up.

Date Posted: 4/23/2012 6:33 AM ET
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It is a good ereader. Just keep in mind, it doesn't hold as many books, it doesn't have audio, and the battery life doesn't last as long as the Kindle Touch.

If you want to compare it with something, the Kobo Touch is on sale for $79 on the Kobo web site.


Kobo Touch Sale

The Kobo Touch is on sale until May 3rd when ordering from Kobo directly.

The best deal is the Mother’s Day bundle that includes a Kobo Touch and a gel skin case for $99. It is the regular Kobo Touch without ads that normally sells for $129, and the gel skins sell for $14.99.

The Kobo Touch with Offers (screensaver ads) is marked down to $79, the same as the Kindle 4. Given the fact both have ads and the Kobo Touch has a touchscreen and some extra features, that is an impressive price. But the bundle package is the better deal overall since it comes with a case and has no advertisements.

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Date Posted: 4/23/2012 7:27 AM ET
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You don't need the warranty. Technology on these is changing so quickly and the prices are so cheap that I would bypass the warranty. Anne has a lot moere ebooks than I do, so I realize her concern about the amount you cna put on there is a valid concern for her, but by comparison, my Nook Touch gives me 750MB for Barnes and Noble content and 250 MG for sideloaded, non- Barnes and Noble content. I worked that out to be about 250 non B&N books and 750 B&N books. If I need more room, I can add a 32GB SD card which can hold up to approx another 30,000 books, so judge storage sizes on your personal reading habits.

Date Posted: 4/23/2012 7:36 AM ET
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Just tossing the Kobo deal out there....I have no experience with the Kobo.

The Nook Touch is another great-priced reader. You can find refurbs for @ $75. And it takes the SD card (which Kindle doesn't)

What Amazon has going for it-great ebook store, great customer service, personal document archive and sync, and the ability to send your books to your device wirelessly. You never have to plug that baby into the computer.

If Amazon makes a reader like my Sony T1, I will buy it! Otherwise, I can't see myself buying another Kindle.

My Sony has wifi (can browse the web WAY better than my Kindle Keyboard), a card slot, I added a software package and I have, not collections, but actual folders with subfolders. I added books via Calibre. I have close to 5000 on it. (I have a 16 GB SD card in it). I have Pandora and Tune in Radio on it. It's smaller and lighter than my Kindle (same size screen). The Sony is perfect as an ereader. But has none of the advantages of the Kindle which I listed above.

But I can add books to my dropbox account, and access dropbox from my Sony and download books wirelessly that way (as long as I have wifi).

My Kindle also has free 3G, so I can get my news blogs anytime, anywhere. And also access my huge archives. So, I don't need 5000 books on it. Right?  No, I don't need 10 years worth of reading in one hand. I just like it hehe

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Date Posted: 4/23/2012 1:29 PM ET
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Anne, you enabler!

I was just over in the other thread beating myself up (lightly) for buying 8 paper and 22 ebooks with all the sales over the weekend (30 books for $43, all wl'ed) and worrying that once again I had gone crazy on the ebooks, only to come back and find you with your 5000. LOL!

Date Posted: 4/23/2012 1:48 PM ET
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I know, Nancy, I am ridiculous. But also deliriously happy that I have all my series books together. I tried to do that with the Kindle, ended up with  molasses in January. I'm so glad I got the Sony T1. I am sure there are other readers that can handle this many books, in proper files and subfolders. But Kindle isn't one of them! I won't buy another e-ink Kindle til they make a few changes. 

I'll be going out of town at the end of May for a few days.....I won't need a computer or a thumb drive or a suitcase full of books! I'll take my Sony with like every book I could possibly have a sudden desire to read, already there. Also taking my 3G Kindle for news blog downloads. I will probably take my Kindle Fire for night time reading. That's it!!!

Date Posted: 4/23/2012 2:27 PM ET
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EBooks are the most wonderful thing to travel with. I take a short story collection in paper to read while taking off and landing. My suitcase loves it.
Date Posted: 4/23/2012 4:54 PM ET
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Thankyou Nancy for those numbers on how many books would fit without needing to buy anything extra.

I saw the Nook Touch Refurbs and I think thats what I will get myself when I can save up my money.