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Date Posted: 5/14/2009 1:40 PM ET
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I love avocado! 

I eat it with a spoon along with some lemon juice and chunky kosher salt.  I started doing that after a trip to Brazil when I noticed my hosts eating it that way.  I also like to eat it along with any egg dishes, such as frittatas, omelettes and Spanish tortillas and of course I make guacamole as well!

How do you like your avocado?  Any unique suggestions?  Recipes?  Strange avocado habits?

Date Posted: 5/14/2009 9:59 PM ET
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I love it with lemon or lime. Never added salt. Here's a wonderful, wonderful recipe that includes avocado you might want to try:

It's called tilapia with tomatillas and avocados filled with mauq choux


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Date Posted: 5/15/2009 7:55 AM ET
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I make a very simple mock guacamole by mashing up the avocado, mixing in some store-bought salsa, and squeezing in some lime juice.  It's always yummy. 

Date Posted: 5/15/2009 4:28 PM ET
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I love avacado also. My favorite way to eat is just to spread it on some hot toast. Yum! One of my favorite blogs had a post on avacado recently and she has links to some unusual recipes at the bottom of the post. monthsofediblecelebrations.blogspot.com/2009/04/arbor-day-alligatoroh-my.html

Date Posted: 5/18/2009 8:27 PM ET
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My sister lives IN an avacado grove.  One year at Christmas she made a cold avacado soup!  OH MY - delish!

I can't think of any way I don't like them.   I love them on BLT's and other sandwitches.   Love them on burgers, with salads, with meats.

Mash em up and they make a great sandwich on their own.


Date Posted: 5/20/2009 1:01 AM ET
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Thanks for the info guys!  Holly, I made a steak salad tonight that used all the same ingredients as that recipe, minus the avocado (I knew it was missing something!)  Food network recipe too....

Ronda, thanks for the link.  Avocado lime cupcakes???  I'll try anything once.  Including avocado soup, I'll look into that one.

On Sunday I planted an avocado tree for my Gran.  As we were planting we realized that her next door neighbor also had an avocado tree, though we've never seen it fruit.  Is that a bad sign?  LOL oh well.

Date Posted: 5/29/2009 1:05 PM ET
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I love Avacado!

My Dad makes an awesome tomato, basil, and mozzerella salad and adds pepperoni's to it.

And makes tomato and avacado sandwich.

Date Posted: 6/30/2009 9:59 AM ET
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Add me to the club!  As a vegetarian, having an avocado in the fruit bowl always means there is going to be a good couple of meals coming up!  A "chick' patty sandwich with avocado is always delicious, as is an avocado omlette.  I also like the way avocados blend with Asian flavors.  They are most known as a key ingredient of the ever-present California Roll, but I also like to serve them chopped in udon noodles, in miso soup, or paired with steamed vegetable dumplings.  I have never tried avocado on pizza but I bet it would be scrumptious!  Luckily I live near a produce mart that usually has them 2 for $1.50, because I see them going for $2 a piece or more at the grocery store.  Definitely an underrated fruit!

Date Posted: 7/5/2009 4:46 PM ET
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Doesn't an avocado tree have to be grafted, or have something special done, to bear fruit?

I love them too---but I think the small, "black" avocados, the Haas, from California, are soooo much better than the bigger ones from Florida. Florida avacados are big, with a lighter green and smoother skin, but nowhere near the flavor of the Haas.

Date Posted: 7/5/2009 9:18 PM ET
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I'm not sure Betty.  Maybe my Gran's neighbor has a tree planted from seed which is why it doesn't fruit, but that doesn't explain how they are grown in nature.  It may also need to be cross-pollinated, which may be helpful now that there are at least two avocado trees in the neighborhood.

I haven't seen any Florida Avocados here in California, but I have seen something similar to what you are describing down in Brazil.  I totally forgot about it though.  Their avocados (called "abacate" - ah-bah-caught- chi in Portuguese) down there, at least the ones I had, are between the size of a grapefruit and a pummelo.  The are shaped like an avocado, but the color is a light green skin with yellowish-green flesh.  A couple of those make a REALLY BIG bowl of guacamole!!!  Which we made for our hosts, who loved it!

Date Posted: 7/7/2009 4:47 AM ET
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Here's an interesting recipe for Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes. I might feel adventurous and try them myself.

Date Posted: 8/4/2009 5:52 PM ET
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Whole wheat toast (homemade), avocado, kosher salt, freshly cracked black pepper, capers, and smoked salmon = heaven

I also really like the avocado smoothies that they sell in vietnamese restaurants.  So much so that i bought a bunch of tapioca pearls so i can make them for myself!

Subject: Chicken & Rice Salad
Date Posted: 8/30/2009 3:27 AM ET
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I can't find the recipe for the quantity of ingredients but here's the ingredient list.... simply toss together & allow the flavors to blend for at least an hour in the fridge.  IT"S MUCHO YUMMY!

Cooked diced chicken

Cooked white rice - cold

Cubed Mango

Cubed Avocado

Chopped purple/red onion

Chopped cilantro

Lime juice

S&P to taste

If I can find the full recipe I'll come back & post the quantities. I usually just toss it in according to what I like.. which is more mango, avocado & onion than rice & chicken.

Date Posted: 9/1/2009 3:22 PM ET
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Ooohhh...avocado!  Gosh, I miss the avocado enchiladas from back home in Texas.  But really, I'll eat them on just about anything: salads, sandwiches, eggs, dip, fish, in soup...  I also remember seeing one of Alton Brown's shows where he made frosting using an avocado instead of butter.  I was totally fascinated, but not sure I want to take that step with avocados yet.  To me they're still for savory, not sweet.

Date Posted: 9/19/2009 1:06 AM ET
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@Betty P: If I remember correctly, there's a blight effecting avocado plants, and so a new breed of them has been genetically engineered, without which there would have been no avocados in a few years.

There's a similar problem with bananas, so let's hope they're able to engineer a resistant banana, because otherwise we'd all better eat them while we still can.


I like avocado and eel sushi. The barbecued eel is very silky and rather mild, like the avocado, so they blend together superbly. Darn it, now I'm craving eel again.

I also got a recipe from epicurious.com for avocado and bacon sandwiches which I've been meaning to try.

Subject: oh yeah!
Date Posted: 12/10/2009 12:49 AM ET
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 Avacado is one of  my favorite foods, When I am feeling really decadant I make an Avo bagle, a toasted bagel with cream cheese, avacado with sea salt , fresh black pepper and  crispy center cut bacon crumbled on top , it's sinfully good!