Book Reviews of The Last Chance Cafe (Audio CD) (Abridged)

The Last Chance Cafe (Audio CD) (Abridged)
The Last Chance Cafe - Audio CD - Abridged
Author: Linda Lael Miller, Nance Williamson (Narrator)
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ISBN-13: 9780743520614
ISBN-10: 0743520610
Publication Date: 4/1/2002
Edition: Abridged
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 32 ratings
Publisher: Audioworks
Book Type: Audio CD
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Since others have given the general storyline, I'll give my over all impression:
Don't worry if you haven't read the others before this. While this book takes place in Primrose Creek, it does not rely on prior knowledge to make this story complete.
The previous ones are of the women of Primrose Creek: Bridget, Christy, Skye, Megan.

Linda Lael Miller's books are well written, I don't feel the need to scan some sections to hurry back to the real plot. Any intimate scenes aren't so involved it makes the reader uncomfortable (or daydream!).
This book will resonate with any woman that has had to strike out on her own, knowing she'd need to grow stronger within in order to not only survive, but thrive in life. - If that's you, you will need a tissue or two.
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After her stepfather is found murdered, a divorced mom with twins runs away from her old life and ex-husband and winds up at the Last Chance Cafe. There she learns about small town rural life, takes a job as a waitress to support her kids and falls in love with a cowboy named "Chance." But, when the men who murdered her stepfather locate her, will Chance be able to hold them off? It was a good read and I really enjoyed the characters--especially Chance and her twin girls.
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This is a good page turning book; Miller continues to keep you interested in her characters.
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A heartfelt story.
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Hallie is distressed that her stepfather, savvy police officer Lou, has been murdered, and she doesn't believe it was a simple burglary gone wrong, as claimed by her ex-husband, Joel, the District Attorney. Hallie investigates and finds evidence of a massive drug operation involving high-ranking police officers and her ex-husband. Now in danger, she and her twin daughters leave Phoenix and her restaurant business, and head to parts unknown in Lou's ancient pickup truck. When it breaks down in Primrose Creek, Nevada, Hallie and the girls enter the Last Chance Cafe and find both refuge and Chance Qualtrough. Chance, a rancher who rescues horses, wants to help the family even though he senses that Hallie is running from something. Hallie wants to stay, but she knows that Lou's murderers want her dead. Miller dips her toe into the popular pool of romantic suspense, creating an entertaining story that will please new fans while paying homage to old ones by updating her popular historical Primrose Creek series.
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5th in the Primrose Creek Series. Hallie and her children are running for their lives. Their truck breaks down and Hallie and the children end up in the Last Chance Cafe during a snow storm, with nothing except what they left Scottsdale Arizona. She has no transporation as her truck is beyond repair. She accepts a job as a waitress at the cafe and house sits for of the Chance Qualtrouh cousins. Her ex-husband tracks her and the children to Primrose Creek, and Chance is wounded. She goes back to Scottsdale, but knows her heart is in Primrose with Chance.
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Stunned by the death of her beloved stepfather Lou, Hallie St. George desperately grieves her loss. Lou had been shot in the chest five times. While investigators dismiss his death as a burglary, Hallie has her own suspicions, confirmed when a friend passes her a key that unlocks the truth regarding corruption and drug dealing. When her ex-husband discovers her with the incriminating evidence, Hallie immediately flees with her young twins in a battered pickup truck, leaving behind bank accounts, her business, and her home.
Living out of a plastic suitcase and cheap clothes does not frighten Hallie. But her inability to care for her children and keep them safe does. While Hallie is long accustomed to independence, the danger threatening her and her children leaves her profoundly alone and vulnerable. When her truck breaks down in a snowstorm, however, misfortune leads her to a community where she will find love and acceptance, and a handsome man by the name of Chance Qualtrough.
Chance immediately suspects that Hallie is on the run. When she refuses charity, Chance suggests a place she can housesit and the waitress of The Last Chance Cafe offers her a job. Waitressing is a long way from being the chef of her own restaurant, but Hallie gratefully accepts. Soon her heart longs to put down roots in Primrose Creek, but with a vindictive ex-husband determined to find her, Hallie cannot trust her newfound friends with the truth, because the truth could get them all killed.
THE LAST CHANCE CAFE becomes a place of redemption and new beginnings with Linda Lael Miller's powerful pen. The vivid characterizations fill the novel with warmth, wit, and sensitivity. Hallie's need for community and connectedness makes her both believable and endearing. Chance gives the novel a deep tie to community and heritage, providing Hallie with the very things that were previously lacking in her life. In addition, Miller's talent excels with the seven year old twins. Whether they are petulant, sassy or charming, they are fully rounded characters. Secondary characters likewise sparkle, especially the wonderful romance between Jesse and the town vet -- a romance they thought they had concealed for thirty years. I confess to being a new fan of Miller's work, and although THE LAST CHANCE CAFE is part of an ongoing series, I delighted in reading it as a standalone. Very highly recommended.
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Really enjoyed this book. It will keep u interested. Not boring or laking in any area's.
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Linda Lael Miller is one of my favorite authors. She's an excellent story teller and her books are always a good read. If you enjoyed her Springwater/Primrose Creek series you'll probably like this story. It is a modern day story about one of the descendants from Primrose Creek--a Qualtrough.
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very good
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Delightful!! Good read
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Wonderful book, it continues on from the Women Of Primrose Creek. 5 stars
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Hallie knows that her stepfather Lou was murdered, that his death wasn't the result of a surprised burglar. But, she has no proof, or any idea who may have done it. Until she is given the key and the code phrase by one of her stepfather's old friends. It leads her to the information Lou was gathering on a local drug ring, and the identities of those involved, including her ex-husband. Hallie grabs the evidence, her two daughters, and runs. I enjoyed this book very much.
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Great book! Recommend!!
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I loved this book. I'm a big fan of Linda Lael Miller and this is a great series. I'm lookig forward to reading how Primrose Creek got started.
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Totally loved this book. Could not put it down.
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great romance.
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Good romance, pretty fair mystery. Not one of her best, but still worth reading.
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Loved it!
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Great read..!!
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THis was a great love story with mystery too! I found a new favorite author!
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I loved this book.I only wished this town and it's cast of characters really exsisted, it would be a place i would definitely want visit.I especially liked the ending of the book.I feel a little sad that it had to end.
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A really good mystery to listen to while driving!
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A super story / wonderful reading it
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Escaping the crooked cops who are chasing her to kill her, Autumn arrives in a snowy town with her 2 young daughters. The town is literally her last chance. And in walks a gorgeous rancher who will do anything to protect her.
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One of her best books, excellent read and highly recommended.
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great book
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I really enjoyed this one. Hallie was definitely smart and resourceful. Chance, was okay. He was a little too pouty but they worked well together.

My only complaint is that Miller does a poor job of writing when it comes to children. They are always too easy going or their reactions are somewhat not age appropriate. But that's such a minor thing in the story.

I also wanted more on Jase and Katie, but since this is the first book I have read of this series maybe there is their own book there.

Good read.
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Seeking shelter from the storms of live a woman who is down on her luck finds shelter and unexpected refuge at THE LAST CHANCE CAFE.
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A blinding Nevada snowstorm and broken-down truck force Hallie O'Rourke and her two young daughters to stop at the Last Chance Cafe, whe finds a new beginning at the diner. Hallie is fleeing danger and Chance Qualtrough, rancher, helps her to let the town into her heart.
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OMG, a must read, I never miss a book by Linda Miller, I have even went back and read some over they were so good.
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Nance Williamson gives a warm, seductive performance in this combination murder/love story. Her husky voice, combined with excellent foreshadowing, leads the listener from sensual scenes to grim terror as Hallie O'Rourke escapes from her stepfather's killers. Excellent pacing and suspense build tension as killers pursue Hallie for critical information. A blinding snowstorm drives her to shelter at the Last Chance Café in Nevada, where she meets handsome rancher Chance Qualtrain. Chance, depicted with charm and style, is intrigued by Hallie's sensual beauty, though she exudes a sense of mystery and aloofness. Because the ending focuses on the love story, mystery aficionados may consider the story long and drawn out. (From Audiofile)

I haven't listened to this one.
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When a blinding Nevada snowstorm and a broken-down truck force Hallie O'Rourke and her two young daughters into the warmth of the Last Chance Café, Hallie could not know she would find a new beginning at the roadside diner. Or that the handsome stranger she meets there would change everything she believes about home and family. Chance Qualtrough is a rancher with deep roots in Primrose Creek, and he's never met a woman as alluring -- or downright stubborn -- as Hallie. An undeniable passion is pulling them together, but Hallie is fleeing a danger so threatening she dares not let Chance into her heart. Will all that Hallie fears come back with full force, destroying her last chance for the life she's always dreamed of?
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Hallie was practically desperate when her truck broke down in a Nevada snowstorm, but she soon realizes that being stranded in Primrose Creek may be the first bit of good luck she's had in a while. Since she doesn't know anyone in town, a simple name change assures that the dangerous people she's left behind aren't likely to find her here. And some generous residents of this tiny little backwater (descendants of some of the oldest families in town) have offered her the chance to stay. By filling in as a waitress at the Last Chance Cafe and accepting the house-sitting job arranged by handsome rancher Chance Qualtrough, she can provide for her seven-year-old twins, Kiley and Kiera, while she figures out what to do about the problems she's running from -- and finds an unexpected opportunity to take a chance on love.