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Lela B. Njatin (born January 5, 1963) is an author from Ljubljana. Her works are from the field of literature and visual arts. Central point in her opus goes to the novel Intolerance (orig. Nestrpnost, Aleph, Ljubljana 1988, reprint 1991; Naklada MD, Zagreb 1998), awarded with Golden Bird, recognition for best achievements of young authors. Her fairy-tale Giant’s Heart (orig. Velikanovo srce, Aleph, Ljubljana 1997; Meandar, Zagreb 1998; Klobouky y Brna, Cesky Krumlovci 1999) was nominated for award Ve?ernica. Her literary opus mainly consists of short stories. It was published in several anthologies abroad, the main ones are: Schnellstrasse, Fernlicht/Hitra cesta, ostra lu?, Kovi?, Grafenauer, ?alamun, Jan?ar, B. Njatin (Droschlverlag in Mladinska knjiga, Graz - Ljubljana 1990); The Day Tito Died, Jan?ar, Gradi?nik, Virk, B. Njatin, Blatnik (Forrest Books, London 1993); The Third Shore, Women's Fiction from East Central Europe, anthology of ten authors (Northwestern University Press, Evanston 2005). Outstanding is her contribution to monography on Antony Gormley (E. H. Gombrich, J. Hutchinson, W. J. T. Mitchell, L. B. Njatin, Phaidon Press, London 1995, revis. ed. 2000). In the field of visual arts she acts as conceptual artist and explores relation between literature and arts. She started as conceptual poetry writer around 1970 (published in Westeast anthologies and in other collective international editions). Mostly she creates mixed-media art installations, among them I didn’t want to know, but I have since come to know (Muzeum, Ljubljana 2005) and Absence, Hommage Igor Zabel (Museum of modern Arts, Ljubljana 2007).
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Antony Gormley
1995 - Antony Gormley [Contemporary Artists] (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780714833835
ISBN-10: 0714833835
Genre: Arts & Photography