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Topic: List Book and Then Cancel?

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Subject: List Book and Then Cancel?
Date Posted: 9/11/2007 1:57 AM ET
Member Since: 2/8/2007
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This has happened to me more than once in the last couple of weeks.

A book is posted, I am #1 on wishlist, I accept usually within 2 hours (I don't live on here - the post times have been early evening) :), I linger for days, and then they cancel.

What gives? Why bother to list?

I understand when I add a book to wishlist and then the same thing happens due to inactive members, but when it happens with just new postings I just don't get it.

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 3:10 AM ET
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I recently cancellred a book [my first and I hope last cancel] because as I was wrapping it in plastic wrap I noticed that the pages were slightly water stained.  It was a great book and I know wanted by many.  [Up Jumps The Devil by Maron].  BTW I got it water stained and I never realized it until I went to send it out.

Maybe that happened with you.


Date Posted: 9/11/2007 5:46 AM ET
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I've had quite a few of them recently.  Pick the latest date to send, then on that date, cancel the request.

But I think Paula was talking about people who list books, she requests them within 2 hours of posting, and the poster leaves her hanging for almost 5 days before canceling.

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:36 AM ET
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Yep, Michelle, that's what I meant.

And after posting my whine, I had ANOTHER one.  BUT, this member is so sweet.  Sent me a message and explained that an "accident" had happened and it was now wet.  However, he is still going to send it on to me without asking for the credit. That just knocked my socks off.

And no, I don't think EVERYONE should have done that for me.  I just appreciated the note.  You don't know if someone looks up your profile and decides they don't think you deserve their book or they see that you have posted in the forum and maybe you have ticked them off or  I guess with all the site problems something else could have happened.

I joined in February (I think) and listed quite a few books at that time.  Some of those are just making their way down the conveyor belt called the WishList and I am opening up my account to find a request or two.  Well, in some cases I hadn't done a very good job of inspecting those books and I am getting a pretty hefty pile that I should list in the bazaar forum -  so I must deny the request, I put a short note in the little box and then I write a PM to the person and explain that this was a book from my "newbie" days and I would be ashamed to send them the book and in all the cases, or almost all, there have been copies of the book ready to take my place.

BUT, I should also mention, in the spirit of the rest of the story, that in the past couple of weeks that I have been on the receiving end of some absolutely fantabulous books.  I read the posts about people getting discouraged about the bad swaps in recent days and I can relate to that as well, but, in fear of jinxing myself, I have been on such a good string that my hubby isn't afraid to bring the mail pile in with media mail stacked on top.  And it's not about wanting "brand new books" though those are wonderful to get - it's just wanting a book with no liquid stains, highlighting, writing in, well you guys have opened up those books, so you know how it feels.

Well, I shall stop chattering here.

Wishing all a very Blessed day,


Date Posted: 9/11/2007 6:54 AM ET
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I had one recently where I accepted the book and they came back the next day and said they were 'on vacation'.  People, please set yourself on vacation hold!

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 8:18 AM ET
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I had a WL book recently that I had listed without reading.  When I started to wrap the book realised it had marks on the bottom of the book.  I PM the person & asked if they still wanted the book & if so to also pick another book for free.  They took the WL book & got a free book.

Date Posted: 9/11/2007 1:30 PM ET
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That's a good idea, Dolores!


OP - I've had this happen to me, too, and it really bothered me, so I really sympathize with your frustration!

But then a couple of months ago I had 2 requests for 2 books I KNOW I had on my shelf for a long time - so I accepted them. That same day in the evening a dear friend of mine lost one of her parents. I was so busy for the next few days trying to help her and be with her that I forgot about PBS (as well as all my other online stuff!) I logged onto the computer one night and there the requests were - YIKES! I tried to find the books, but truthfully I was so exhausted and distraught that I couldn't find the box they were in. I finally PM'ed the 2 people and apologized that I had to cancel their requests.

I felt terrible, but just couldn't deal with trying to figure out what my 2 year old had done with my books at that time. (I try to keep my office/computer room/guest room door closed, but she's figured out how to get into here and created MASS CHAOS!!)

I got a really nice reply from one PBS'er that it was no trouble. In fact, when I find that book (which, inexplicably, is still missing!) I plan to send it to her for free.

I guess my point is that sometimes people post things and then something happens. It's REALLY aggrevating and frustrating to those who request books and get their request cancelled, but I feel now that SOMETIMES  perhaps it's just one of those things.

Now if people do it consistently, that's another story...



Date Posted: 9/11/2007 3:34 PM ET
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On the other extreme, who would someone WL a book then not accept it?  I posted a large print book over the weekend, and someone already had it wishlisted.  It went through the 48-hour waiting period and back to my booksehlf.  OK, maybe that person wishlisted that book awhile ago and since changed her mind, or she's away from her computer. 

Monday afternoon someone else wished for the book, but since this was obviously a new request, I figured she would accept right away.  Nope, it just went through the waiting period and is now back on my bookshelf.  What gives? 

Date Posted: 9/12/2007 4:53 AM ET
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Sometimes I find things in the help section well, and sometimes I don't, I didn't find much about inactive members.  Is there a certain amount of time that they and their books are removed off the lists? 

Wouldn't it be fun if we had stats like the baseball or football players?  A whole new thing for us to collect - bookmark cards !!!  Plus we'd have a little more info, not just on how we think people treat us, there it would be in writiing, how will we are scoring with others.

Maybe one of the changes that is coming in terms of the wishlist,  will be an active member (whether in terms of logging in, sending or receiving books, activity in the forums, etc.) will be given consideration and move up at a faster clip to get the books they have put in for, in addition to the date when the book was added to the WL - that would make all of us on a somewhat level playing field no matter when we joined.  Now I say this as a complete know-nothing computer person, so maybe something like that isn't even possible.

Sarah, Bless your heart!  Absolutely the moments in the RL , (I just saw someone use this term/initials so I have to play with it awhile (it just makes me smile), come first.  I think that is what is frustrating sometimes, we are in-the-know about the daily lives of people we see face to face.  But unless our computer buddy has the time and the trust in us, we  don't know a whole lot, and WE get to fill in the blanks.

Pattie, I sure know that there are frustrations on both sides.  Sure hope your book goes soon - you should have told us the title. :)

I know not getting the books won't do-me-in, but they sure would have found welcoming spaces on my bookshelves.

Happy Hump Day All!

Date Posted: 9/12/2007 8:56 AM ET
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Pattie -

That's an easy one.  Someone has a WL book but no credits, therefore can't accept the book.   They could mark it off, but don't, but that's why they wouldn't accept it.

Date Posted: 9/12/2007 9:54 AM ET
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Elana -

That makes sense for the first one, but for the second one, the member shoudl have seen it was in stock when she added it and would have known she didn't have any credits.  Why add the book to a WL under those circumstances? 

Anyway, I am please to report that someone else requested the book last night, and I just dropped it in the mail.  :-)