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Long Voyage Back
Long Voyage Back
Author: Luke Rhinehart
ISBN-13: 9780440149873
ISBN-10: 0440149878
Publication Date: 9/1984
Pages: 396
  • Currently 3.6/5 Stars.

3.6 stars, based on 5 ratings
Publisher: Dell Publishing
Book Type: Paperback
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The majority of the action takes place upon a trimaran sailboat in Atlantic and Caribbean waters. It has a well done believable beginning as the "war clouds gather." The escape from a suddenly desperate surviving populace is tense and exciting. Sailing away from the devastation and desperation is a different approach than I have seen in most similar novels. Good character development also. I got a little tried of being seasick, but I guess they were on the boat alot. I've read all the apocalyptic books on all the Amazon lists and this one is worth the time. The ending was rather disappointing but getting there was fun. Blurb: A tight, simple, staightforward story of survival told in style with adequate character development and a lip biting plot using effective linear movement.
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Helpful Score: 2
A great read. Despite being written a while ago--its not very dated.. most of the things are relevant today.

The characters start out sort of one dimensional... but as the story progresses they fill out and you become involved in their attempts to survive.

The story starts out just prior to the outbreak of a nuclear exchange... and becuase of the focus of the story (a catamaran on the sea filled with civilians) there isn't much detail of what happens destruction wise in the cities, etc. But--its vary sparsely sprinkled in throughout the story through radio reports, etc--but again lacking major detail.

The 'crew' of the boat sails towards many ports hoping to find safe haven... and at each turn faces new (and deadly) challenges. While I thought the story lacked in the area of consequences of a nuclear war (i.e. radiation is not as big a problem as I think it would be)... it was gripping none the less.

While not on the same level as Warday, Malevil or some of the other PA classics for its level of details concerning the destruction wrought by the war.. its definitely a must read for anyone who's a PA fan with its details about the struggle to survive in the post nuclear landscape (that landscape being out to see for most of the book). A thoroughly enjoyable book.
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This was a great book. At nearly 400 pages.. it FLEW by. The story picks up right before a nuclear war btwn the US and Russia (which drags in the rest of the world as well). A band of people is thrown together on a triamaran (sp?) and tries to sale away from the devestation in the US--but the war (and its aftermath, radiation, starvation, savagery) follows them.

While the start of the book is 'anti-war' and 'anti-nuke' ish... once the war gets going the book takes off. Great character development and an interesting way to tell the story--sailing on the ocean/along the shores. (sometimes somewhat dated both with the story and attitudes btwn the sexes--but not bad--much of it could be written for today). The relationship btwn the two main characters is a bit gone with the wind-ish (read melodrama)... but all the character's struggle to not just survive but also find a way to make a new life for themselves was great and gripping.

I tore through this book and highly recommend it... Reminds me of Malevil and Warday--both of which were great books as well. If you're a PA fan this is a must read.
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When the bombs came, only the lucky escaped. In the horror that followed, only the strong would survive.
The voyage of the trimaran Vagabond began as a pleasure cruise on the Chesapeake Bay. Then came the War Alert...the unholy glow on the horizon...the terrifying reports of nuclear destruction. In the days that followed, it became clear just how much damage had been done--and how much chaos was still to come. For Captain Neil Loken and his passengers, their shipmates were now the only family they had, the open seas their only sanctuary, their skill and courage all that might get them out alive.
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At the absolute bottom of post apocalyptic literature. Horribly conceived, even more poorly executed, not a fragment of believability, use it to line the bird cage.