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Topic: Looking for a deal on MN Authors & books set in MN

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Subject: Looking for a deal on MN Authors & books set in MN
Date Posted: 7/31/2010 12:36 PM ET
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I am trying to do a MN Book Box on another site, but I need to accumulate more MN authors or books where the setting is based in MN. If anyone has some and would be willing to do, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking for variety, but also open to scooping up some of the same author.



Date Posted: 7/31/2010 2:17 PM ET
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Since alot of members may not know if they have Minnesota Authors-thought this might help :)

Minnesota Writers Hall of Fame



Most of the following authors were born and/or raised in Minnesota. Those who are not natives either live or have lived in the state.

Agee, Jonis - Strange Angels, etc.
Anderson, Scott D. - Unknown Rider
Ashcroft, Laura - Heart of Fire (Duluth Collection)*
Banning, Margaret Culkin - Mesabi ; The Will of Magda Townsend ; etc.
Barr, Roger - Treasure Hunt
Baxter, Charles - First Light ; etc.
Benitez, Sandra - Bitter Grounds, etc.
Blakely, Roger - Schubert's Daughter
Bly, Carol - The Tomcat's Wife ; etc.
Brockway, Connie - The Bridal Season; etc.
Brown, Rita - The Monet Deception
Cameron, Don - Keeper of the Town
Camp, John - The Empress Files, etc.
Carter, Emily - Glory Goes and Gets Some
Chao, Evelina - Gates of Grace
Coleman, Linda - Seeking Out Harry
Colson, Constance - Chase the Dream
Curtiss, Lora Lee - Patsy 1941
Daglish, Cass - Nin
Disch, Thomas - The M.D., etc.
Dorner, Marjorie - Seasons of Sun and Rain, etc.
Dunn, Anne M. - Grandmother's Gift ; When Beaver Was Very Good
Eagle, Kathleen - The Last True Cowboy ; etc.
Eilola, Patricia - A Finntown of the Heart ; etc.
Emberg, Buck - The Last Whistle of Summer (Minnesota Collection)*
Enger, Leif - Peace Like a River
Fitzgerald, F. Scott - The Great Gatsby; etc.
Flannery, Sean - Kilo Option ; Counterstrike ; etc.
Flynn, Vince - Term Limits; etc.
Friedman, George - A Time to Dream
Gaiman, Neil - Neverwhere ; etc.
Gibbon, Maureen - Swimming Sweet Arrow
Gifford, Thomas - Wind Chill Factor ; Cavanaugh Quest ; etc.
Gilseth, Margaret - Julia's Children
Glancy, Diane - Pushing the Bear ; etc.
Goldberg, Natalie - Banana Rose
Gonzolez, Ray - The Ghost of John Wayne
Greenberg, Alvin - How the Dead Live, etc.
Greiman, Lois - Highland Jewel ; etc.
Guest, Judith - Ordinary People ; Errands ; Second Heaven
Hack, Edris - Candles in the Wind (Minnesota Collection) *
Hagberg, David - High Flight ; Crossfire ; etc.
Handberg, Ron - Cry Vengence ; etc.
Harder, Robert O. - The Devil's Holiday
Harfenquist, Jean - A Brief History of the Flood
Hassler, Jon - Grand Opening ; Dean's List ; Staggerford ; etc
Haugland, Cynthia - Francheska (Minnesota Collection) *
Hautman, Pete - The Mortal Nuts ; etc.
Haynes, David - Somebody Else's Mama ; etc.
Hegg, Tom - Mark of the Maker
Hill, Rebecca - Blue Rise; etc.
Hoag, Tami - Night Sins ; Cry Wolf ; etc.
Hong, Edna - The Way of the Sacred Tree (Minnesota Collection)*
Hubbard, Margaret Ann - Little Whirlwind ; Lone Boy ; Halloran's Hill; etc.
Hustvedt, Siri - The Enchantment of Lili Dahl
Johnson, Susan - Blaze ; Sinful ; Taboo ; etc.
Johnson, Wayne - Six Crooked Highways, etc.
Kearney, Robert - Hole in the Water
Keillor, Garrison - Lake Wobegon Days ; Wobegon Boy ; etc.
Kelby, Nicole - In the Company of Angels
Klassen, Duke - Dance Hall at Spring Lake
Krahn, Betina - Love's Brazen Fire ; The Mermaid ; etc.
Krause, Herbert - Oxcart Trail ; The Thresher ; Wind Without Rain
Kraywinkle, Jack - Northern Lights
LaDuke, Winona - Last Standing Woman
Laitala, Lynn Marie - Down from Basswood
Landvik, Lorna - Patty Jane's House of Curl ; Your Oasis on Flame Lake; etc.
Larsen, Eric - American Memory
Le Sueur, Meridel - Winter Prairie Woman ; Corn Village ; etc.
Lee, Art - Jackpine Savage (Minnesota Collection)*
Lemberg, Laurie - St. Croix Avenue
Leonard, Michael - FBN
Lewis, Sinclair - Main Street ; Babbitt; Cass Timberlaine ; etc.
Lindvall, Michael - Good News from North Haven
Logan, Chuck - The Big Law ; etc.
Long, David Ryan - Ezekiel's Shadow
Long, Judith (Duluth author) - Last Mass of the Knights Templar
Lovelace, Maud Hart - Early Candlelight ; The Gentleman from England
McColley, Kevin - Praying to a Laughing God
McConnell, Jean Samuel - A Farm at Shawndo (Minnesota Collection)*
McDonald, Bill - Dakota Incarnate
McGauley, Pat - To Bless or To Blame; A Blessing or a Curse; Blest Those Who Sorrow; The Hibbing Hurt
McGhee, Alison - Rainlight
McGowan, Wynema - The Irishman ; etc.
McGregor, Robert Kuhn - All Fall Down
Malone, P. M. - Out of the Nest (Minnesota Collection)*
Manfred, Frederick - The Scarlet Plume; Lord Grizzly ; Green Earth ; etc.
Marvin, Isabel - A Bridge for Anna's Papa (Minnesota Collection)*
Meyers, Kent - Light in the Crossing, etc.
Muske-Dukes, Carol - Life After Death
O'Brien, Tim - In the Lake in the Woods ; Northern Lights ; etc.
Ogley, Dorothy Cleland - Iron Land
Olson, Shannon - Welcome to My Planet
O'Meara, Walter - Minnesota Gothic ; Grand Portage ; etc.
Ostenso, Martha - Wild Geese ; O River Remember ; A Man Had Tall Sons
Pate, Alexs - Finding Makeba ; Losing Absalom ; Amistad
Paulsen, Gary - The Madonna
Pelton, Sonya T. - Tiger Rose ; Heavensent ; etc.
Peterson, Carrol - Sugarloft Hill (Minnesota Collection)*
Peyton, John - Faces in the Firelight
Powers, J. F. - Morte d'Urban ; etc.
Prill, David - The Unnatural ; etc.
Proctor, Ellen - Turning Leaves
Qualey, Marsha - Hometown ; Come in from the Cold
Reinken, Patrick - Judgement Day
Ridley, William - Mystic Chords
Rockcastle, Mary - Rainy Lake
Roers, Walter - The Pact
Rolvaag, O.E. - Peder Victorious; Pure Gold ; etc.
Roth, Martha - Goodness
Roy, Patricia - Lucky Stars ; Wedding Knot
Rumsey, Timothy - Pictures from a Trip (Minnesota Collection)*
Sandford, John - Silent Prey; The Night Crew ; etc.
Sanford, Winifred - Windfall
Sangster, Hazel - Thicker Than Water (Duluth Collection)*
Santa, Clif - The Last Mission
Savage, Mike - Something in the Water
Schneider, Bart - Blue Bossa; etc.
Schofield, Mary - River of Champions
Schumacher, Claire W. - Ghostly Tales of Lake Superior ; Ore Dust on Her Shoes
Schumacher, Julie - The Body is Water ; An Explaination for Chaos
Scott, Trevor - Company of Thieves
Seymour, Ana - Father for Keeps, etc.
Sharp, Mary - Bobbi (Minnesota Collection)*
Sharratt, Mary - Summit Avenue
Sheffer, Roger - Borrowed Voices
Shulman, Max - Barefoot Boy With Cheek ; etc.
Sizemore, Susan - My First Duchess ; etc.
Smith, Janet Elaine - A Christmas Dream
Soetebier, Virginia - Woman of the Green Glade
Spencer, LaVyrle - The Fulfillment ; The Endearment ; Bygones ; etc.
Stein, Robert - The Chase ; Apollyon (Minnesota/Duluth Collections)*
Sterrett, Frances - Years of Achievement (Minnesota Collection)*
Stoller, Larry - Broker's Open
Stonich, Sarah - These Granite Islands
Sullivan, Dave - The Case Against Digger Moss
Sullivan, Faith - The Cape Ann ; etc.
Sutter, Barton - My Father's War and Other Stories
Swenson, David - The Interfacers
Thayer, Steve - Saint Mudd ; The Weatherman
Tomfohr, Alice - Raw Iron (Minnesota Collection)*
Treuer, David - Little
Turngren, Ellen - Hearts are the Field ; Shadows Into Mist
Tyler, Anne - The Accidental Tourist ; etc.
Ursu, Anne - Spilling Clarence
Valentine, Zena - Star Crossed Lovers, etc.
Vogel, Theodore - Killer Bass Helix
Weaver, Will - Gravestone Made of Wheat ; Red Earth, White Earth
Weber, Christin Lore - Alter Music
Williams, Bob - Ozark Flats
Williams, Thomas (Duluth author) - Whipple's Castle ; Tsuga's Children
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. - The Flame and the Flower ; A Rose in Winter ; etc.
Wright, Scott - The Lynching of John Hanson (Minnesota Collection)*
Wubbels, Lance - Far From the Dream ; etc.
Verzuh, Julie Welle - From the Heart of Lizzie (Minnesota Collection)*
Vizenor, Gerald - Hotline Healers ; etc.

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Adams, Harold
- The Ditched Blond; etc.
Bailey, Jo - Bagged ; Erased ; Recycled
Becklund, Jack - The Golden Fleece
Childs, Laura - Death by Darjeeling; Gunpowder Green; Keepsake Crimes; Photo Finished; etc.
Clark, Robert - Mr. Clark's Confession
Dennis, Pat - Hotdish to Die For
Dorner, Marjorie - Freeze Frame
Drury, Joan - Silent Words ; Other Side of Silence ; Closed in Silence; etc.
Enger, L. L. - Sinner's League; etc.
Fluke, Joanne - Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder, etc.
Ferris, Monica - Crewel World; Framed in Lace
Frazer, Margaret - Bishop's Tale; etc.
Green, Kate - Night Angel; Black Dreams; Shooting Star
Guest, Judith - Killing Time in St. Cloud
Gunn, Elizabeth - Triple Play; Par Four
Hart, Ellen - Jane Lawless series; Sophie Greenway series
Hills, Kathleen - Past Imperfect
Hong, Edna - Wild, Blue Berries
Housewright, David - Penance; Practice to Deceive; Dearly Departed
Hovey, Dean - Where Evil Hides
Hubbard, Margaret Ann (Duluth author) - Murder Takes the Veil ; Sister Simon's Murder Case (Duluth Collection)*
Krueger, William Kent - Iron Lake; Boundary Waters; etc.
Lafavor, Carole - Along the Journey River ; Evil Dead Center
Lake, M.D. (psd. for Allen Simpson) - Grave Choices; Amends for Murder; etc.
Lileks, James - Mr. Obvious ; Falling Up the Stairs
Logue, Mary - Still Explosion; Blood Country
Millett, Larry - Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon ; Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders ; etc.
Munger, Mark - The Legacy
Olsen, Jimmy - Things in Ditches
Paulsen, Gary - Kill Fee ; Night Rituals
Pulver, Mary Monica - Ashes to Ashes; Murder at the War; etc.
Seeley, Mabel - Listening House ; Beckoning Door; Chuckling Fingers; Eleven Came Back; Whistling Shadow
Sparrow, Thomas - Northwoods Pulp, Fatally Flawed, Northwoods Standoff
Taylor, L. A. - Footnote to Murder ; Love of Money ; Poetic Justice ; Deadly Objectives; Shed Light on Death; A Murder Waiting to Happen
Trainor, J. F. (Duluth author) - Corona Blue ; High Country Murder; Target for Murder; Whiskey Jack
Woodworth, Deborah - Death of a Winter Shaker; A Deadly Shaker Spring;
Sins of a Shaker Summer
Zimmerman, R. D. - Tribe ; Blood Trance; Closet; Hostage; Outburst; Innuendo

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Science Fiction and Fantasy
Brust, Steven
- Brokedown Palace ; Jhereg ; etc.
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Komarr ; Memory ; etc.
Bull, Emma - Falcon ; etc
Dalkey, Kara - Goa ; Bijapur ; etc.
Dean, Pamela C. - Dubious Hills ; etc.
Dickson, Gordon - Wolfling ; Masters of Everon ; etc.
Rosenberg, Joel - Hero ; D'shai ; etc.
Simak, Clifford - City ; Highway of Eternity ; Way Station ; etc.
Steussy, Marti - Dreams of Dawn ; Forest of the Night
Wrede, Patricia - Caught in Crystal ; The Raven Ring ; etc.

Brandvold, Peter
- Once a Marshall, etc.
Garrisen, Paul - Dirk's Revenge
Paulsen, Gary - Murphy ; Murphy's Gold ; etc.

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Thank you! Much appreciated. I too can use this information.