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Topic: Looking for members to work with the Data Team on LP project

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Subject: Looking for members to work with the Data Team on LP project
Date Posted: 9/29/2009 7:19 AM ET
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As many of you know, there are tons of books in the database that are "inside" marked LP, but it is not in the title, so non-LP get posted to it, even tho a window pops up. The excuse is always "Well, it wasn't in the title". You all know much better than I the number of times this happens! And of course, the opposite is true, the LP is signified in the title, but not the "inside" so it does't come up when doing a search for LP books only.

Well, this "inside" is a small check box that can be checked when the book is actually an LP, or unchecked if it is not.

I'm looking for those that are well enough sighted, and interested enough, to work on making changes to work with a couple members from my team on getting this corrected.

Also, I would like some serious investigators to search out books that are believed to be listed the wrong way. I'm wondering if some of you have lists of ISBNs that are listed wrong? Books where you are sure the publisher didn't double up on the ISBN and there is no other book edition other than the LP for this ISBN, yet it isn't listed this way in the system.

I'm going to lay down some pretty strick rules,  And expect them to be followed, or we will call off the project and the approvers will go back to doing their own investigations, which we all know are not going to be as thurough as yours, since they simply don't have the time because of other duties.

So, how about it? Any members interested in LP, interested in helping work on this project? It's your chance to get the database cleaned up!

PBS Data Corrections Team Leader

Date Posted: 10/1/2009 5:19 PM ET
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PMing you, Sherry.

And Yay!  Something I can do!

Date Posted: 10/3/2009 12:17 AM ET
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Hi all,

Sherry has asked me to take on this editing project.  Here's what we've come up with so far.


For the project, I'm showing each main genre and the number of listings that are designated as Large Print, but
do NOT have the proper (Large Print) or (Larger Print) in the title field.

Please choose the genre/sub-genre you would like to work (if it's not already taken) and post here. 

Here's the method I use for this search:
Advanced Search:  In    ...none of these words in the title:   ( type:)  large larger   Then pick the genre and sub-genre that you want, make sure all the book types are checked, especially Large Print Only,  change Posted Books to All Books and enter.
If you want to pick a huge category, that's up to you, but I think you'd be overwhelmed facing several thousand -  :^]

I will keep the post updated to show which ones are taken and by whom.

If you are going to work a sub-genre, please include that info in your post.  I'll then post your name and the subgenre under the
main genre listing - example:
Children        =    3429
    Ages 4-8    =    1659
    Ages 4-8    = Picture Books =  16 (volunteer name)


ETA:  Please post when you have finished editing a category, then I will do a strike-through to show it is finished.

You may post questions here, or pm directly to me.


GENRE            #of listings a/o 9/30/09  

Arts & Photography      =      40     (EasyForTheEyes)
Biographies & Memoirs      =      498     (tdaulton)
Business & Investing     =    45     (tdaulton)
Children            =    3429
          Ages 9-12          General          -          270     (Parroteers)
Comics            =    45     (tdaulton)
Computers & Internet    =     12     (tdaulton)
Cooking            =    74     (classicana)
Entertainment        =    110    (tdaulton)
Gay & Lesbian        =     7     (tdaulton)
Health, Mind, Body        =    164     (tdaulton)
History            =    197
Home & Garden        =    71
Horror            =    99     (justloux)
Law            =    5
Lit/Fiction            =    4145    (geejay)
Medicine            =    32     (Betty Mc)
Mystery & Thrillers        =    2360  (geejay)
Nonfiction        =    1181
Outdoors & Nature        =    25   (classicana)
Parenting & Families    =    71
Professional & Tech    =    21     (makingmusic)
Reference        =    102
Religion & Spirituality    =    833
          Fiction          =     295     (BettyMc)
Romance            =    2714
          Contemporary     =     665   (Jubead)
          Historical             =     491   (Jubead)
          Romantic Suspense     =     135   (Jubead)    
Science            =    90
Science Fiction & Fantasy    =    190     (justloux)
Sports            =    27     (geejay)
Teens            =    156
Travel            =    27     (classicana)

TOTAL                                               16770

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Date Posted: 10/3/2009 2:11 PM ET
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Hi, Anna.

I'll just start at the top and work down.  So, my first one will be Arts & Photography.

Thanks for coordinating this.

Date Posted: 10/3/2009 9:15 PM ET
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For any that work on this, we won't hold you tight to it, but if you can try to get images and descriptions and other info for the books as you work on them, that would be totally terrific. Doing things like correcting the capitalization to the title, removing double author names, and that kind of stuff really helps alot too. The approvers won't be working as hard at finishing up the submissions, since we will be experiencing a larger number of edits than usual, so if you slow down a bit, and make sure you've done a good job besides the LP notification, we would be extremely grateful.

For those that have questions about what kinds of things should or should not be done to a listing, here is a major list of the guidelines for editing book data:  Want to help with Data & Images? Find help here

And to answer your first instinct response when looking that topic over . . .  NO, we do NOT expect you to learn all of that, nor check a listing for all that is listed there. We just ask that you read thru it at least once, so that you can see that MOST of it is just plain common sense stuff. Because it is all listed, it looks scarey as crap, but really, there's very little to actually learn.

Thanks again to all that come forward to pick a genre from Anna and help us really get a handle on some of these LP books. It's about time it was being done, and PBS has really given us a good liberty from what we had a year ago.

Be sure to ask Anna or myself, or post here any questions you have as you are working.

Thanks again to all,
PBS Data Corrections Team Leader

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Date Posted: 10/3/2009 9:54 PM ET
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Thanks, Kimberly.  It's all yours!

Date Posted: 10/3/2009 9:58 PM ET
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BTW, whenever anyone finishes a genre/sub-genre, let me know so I can do a strike through on the list.  THANKS!!

Date Posted: 10/24/2009 10:04 PM ET
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Just thought I'd bump this up in case there are some members who missed it the first time around.  If anyone has time and inclination, we'd appreciate any and all help!

Date Posted: 11/24/2009 7:48 PM ET
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Hi all! Just checking in to see if anyone has any questions or problems in this project at this time. And to make sure we are all on the same page.

I want to emphasize how important it is that you thoroughly check your ISBN on the Internet as much as you can, before submitting it for change.

Remember, that unless it is absolutely black and white, if there are any copies posted or wishers wishing, we probably won't get the change made.

It is easiest to change an ISBN that has no copies posted to it, nor any wishers wishing for it. It's almost a shoe-in in that case.

 I have asked Anna B. (classicana) to track any submissions (meaning you submit directly to her, rather than to myself or the team) and she will double check your research before submitting to The PBS Team. This means they only get submissions from one person, and that all titles will have been researched by two people before going to the team.

It also means that since she has been working on this since the beginning, she might as well continue and be the chair person and be in charge of it :)

If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask me publicly or privately about any part of this. We have found some that were LP and not marked, and found some marked that were not LPs. So, I'm seeing that the project is working for us and really shouldn't be that long of a deal.

To all those that work on these books at all, even if you only do the ones in your own possession, and even if that means only 1 or 2 books, I want to thank you for helping to clear up the database inaccuracies and make things better for other readers besides yourselves.

PBS Data Corrections Team Leader

Date Posted: 11/24/2009 9:44 PM ET
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Just a short follow-up to Sherry's post.  The PBS Team is working with us to clear up the ones that we CANNOT fix.  BUT we must do our homework!

Sending the info to me in a PM is probably a bit faster, but I do try to check this topic each day for any new posts, so if you prefer posting here, I'll get it.

I don't expect us to find many that we can't resolve ourselves,  but we don't want to upset members by removing the LP designation from an ISBN they have on their wishlist,  or by making a change that would impact a book they have posted.

Thanks for all the help - edits are coming through at a good, steady pace.


Date Posted: 1/10/2010 9:56 AM ET
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Just a quick update.  Our project is slowly but surely (and steadily) coming along.  Just take a glance at the listing (in the third post) and see the how many have been completed (struck through).   If anyone is interested in helping with this, just post here or send me a PM.

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Date Posted: 1/18/2010 2:02 PM ET
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I feel the need to say a big THANK YOU to this team.  You guys are in my prayers.  I have been finding and ordering many, many LP books here.  And the new additions to WL software is a gift to those of us looking for these LP books.

You are all going to heaven where the library has every book ever written in large print! 

I am so grateful.  I only wish I understood computer software well enough to help with this project.  I can't even understand the posts on this discussion.  If there is something I can help with, I would be willing.  I have dial up so it means that I can't work too many windows at a time, but if I can help, let me know.

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Date Posted: 1/19/2010 9:50 AM ET
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Thanks very much, Pamela.  I know all the volunteers for this project appreciate your words.  If you have never done any editing to the book listings, I'm not sure how you will be able to help.  I'll send you a PM, and we can discuss it. 

Date Posted: 3/2/2010 10:21 AM ET
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There seems to be some confusion about when and how to edit Large Print listings.
If a listing already has the Large Print designation right below the Book Type on the main book page,
then just make sure it has (Large Print) or (Larger Print) added to the title field.

If you are working on a listing that you think should be marked as large print but is not, or
one that is not listed as large print that you think should be:
Search LOTS of websites; especially Alibris, Abebooks, Powells, Biblio, WorldCat, LoC, eBay,
FantasticFiction, and Fictiondb.
There are links to these sites in the guidelines, which can be found here:

Want to help with Data & Images? Find help here

As you probably know, it is not unusual for a publisher to use the same ISBN for different editions of a book,
so if you find listings for both Large Print and regular editions under the same ISBN, the PBS listing will NOT be changed.

If, after searching, you are convinced that it needs to be changed to or changed from Large Print:
--that is, all the websites you check show the ISBN as Large Print and PBS does not
the websites you check do not show
the ISBN as Large Print and PBS does--

send a PM to me or to Sherry:
Sherry N (royaltech) Data Team Co-coordinator, Anna B (classicana) Data Team Co-coordinator.

We will verify the information and decide whether we can authorize (or deny) a change, or whether it must be sent to the PBS Team for that decision.
Any edit changing the designation to, or from, large print must have a note in the Reason for Edit box advising the Approver
that the change has been approved by Sherry or by me.

If you have any questions at all about this, please contact me by PM. I'd be happy to help you.

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Date Posted: 3/9/2010 10:31 AM ET
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This is a change to my previous instructions .

The PBS Team has advised us the that the Larger Print books are NOT to be designated as Large Print.

Only true Large Print books are to have that designation.

Books marked as Larger Print are just that; larger than the standard print size, but not large enough to meet industry standards for Large Print.

So, any listings that you edit for Larger Print books should have (Larger Print) in the title field, but should not have the Large Print check-box marked in the Data Edit screen.

Most of the books that show Larger Print on the cover are Harlequin or a Harlequin imprint (Steeple Hill, etc.). However, all books published by HarperLuxe are also Larger Print.

Sherry will be adding this information to the Guidelines, but please let us know if you have any questions about this - post here or send me a pm.

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Subject: Large Print Volunteer
Date Posted: 8/10/2010 10:17 AM ET
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Hi Anna!

Patty P. gave me this link to your volunteer page. She's been great helping me with editing questions.

I would like to join the Large Print Club!

I would like to request for editing:

Genre: Children

Sub-Genre: Ages 9-12

Sub-Genre: General (Parroteers)

Thank you! Tara :)

Date Posted: 8/10/2010 11:42 AM ET
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Hi Tara - Thanks for joining in!! I've put your name down for Children 9-12 - the advanced search feature doesn't let us go to the 2nd sub-genre, Sorry, obviously didn't have my brain in gear - using the search update on the left side of the search list DOES give us another level of genre, so the number of listings reflects all that are designated as Large Print in the Children, 9-12, General category, both those with books posted and those without. Let me know if you have any questions or problems. You can post here or send me a PM.

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Subject: need IMAGE HELP
Date Posted: 6/4/2011 2:34 PM ET
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