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Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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ISBN-13: 9781402524974
ISBN-10: 1402524978
Publication Date: 9/2002
Edition: Unabridged
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 33 ratings
Publisher: Recorded Books
Book Type: Audio Cassette
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Chuck Palahniuk never fails to capture my imagination and make me uncomfortable. I have been walking around quoting this book ever since I put it down. What a great writer. I think his work will be studied one day.
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More mainstream than Haunted and slightly less abrasive than Choke, Lullaby is a fun supernatural mystery. There's also something Orwellian about this book, about his work in general, that examines our culture and asks us, point blank, "What the hell are we thinking?"
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I read half the book but didn't finish it. It starts strong but then meanders and loses focus, and by the middle I realized I didn't care what happened to any of the characters and didn't want to spend more time reading it.
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I tried to read this, but I couldn't quite grasp where the book was heading. Perhaps it takes a certain type to enjoy a book by this author. This was the first book I'd tried to read by him, so maybe I'm just not a fan of his writing. I may try to read something else by him, but this one just didn't quite grab me.
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Palahniuk's style of writing is very crisp and fresh, his imagery is quite vivid, and this book lends itself very well to being read out loud.

I really enjoyed this book, it was different and unexpected and very funny. Sometimes I'd just have to hit pause and say to myself "did he really just go there?". I recommend it to anyone with a twisted, dark sense of humor.
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Classic Palahniuk...lots of philosphy, crazy plot twists, and his perpetual lists. Contains sensitive subject matter (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) that might make some readers uncomfortable. Other than that highly recommended.
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Great stuff here. This might be my favorite Palahniuk novel. Anyway he hasn't written anything bad. An ancient book that grants you power and tons of wierdness.
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Awesome, fascinating book, and darkly humorous as usual for Palahniuk.

A reporter who lost his wife and daughter to mysterious circumstances (his daughter was ruled SIDS) is called upon to investigate reports of crib death in his city. He finds that what all of these deaths have in common is a single book present in the nursery. The book contains a poem which, when read aloud, causes the listening party to die in his or her sleep. Carl joins forces with a witch who sells haunted houses for a living, a hippie girl and her sociopathic boyfriend on a road trip from hell to find and destroy all of the remaining copies of this book, before more innocents are killed.

Definitely a neat, quirky, thought-provoking read. Highly recommended.
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If you're a fan of Chuck Palahniuk, you'll enjoy this book. To say his style is "unique" would be a drastic understatement.
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The first Chuck Palahniuk book I've read.
This book is about an African lullaby that, when repeated, has the power to kill. The main characters search for the poem in order to destroy it.

The theme isn't anything special but the way this book is written is very unique and left me reading chapters everyday. I couldn't put it down.
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It was crazy, but I really enjoyed reading it. I guess his books are always crazy, and I keep reading them.
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I loved Lullaby. It was engaging, provocative, and funny like most Palahniuk books. Another thoughtfully twisted read.
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The story was just average, the most interesting part was the philosophical and ethical arguments that the four characters had in the car on their roadtrip. Wish there was more of this. I also wish there were more interludes of what the characters were doing in the future with their powers and knowledge (like the story about the town that worshipped the 'cow'). Not the best Palahniuk, I am sure.
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This was the second book I read by Palahniuk and let me just say that I L-O-V-E-D it so much. He has a way of telling a twisted tale that makes perfect sense in the grand scheme of the real world. The power of words and how we use them to accomplish things be it bad or good. He makes me feel comfortable that I could one day too tell a story that is a little outrageous but if executed well can be very enjoyable. Palahniuk has a way of working on our psyche, culture, and pop culture organizing it into normalcy with an aura of absurdity. The things that occur in this story, I assume, probably occur daily but our second lids are closed so we miss them. If you want a mind trip read this story.
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Great read but took me a while to finish...
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I am not a fan of Palahniuk in general; that said, I loved this book for its irony and its haunting themes. It drifts from musings on the noise pollution of modern culture, the destruction of the environment, and the misuse of magical power to the comical and poignant dynamic between four people who join together into a bizarre, dysfunctional family during their quest to save the world from the inadvertent murder of its own children.
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Quite frankly, I didn't know how to judge or what to think of this story. I kept reading, seemingly clued to the story and wondering what the outcome would be. Sometimes I was amused, other times I was grossed out. So, because it caused these emotions I have to say it was rather good. Odd, but good.
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Palahnuik is such a good writer. In one scene where the narrator's infected foot is being cut open to remove bits of smashed model (doll) houses, Palahnuik described it so well I had to hold my hand over my mouth to keep from throwing up. Like most of his books, this one makes you question society and western civilization.
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Well written, quirky book. I liked it because it was different, but I could have done without the bits on necrophilia.
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found it hard to get into. all over the place at first. drove me nuts
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This is the first Palahniuk that I've read and I really enjoyed it. His writing is clever and original. His subject matter is disturbing and uncomfortable...something we all need once in a while.
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if you are a Palahniuk fan his is a definent read (if you have not read it any way) i highly recomend it
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My favorite Palahniuk. Clever and witty.
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Ugh. I can't get into a book where all of the characters are scum. I read it but didn't care for it.
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not my favourite of his.