Book Reviews of Maneater (Audio CD) (Abridged)

Maneater (Audio CD) (Abridged)
Maneater - Audio CD - Abridged
Author: Gigi Levangie Grazer, Uma Thurman (Narrator)
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ISBN-13: 9780743530309
ISBN-10: 0743530306
Publication Date: 6/1/2003
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 14 ratings
Publisher: Audioworks
Book Type: Audio CD
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Helpful Score: 2
This book is a good example of the summer beach reading genre. It's light, fast moving, and set amongst the young, hip, and rich in Los Angeles. Her most recent book, The Starter Wife, is excellent too.
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Helpful Score: 1
Reminded me of "Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber" in that you're not supposed to like the main character. Much better social satire than the one chapter I read of "Normal Girl" by Molly Jong-Fast before giving up, but not as good as Tama Janowitz or Candace Bushnell. Grazer (wife of producer Brian Grazer) is the "original screenwriter" of the Julia Roberts move "Stepmom"there were five writers in all.
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Helpful Score: 1
Ok, a much better book than Starter Wife - a good, mindless, beach/airplane book.
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I have the CD's so it made for wonderful light summer "reading" on the way to the beach. The narrator does a great job and you get swept into the fabulous life that the heroine, Clarissa, leads. A good chick lit read!
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A very nice, fun read that is about to be a mini-series on Lifetime.
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Hilarious!! You will love to hate the main character, Clarissa!
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At twenty-eight(thirtyone), Clarissa Alpert is blessed with a designer wardrobe, a daddy subsidized apartment, and an A-list, speed dial. Gorgeous and wildly uninhibited, she has amassed a list of exes that amounts to a Who's Who of Hollywood Power Players. But with her twenty ninth (thirty second) birthday looming, she starts to panic. Who on earth could possibly make her an honest woman?

Enter Aaron Mason, the latest, hottest new producer in town, who Clarissa decides is th future Mr. Alpert. With the help of her vivacious friends, her aerobicized Latina mother, her ex-con father, and the most divine gay waiter in Hollywood, Clarissa plans the biggest wedding LA has seen in years--all before the couple's first date. Catching Aaron's eye is not the problem, he just seems to have his own agenda. Could Clarissa have finally bitten off more than she can chew?
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Entertaining and light, with some truly inspired wit.
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Great read- funny and hip! Made me want to read Grazer's other books!
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Welcome to the superficial world of Hollywood! Great plot twists that you won't expect!
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A so-so read about life in Hollywood as a 20something (read: 30something!) desperate for love, life and happiness!
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Great "chic" book ~ took it with me to Cancun for a fun little beach read !
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AWESOME...FUN from first word to last
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A little slow in the beginnin, but picks up pretty quickly. i could not put it down. Wanted to know what would happen with the characters. Definately a must.
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This was a good story and I enjoyed it tremendously.
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From Publishers Weekly

No other actor could capture the voice of spoiled L.A. golddigger Clarissa Alpert as perfectly as Thurman does here. She effortlessly evokes the petulance, sense of entitlement and "Ohmigod, wait 'til I tell you..." Valley Girl shallowness of this hilarious anti-heroine. Thurman effectively differentiates all the character voices, including Clarissa's coterie of colorful girlfriends. She offers a hint of British accent for Simon, Clarissa's pretentious, faux-English ex-boyfriend; a light Spanish accent for Alejandra, Clarissa's Brazilian mom; and a smarmy, false sincerity for the Hollywood movers and shakers who populate Clarissa's world. The story itself is frothy fun with a wicked satirical edge. As soon as she hears of Aaron Mason, the hottest movie producer in town, Clarissa decides to land him and his bankroll for herself, and begins phoning florists and caterers to plan their wedding-before they even meet. Her machinations are successful-or so she thinks. It turns out her quarry has been scheming just as shrewdly, motivated by his own agenda. Perfect for a long road trip or a lazy weekend at the beach, Grazer's entertaining satire is sure to spice up any occasion.
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Excellent book, I ate it up.
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Reminded me of Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber in that you're not supposed to like the main character. Much better social satire than the one chapter I read of Normal Girl by Molly Jong-Fast before giving up, but not as good as Tama Janowitz or Candace Bushnell. Trivia: Gigi Levangie Grazer wrote the screenplay for Stepmom and is married to producer Brian Grazer.

From Publishers Weekly
Masquerading as chick lit, this pitch-black comedy by Grazer (Rescue Me) is actually a scathing satire of L.A. society (to use the term loosely). Clarissa Alpert is 31-admitting-to-28, wears only Gucci and Prada, greets friend and foe alike with "a triple-cheek air kiss" and "had slept her way, without mercy, regret, mourning or conscience, through Greater Los Angeles." Her four best friends, less clever than she but equally venal, agree that Clarissa is the valedictorian of men. Among them, love is rare but sex is plentiful and organized into a precise taxonomy that includes the "Curiosity Fuck," the "Boredom Fuck" and more. But lately Clarissa has decided that it's time to get married. Fortuitously, film-school grad and would-be producer Aaron Mason appears in her life. He's wearing cowboy boots (ugh), but driving a Bentley (her favorite car to be seen in); he's a foreigner (anyone born between California and New York is foreign), but the heir to a department store fortune. After her first sighting of him, Clarissa reserves the hotel and the florist and selects her Vera Wang wedding gown. Her divorced parentsamiable, chick-chasing father and "brittle-boned, anorexic, four-pack-a-day smoker Jewish mother"bring their own demented enthusiasms to the matrimonial pursuit. In due course, the fanciest wedding of the season takes place despite the bride's refusal to sign a pre-nup. But this is only one-third of the way through the book, and as you might imagine, Clarissa doesn't quite live happily ever after. A true antiheroine, Clarissa, like the rest of the cast, is unapologetically loathsome. In lesser hands she would be merely irritating, but Grazer gives Clarissa just enough intelligence and spark to make her shameless antics deliciously entertaining.
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Great read - well deserved ending!
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It has a bend on the front cover, but otherwise in great condition