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Matters of the Blood
Matters of the Blood
Author: Maria Lima
ISBN-13: 9780975857151
ISBN-10: 0975857150
Publication Date: 3/31/2005
Pages: 232
  • Currently 4.5/5 Stars.

4.5 stars, based on 2 ratings
Publisher: Quiet Storm Books
Book Type: Paperback
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This is an interesting new series with unexpected twists. A bit of mystery walking side by side with paranormal. Well worth reading.

It took about 70 (good pages) to get a real feel for her main character, Kiera, but the writing is SOOO GOOD, and the "feel" was right, so I kept at it. Kiera is turning out to be a very interesting character and I really, really like it now. This one is definitely different than the norm, which is refreshing all in itself.

There is romance, but it's not trashy. I especially like the fact that they knew each other for years first, before they supposedly "fell in love." I also liked the fact that Lima kept the family away and did not overwhelm the reader with too many characters. Although, I look forward to meeting more of them--Tucker sounds devine!

I must say Lima is talented in getting the reader to read just for the sake of trying to figure what the heck is going on!
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I picked up book one (Matters of the Blood) based on good reviews. It showed some potential, so I immediately checked #2 (Blood Bargain) & #3 (Blood Kin) out of my library. I read them together, so I will review them together also.

What worked. Maria Lima has a readable writing style and the overall storyline had potential.

What didn't work for me? Just about everything else. The heroine is a self confessed 'trust fund baby'. Which sounds more interesting than reality. Neither the heroine nor her boyfriend display much personality, rather blah people. Although the heroine brags that she differs from other trust fund brats b/c she has an actual job...we never really see her job. In fact she doesn't even solve the mystery/crisis/situation, just mills around until the situation resolves itself. After reading the first three books in the series, I cannot figure out what the heroine does with all her time. In book two she does a few daytime errands for her nocturnal vampire boyfriend. She has sex with the boyfriend (when he's awake), lunch with the girlfriend, and the reader is left to speculate what she does the rest of the time.

The most interesting characters (about the only interesting characters) in these books are Keira's brother, Tucker, and his vampire boyfriend. Almost without exception, everyone mentioned is into 'serial monogamy'... everyone...(eyeroll), both human and non-humans. I have deep reservations about characters aged in excess of 1,000 years, it's not a plot device I find believable nor desirable (unless the character is insane)... and this series has lots of very old characters. The heroine has a couple ex-boyfriends that are discussed much more often than necessary, they are 'on-stage' more often than the current beau (unfortunately).

Inconsistencies, the most memorable being the heroine coming into these 'awesome' powers. Which quickly becomes a confusing jumble of 'will she', 'won't she', and 'what will she become'? The storyline says one thing, does another, generally inconsistent all around and quickly becomes just another annoyance factor.

And then there's the factual errors (do some authors live in a cave?). The heroine prepares to travel from the Southwest US to Western Canada, and considers which passport to travel on (and leads us to believe she has more than 2 choices). Frankly, I've traveled to Canada several times...and until recently (before these books were written) US citizens didn't require passports to travel into or out of Canada, only valid ID. The author mentions Canadian customs stamping the passport *raspberries* IME a total error, my passport(when used)has never been stamped when crossing that border (either direction).

By book three, I'm awash in factual errors, boring characters milling around smartly, and an unbelievable mix of misunderstandings, missed communications, extended periods of major communications outages *did I mention eyerolls?*, dialogue sets a scene to do one thing then out of the blue the reader discovers something totally different happened, and other annoying plot devices.

I thought book one had interesting potential, despite the flaws already apparent. Book two continued to magnify the flaws, and by book three...I waded through the first third with numerous eyerolls, skimmed the second third, then tossed the unfinished book under my bed to languish with the dust bunnies until it was due to be returned to the library.

If you like bland, name-dropping, party-snob, rich people pretending to live like 'the folks' this could be the series for you. Otherwise, there's much better paranormal fiction available. So glad I didn't actually invest money in this series.
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From the cover:
Matters of the Blood is the story of Keira Kelly, half-breed descendant of a powerful and paranormal family, who has hosen to live apart from her clan and among humans in the Texas Hill Country. Keira experiences a prophetic vision that foretells the vicious murder of her human cousin, Marty Nelson. Vowing to determine the truth, Keira begins to uncover long concealed secrets and risks alienating everyone she knows, from her former lover, Sheriff Carlton Larson, to the enigmatic Adam Walker, once a friendly acquaintance and now much more.
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When youre not quite sure who youre going to be, its hard to commit to anything.

Kiera isnt human. Shes not quite sure what she is yet as she is changing. When her change is over, shell know if she is shapeshifter or some other supernatural being. Shell have multiple powers at different times during her change until one is settled on. Currently, she has an affinity for the dead. She helps the supernatural die, but shes also having nightmares that are coming true.

Adam Walker is a vampire. He met Kiera years ago in London and they had an instant attraction; one they didnt pursue. So when Kiera moves back to Texas, Adam makes plans to purchase and open up a ranch for tourists. When they run into one another one evening, all the old attraction flares up and this time, they both feel ready to travel down the path of passion.

Someone is killing the animals out by Adams ranch and draining them of blood. The local sheriff feels it may be something satanic, but Kiera doesnt put much thought into it, as she knows the supernatural will do their hunting. But when Kieras cousin, mortician Morty, ends up dead, she wont stop until the murderer is apprehended.

MATTERS OF THE BLOOD is a new twist on the paranormal genre. Rich in paranormal activity, passionate and romantic moments, and a murder to solve is just the icing on the cake. Im really looking forward to more of how Kieras character evolves with book two, BLOOD BARGAIN. If youre looking for something urban fantasy with a touch of romantic suspense, then pick up MATTERS OF THE BLOOD. Sinfully enjoyable!
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I know the dead and the dead know me.

Keira Kelly lives in Texas Hill Country looking after the only human relative in her supernatural clan. Keira is uncertain of her place in the family and will not know where she stands until the Change. She is already a clairvoyant necromancer with the possibility of being a shape shifter. Small town Rio Seco becomes a hotbed of activity when Keira's former lover, Carlton, returns to town as the sheriff. Add the mysterious, Adam and the death of her cousin to bring out the worst in everyone.

This is a well written story with interesting characters. Keira's Change is starting 20 years earlier than expected and without the support of her family until her brother Tucker shows up. There are good elements of mystery, romance and humor combined. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

3.5 stars
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This book is one of the worst I've read in quite some time. The Immature and childish dialogue is very tiresome. I just hate I took the time to collect the series before starting a book. The first paragraph screams: STOP!!!GO NO FURTHER!!

"I know the Dead and the Dead know me. Not a personal choice, mind you, just the result of being born into a family of Necromaners. It's in our blood, so to speak. Not that I am one--not yet anyway."

Oooookay, either you are or you aren't, what a HOKEY beginning to a book. Hint words: born..blood? Am I missing something? My apologies to to Anita Blake.
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Maria Lima has revived me! I was in the middle of a book readers crisis, in a rut and had read several books lately that weren't necessarily bad just uninspired.

Matters of the Blood was new and different in a genre flooded with much of the same. I enjoyed the different mythology ML created for her world. I liked the main character Kiera she was somewhat girly but not whiney. Her connection with Adam was somoldering. I can't wait for them to explore that more!

I did find it odd that one paranormal group didn't know about others and that they had to be convinced they exisited. That was somewhat suspect to me but, in all that mattered little to plot. It was just one of those differences in mythology but, it did give me pause.

Liked it! I am waiting for the next three to arrive in my mailbox!
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Excellent book. I really love paranormal and this hits the spot for a good summer read. I espically love all the Texas Hill counrty refrences since i lived there for a long time and can relate to them! First in the series. I enjoyed it very much!
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You must read this. I have read all 5 of the Blood Lines books and love the spell that Maria Lima as spun. In the end, it incorporates all the paranormal and is a wonderful story to read.