Book Reviews of Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires, Bk 3)

Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires, Bk 3)
Midnight Alley - Morganville Vampires, Bk 3
Author: Rachel Caine
PBS Market Price: $7.59 or $3.69+1 credit
ISBN-13: 9780451222381
ISBN-10: 0451222385
Publication Date: 10/2/2007
Pages: 245
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

4 stars, based on 254 ratings
Publisher: Signet
Book Type: Paperback
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I enjoy reading about the Glass House gang's adventures. Claire gets into so much vampire trouble it's amazing. But Michael and Shane are always there to rescue her. I love it. I really like Michael and Shane they're kinda old school protectors of the weak. It's rather sweet behavior. The plot twists and turns are entertaining and interesting.
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This series keeps the focus on four friends who live together in Morganville at the Glass House, but the youngest one - Claire Danvers is the main protagonist. Claire is a college student who, because of her intelligence started college early, and she soon discovers that Morganville is a unique place - it's run by vampires. In this third book in the series - more secrets are revealed and Claire gets more and more involved with the mysterious vampires. A lot of what drew me into the book was the constant danger that Claire is in. I found her to be an intelligent person who was also pretty naive. She often is really emphatic and nice - to people who maybe she shouldn't be nice to. There were a few instances in this book where I think she begins to realize that while she sees something like humanity and flashes of sympathy from the vampires, in reality her life and the lives of many humans is meaningless and expendable to them. I'm curious to see how the author is going to resolve this problem - whether these creatures deserve a "happy" ending for the series. I am not sure what will happen - if Claire and her friends survive, I doubt the it will be without cost. Claire's reactions to things sometimes seemed inconsistent with her character, but I've been able to ignore this for the story. For those of you familiar with Caine's books, you may realize that this author enjoys cliffhanger endings. I noticed this trend in not only the Morganville books, but also in the Weather Warden series. Once I got used to it I haven't been bothered by this, and I found that book 1 (Glass Houses) had the most edge of your seat ending, though book 2 and 3 do make you want to get the next book. Some readers may find the cliffhangers aggravating.
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Fast read. Enjoyed it. A little mystery in each book. Looks like Claire may be extra special. Look forward to finding out what makes her so special.
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I'm so glad to be done with this book. I really liked the series at first, but I've grown to dislike Claire. The characters seem one-dimensional. I won't be continuing the series.
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Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for

Claire decides that Morganville is simply too dangerous as she offers herself to Amelie - the head vamp. Her first task is to begin studying under Myrnin, an ancient and very knowledgeable vampire.

He's also deranged half the time and sweet the rest of the time. He lives in a cage due to a virus sweeping through the vampire population. He (and now Claire) has been studying the disease in hopes of finding a cure.

There's also someone killing young girls in town and framing Shane for the murders. Claire's deathly worried about him, her studies, and the fate of the vampire world.

Can she save anyone - and, most importantly, can she save herself?

MIDNIGHT ALLEY is the third excellent installment in the amazing THE MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES series. Don't miss out on this one!
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A lot of great new twists in this one, and the storyline takes a big step forward as a large number of additional pieces are added. Definitely a great addition to the series.
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Claire Danvers' college town may be run by vampires but a truce between the living and the dead has made things relatively safefor a while. Now people are turning up dead, a psycho is stalking Claire, and an ancient bloodsucker has proposed private mentoring.

This book is the third book in the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. All in all I didn't find that this is my favorite book out of the series, but it is still a good read. This book delves you into Claire's life where she has pledged her life to the most powerful and important vampire in town, Amelie. She is in the middle of the struggle of trying not to let her friends find out that she pledged herself to Amelie to save their lives. But then things start going wrong, and her issue with telling her friends her secret is pushed to the back of her mind because of a stalker resurfacing from her past. She is also forced to study with one of the most intelligent, yet crazy, vampires that the world has ever seen. So what will her friends think when they find out about her allegiance with Amelie? Will the stalker be caught before he causes more damage to her fragile psyche? And what will her lessons with the mentally disturbed, though brilliant vampire lead her to?
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Love it. Claire is signed to work with Myrnin who is a nut case vampire/scientist. This book I could not put down.
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This is the best one so far. Have the others on hold,can't wait
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I did not read this book. I got it for a friend who was reading the series.
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Once again Claire has managed to find herself deep into vampire intrigue and politics, but is not sure which way to go. Without vampire protection any human is fair game to be hunted and blooded. Seriously if you are protected you pay your taxes at the blood bank!
Since the Glass House gang does not have protection there are vampires trying to sink their teeth in... Will Claire find a protector? Will she be able to find protection for everyone at the Glass house? Which vampire has her best interests at heart? Do vampires have hearts?