Book Reviews of Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed, Bk 4)

Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed, Bk 4)
Midnight Rising - Midnight Breed, Bk 4
Author: Lara Adrian
ISBN-13: 9780440244448
ISBN-10: 0440244447
Publication Date: 3/25/2008
Pages: 384
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

4.2 stars, based on 510 ratings
Publisher: Dell
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 7
WHOA! Another great read for my keeper shelf from Lara Adrian. I just finished this book and my heart is still racing.

Dylan Alexander is on vacation in Europe. Her mother is dying and it was her wish for Dylan to take her place on this fabulous trip. Dylan's always been a little different...she can see ghosts. But they're always young and always female. She sees one while hiking on her trip and it guides her to a dark cave while whispering, "Save him."

Rio is ready to die; no, he wants to die. He's tired of existing after the betrayal by his wife that left him scarred, in pain, and sometimes out of his mind. He just can't think of anything worth living for...until she walks in.

I loved this book! At first I was mad, because I wanted one of the other warriors to get his breedmate. But oh, the great story of a love worth waiting for, worth sacrificing for, worth LIVING for. If you like dark, sexy, brooding heroes and saucy, self-efficient heroines...then go get this book NOW! You won't be sorry.
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Helpful Score: 4
Pretty good, but it is now looking like all the female leads in this series are the same. I am hoping "Veil of Midnight" will offer some new personalities and thrilling twists to keep me from having the blahs.
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Helpful Score: 3
Good addition to the series. Adrian gives the male protagonist equal character development and internal struggle. She has a solid understanding of her readers perspective by not overly perfecting her women.
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Helpful Score: 2
The best one in the series to date. I loved it! Rio's tortured past along with new heroine Dylan's special ability make this a compelling and "keeper shelf" read.
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Helpful Score: 2
Another great addition to the Midnight Breed series. If you like tortured heroes, you will love Rio. He is a warrior of the order who was betrayed by the one person who he thought he could trust - his wife. Rio has been a warrior in the order for a long time - although he does not want to leave the order - he is broken. Now a year later, the betrayal is still fresh with him - he has pretty much given up on everything - and in comes Dylan. She is a reporter who inadvertently stumbles upon a cave that has Breed secrets in it - and since her career is in trouble, a story like this, could save it. Dylan has her own secrets and has been betrayed before too, by someone who was dear to her.

A great story of two people learning to trust after betrayal. It has great action, adventure and romance - I recommend trying is #4 in the series...start from the beginning to get all the back story....
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Helpful Score: 1
Up until this book, I've adored Adrian's Midnight Breed Series.
This book wasn't that bad, but I was quite disappointed with it. The warrior, Rio, was betrayed in the first book of the series. As a result he has a lot of pent of rage. Yet he ends up trusting so very very easily, without any struggle. In my opinion, this isn't real. this isn't how life can happen. Yes, there are always that special someone that can make you trust when you everyone else has tried and failed to get your trust. But there was no struggle. and I feel the heroine didn't do a thing to prove she could be trusted. But maybe that's me.

I think a lot of people will enjoy this book, however. And not have the same complaints as eye. Despite this book, the series is wonderfully enjoyable :) Perfect for escaping.
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Helpful Score: 1
I almost didn't read this book, but since I received a copy for free I figured I would give it a chance. My interest in Lara Adrian's books has decreased with every novel she has written and this one is no exception.

If you've already read her other books you know that Rio has been betrayed by his former "Breedmate" Eva and is not only emotionally scarred, but physically scarred too. Eva's ghost brings to him Dylan Alexander when he's just about to end his life. After she escapes with pictures of an ancient tomb and some other photos Rio is ordered to take care of Dylan by erasing her mind and all of those that have come into contact with the photos she has taken. Meanwhile Dylan's mother and the only family member she has contact with is dying of cancer. They both have to cope with loss while healing the wounds in each others' hearts and this need brings them together.

I wanted to like this book and eagerly awaited Rio's story, hoping it was going to be an improvement in the series. I was wrong. They fell in love in what seemed like four days to me (it may have been five) which seemed highly implausible considering how hurt Rio had previously been over Eva's betrayal. I wanted more of a connection in the main characters but it just seemed like they magically fell in love, and without the addition of a lot of alcohol I just don't see how this could be possible. The rest of the on-going plot with the Breed and their struggle against the evil Rogue was interesting, but not enough to carry the book. I know I'm still going to read the next one because I really want to know Niko's story, but I'm not going to pay full price for it! I love Kresly Cole's "Immortals After Dark" series and would highly recommend it in lieu of Lara Adrian.
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Great book, I love it, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Midnight Breed books, anyone who likes the J R Ward brotherhood will like these books.
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I enjoyed this book but it was not as fast paced as the previous books. The 4th book brings you into Rio's head as he falls in love with a reporter from New York. I was hoping for a Yankee's reference or something considering The Order is based in Boston but it did not happen. :) The book has a great twist at the end, leaving you wanting more.
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It was okay. I have to admit I'm being harsh here because I have read five of the books in this series. If I read this one earlier on, I probably would have given it a higher rating.

It was just the cookie cutter relationship plot line Adrian was using can be tiring. I would have liked to see some variety (It's always about how they don't want a relationship but can't keep their hands off each other. Would be nice if one of them was into a relationship and the other not or some other combination). After reading a few of her books it seemed like too much of the same thing.

The main plot moves slowly so if you are the type of reader that would like things to tie up nicerly at the end and would like a stand alone book, you wouldn't like this. I also agree with the review that all of Adrian's female protagonists are interchangeable which was disappointing.

A big part of what was missing was the reason why Dylan was into Rio. The book definitely did a better job of seeing things from Rio's point of view and Dylan seemed like she was more like a side character along for the ride when it came to her emotions about him. Their relationship progressed to love rather abruptly. I didn't mind that it took a week but Adrian didn't do a good job showing how it got there. It was seriously one minute they got on each other nerves and the next they were sprouting how much they loved each other.

Things I did like about the book was how they included Eva the betrayer. It was a nice way to bring her back and to show her as a real person with different sides. In the other books, she was just a betrayer. I also liked the fact that Adrian took time to explore the problems with the relationship between Rio and Eva and that both of them were at fault, not just Eva.

And of course I love seeing the other characters we got to know in the other books. In fact, I really wished there were more scenes of everyone together.

Overall, it's a good series if there is nothing else you are reading but I wouldn't go out of my way to obtain it.
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From the opening pages, where tabloid reporter Dylan first discovers the mysterious secluded cave half way up a Czech mountainside with its half-mad vampire occupant, Midnight Rising captures the attention and imagination of its readers and refuses to let go. Even in the closing pages a new plot by a Rogue master vampire to destroy the Breed vampire warriors is revealed guaranteed to leave readers wanting more.
I really loved the mental battle that Rio had to go through and how he kept fighting and denying his feelings for Dylan. They were a great match and I loved the chemistry and the conversations they had. I even enjoyed where she held off the sex until it actually worked for the characters. This one is my favorite so far. The fact that she gave Eva a chance to redeem herself, made me love it all the more. Great read, fast paced and gripping throughout the entire book.
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she cant write fast enough for me! I really love the entire series, they are all on my shelf waiting to be read for the 2 and 3rd time!! love the world, love the men and their unique strong women, and hope she writes more.
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I enjoyed the first 5 books of this series, with this one being my favorite. Easy read. Couldn't put it down..
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I started out not liking this book as much as the previous ones in the series, but by midway through, it started coming together a bit more for me. I agree with what another reviewer said, in that it is almost implausible for these two to fall in love so fast. She is young and beautiful (naturally), and he is scarred and on the brink of insanity when she meets him. And while I truly believe love can happen with that scenario, I don't believe it can happen that quickly. But then again, this is fiction, right. I will say the book got a whole lot better by the end, even though I pretty much had the ending figured out well before the close of the book.
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This series is awesome This is the best so far cant wait
to read them all 4 stars
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This series just gets better and better. I'm caught between wanting to read all these books one right after the other and wanting to savor the series. I definitely recommend for paranormal fans or anyone else for that matter.
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This is probably the best of the Breed I have read so far.
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too mushy
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love this series, wish she had more written but I have read all of her books and look forward to the next one
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Love Lara Adrian! Sexy and easy reads!
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Excellent book just like the rest of the series. Hot, erotic, and real. An easy read with a great story line of suspense, betrayal, unquenchable desire, and the love of family.
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Broken Rio finds love but has lots of emotions going through him when he still wants to die, but little did Rio know Dylan is what his broken soul is in need of.