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Topic: missed wish list book for some reason?

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Subject: missed wish list book for some reason?
Date Posted: 6/25/2010 1:13 PM ET
Member Since: 8/2/2009
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about a month ago I was finally  made it to the top of the list for one of my books. I was pretty excited thinking any day now I will get notified that it has been posted. So it gets posted and I check everyday to see if the request was accepted or sent or whatever. It never does.....and then it times out and I am back in a holding pattern at #1again. Anyway I got to thinking who posts a wishlisted book and then doesn't send it?......I mean I have posted books that are put on wishlist hold as soon as I post them.....so my requested book had to be held right away as I have the automatic acceptance turned on.....so whats the deal? what happened? I started to get kinda pissed about it......but then I started thinking what if something happened to this member or somebody in her family was hurt or had some emergency that required her to leave suddenly or .....I don't know real life just happened and PBS gets thrown on the back burner.... Maybe I need to take a step back and not be so selfish after all I am #1 on the list and I will get my book.  I thought about Pm'ing her and asking her if she was allright or say something about the book like "I am still interested in the book" but then I thought maybe I should just leave it alone, I mean I know PBS sends reminder e-mails. Anyway I just wanted to let people know that if  we all exercise a little love, understanding and compassion this will be a better site.


Also I sure hope she is ok.........

Date Posted: 6/25/2010 1:50 PM ET
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With some WL books people post them on many other sites too and even ebay. They might have gotten another request for it and forgotten about PBS>

Real life could be a factor, school is ending for the year, vacation time and people forget.
I once had a book requested an hour before my vacation hold went into play, so it timed out before I was able to come back and accept it :(
It was not a WL book when I posted it a few days before hand, the paperback version had a WL though.

Date Posted: 6/25/2010 2:03 PM ET
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I can understand your frustration...especially if it's a book you've been waiting for for a long time!  But as you said sometimes things happen that get in the way...  I recently had a wish list book posted to me, then the poster waited the full five days before marking that she could mail the book.  She chose the longest time possible for mailing.  Then she never mailed the book.  Frustrating!  But PBS does teach us patience!   The book has since been posted to me again...and it's been mailed so I should have it sometime next week.

Date Posted: 6/25/2010 4:33 PM ET
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Just leave it alone. For some reason the person couldn't mail the book, you don't need to know why. I know you mean well, but if the person couldn't mail it because of an emergecy, they don't need a pm to respond to.

Date Posted: 6/25/2010 4:38 PM ET
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Also I think some people join, post a lot of books and then get overwhelmed.  They don't investigate the site before they join and learn how to tell if a books is WL before they post it or see if there's books they want available.

Date Posted: 6/25/2010 6:00 PM ET
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They may have checked the book before mailing and found it not to be postable.  I've done that after I've marked it Accepted (but not printed).  Makes me feel bad for both of us.  I usually send a PM if that happens. 

I've had WL books offered and accepted and printed and then a week before it went lost the sender PM'd me with "I;m sorry I can't send the book because the cat peed on it."  Well I don't want it that way either.  But it took  weeks to tell me??

Strange things can happen.  I've not only learned to be patient but also not to count my eggs(books) until they hatch (arrive).


Date Posted: 6/25/2010 6:22 PM ET
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"I;m sorry I can't send the book because the cat peed on it."


Now thats funny.......lol

Date Posted: 6/25/2010 11:21 PM ET
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I had a wishlist book posted, then cancelled.  Sender said her DH wasn't ready to part with the book yet lol!

Date Posted: 6/26/2010 1:51 AM ET
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Yea,  been there, done that.  Take out a WL book to wrap, leave it on the table with the tape and all, and the DH grabs it to read.   After ignoring it on the shelf for months.

Ronda (RONDA) - ,
Date Posted: 6/26/2010 1:53 PM ET
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I had two cancelled by the sender last week, but that was the first time it happened since I have used this site.  Both of the emails had a message.  One said mom decided she wanted to keep the book and one said that they accidentally posted it and have not read it yet.

I think most of the time it is something like that and not an emergency.  Yes it is a little annoying, but people make minor mistakes like this all the time, cut them a little slack.