Book Reviews of Monster Island (Zombie, Bk 1)

Monster Island (Zombie, Bk 1)
Monster Island - Zombie, Bk 1
Author: David Wellington
ISBN-13: 9781560258506
ISBN-10: 1560258500
Publication Date: 4/2006
Pages: 272
  • Currently 3.6/5 Stars.

3.6 stars, based on 70 ratings
Publisher: Thunder's Mouth Press
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4
Not all its cracked up to be, unfortunately - but still a good zombie romp. Its weakness is dependence on intelligent zombies and psychic abilities, something the 'zombie purist' in me cringes at. I understand the second and third books become even more dependent on these plot elements, so maybe this is the book I'd enjoy most out of the three. The best parts, involved the colorful Heinleinian female characters. I didn't like it enough to hold on to my own copy, but I'm happy to have read it.
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Helpful Score: 1
This book was pretty good, a unique zombie novel, not that I have read many zombie novels. I really liked knowing Gary's zombie thoughts. Thinking zombies? Creepy! I highly recommend this book if you like books about zombies or books about the end of the world. It was interesting, different, original, and, of course, gory!
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Helpful Score: 1
It's like the Muppets Take Manhattan except with zombies. A nice little supernatural twist is thrown in the mix too. Good times.
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Brilliant ... brutal, frightening, addictive reading. Terrific and highly recommended.
reviewed Monster Island (Zombie, Bk 1) on
A diffrent twist on the normal zombie novel but still very entertaining. Started out a little slow, but turned out be action packed near end. A must read for the zombie lovers!
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Imagine witnessing the world falling apart and overrun with dead, smelling bodies carving your flesh. Nowhere to go, disguising your own smell of alive flesh.

Dekalp finds himself in a situation that doesn't leave any possibility for him then to leave his little daugther in the hand of Somali soldiers that promised to keep her if he helps in the search of medications.
He returns to New York with a small group of girl-soldiers. The world he once knew has vanished. The town looks empty as long as the wind blows in the right direction.
How is he going to manage to lead this girls to the only source he can think of where the drugs might be stored ?

At the same time Gary, a former med student is reborn dead. His only advantage is his functional brain and ability to speak. He quickly discovers his powers: healing himself from a headshot, using the braindead undead for his advantage he quickly regains the power of the zombies surrounding him.

In a desperate attempt to find the drugs Dekalp and one soldier find themselves in the shelter of a surviving colony and the chance to finally reach the UN building and it's medical department.

Meanwhile Gary begins to butcher the surviors he can find and plans to ambush the remaining colony.

A war between dead and alive is about to arise and the few survivors taken hostage by Gary who changed his mind and plans to keep them for future food production. A few girl soldiers, Dekalp, and two U. S. soldiers face the ultimate battle.


A fresh remake of the old, common zombie history that sticks to the true culture of zombie novels but like may others it doesn't get boring. Dekalp is a steady character thrown into a nightmare, forced to change his attitude and true to his goals. He never looses his focus on his main goal and manages to save survivor lives just to suffer through his own possibly dark future.

I loved it and appreciated every single moment of reading.
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This was an ok read. It is fast paced, full of action, and sectioned to make for quick easy reading. As far as plot goes it was OK. I am more used to dumb dead zombies that kill you by being persistent and overpowering you. This novel presents a new twist in providing zombies that can think and plan.
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I didn't care for this book as much as I thought I would. I thought a lot of it was rushed, and some of the characters weren't fleshed out as much as they should have been.
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It was engaging and very unique. Easy read.
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I have read all three books in this series. I have become David Wellingtons new #1 fan. He starts the books out in New York after the epidemic. The characters are great and it is easy to follow. I was happy to see that he continued with the second book without losing any of the story. He closed the series with book three with a GREAT ending. There are characters that you thought were gone and popped up here. There was closure at the end of book three for all of the characters, big and small. I was really impressed that he made it hard to forget each and every one of them. If you are able to get all three at once don't hesitate. I got mine from Barnes and Noble used books for under 25$(for all three and that included shipping)You will want to go directly into the next book as soon as your done. Check out his website, He has some awesome online stuff also.
reviewed Monster Island (Zombie, Bk 1) on
Interesting and different view on what the Zombie Apocalypse would be like. Definitely gave a different spin to it so it wasn't the same as all the other zombie novels. It was a quick easy read, didn't entirely keep my attention, but it was at least a change of pace.
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A good zombie read, though it gets a bit paranormal which I didn't expect. Though I like paranormal, it was odd. But I liked the characters and the story was scary, gross, bloody and icky. I have the other two books as well and will get to them eventually.
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I enjoyed this one as much as the first Zombie Novel. I read it in 3 days! A real page turner leading you up to an ending you cant believe! Wonderful book.