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Naughty Little Secret
Naughty Little Secret
Author: Shelley Bradley
ISBN-13: 9781599982939
ISBN-10: 1599982935
Publication Date: 8/1/2006
Pages: 212
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 109 ratings
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 7
Boooorrriiinnnggg. This book was soo obviously predictable. Yes, the sex scenes were steamy and explicit, but I've read better. But this 'heroine' was so stubborn and stupid, I wanted to bitch-slap her. The 'hero' did everything in his power to seduce and romance her - including telling her that he loved, Loved, LOVED her many times (& really, boys and girls, how many men are that vocal about it - huh?), and she's STILL afraid of getting hurt? Aw, come on, she just went on and on about it; I lost all sympathy or empathy with her. If she's that hung up about it, let her be miserable; that's what she wants after all. Thank goodness she has a sister who can cut to the chase and tell her she's an idiot. A fast, easy read, but really, don't waste your time.
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Helpful Score: 2
This was a really good story. I loved Noah and Lauren; the attraction between them sizzled and the sex scenes were pretty hot. I liked how Noah thought outside the box to get Lauren to realize her feelings for him, though I understood Lauren's reaction when she found out her Mr. Mysterious was the man she's been pining over for years. At times, it was annoying how distrustful Lauren was due to her divorce, but I found it didn't detract too much from the overall story. I couldn't wait for them to get their happily ever after.
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Helpful Score: 2
Although the sex scenes were great, the heroine really got on my nerves! She was so whiny and indecisive. I agree with Pam, I wanted to reach into the book and slap her!
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Helpful Score: 1
Very Steamy!! Good story, couldn't put it down.
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I was disappointed in this book. Both the main characters are in love with each other but the other does not know. they both try in their own way to get the other to notice. Quite frankly, I felt this book was creepy, in a stalkerish - not sexy way.
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I loved this book. Steamy, sexy, good read.
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I read this book in one day, and yes I really liked it. But I think the story could have been a little more in depth, some parts were just a little shallow and left you wanting more details in to their lives.
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interesting twist at the reveal. good read.
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Big distractors in this book were the length and the heroine, Lauren Southall. Felt the story would have drawn the reader in more with more of a story line. And Lauren just plumb got on my nerves.
Lauren has been divorced from Tim but we never see them interact. Why not? That could have added more to explaining her indecision when it came to entering into a relationship with Noah Reeves. We also never see her interact with Gary from accounting who is interested in her. I guess that would have given me more insight into her character.
I was so tired of her anger toward Noah for his seduction of her on two fronts. He gave her what she wanted and then she gets mad. Her reasoning is not supported by what she witnesses and feels. On page 193 she sees that he's in pain and still does not believe that he loves her. And all the little silly tests she puts him through were very juvenile and she was correct in stating it. I guess most of this would be elimated with more character devolpment.
Metaphors and similes tripped me up. For example, on page 96, "like a tin can for recycling." Lauren does not appear to be one who is overly into the enivornment because she uses a straform cup. Another one was on page 126, "Her heart revved up like an F-22 engine..." Nor does she have anything to do with the military. Why not metaphors that have to do with cooking since she is in the resturant business?
On page 163, the phrase, "staying beyond the orgasm" is good. But when it is used again on page 170, takes away the emphasis of it.
And I really got confused when Lauren finds out that Noah is Mr. Mysterious. Noah uses crude words. Noah, has been using crude words throught out the whole book. Why is so a big deal? On page 193, he uses an ugly four letter word. Is it only ok when he uses crude words during sex, but not in everyday conversation?
I was also confused by the discussion between Lauren and her sister, another character we never see. I read it five times and still don't get it. But I think that may be my problem. If someone can explain it, I would really appreciate it.
I was not as upset with Noah seaking into her home. Seems sort of odd, but hey, I read romance and there are some other stranger storylines than this.
I will give this author another try. I think this book was rushed.
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This book contains explicit sex, and graphic language.