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Topic: New Year, Let's share

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Subject: New Year, Let's share
Date Posted: 12/15/2007 6:40 PM ET
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Care to share some of your free homeschool links?

I have:


Learning Games - Miniclip Games - Play Free Games

Alfy.com: Free Kids Games, Clip Art, Free On-line Puzzles, Music Videos, Comics, Word Search, horoscopes, Coloring Pages, math, free learning games, fun educational games, kids chat and activities for kids and Children

Online Learning Games

Gamequarium: A portal to thousands of free, online learning games and activities for Pre-School through Grade 6 students compiled by Diana Dell.

Online Learning Games Page 1 -- Printable & Online Activities

LearningPlanet.com Kids Page

Funschool - Fun and Educational Games and Activities for Kids

Kids Games - Prongo.com has free educational games for kids

Sheppard Software - educational games and activities for kids of all ages.

FreeTypingGame.net - Free typing games online, fun and lesson based keyboarding games including home row!

Free online elementary social studies interactive learning games and activities

The Adventures of Dave and Augie | Free Online Learning Games and Activities

Kids Learning Lab - Useful Links

Kids Online - The Online Place for Internet Kids

Learning Games

Educational Games: Math, Spelling, Reading, e-learning, SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, Languages, Spanish, Science.

Billy Bear's Fun & Games

Build-A-Prairie, presented by Bell LIVE!

KinderStart - Arts and Entertainment : Online Games


My other various curriculum links:

Homeschooling freebies from TheHomeSchoolMom.com

Factory Tours USA

SchoolExpress.com - free lesson plans, free worksheets, free software, online math, educational store, homeschool

Spelling it Right - Learn to spell confidently

Classics for Kids | This Week's Show

John's Word Search Puzzles: Thanksgiving

abcteach Printable Worksheet: Thanksgiving Word Unscramble

The turkey shot out of the oven - Homeschooling Jokes


Artsonia Kids Art Museum — The Largest Student Art Gallery on the Web!

Homeschool Forms to Print - Home Crusaders


Preschool Activities

Pencil Lessons from HomeSchoolArts.com, Pencil Lesson Index Page

Fingerprint Characters

BibleGateway.com: A searchable online Bible in over 50 versions and 35 languages.

DragonflyTV . Discover DFTV . Living Things . Cheetahs | PBS Kids Go!

Geospy -- National Geographic Kids

Notebooking Pages Free Cutouts

Free George Washington Lapbook - Homeschool Helper

Free Introduction to Chemistry Lapbook - Homeschool Helper

Free Weather Lapbook - Homeschool Helper

Free Bible Crafts and Bible Activities from Christian Preschool Printables

Lapbooking on Squidoo

Collection: Lapbooks

Sugar Plum's Lapbooking Pages

Free Bible Lapbooks, Preschool Lapbooks, Christian Lapbooks

Yahoo groups that I belong to & recommend:

2 Dollar Complete Meals for Four

Almost Organized Homeschool

The Bookroom

Christian Preschool Printables

Clever Homemaker

Early Learning Printables

Free Homeschool

Homeschool Form Share

Homeschool Websites

Kindergarten at Home

Lesson of the Week No Chat


Unschooling Resources

Phew! That took a while! I hope some of this is useful for you!

Date Posted: 12/15/2007 6:59 PM ET
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As I said in another post, you are the queen of freebies.  I'll be looking through some of these and posting my own, but my family is hungry, funny they like eat every night about this time.

Date Posted: 12/15/2007 7:11 PM ET
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I keep trying to convince myself that if I would just stop feeding the kids, they would stop growing....thereby saving on two expenses: clothing AND groceries. ;)

We're a military family. That means I have to find freebies. =) I hope they help others, too.

Date Posted: 12/16/2007 12:54 AM ET
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I'll help out this weekend. I also have tons, mostly for young to mid elementary, and including preschool. :)

Date Posted: 12/16/2007 11:40 AM ET
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Wow....I'm in awe. :-) This is my first year homeschooling and I have a 9th grader. Most of the site I've found that are free are geared towards younger children....of course it makes me wish I had had the opportunity to start when she was younger but that just wasn't the case.

Does anyone have any free sites that are really good for older kids too?



Date Posted: 12/16/2007 1:13 PM ET
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Okay here are some of my favorites

Glencoe Literature guides -http://www.glencoe.com/sec/literature/litlibrary/

Donna Young's printable's  and resources -  www.donnayoung.org

downloadable curriculum (they do a freebie each week) - www.homeschoolestore.com

Notebooking pages (some paid, some freebies) - http://www.notebookingpages.com/

Astronomy picture of the day (free wow's) -- http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/

Merriam - Webster dictionary online - http://www.m-w.com/

my favorite homeschool message board - www.homeschoolreviews.com

those are a few of my favorite places.



Date Posted: 12/16/2007 10:42 PM ET
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My favorite for a full classical curriculum education (K-12) is Old Fashioned Education. There is also AmblesideOnline for classical curriculum as well.


Date Posted: 12/17/2007 12:19 PM ET
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How do you post a link? If you can tell me how to post a link. I will post some later today.

Date Posted: 12/17/2007 12:39 PM ET
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copy the address, and paste it (Ctrl + V) in the message screen. Highlight the entire thing, then click on the link icon above in the format bar. Paste the address in the URL place.


Date Posted: 12/17/2007 6:16 PM ET
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Thanks ! I hope these are not a repeat.































































A little teachers helper









Date Posted: 12/26/2007 12:17 AM ET
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this is too good to let slip off the front page

Date Posted: 12/26/2007 5:14 AM ET
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High school level


Date Posted: 12/26/2007 11:34 AM ET
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Thanks Nina!

Date Posted: 12/26/2007 12:25 PM ET
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Wow! What a great list of links. I wish I was still homeschooling -- or that I had known about PBS and many of these links when I was homeschooling  :-D



Date Posted: 12/28/2007 9:27 PM ET
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They should make this a red sticky thread at the top...I can see us using it a LOT next year when I homeschool!

Subject: Here are a few more good sites
Date Posted: 12/28/2007 9:58 PM ET
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Below is a compilation of recommended ideas and resources for homeschool-preschool and young children. THESE ARE NOT my original ideas. I am cleaning out my INBOX and these are ideas I have been sent or found or Lovingly lifted from other homeschool sites, feel free to pass them along (you may even see some of your own suggestions J ):





Cribbage- reinforces addition like nobody's business. If you have the patience to teach your child cribbage, it's great fun! We just taught our son at 5 1/2- if your child can count he/she can learn this game. The key is to introduce one rule at a time, such as with chess.
Monopoly- counting money- personally, I don't care for monopoly, but my son loves it, and it's great for reinforcing money concepts.
Yahtzee- addition and mulitiplication
Chess- thinking skills/strategy concepts and problem solving. He's been playing since he was four- anyone can learn the basics. Perfecting the game is the journey of a lifetime :)
Chutes and Ladders/Uncle Wiggly- addition and subtraction
Dominoes- we have a set of 12 dot dominoes- we use them for playing games like "Mexican Train"- great for recognition of quantities. Also use them for multiplication, addition, subtraction. There are at least 50 "official" games that can be played with dominoes

Right Start Math is a wonderful program that offers about 300 hands on games to reinforce learning of the basics- well worth the money spent! It cost me about 90 dollars for everything I needed to get started, and it's the one program I go back to for fun :)


http://www .Starfall.org














http://www.mrsalphabet.com/ (tab for preschool phonics)

http://www.wacona.com/kindergartengames/kindergartengames.html (games)

http://www.funlessonplans.com/preschool_lesson_plans/free.htm (free preK
lesson plans)

http://www.preschooleducation.com/ (great idea place)

http://aol.sesameworkshop.org/sesamestreet/ (Sesame Street Workshop)





http://themathworksheetsite.com/ (Math Worksheet Generator)

http://www.math.com/homeworkhelp/BasicMath.html (Math.com)

http://www.aplusmath.com/ (for flashcards and worksheets)

And for multiplication:


http://themathworksheetsite.com/ (Math Worksheet Generator)

http://www.math.com/homeworkhelp/BasicMath.html (Math.com)

http://www.aplusmath.com/ (for flashcards and worksheets)

And my favorite for multiplication is:



1. Counting. Label 10 index cards with numerals 1-10 (or 10-20
whatever level suits your child). On the back of each card stick on
the appropriate number of stickers, i.e., 6 stickers on back of the
card labeled "6." I bought a large set of mini-stickers for this
purpose. Check the stationary aisle - look for stickers that are
dime-sized or smaller. Anyway, provide a supply of counters that are
small enough to barely cover the stickers. I used transparent
plastic bingo markers in different colors, but you could also use
beads, beans etc. Have the child 1) place a card numeral side up, 2)
count out the correct number of counters, 3) turn the card over and
match up counters & stickers in one-to-one correspondence. This is a
self checking activity. If the stickers and counters don't match up
something is wrong. He can repeat with additional cards until bored,
or have a "rule" like "choose and do 4 cards then stop."

2. Pattern matching / recognition. String some plastic pony beads
onto a plastic drinking straw in an easy pattern of alternating
colors. Hot glue the first & last beads so they are permanent and
won't come off. Provide child with another plastic drinking straw
and supply of pony beads in various colors. Have the child attempt
to create string(s) of beads to match your sample(s). The straws are
easier to thread than string and the samples lay flat on the table.
I used colored straws for my samples and provided white straws for
the child's use so he knew right away which ones where the samples
(and wouldn't try to pull off the glued ones.)


1. Cutting. Provide ½ sheets of paper onto which you have drawn
simple wavy lines with a wide black marker. I used to put stickers
at the ends of the lines (birds, butterflies, bugs, cars, space
ships - something interesting to "go for." Draw 2 or 3 lines on each
½ sheet - the lines should be roughly parallel, not intersecting.
Provide scissors and say "Can you cut along the line to all the way
to the bird (or whatever.) Graduate to simple closed shapes instead
of lines.


2. Toothpick Punched Art. Layer a folded tea towel or face cloth,
blank ½ sheet of black construction paper, ½ sheet of paper with
simple "pattern" (heart, star, circle, square, etc.) drawn in heavy
black marker (or print from computer). Layer so that towel is on
table, pattern sheet is on top. Provide tooth pick and tell child to
poke holes in the white pattern paper along the edges of the heart
(circle, star, etc.). When done he'll like to hold his black punched
piece up to the window to see

3. Tweezers & pony beads. I had a supply (6-8) of medicine dose cups
that come off the top of cough syrup bottles. I glued a different
colored bead into the bottom of each cup. Then I provided a supply
of beads (in those colors) and a pair of tweezers. Say, "can you use
only the tweezers to move the beads to the right (matching) colored
cups?" Let the child work for 5 or so minutes then count the beads
before putting them back in the "supply" - sort of a cross-over
counting, sorting, fine motor activity.

4. Tracing. Provide ½ sheets with simple shapes (similar to the ones
from the toothpick art activity) and ½ sheets of tracing paper. I
put a small clip board in this bag to hold the two pages together
while the child worked - along with a marker or crayon.


All my activity bags for this subject shared the same goal - to
teach DS beginning consonant sounds. I mainly used a variety of
pictures clear-taped onto index cards and a set of plastic letters
(like the magnet type used on `fridge.) Then I'd have him do
matching activities. The reverse of the card always had the correct
letter so this was self correcting. The best place to get lots of
pictures (you need LOTS for this) is to buy alphabet books from yard
sales at 10c to 20c each, then just cut them up! I got some from
magazines but that's harder and more work! He especially liked
to "work on the fridge" for this, so I had a bunch of plain magnets
to attach the index cards to the fridge. I'd stick up the "B" magnet
and have him go through the cards finding all the pictures that
start with "buh, buh, buh."

Make it harder by making cards for consonant blends, ending
consonants, etc.


Before you cut up those alphabet books take some BLACK & WHITE
Xeroxes of various pages. Try to get pictures of items that are
USUALLY one color (fruits, veggies & food items are good for this -
i.e. bananas are always yellow, broccoli always green, etc.). Cut up
the Xeroxed pictures, clear-taping one per index card. Have the
child match the item with something else that shows the right color
(crayons, colors on another index card, paint chips, whatever - or
make a game board with different colored spaces for the item cards).
The idea is to match the item with the appropriate color. Make lots
of item cards (25-30). (This is probably only for 3 year olds ?)


I visited the library weekly to have a rotating supply of cassette
tapes and read-along books. I'd change the book/tape bag after each
use so there was always something different. He used this activity
bag every day. We used a player with earphones so the older kid
wasn't disturbed.


Once in a while I'd include a Ziploc Bag with a can of shaving
cream. We'd spray a big glop onto the kitchen counter and he was
allowed to draw letters or numbers into the shaving cream until he
got bored with that. Sometimes it was good for a half hour! Other
times I'd whip up ½ cup of Ivory Liquid in a small bowl. Set the
bowl in the sink, push a kitchen chair up to the sink and let him
have at it. After a few minutes turn on a trickle of water from the
faucet and provide a bunch of plastic measuring cups. This could be
good for 40 minutes!!!


Book Recommendations:


great books called Sir Cumference, they are all about geometry


on-line program that uses LEGOS called edventures.com






_www.mathplayground.com_ (http://www.mathplayground.com)

Free online games, flashcards, word problems, fractions, math facts, etc.
Looks very boy friendly ;-)


_ www.YouNeedaStory.com


Here is the link to summer reading program:



scope and sequence  http://www.worldbook.com/wb/Students?curriculum/kindergarten


www.bookitprogram.com  Pizza Hut Book-It Program


http://www.homeschoolnewslink.com/vol7iss3_WaxOnWaxOff_Preschool.html If you were ever worried you should or shouldn't homeschoolpreschool


http://www.preschoolprintables.com/filefolder/firesafety/filefolderfire.shtml Firefighter file folder


http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/amphibians/sequencingfrog/ frog sequencing

Play clay that hardens  http://armandhammer.com/brochure/







Subject: wow.
Date Posted: 12/28/2007 10:09 PM ET
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Wow. Thanks for all the links, everyone. This is only my first year homeschooling so I have nothing more to add, though even if I were a 12 year veteran of hs'ing I can't imagine being able to add anything else to this comprehensive list!

This should keep me busy for the next, oh, two weeks.



Date Posted: 1/15/2008 2:01 PM ET
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I'm bumping this 'cause I hate to see it fall off into cyberspace:)