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The Note
The Note
Author: Angela Hunt
ISBN-13: 9780739418451
ISBN-10: 0739418459
Publication Date: 2001
  • Currently 4.3/5 Stars.

4.3 stars, based on 22 ratings
Publisher: World Publishing
Book Type: Hardcover
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Helpful Score: 9
Absolutely captivating! I could not put it down. I read and enjoy lots of books, but rarely LOVE one. I loved this one!

Great story line. Steadily paced with a well-built and suprising ending. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre of fiction.
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Helpful Score: 6
Excellent, with a surprising twist that will make your mouth drop. As usual, I really enjoyed Angela Hunt's book.
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Helpful Score: 5
"The Note" is about a reporter's search for the person that a note found after a fatal plane crash was written to. While searching for the correct person, she discovers herself. The characters were developed well and the story is well paced with a surprise at the conclusion. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.
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Helpful Score: 4
I was leary of starting this book. I thought it would be filled with crushing sadness. But instead I was pleased to find an interesting story of a journalist on the trail of an amazing story. Not only does she discover the truth of the story but she discovers the truths of her own life. It was a pleasant surprise.
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Helpful Score: 4
Don't think you know what is going to happen just by picking this book up. It is an awesome book and should be on everyone's book list! Angela Hunt weaves a story that is filled with questions until the end and then leaves you with an AHH! Great Book!
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Helpful Score: 3
This one is sort of a Nicholas Spark type. A plane crash kills all on board and a note, telling the recipient they are forgivven, in a baggie, survives. The note is not addressed to a specific person, just an initial. The person who finds it takes it to a reporter who is having problems adjusting to her new position on the paper. She decides to investigate and see who the note was written to. In finding the person she heals herself. It is actually a nice story and I did enjoy it. Good characters, believable. The subtitle is "A story of second chances".
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Helpful Score: 3
Very good book, about second chances. Likable characters and just enough mystery to keep you thinking throughout the whole book - won't want to put it down till the very end!
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Helpful Score: 2
Fantastic story! One of the best books I have read in a long time. I also had seen the made-for-tv movie on this story and if anyone has not seen it this can be rented as there is a DVD movie out called "The Note"....and also a sequel to it called "Taking A Chance on Love"....both movies are wonderful ! 5+ stars

UPDATE: There is now a new DVD out which is now #3 in this series came out this week (July 10, 2012) and it is called "The Note 3"....if you are a fan of these stories and have Netflix or can rent a DVD then you may want to get that one as it continues this whole storyline.
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Helpful Score: 2
Great read. Couldn't put it down. Who is the note really for? Explores themes of prodigal son, and God's unconditional love...forgiveness. Small group or individual study questions in back of book.
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Helpful Score: 1
an enjoyable read! christian fiction.
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Very good story about second chances. Makes you think what you would do in this situation.
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This is the first book that I have read by this author and it won't be the last. It was very difficult to put this book down. Surprise twist at the end. I have the next book in the Note series on my wish list.
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I really liked this book and was pleasantly surprised. I had not read anything by this author and really enjoyed it.
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I liked this book a lot. It was good enough to keep me interested, but the first half was not so engaging that I couldn't put it down. There were also unpredictable components.
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this is a greatly written book - if you have seen the hallmark movie, then this just brings it all makes you really think about what you would do in that situation. Great author and great book!
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Great book! It's one of the Women of Faith Fiction Club.
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This is such a lovely book. Every page kept me reading to the next as fast as i could. Great twist at the end. One little "note" found and all things are different. Great read.
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This is one story the reader will not forget. A tragic airplane crash leaves no survivors. But a note in a sealed baggy washes ashore. The woman who finds it brings it to a local reporter who is struggling with her column "The Heart Healer". With the note in hand, she sets out to find the recipient of the note. As she meets various people, their response to the note begins to change the way she views the note until the note completely changes her heart when she finds the true owner of the note. Don't miss reading this wonderful book from Angela Hunt.
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I loved this book. The responses of the characters to 'the note' of love and forgiveness were a great illustration.
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I was disappointed in this book - maybe I had my hopes set too high. The premise was good but the execution was a bit lacking. The characters were not very relatable - especially the ones she visited about the note - I thought they responded very unrealistically. I thought it was slow moving and had an anticlimactic ending. But it was still just good enough for me to give this author another try.
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Peyton MacGruder is a columnist for the Tampa Times. Her column, "The Heart Healer" is on the chopping block if reader approval numbers do not rise.

Pan World Flight 848, enroute from LaGuardia to Tampa International takes the emphasis from mundane columns to the nation's worst air disaster.

One week later, a woman Peyton has never met gives her a plastic bag washed up behind her house. It's a note, from the doomed flight and it's the perfect story to boost ratings for Peyton's column.

Interesting side plots on some of the characters, this book is one of the Women of Faith fiction series.
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Angela was my sister's HS teacher and she and I went to college at the same school. This is another great book by Angie!
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Tear jerker, extremely great story.
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Newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder is proud of three things-her immaculate VW Jetta, her status as a strong single woman, and her ability to whip out her Tampa Times column, "The Heart Healer," in record time. But when her editor learns that "The Heart Healer" ranked last in a recent reader poll, Peyton is given only three weeks to change either her column or her job. then the unthinkable happens. PanWorld Flight 848, en route from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Tampa International, bursts into flame and crashes into Tampa Bay. All 261 passengers and crew are killed. For one week, Peyton and her fellow reporters cover the nation's worst air disaster with numbed emothions, and then try to move on.
As Peyton puzzles over how to attract more "Heart Healer" reader, a woman she's never met gives her a plastic bag that has washed up behind her house. the bag contains a note, almost certainly from the doomed flight, with a simple message:
I love you. all is forgiven
It's the perfect story to attract readers for Peyton's column. As the unfolding stroy gains statewide and then national attention, she combs through the passenger list to find victims whose children's names begin with T. She's determined to deliver the note to its proper owner. And if the story saves her column and lifts her to national prominence, so much the better.
But in her quest to discover the truth, Peyton uncovers lissons about love and forgiveness...and about hersolf. a pwerful allegory of God' love and forgiveness, The Note will help heal the hearts of every parent, child, and seeker.
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I loved this book. Very well written and surprise ending. It kept you in suspence on every page.
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Very good story!
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I enjoyed this book very much! A very believable story with an ending that was difficult to predict. Written by a christian writer, but the story line keeps it very "real life". I would highly recommend reading this one!
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Must have a box of tissues close to read the page turner. Was good, but difficult in places to read for the tears beginning to form.
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I enjoyed this book alot because the reader also searches his/her own life for relationships that need attention. I would recommend this novel to anyone.
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Didnt like much I need a little more suspence
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Love Angela Hunt!!! Great book!
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Quick and easy read but did have some depth to the story. I liked how it had a "parable" feel to it.
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This book is very touching in spots but a real good read. Surprisely good ending. Glad I read this book.
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I completely enjoyed reading this book. It is very heart warming. Does anyone know if there is a continuation to the story? It does not really drop off but I think there might be more that happens after.
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Stayed with me a long time, Great read!
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Great book! An allegory without being too preachy. Neat twist at the end.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was a great, easy read for my beach trip. :)
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This book is a parable and is very good.
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Loved it....
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Great Book