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Topic: It's November 2015 - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's November 2015 - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 11/1/2015 10:47 AM ET
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  1. "FOR THE LOVE OF A WOMAN" by Christina James (A+++++) (Kindle) When Marly Hampton offers a handsome stranger a meal and a place to sleep, it’s only for the weekend after he breaks down in her small town on the outskirts of the Smoky Mountains. But the mysterious Mitch Allen stirs emotions in her long thought buried. A widowed, single mom raising her son, Marly has no time for romance. Or is that about to change? Mitch won’t be staying in town any longer than it takes to repair his truck. The former Boston detective has hit the open road to run from painful memories. Falling in love is the last thing on his mind. When he’s accused of murder, Mitch comes out of retirement not only to fight for his reputation but also for the woman who has opened his heart. Can they both face a past that stands in the way of their future before they lose what could be? Or will the evil lurking nearby succeed on destroying them?
  2. "FAR FROM PERFECT" by Barbara Longeley (Perfect, Indiana #1) (New Author For Me)  (A++++) (read on a Kindle application on my cell phone) For Ceejay Lovejoy, life in Perfect, Indiana, has been anything but. Abandoned by her parents and left pregnant by her boyfriend, Ceejay has had to fight every step of the way to carve out a future for herself and her daughter. She swears off men for good - until the day Noah Langford appears on her doorstep. Noah narrowly survived the roadside bombing in Iraq that cost him his leg, returning home to the news that his stepbrother Matt has died in a car accident. It is the final blow to Noah’s shattered soul - until he learns about the girlfriend and baby Matt abandoned. Suddenly Noah has a new mission: to make amends with the family his brother rejected. From the moment he meets Ceejay, her beauty and warmth act like a balm on his fractured heart. But when a painful secret comes to light, it threatens to break the fragile bond growing between them…and to destroy a love powerful enough to heal them both.
  3. "FIRELIGHT AT MUSTANG RIDGE" by Jesse Hayworth (Mustang Ridge #4) (A++++++) Sometimes a little change is exactly what a person needs. Ever since striking it big on a gemstone claim in the Wyoming mountains, Sam Babcock has known luck is on his side - except when it comes to the people he loves. When he forms a surprising connection with an alluring newcomer staying at his friend Wyatt's ranch, Sam starts to question everything he thought he knew. Needing time and space to heal, former daredevil Danny Traveler is camping out in a valley beyond Mustang Ridge Dude Ranch. She wants to take care of herself for once - and a sexy cowboy might be just the distraction she needs. But when Danny discovers there's much more to Sam than meets the eye, she begins to long for more than a casual fling. Can she convince the confirmed bachelor that it's worth changing his ways for a chance at long-term happiness?
  4. "UNTIL WE TOUCH" by Susan Mallery (Fool's Gold #15 ) (A++++++) After a family tragedy, former football hero Jack McGarry keeps the world at arm's length - a challenge now that his PR firm has moved to neighborly Fool's Gold, California. Larisa Owens knows where she stands - Jack sees her as just another one of the guys. No matter what her heart wishes, Jack's her boss, now her boyfriend. But then Larissa's big secret is revealed...by her mother! When Jack discovers the truth about Larissa's feelings, her touch suddenly becomes tantalizing and he's not wure he wants to resist. But if he gives in to desire, heartache is sure to follow. Friendship or true love - will Jack go for the ultimate play? 
  5. "ACTING NAUGHTY" by G.A. Hauser (Action! #1) (A+++) Keith O'Leary has been trying to break into acting for ages. When he is offered a part in the newest cable television drama he realizes it could be the chance of a lifetime. Only it means playing a gay man and Keith, live-in girrlfriend and all, is definitely straight. Or so he thinks, until sexy Carl Bronson kisses him on camera. Carl Bronson, the consummate professional, never thought he'd fall for a co-star, but he has, and hard, for Keith. To Carl's amazement the feeling is mutual and soon the sparks start to fly both on screen and off. Things are perfect until someone threatens to expose them as real lovers, placing their future in the acting business in jeopardy. Will they follow the advice of Keith's agent Adam Lewis, and deny, deny, deny their true feelings to the tabloids? Or take the chance and expose themselves, their love and possibly risk their careers? Sometimes the hardest role for an actor is real life.
  6. "TAKING IT HOME" by Jaymie Holland (Taboo #1) (New Author For Me) (A+++) (Kindle) Jett Sanders gets more than she bargains for when the fixit-man arrives to make a few repairs on her historic monument of a home. When she sees Noah Johnson on her doorstep instead of her usual handyman, Jett starts to imagine all kinds of ways this man could be handy. Noah is bown away by the dark haired beauty who happens to be wearing next to nothing under her robe. He indulges in a few fantasies while working on projects around her house. But when Jett makes it clear she wants him, Noah breaks taboo territory and takes on his employer, showing her exactly how handy he is.
  7. "BLUSH" by Cherry Adair (A+++++) If lust could kill...Amelia Wentworth, aka Mia Hayward, would be dead right now. Intead the sexy CEO is naked on her kitchen counter, waiting for a smoldering stranger to rock her world. Little does she know that he's been hired to killed her. She's aware that someone has a hit on her, which is why she's hiding out in a ramshackle house on a Louisiana bayou under a different identity. Free from the responsibility of running her family's multimillion-dollar cosmetic company, she might as well have some fun. Business of pleasure? Cruz Barcelona is the trained assassin who can't wait to get his hands on Mia, the monstrous millionaire who forces children to work in inhumane conditions. He just doesn't expect her to be irresistible. Or for the sex to be hot enough to derail his millsion. When Cruz goes undercover as Mia's handyman, his attraction to her mounts, forcing him to question whether Mia really is the ruthless businesswoman he once thought. But when Mia's life and business come under fire on Cruz's watch, it's clear that passion alone won't keep her alive.
  8. "A LITTLE COMBUSTIBLE CHEMISTRY" by Violet Duke (Cricket Creek #0.5) (New Author For Me) (A+++++) (Kindle) Man, oh man, was he in trouble...If the girl-next-door-had an unpredictable, feisty twin sister, this woman would be her. Though she's doused it quickly, a sizzling, ultra-feminine awareness had flared in her eyes in that brief moment they'd met his, along with a sweet blush she'd fought with adorably, stubborn defiance. Damn, she was cute. And intriguing. With that quiet, kitten gaze of hers still mulishly refusing to look his way again, she was drawing him in, hook, line and sinker. Holy Hefeweizen...It was bad enough that the faint scent of one of her dark ales was lingering on his lips in that sexier-than-sin ort of way, but candying it atop steamy eyes and a gentlemanly sweet center booty was just plain unfair. He was cowboy-in-the-city sexy with a laughing smile and all sorts of promisted temptations radiating from him. And he always smelled like chocolate. With his scorching hot gaze, he was completely lethal to everything that kept her tame. The night Luke and Dani met, they really should have gotten each other's last names. More importantly? Each other's occupations.
  9. "CRYSTAL COVE" by Lisa Kleypas (Friday Harbor #4) (A+++) On the island of Friday Harbor, magic is in the air- and destiny is a force too powerfl to defy. As the proprietor of a successful boutique hotel, Justine Hoffman has the life she has always wanted. But there is still something missing: love. A spell was cast on Justine when she was born, with the result that she will never find her soul mate. But she is nothing if not determined and eventually Justine finds a way to break the enchantment - never dreaming of the dangerous complications that will follow. When Justine meets Jason Black, she accidentally unleashes a storm of desire and danger that threatens everything she holds dear...because little does she know that Jason has secrets of his own. And he wants more from her than fate will ever allow.
  10. "RUNNING HOT" by HelenKay Dimon (Bad Boys Undercover #0.5) (A++++) Camped out at a resort bar in Fiji, CIA operative Ward Bennett may look like he's on vacation but he's really deep undercover, hunting a dictator on the run. Ward may be on the job, but that doesn't mean there isn't time for the sexy female bartender. That is, until she drugs him. When Tasha Gregory discovers the hottie on the barstool isn't who he pretends to be, her MI6 training kicks into gear and she has no choice but to take him out. Problem is, Ward's not an easy man to put down for long. More than once, his interference almost blows her surveillance operation - and her ability to keep her heart to herself. As the situation heats up, these two must decide whether they can trust one another - and quick. Working together might just make everyone safer, but getting close enough for comfort...might just get them killed. 
  11. "I KNOW WHO HOLDS TOMORROW" by Francis Ray (Family Affair #2) (A++++) From all appearances, Madison and Wes Reed are a picture-perfect couple. Madison is a popular talk show host; Wes is a respected TV correspondent. But behind the public smiles, Madison knows her marriage is a lie. Ever since the loss of their child, she's felt a distance between them. And when a fatal car wreck claims the life of her husband - and his mistress - Madison discovers more shocking secrets than she ever suspected. The biggest surprise of all is a beautiful baby girl named Manda - the illegitimate child her husband left behind. Madison struggles to welcome her into her home and her heart But when she accepts the help of Zachary Holman - her husband's best friend - Madison wonders if she's taking on too much. Zachary promises to be the anchor she needs to move on with her life, and her love, she has to learn to forgive - not just once, but twice.
  12. "FOREVER WICKED" by Shayla Black (1001 Dark Nights #1) (Wicked Lovers #7.8) (Kindle) (A++++++) They had nothing in common but a desperate passion...Billionaire Jason Denning lived life fast and hard in a world where anything could be bought and sold, even affection. But all that changed when he met "Greta," a beautiful stranger ready to eplore her hidden desires. From a blue collar family, Gia Angelotte wore a badge, fought for the right - and opened herself utterly to love him. Blindsided and falling hard, Jason does the first impulsive thing of his life and hustles her to the altar. Until a second chance proved that forever could be theirs. Then tragedy ripped Jason's new bride from his arms and out of his life. When he finds Gia again, he gives her a choice: spend the three weeks before their first anniversary with him or forfeit the money she receives from their marriage. Reluctantly, she agrees to once again put herself at his mercy and return to his bed. But having her right where he wants her is dangerous for Jason's peace of mind. No matter how hard he tries, he finds himself falling for her again. Will he learn to trust that their love is real before Gia leaves again for good? 
  13. "UNRIDDEN" by Cat Johnson (Studs in Spurs #1) (A++++) When country boys meet a city girl, everyone is in for a wild ride. Slade Bower and Mustang Jackson are living the high life on the profesional bull-riding circuit. The prize money is big, the bulls are rank and the women are willing, But something is missing,. For Slade, waking up in a different city with a different woman each morning is holdeing less and less appeal. Even Mustang's creative attempts to shake things up don't help. Then along comes a big-dity author who's like nothing they've ever encountered. Something about her makes lade sit up and take notice - and Mustang is always up for anything. Romance writer Jenna Block has a problem - her agent thinks a cowboy book will jump-start her career. A born New Yorker, Jenna doesn't do cowboys, not on paper and definitely not in real life. Luckily for her there are two cowboys ready, willing and able to take her out of her comfort zone in every way that counts...and some ways she hadn't counted on.
  14. "LORD JOHN AND THE HAND OF DEVILS" by Diana Gabaldon (abridged audio CD) (Lord John and the Hellfire Club, Lord John and the Succubus, Lord John and the Haunted Soldier) (A+++++) In the first tale, Lord John vows to avenge the murder of a diplomat who asked for his help but was killed before explaining why. Then, Lord John is on assignment in Germany as two menacing threats close in - the advancing French and Austrian army and a terrifying "night-hag" who haunts the soldiers. Finally, Lord John comes home before an enquiry to answer questions about an exploded cannon - and discovers there may be a traitor in His Majesty's ranks.
  15. "FORGED IN ASH" by Trish McCallan (Red Hot SEALs #2) (Kindle) (A+++++) Kait Winchester inherited a special gift from her Arapaho ancestors: she can heal with her touch. And there is no one she would like to get her hands on more than the super-sexy SEAL who seems determined to ignore their off-the-charts chemistry. When the wounded warrior finally seeks her help, she's ready to nurse him back to health...and into her bed.
  16. "SISTERS FOUND" by Joan Johnston (Hawk's Way #12) (A++++) Hope - Hope Butler is bout to watch the man of her dreams, Jake Whitelaw, marry another woman, unless she finds the courage to stand up and fight for him. Faith - Faith has always been more concerned with the happiness of others than with her own, and if she isn't careful, she's going to let the perfect match slip through her fingers. Charity - Adopted at a young age, Charity Burnette never really had a home and she's not one for putting down roots - even if it means shutting out the man who'd love to call her his wife. When three siters come together unexpectedly at Hawk's Pride Ranch, the sparks fly. But each woman is about to learn something about herself, about family and about the love of a good man.
  17. "MORE THAN A TOUCH" by Alexis Morgan (Snowberry Creek #2) (A++++++) In the town of Snowberry Creek, there is always hope...Wounded in combat, Leif Brevik is haunted by survivor's guilt. For the first time in his life - unsure if he still has a military career in his future - he feels completely lost. So when a buddy calls for help with the retoration of their fallen brother's house, he jumps at the chance to regain a sense of purpose. Zoe Phillips is assigned to monitor Leif's physical therapy while he's in town. But she's a former military nurse and she senses that his wounds are more than just physical. As she pushes the handsome soldier to open up, the connection between the  deepens beyond the professional facade she tries to maintain. And as Leif begins to put down roots in her beloved hometown, Zoe realizes that maybe having his around is exactly what she needs to heal her own wounded heart as well.
  18. "CHRISTMAS AT THE BEACH" by Wendy Wax (Ten Beach Road #2.25) (A+++++) (Kindle) When Madeline Singer, Avery Lawford and Nicole Grant first gained ownership of Ten Beach Road, they didn't realize that remodeling the house would not only bind their fates together but give them a second chance at rebuilding their lives. Now, as Kyra, Madeline's daughter, returns to the newly sold Bella Flora for one last Christmas, she's hoping to get a brief respite from the paparazzi that constantly hounds her and the son she had with famous actor Daniel Deranian. But when a tring of bad newws threatens to disrupt her happy holidays, Bella Flora's sanctuary may be threatened for all of the women who call it home.
  19. "LOVE IN THE AFTERNOOON" by Alison Packard (Feeling the Heat #1) (New Author For Me) (A++++++) Kayla Maxwell is eager to shed her slasher-flick-bimbo image - and she plans to do just that in her new role on daytime's most popular soap. With a chance to showcase her dramatic range, Kaylka will be able to wash away the lingering betrayal and public humiliation left by her controlling, philandering ex-boyfriend. Sean Barrett, the son of an influential, award-winning actor, is the hottest soap in the country. Paired on-screen with the talented and beautiful Kayla Maxwell, Sean is determined to keep her at arm's length, burned before by fame-seeking actresses who had no qualms about using him to get to his famous father. But when Kayla receives threatening letters, her past as a scream queen seems to be coming back to haunt her. Succumbing to an attraction neither one of them can deny, Sean and Kayla must face down her stalker and their own personakl demons before trusting what they both feel - a love that lasts long after the cameras stop rolling.
  20. "ALMOST LIKE BEING IN LOVE" by Christina Dodd (Lost Texas Hearts #2) (A+++++) As the middle child, Pepper Prescott's rebellious nature helped her survive when her parents disappeared and she and her siblings were sent to different foster homes around the country. Now an independent young woman, Pepper finds herself on the run after witnessing a shotting. Fearing for her life, Pepper flees to the only place she ever considered home and is shocked to find her old lover, Dan Graham, living on the remote mountain ranch. A battle-hardened ex-Special Forces soldier, Dan no longer strikes Pepper as a man she can trust with her secrets, her life and her love. But as long-simmering desires flare into a deep, sensual passion, Pepper realizes the only way she can reclaim her life isw to ally herself with the egnimatic warrior who's winning to help fight for her future by solving the mysteries of her past - and making her his wife today.
  21. "HOLDING STRONG" by Lori Foster (Ultimate #2) (A++++) Heavyweight fighter Denver Lewis plays real nice, but he doesn't share. That's why he's been avoiding tonotch flirt Cherry Peyton. But a man can only resist those lush curves for so long. Their encounter surpasses all his fantasies, bringing out prtective urges that Cherry's about to need more than she knows. Denver's combination of pure muscle and unexpected tenderness has been driving Cherry wild. Yet no sooner does she get what he's been craving than old troubles show up on her doorstep. And this time, Cherry can't hide behind a carefree facade. Because the man by her side is one who'll fight like hell to keep her afe...if only she'll trust him enough to let him.
  22. "WHAT HAPPENED TO HANNAH" by Mary Kay McComas (A++++++) As a teenager, Hannah Benson ran away from home in order to save herself. Now, twenty year later, the past comes calling and delivers life-changing new: her mother and ister have passed away, leaving Hannah the guardian of her fifteen-year-old niece. Returning home to bitter memories and devastating secrets, Hannah must overcome her painful past to pave a future with her niece, the last best chance at a family for both of them. She begins to create a new, happier life with her niece and rekindles a relationship with Grady Steadman, one of the few people she's ever called a friend. But she can't forget what she cannot forgive, or lay to rest those ghosts that will not die. Will love and trust - and the truth - give her the strength to stand her ground and fight for what she deserves?
  23. "ANYTHING FOR YOU" by Jessica Scott (Coming Home #1.5) (A+++++) (Kindle) Sergeant First Class Sahen Garrison has spent a year recovering from his combat injuries. A year spent in the arms of the woman of his dreams. But loving Jen comes with a price: every time he touches her, he faces the uncertain fear that loving her might losing her forever. Jen is a breast cancer survivor and with Shane, she's found a man who loves her despite her scars. But her scars may be too much for their love to survive. As their love grows, so does the risk to Jen's life. And Shane must make the toughest decision any man can make to save the woman he loves.


  1. "White Heat" by Brenda Novak (Dept. 6: Hired Gun #1) (I received a PDF copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review)  
  2. "Christmas on Bellevue Lane" by Anna DeSefano (Chandlerville, Georgia: Echoes of the Heart #3) (reading on a Kindle app on my cell phone)
  3. "The Night She Got Lucky" by Susan Donovan (San Francisco Dog-Walking Group #1)
  4. "Tamed" by Rebecca Zanetti (Dark Protectors #6.5) (Kindle)


  1. "Mean Streak" by Sandra Brown

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The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon

The Comfort Of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers


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Still reading "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner. Pretty good for non fiction. :) I'm almost done - it takes me a long time to read a non fiction book.

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Dark Heart of Magic by Jennifer Estep

 Haunt Couture and Ghosts Galore by Rose Pressy

The Palace Job (Rogues of the Republic, Bk 1) by Patrick Weeks (ebook)

The Survivor (Mitch Rapp, Bk 12) by Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills

The Single Undead Mom's Club (Half Moon Hollow, Bk 6) by Molly Harper

The Hitwoman Hires a Manny (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman, Bk 11) by J. B. Lynn (ebook)

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Brain on Fire    Susannah Calahan

Dead Wake    Erik Larson

Go Set a Watchman   Harper Lee

Frog Music    Emma Donaghue

See Me   Nicholas Sparks

The Nightingale Kristin Hannah

Rogue Lawyer   John Grisham

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Finished: Oh, My Stars by Lorna Landvik  -- All of Landvik's books hold the reader spellbound through the development of her characters and the story line, and this is no exception. Violet Mathers grows up during the Depression; her mother abandons her to an unloving and cruel father, she's made to feel ugly by her classmates and she has no where to turn except books, her talent for drawing and designing clothes and sewing the clothes she designs. Then an accident on her sixteenth birthday causes Violet to pack a bag and leave home, heading for San Francisco and what she thinks will be the end of her life.  But a bus accident in North Dakota changes her whole future.  This is a story of what it was like to live during the 30s and beyond, the people Violet meets and learns to love, and in turn, learns to love herself. A beautifully told story with people that stay in the reader's memory for a long time.

Blood Sins by Kay Hooper --- One of the Noah Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series, Bishop's team of psychics are working to stop a cult leader who is also psychic from killing any more people.  It's best to have read the first of this series, Blood Dreams, in order to understand what's going on in this book. Looking for Blood Ties in order to finish the series. They are all excellent reads if you enjoy the paranormal.

The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog by Elizabeth Peters --- Amelia Peabody and her husband, Emerson, are back in Egypt looking for other sites to excavate when Emerson is kidnapped.  As Amelia hunts for him she becomes involved with others, both friend and foe, especially the dreaded "Master Criminal".  Always a fun read.

Murder is Binding by Lorna Barrett ---I really enjoyed this book, the first in the Booktown Mystery series.  A well-writtten plot with likable [mostly!] characters.  Tricia Miles moves to Stoneham, NH after her divorce and opens a bookstore. When a competitor is murdered, she's the person the sheriff is determined to pin the murder on.  In order to clear her name, she does a little detective work of her own. A fun read!! Looking forward to reading more in this series.

The Body in the Kelp by Katherine Hall Page --- The Faith Fairchild series, Faith and her son, Ben, are vacationing on Maine's Sanpere Island while her husband is attending a church conference.  While there she discovers a body while walking her son along the beach. And that's only the beginning!  A fun read.

Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha by Dorothy Gilman --- In light of recent developments in Paris, Mali and other places with terrorism on the rise, this book was amazing, considering it was written around 1984-5. Mrs. Pollifax is sent to Hong Kong to find out why an agent has been sending false information back to Carstairs.  A terrorist group is working and Mrs. Pollifax is right in the middle.  I'm always amazed at how Dorothy Gilman can write such suspenseful novels using a middle-aged woman as the protaganist.  The last four chapters had me turning the pages and reading as fast as I could to find out what was going to happen!  I love this series!!

Breakwater by Carla Neggers --- Quinn Harlowe, former lawyer with the Department of Justice, has started a consulting business tracking international criminals.  When a friend is found dead outside her week-end cottage, Quinn starts to dig into what caused her friend to seemingly have a nervous breakdown.  When she begins to question what's really going on at a near-by compound and Huck Boone, a man who works there, sends up red flags, she is drawn into a conspiracy that could cost her her life.

Currently reading: The Hippopotamus Pool by Elizaabeth Peters

Up next: I've dug into my hugh TBR pile and pulled out several that are parts of series I've started and never finish--- Abandon by Carla Neggers.  I'm making headway!!

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Finished Dark Heart of Magic.  This series is very like the same kind of story arc in her Elemental Assassin series, so the plot holds no surprises.  It's like a rehash with a new setting, names, and slightly different paranormal world.  Same basic characters.

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Shirley, I loved Oh, My Stars when I read it way back, but even more, I loved her Patty Jane's House of Curl, and Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons.  I later listened to Patty Jane when I found the audio, and didn't like it at all.  Had to have been the narrator.


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Print:  The Pat Conroy Cookbook: Recipes and Stories of My Life.

Audio: Tomorrow There Will be Apricots by Jessica Soffer

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Bonnie,  I've read both Patty Jane's House of Curl and Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons [the first I'd read of Landvik's books] and loved both of them, so I read every one of her books I can.  Welcome to the Great Mysterious was good, too, but not my favorite. Still have Tall Pine Polka and Your Oasis at Flame Lake to go. I love her titles!! Oh My Stars was a really great book though.  I just got it mailed this morning to another member.

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I have been reading A Place to Come To by Robert Penn Warren but I am losing interest in it and I think I'm going to give it up. I'm kind of enjoying Old Jules by Mari Sandoz. But I was a little disappointed to find that it is a novel. From the descriptions I read I thought it was a memoir type non fiction book. Also reading Land's End: A Walk in Provincetown by Michael Cunningham. I did not know he is gay. This is the first thing of his I have read. I made it about half way through the book but I really don't want to read a gay man's guide to Provincetown MA. The descriptions and writing are interesting but just not my cup of tea.

Strange that the text became bold and italicized and I did not do it.

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Shirley, I've read all of Landvik's books and agree with you about the Great Mysterious.  Actually, after those first 3, I didn't really care much for any, esp. the Christmas one.  Might have been my mood though at the time...

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O is for Outlaw by Sue Grafton

Gestapo Mars by Victor Gischler

The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau


The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The Yuletide Bandit by Mike McIntyre

The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory

I'm Kind of a Big Deal by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

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I'm kind of enjoying Old Jules by Mari Sandoz. But I was a little disappointed to find that it is a novel. From the descriptions I read I thought it was a memoir type non fiction book.

Charles, I think it is a kind of memior book.  If I remember right I don't think he wanted her to write about him so she kind of did so without him knowing.  I just checked the home page of the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society and the first line calls Old Jules a biography.  Obviously she wasn't born & was just a kid for major parts of his life so a re-creation kind of storytelling had to happen there but I think it is probably as close to what she thought she could get about his life.  You mentioning it just reminds me that I need to re-read this, it has been too many years since I have and it is one of my favorites.  

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The book I have is a 2nd edition. I think there are at least 3 editions. I wonder what was changed or updated from one edition to the next.

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Finished "The Innocence Game" by Michael Harvey. Above average thriller, a standalone with an appearance by Michael Kelly, who has his own series. Recommended.

Reading "Suspect" by Robert Crais, another stand alone. Liking it so far.

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I am reading The Midwife's Tale: A Mystery :: Samuel Thomas.

I am trying to make time for more reading and these boards again, I have missed both!

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The Palace Job (Rogues of the Republic, Bk 1) by Patrick Weeks (ebook) - Good fantasy story for any fan of action fantasy by Eddings, etc.  Creative world building, but that could have been a bit better.  Still, I bought the nest 2 in the series.

The Survivor (Mitch Rapp, Bk 12) by Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills - Mills did a great job of keeping true to the characters of Flynn's CIA assassin series with just a touch of his own wry wit often seen in his Mark Beamon books.  With Flynn dead for 2 years now, I'm not sure if there are other drafts, outlines of plots that Mills can work from or if Mills will simply bring his own considerable talent to the series.

The Hitwoman Hires a Manny (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman, Bk 11) by J. B. Lynn (ebook) - The Hitwoman series continues with niece Katie coming home from the hospital and a new man in Maggie's life.  Well, not new, it's Angel, mobster and part time boss Delvecchio's nephew who has no interest in the 'family business'.  And an insane criminal after her aunt's boyfriend.  Good, quick read.  Like most of the lighter mystery/action ebooks, it's fairly short and good for those who don't want long, complex stories.


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I am reading Midnight's Kiss (Elder Races, Bk 8) :: Thea Harrison

I have enjoyed this series through the years, but this edition is just okay. Series may be getting a bit weary. Always sad to see a favorite series running out of steam.....

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All I Asking for Is My Body by Milton Murayama. This is a pretty interesting novel. set in Hawaii. Japanese life and culture in America.

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Adding to my earlier very short list:

The Milkweed Ladies by Louise McNeill.   A wonderful old-timey memoir of growing up in West Virginia.

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter: What You Should and Shouldn't Cook from Scratch  by Jennifer Reese.  Loving the stories between the recipes.

Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim read by Bahni Turpin.  A nice, easy listen.  Not as harsh as most slave/white stories with a good ending.

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    The Bear   :   Claire Cameron          I was so ready to read this book.  But, I was disappointed.  It just seemed to drag on with too many long, boring parts.

The Edge   : Roland Smith                 Sequel to The Peak.  Liked it.


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Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

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The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta.  Not such a great book, but it has spurred some very interesting conversation at the dinner table.  How each person deals with the Sudden Departure is pretty interesting stuff.  We are kinda voyeurs of the Rapture stories here at our Buddhist Enclave household, but I have yet to find a great one.  

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Breaking Creed     Alex Kava                        I absolutely loved this book.  Whether you are a dog lover or not, you will like it.  Along with the snakes, spiders, scorpions, fireants, cockroaches, etc.    I will definitely be waiting for Book 2.

 Insane City:     Dave Barry           This was the first book I have read by this author.  I will definitely be reading more.   The book was humorous with lots of action going on.

 The Grownup: A Gillian Flynn Short:     Gillian Flynn   A very good, short story.

The Bartender's Tale:         Ivan Doig        I got this book because I am a bartender in a small town bar.   It kept me interested throughout the book.