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Topic: It's October 2016 - What Are You Reading?

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Subject: It's October 2016 - What Are You Reading?
Date Posted: 10/1/2016 12:50 AM ET
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  1. "MOONDANCE BEACH" by Susan Donovan (Bayberry Island #3) (A+++++) Duncan Flynn long ago said good-bye to his hometown of Bayberry Island, Massachusetts, where a mermaid statue allegedly grants true love to the pure of heart. So when the injured Navy SEAL gets sent home, just in time to help his family prepare for the annual Mermaid Festival - he's not in the mood to celebrate. Or fall in love. But while he's out on a night run on the beach, a magnificently naked woman emerges from the surf, and she bears an uncanny resemblance to the mermaid in Fountain Square. Adelena Silva's otherworldly mermaid paintings have made her famous and wealthy, but Lena herself is a recluse - at least until Duncan Flynn comes home. She has secretly loved him her whole life, and she is determined not to let him get away again. But will revealing her truth win his heart or cause Lena to lose him again?
  2. "FATAL ERROR" by J.A. Jance (Alison Reynolds #6) (unabridged audio CD) (A+++++) Ali Reynolds begins the summer thinking her most difficult challenge will be surviving a six-week-long course as the lone forty-something female at the Arizona Police Academy - not to mention taking over the 6:00 am shift at her family's restaurant while her parents enjoy a long overdue Caribbean cruise. However, when Brenda Riley, a colleague from Ali's old news broadcasting days in California, shows up in town with an alcohol problem and an unlikely story about a missing fiance, Ali reluctantly agrees to help. The man posing as Brenda's fiance is revealed to be Richard Lowensdale, a cyber-sociopath who has left a trail of broken hearts in his virtual wake. When he is viciously murdered, the women he once victimized are considered suspects. The police soon focus their investigation on Brenda, who is already known to have broken into Richard's home and computer before vanishing without a trace. Attempting to clear her friend's name, Ali is quickly drawn into a web of online intigue that may lead to a real-world fatal error.
  3. "DON'T LOOK BACK" by M.J. Frederick (A+++++) When her best friend is kidnapped in Africa, Dr. Liv Olney must return to the scene of her own horrific captivity. The only man she trusts is former Army Lt. Gerard "Del" Delaney, the man who rescued her. Even with him, she can't relinquish control of her emotions, needing to keep painful memories at bay. Del takes honor seriously, but sometimes neither honor nor humanity are found in the orders he receives. In exile after a court martial that stripped him of everything, he misses his son and his country. When Liv asks for help, his instinct is to turn away. But her courage reaches out to him and he cannot refuse, especially when she promises that she can help clear his name so he can go home. Together they travel to Africa, where they fight warlords, monsoons and learn to trust and hope that, together, they can find happiness and peace. 
  4. "RANSOM CANYON" by Jodi Thomas (Ransom Canyon #1) (A+++++) Rancher Staten Kirkland, the last descendant of Ransom Canyon's founding father, is rugged and practical to the last. No one knows that when his troubling memories threaten to overwhelm him, he runs to lovely, reclusive Quinn O'Grady...or that she has her own secret that no one living knows. Young Lucas Reyes has his eye on the prize - college, and the chance to become something more than a ranch hand's son. But one night, one wrong decision, will set his life on a course even he hadn't imagined. Yancy Grey is running hard from his troubled past. He doesn't plan to stick around Ransom Canyon, just long enough to learn the town's weaknesses and how to use them for personal gain. Only Yancy, a commmon criminal since he was old enough to reach a car's pedals, isn't prepared for what he encounters.
  5. "1ST VICTIM" by Tami Hoag (unabridged audio CD) (A++++) New Year's Day is a time for new beginnings, but Minneapolis homicide detectives Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska are focused on endings: specifically, the tragic end of their latest murder victim, an unidentified young woman discovered on the side of the freeway. Believed to be the victim of a serial killer, Kovac and Liska are determined to do the girl the small justice of returning her body to her family as they investigate her case, but it is no simple task matching the broken corpse to any of the scores of missing persons reports, especially when no one seems to be looking for her. Meanwhile, recent widow Jeannie Reiser is frantic when she is unable to get in touch with her daughter, Rose, who, as an eighteen-year-old, is a legal adult rather than a missing child in the eyes of the law. Jeannie's desperate attempts to get the police to believe her child is in trouble lead her closer and closer to the New Year's Doe and to an evil even Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska may be unable to stop.
  6. "HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" by Lily Everett (Sanctuary Island #4) (A+++++) Celebrate Christmas on Sanctuary Island, where the love light gleams. There will be snow and mistletoe...and two lonely hearts yearning for love, family and above all, home. Magazine columnist Libby Leeds has made a name for herself sharing heartwarming stories from her perfect life on Sanctuary Island. There's just one minor detail she's left out: she hasn't set foot on the island since her childhood. Orphaned and heartbroken, she departed years ago and never looked back - except in her fictional columns. Now a wounded war hero is returning to Sanctuary Island and Libby's editor insists she cover the story by taking the long road back. Home for Christmas...Army Ranger Owen Shepard is a tall, handsome single father and now a media sensation. He wants to reconnect with his daughter, Caitlin, and make up for lost time by giving her a Christmas to remember. When "America's Favorite Homemaker" Libby Leeds offers her help, he jumps at the chance. But the sweet, reclusive writer is more intriguing, and more tempting, than Owen could have imagined. Soon, Owen and Caitlin are spending their holiday with Libby, decorating trees, making gingerbread houses, and warming up by the fire. It's the closest Libby has come to love and family since she was a child - but until she and Owen admit what is in their hearts, the home they are creating together will be only in their dreams.
  7. "RUSTLER'S MOON" by Jodi Thomas (Ransom Canyon #2) (A+++++) If there's any place that can convince Angela Harold to stop running, it's Ransom Canyon. And if there's any man who can reveal desires more deeply hidden than her every fear, it's Wilkes Wagner. Beneath the rancher's honorable exterior is something that just might keep her safe...or unwittingly put her in danger's path. With his dreams of leaving this small Texas town swallowed up by hard, dusty reality, all Wilkes has to show for his life is the Devil's Fork Ranch. Though not one to let false hope seduce him, he can't deny the quiet and cautious beauty who slips into his world and changes everything. Lauren Brigman finally has freedom at her fingertips. All she needs is Lucas Reyes's attention - a look, a touch, some sign that she's more to him than a girl he rescued one dangerous night. But now it's her turn to rescue someone and the life-altering decision may cost her more than a chance with Lucas.
  8. "THE MEMORY HOUSE" by Linda Goodnight (Honey Ridge #1) (A++++++) Memories of motherhood and marriage are still fresh for Julia Presley - though tragedy took away both years ago. Finding comfort running the Peach Orchard Inn, she lets the historic place fill the voids of love and family. Life is calm...until a stranger with a young boy shows up and disrupts the lineliness of her world. Julia suspects there's more to Eli Donovan than his motherless son, Alex. Offering the guarded man work, she glimpses someone who - like her - has a heart in need of restoration. But with the chance discovery of a stack of duty love letters found in the lining of an old trunk, a Civil War romance envelops Julia and Eli, challenging them to risk facing yesterday's ghosts for a future bright with hope.
  9. "THE ESCAPE ARTIST" by Diane Chamberlain (A+++++) Susanna Miller may have lost legal custody of her beautiful eleven-month-old son, Tyler, but that doesn't mean she is giving him up. Even if her ex-husband Jim, an attorney, and his new wife, Peggy, have every advantage to offer a child. Susanna grabs Tyler and runs, seeking a fresh start for both her son and herself. Lonely and frightened in Annapolis, Maryland, and unsure whom to trust, Susanna meets Adam, a troubled local artist with secrets of his own. Although drawn by Adam's kindness, she cannot forget her old friend, Linc Sebastian, and the special bond they have shared for years, even before he married Jim. Susanna soon discovers that starting a new life is more dangerous than she thought, and that the unpredictable has an alarming way of working itself into your world - whether you are ready for it or not.
  10. "WINDFALLEN" by JoJo Moyes (Listened to on an Audible application on my cell phone) (A++++) The tiny, well-ordered seaside village of Merham holds little to interest the adventurous - except for Arcadia, the breathtaking art deco house perched above the shoreline. Attracted to this magical place, young Lottie Swift surrenders freely to its temptations and ultimately must face the hard consequences of her actions. Years later, another young woman comes to Merham. A designer hired to make over the now-empty Arcadia, Daisy Parsons seeks a new beginning, as Lottie once did. Fleeing a broken relationship, Daisy finds refuge at Arcadia, and something more - a love she thought she would never know again.
  11. "WELL HUNG" by Lauren Blakely (A+++++) Here's what you need to know about me - I'm well-off, well-hung and quick with a joke. Woman like a guy who makes them laugh - and I don't mean at the size of his d*ick. No, they want their funny with a side of huge...not to mention loyal. I've got all that plus a big bank account, thanks to my booming construction business., Yep, I know how to use all my tools. Enter Natalie. Hot, sexy, smart and my new assistant. Which makes her totally off limits. Hey, I'm a good guy. Really. I do my best to stay far away from the kind of temptation she brings to work. Until one night in Vegas...Yeah, you've heard this one before. Bad news on the business front, drowning our sorrows in a few too many Harvey Wallbangers and then I'm banging her. In my hotel room. In her hotel room. Behind the Titanic slot machine at the Flamingo (don't ask). And before I can make her say "Oh God, right there, YES!" one more time, we're both saying yes - the big yes - at a roadside chapel in front of a guy in press-on sideburns and a shiny gold leisure suit. But it turns out what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. And now, my di*ck doesn't stay in my pants when she's around. I try to resist. Honest. But the more we try to keep our hands to ourselves, the more we end up naked again, and the more time I want to spend with her fully clothed, too. The question is...do I take this woman to be my ex-wife?
  12. "KEEP ON LOVING YOU" by Christie Ridgway (Cabin Fever #4) (A++++++) Mackenzie Walker has everything a single girl needs in her California mountain hometown. Family, friends, a thriving business...and memories of Zan Elliott, whose touch - and betrayal - she's never forgotten. Now, ten years after he left town, Zan returns to manage his late grandfather's estate...and flip Mac's life upside down. Documentary filmmaking has taken Zan all over the globe, yet nowhere was far enough away to make him forget Mac. Seeing her reignites their incredible chemistry. Mac's trust won't be easily won, especially when Zan's inheritance jeopardizes her family's hard-earned dreams. But every moment together is challenging Zan to stop living life through a lens and dare to let his guard down for a chance at forever.
  13. "WHEN I FALL" by Tamara Morgan (Montgomery Manor #2) (A++++++) Socialite Rebecca Clare gets through life one vodka tonic at a time. Emotionally shattered after her best friend's death, she's cast as the latest pseudocelebrity screwup and hounded by paparazzi 24/7. So naturally the cameras are rolling when she gets into a scrap at a club (he started it). But then an unexpected white knight steps in. Playing caretaker isn't Jake Montgomery's usual role, but Becca is his stepmother's little sister. As they bond over their bad reputations, they find they have a lot more in common than the spotlight. When a photo of the nightclub incident goes viral, it raises protective instincts that Jake never knew he had. What better way to save Becca - and the family - from scandal than by claiming he's her fiance? Becca agrees to play along, never expecting a fake engagement to feel so right. But she's vowed never to depend on a man for happiness; how can Jake convince her that falling in love is worth the risk?
  14. "IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE" by Roan Parrish (Middle of Somewhere #1) (New Author For Me) (Listened to on an Audible Application on my cell phone) (A++++) Daniel Mulligan is tough, snarky, and tattooed, hiding his self-consciousness behind sarcasm. Daniel has never fit in - not at home in Philadelphia with his auto mechanic father and brothers, and not at school where his Ivy League classmates looked down on him. Now, Daniel’s relieved to have a job at a small college in Holiday, Northern Michigan, but he’s a city boy through and through and it’s clear that this small town is one more place he won’t fit in. Rex Vale clings to routine to keep loneliness at bay: honing his muscular body, perfecting his recipes, and making custom furniture. Rex has lived in Holiday for years, but his shyness and imposing size have kept him from connecting with people. When the two men meet, their chemistry is explosive, but Rex fears Daniel will be another in a long line of people to leave him, and Daniel has learned that letting anyone in can be a fatal weakness. Just as they begin to break down the walls keeping them apart, Daniel is called home to Philadelphia, where he discovers a secret that changes the way he understands everything.
  15. "FOR THE LOVE OF LILAH: Lilah" (Calhoun Women #3) by Nora Roberts (unabridged audio CD) (A++++) Adrift in a storm, Professor Max Quartermain thought he must have hallucinated the beautiful mermaid who came to his rescue. But Lilah was no mystical creature - she was a woman of flesh and blood, and undeniably attracted to the intense and mysterious stranger.
  16. "BLUE RIDGE RICHOCHET" by Paula Graves (The Gates: Most Wanted #2) (A++++) Missing and presumed dead, wanted FBI staffer Dallas Cole is running for his life...until undercover agent Nicki Jamison finds him lying crumpled in the road. To his relief, his rescuer doesn't ask questions, doesn't call the cops. Who is she? What secret is she hiding? Not trusting Nicki any more than she trusts him, Dallas joins the headstrong agent's mission to take down a ruthless militia group. But when she falls into their brutal trap, Dallas will do whatever it takes to be reunited with Nicki and her irresistible, tough-as-nails charm.
  17. "NAKED" by David Sedaris (A+++++) (audio CD) David Sedaris's message is pay attention to me. Whether he's taking to the road with a thieving quadriplegic, sorting out the fancy from the extra-fancy in a bleak fruit-packing factory, or celebrating Christmas in the company of a recently paroled prostitute, this collection of memoirs creates a wickedly incisive portrait of an all-too-familiar world. It takes Sedaris from his humiliating bout with obsessive behavior in 'A Plague of Tics' to the title story, in which he is finally forced to face his naked self in the mirrored sunglasses of a lunatic. At this soulful and moving moment, he picks potato chip crumbs from his pubic hair and wonders what it all means. This remarkable journey into his own life follows a path of self-effacement and a lifelong search for identity, leaving him both under suspicion and overdressed.
  18. "FULLY IGNITED" by Shannon Stacey (Boston Fire #3) (A+++++) When Jamie Rutherford takes a temporary assignment as lieutenant of Boston Fire's Engine 59, she doesn't anticipate any problems. She's been in the fire service for a long time and, even though she's fairly new to Boston, she knows how to make any firehouse her home. What she's not prepared for is her reaction to firefighter Scott Kincaid. Scott is looking for a wife. It's been a fun ride as a single guy, but he's tired of being the third wheel, and nearly losing his brother-in-law finally made him realize just how much he wants a family of his own. When the new guy at the firehouse turns out to be a capable, confident and very attractive woman, his plan is completely derailed. Hooking up with a fellow firefighter has never been part of Jamie's plan, but she's tempted by Scott - even though getting involved with him could tarnish the reputation she's worked so hard for. And Scott can't stop thinking about Jamie, despite the fact that she's his superior and not sticking around. Chemistry can crush the best-laid plans, though, and while Jamie and Scott might not be each other's future…there's no resisting the right now.
  19. "CONNECTED" by Kim Karr (Connections #1) (A+++++) (New Author For Me) (Listened to on an Audible app on my cellphone)  What if a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ could happen twice? Suffering from a past full of tragedy, Dahlia London's soul has been left completely shattered. Happily ever after is a far cry from reality in her world. But, when she is reconnected with her past, the bonds that form are irrefutable. When River Wilde, lead singer of The Wilde Ones, comes back into Dahlia’s life, the intensity that fires their relationship combined with underlying feelings that have never died lead her to believe she has met her soulmate. Struggling with confusion as old connections fade and new ones begin, Dahlia's grief begins to lift - but guilt remains. River wants to be the one to mend all that is torn within her. But with a past that is never really gone, can their future survive?
  20. "OUT OF NOWHERE" by Roan Parrish (Middle of Somewhere #2) (A+++++) (Listened to on an Audible app on my cell phone) The only thing in Colin Mulligan’s life that makes sense is taking cars apart and putting them back together. In the auto shop where he works with his father and brothers, he tries to get through the day without having a panic attack or flying into a rage. Drinking helps. So do running and lifting weights until he can hardly stand. But none of it can change the fact that he’s gay, a secret he has kept from everyone. Rafael Guerrera has found ways to live with the past he’s ashamed of. He’s dedicated his life to social justice work and to helping youth who, like him, had very little growing up. He has no time for love. Hell, he barely has time for himself. Somehow, everything about miserable, self-destructive Colin cries out to him. But down that path lie the troubles Rafe has worked so hard to leave behind. And as their relationship intensifies, Rafe and Colin are forced to dredge up secrets that both men would prefer stay buried.
  21. "WRECKED" by Shiloh Walker (Barnes Brothers #1) (A++++++) With her Hollywood dreams long gone, Abigale now has a nice, neat, uncomplicated life - until the day her perfect fiance needs to talk. Dumped, a little more than shattered, and totally confused, Abigale turns to Zaach, her best friend since forever, to help her pick up the pieces. He does it with the gift of a journal. She can vent her frustrations and sketch out a new plan. Zack just hopes he's part of it. Because he's been in love with Abigale his entire life. When the journal falls into Zach's hands, he discovers Abigale wants a new man. And fast. Nothing more than a hot distraction. Zack has a plan of his own: He's going to be that man. It's his last chance. Abigale might be out to shake up her life, but Zach's out to reinvent it. Now, all he has to do is convince Abigale that life can go as planned.
  22. "LOVE AFTER ALL" by Jaci Burton (Hope #4) (A++++++) High school math teacher Chelsea Gardner has the perfect plan. She's tired of dating all the wrong men, and after years of frustration, she's developed a foolproof list of requirements for finding "The One." Bar owner Sebatian "Bash" Palmer finds Chelsea beautiful, smart, and fun, but he thinks her list is ridiculous and unnecessary. Intent on proving Chelsea is looking for love in all the wrong ways, he offer to help her find the "perfect" man. ​Chelsea Knows Bash isn't the right guy for her - he barely meets one of her criteria - but there's something about the charismatic man that has her yearning for things that are most definitely not list-approved. Because sometimes, a relationship that looks totally wrong on paper can turn out incredibly right. 
  23. "THE OBSESSION" by Nora Roberts (A+++++++) (Listened to on an Audible app on my cell phone) Naomi Bowes lost her innocence the night she followed her father into the woods. In freeing the girl trapped in the root cellar, Naomi revealed the horrible extent of her father’s crimes and made him infamous. Now a successful photographer living under the name Naomi Carson, she has found a place that calls to her, thousands of miles away from everything she’s ever known. Naomi wants to embrace the solitude, but the residents of Sunrise Cove keep forcing her to open up - especially the determined Xander Keaton. Naomi can feel her defenses failing, and knows that the connection her new life offers is something she’s always secretly craved. But as she’s learned time and again, her past is never more than a nightmare away.
  24. "ANGEL IN BLUE" by Mary Suzanne (A+++) (New Author For Me) (Listened to on an Audible app on my cell phone) Fireman Mack Baird was fearless about going into a burning building. A relationship, a special kind of relationship, was something else altogether. He knew what he wanted, but was unsure about how and who. Policeman Isaiah Ike Madison would turn out to be who and he'd also show him the how. The action is hot, and it's not simply burning buildings that are turning up the heat.
  25. "LONE TIME COMING" Sandra Brown (Listening to on an Audible app on my cell phone) (A+++++) He arrived out of the blue - a flesh-and-blood phantom from the past in a sports car as sleek and sexy as Law Kincaid himself. The world-famous astronaut was as devastatingly attractive as the first time Marnie Hibbs had laid eyes on him, seventeen years before. But she well knew the perils of falling for a ladies’ man like Law. And this time she had someone besides herself to protect. Law is determined to discover who is sending him anonymous letters claiming he’d fathered a son he knows nothing about. Showing up at the Hibbs’s return address from the letters seemed like a step in the right direction. Marnie swears she isn’t the guilty party, but when Law meets her son, it’s like a one-two punch to his solar plexus. The boy is nearly the spitting image of Law. Law can’t remember sleeping with Marnie - then again, he can’t remember much about his crazy past. But there’s more to it than that: Marnie claims the boy isn’t biologically hers. As the tension between them becomes unbearable and the attraction undeniable, Marnie is forced to reveal a long-held secret...one that might cause her to lose both the boy she loves more than anyone - and the man she desires more than anything.
  26. "HOT PURSUIT" by Jo Davis (Sugarland Blue #2) (A++++++) In Sugarland, Detective Taylor Kayne is always ready with quick wit and a quicker smile. But he's about to meet a woman who will make him want to take his sweet time. Taylor  is a laid-back, smark-aleck kind of lawman. He's always a man's man, as well as every woman's private fantasy. But years ago, he was part of a botched hostage situation that ended with him being hailed as a tough-as-nails hero - even though the pain, fear and shame from that terrible day still haunt his every moment. Cara Evans couldn't care less about Taylor's pain. In the moment he became a so-called hero, she lost someone she dearly loved. Yet neither of them is prepared for the instant, undeniable attraction that flares between them - or the danger that's soon hot on their heels.


  1. "No One Needs to Know" by Kevin O'Brien (New Author For Me)  
  2. "Wild Cat" by Christine Feehan (Leopard People #8)



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Finished in September:

           The Secret Adversary  by:  Agatha Christie

           The Secret of the Old Clock  by: Carolyn Keene

           Sweet Punishment  by:  Barbara Cartland

           The Chicago Bungalow  by: Chicago Architecture Foundation

           East of the Sun  by:  Julia Gregson

Finished on October 1

           My Name is Mahtob - The Story That Began in the Global Phenomenon Not Without My Daughter Continues  by:  Mahtob Mahmoody

Currently Reading:

           The Truth According To Us  by:  Annie Barrows

Planned Reading for October:

            The Girl From the Train   by:  Irma Joubert   for book club

             Paint It Black   by:  Janet Fitch

             Spilt Milk   by:  Amanda Hodgkinson



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Just finished Sworn To Silence by Linda Castillo a very good mystery. I would definitely more of this author.

Reading now: The Bad Seed by William March. A classic about child serial killer.

Listening to: A Genrleman In Moscow by Amor Towles, just started.

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Flight Patterns by Karen White

Never Suck a Dead Man's Hand Curious Adventures of a CSI by Dana Kollman

such a pretty face by Cathy Lamb

Invisible by Carla Buckley


Her Last Death by Susanna Sonnenberg.

The World's Strongest Librarian  A Memoir of Tourette's Faith Strength and the Power of Family by Josh Hanagarne narrated by Stephen Thorne.

An Obvious Fact by Craig Johnson narrated by George Guidall.

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Rogue Lawyer: A Novel:  John Grisham                Another good one by Grisham.

Pretty Girls:   Karin Slaughter                                I really liked this one.

The Precipice::   Paul Doiron                                 A really good one.

Operation Rhino (White Giraffe, Bk 5):  Lauren St. John         Read every book in this YA series.  I will be waiting on the next.

Jaguar (Jacob Lansa, Bk 2) : Roland Smith                           Waiting for the next in this YA series.




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Commonwealth Ann Patchett

Driving the Saudis Jayne Larson

What Stands in a Storm Kim Cross

Nutshell Ian McEwan

Before the Fall Noah Hawley

Swimming Home Deborah Levy

The Outermost House Henry Beston

Housebreaking Dan Pope

Winter Storms Elin Hildebrand

Ten Days in a Mad House Nellie Bly

Africa on Six Wheels Betty Levitov

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Currently Reading:

The Simeon Chamber by Steve Martini.  It is an older book, characters don't have new technology of today so takes a little to get used to.  Story moving along but just okay at this point.

The Yucks:  Two Years in Tampa with the Losingest Team in NFL History by Jason Vuic.  Just getting started.


Code of Conduct by Brad Thor.  Scot Harvath series.  I haven't been reading this series in order & just picked this one up.  Good read and a page turner type book.  Might have to go back & read some of the earlier books in this series.

Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent.  Ron & his wife Debbie get involved with homeless in Fort Worth and help a man that helps them too, Denver Moore.  Good read about struggles and getting through them.  Good true story.

NY PD Red 4 by James Patterson & Marshall Karp.  4th book in series and is still a pretty good series.  Quick read, page turner type book.

Djibouti by Elmore Leonard.  A documentary filmmaker goes to Somila to film the pirates that kidnap ships for ransom.  This one never seemed to flow but kind of bumped along into an okay story.  I have read a couple Elmore Leonard books and they were about the same if I remember right.  Oh well, not bad but not really what I was hoping for either.

Another Song About the King by Kathryn Stern.  Mother daughter book and the daughter's stuggles with mom in growing up and into adulthood.

The Eastern Stars: How Baseball Changed the Dominican Town of San Pedro de Macoris by Mark Kurlansky.  I liked reading about the players and struggles to get to the big leagues and the money.  The 3rd world poverty is just a hard thing to even grasp.  

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Listening to : The Heretic's Daughter by Kathleen Kent - loving it, I don't want to get out of the car  - i want to keep listening. 

Reading: Alex by Pierre Lemaitre - not sure about this yet, it is very violent. Still I don't want to give up yet.I'll give it a little more time.

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Listening to Potshot by Robert Parker.  I liked this book but the audio is even funnier.  Spenser is one of the easy to find audio books that I love for the car.

Reading the Bruno, Chief of Police series by Martin Walker.  I finally bought copies of all the books and am really enjoying them.  Thank you to whoever the lovely member was who mentioned them to me!  I don't remember who you are but THANKS A MILLION.

Also, working on the large print of a Jodi Picoult novel, Leaving Time.


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Finished:  Gone to Her Death by Jill McGown --- The Lloyd and Hill series. A woman is found dead at an exclusive school for boys and there are several suspects, from her husband to members of the faculty, but the ending is a suprise.  Older series, but still very good.

Forever by Jude Deveraux -- A novel of good and evil-- Adam Montgomery has advertised for a personal assistant and Darci Monroe goes for an interview only to find out it isn't really a personal assistant he needs, but someone to help him delve into a witches' coven and learn what happened to his parents when he was three years old. A fun read, first of a trilogy.

A Penny Urned by Tamar Myers --- Antique dealer Abigail Timberlake finds out she has inherited an unknown relative's estate and goes to Savannah to claim it, taking along her mother and two friends. Things get a little absurd when they get there, more like the "four Stooges".  Not my favorite of this series, but a quick read.

Ghost Walk by Heather Graham --- A great paranormal mystery set in New Orleans.  Nikki DuMonde works for a haunted-tour company and one of her co-workers dies. Half Irish, half Lakota Brent Blackheart has been sent to New Orleans to investigate the death of an undercover FBI agent and believes the two deaths are related.  Great story!!

Antiques Maul by Barbara Allen ---Brandy Borne is looking for something to keep her mother occupied after she fails to get the job as director of the local theater group and thinks opening a booth at the new antique mall is just the thing. But things don't work out like she hoped when there is a body found in the mall. A fun read.

One Summer by David Baldacci -- Baldacci steps away from his usual government/mystery genre and writes a beautiful story about love, death and how families learn to cope.  Jack Armstrong is dying and his wife and children are all handling it differently, but then the unexpected happens....  I really loved this book, some laughs and some tears, but a story that touches the heart.

Bleeding Hearts by Susan Wittig Albert --- China Bayles has been asked to look into allegations about a popular coach at the high school.  What she finds leads to more than she, or the town of Pecan Springs, expects to hear.

Entombed by Linda Fairstein--- Alex Cooper, Mercer Wallace and Mike Chapman investigate a case of a woman's body that has been entombed inside a brick wall in a house that Edgar Allen Poe lived in. While the body isn't that old it mimics one of his well known stories. Lots of interesting facts about Poe as the investigation continues.

Deep South by Nevada Barr --- Anna Pigeon has finally gone after a promotion, and it takes her to Mississippi, to the Natchez Trace as the new district ranger.  As the first female district ranger in that area she faces some problems with the men working under her and on top of everything else she has to deal with she finds the body of a teen-age girl with what looks like racial overtones.  Always a great series.

Reading now:  Anything For You by Kristan Higgins.

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Subject: Suggestions from the peanut gallery
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I had put out a request for books about coin collecting - in a three day trip to be with my brother in Boston , recovering from knee surgery- I was able to finish three of them ( yeah, he was on medication).

Loose Coins - Joe Hensley/Guy Townsend - The only one that really delved into coin collecting.  Well paced and plotted, well written.

Killer Coin - Doc Macomber - More of a hard boiled detective story - wasn't really holding my attention, enough to block out brother's snoring.

3 by Finnery - Jack Finney - Nothing at all about numismatism but certainly a gem.  I was fascinated by the first story "The Wilson Dime" - protagonist finds himself tossed back and forth between to very different realities - parellel universes - a bit confusing but endlessly engaging.

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Finished Alex. Good with a twisty ending. Not for the squeemish, though.

Finished: Luckiest Girl ALive by Jessica Knoll - Reviews were mixed, some hated, some loved it. I liked it, but the main character was not likable. If you can get past that, then not a bad read. Goes back and forth in time, now and MC's freshman yr in HS.

Reading: The Boy in the Woods by Carter Wilson. Good so far.

I've been reading more violent stories , soon i'll need something lighter. ;)

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The Boy Who Invented the Bubble Gun by Paul Gallico. I have just barely started. I think this may be a young adult type book. I had sort of a negative impression of Gallico after I saw the movie of The Poseidon Adventure. But a couple of years ago I read Mrs 'Arris Goes to New York and very much enjoyed it. So I have decided to read some more of his stuff. I would like to find some more of his Mrs 'Arris series. There are about 5 books in that series I think.

Finished the book yesterday. Very nice book. I enjoyed it. The main part of book involves a bus trip. Several characters and lots of incident. Plot moves quickly. Nice resolution at the end.

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Finished Hunger Games: Catching Fire (little late in the game I know but reading the books and then watching the movies, VERY gratifying!)

Now Reading: Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls - will pause once Mockingjay arrives and finish that before going back to Glass Castle :)

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Ripley Under Ground by Patricia Highsmith. Just barely started. I don't know if this is a mystery or what. Haven't gone far enough in it to know.

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Before The Fall about a small plane crash, liked it a lot.

Someone Else,s Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson. Very different from her other books, nice twist at the end.

Don,t Look Twice by Andrew Gross, only liked it because I live there.

Currently reading:

The Widow by Fiona Barton, liking it very much

Now You See Her by Joy Fielding, I usually like her books, not sure this one, I don't really care for the protagonist