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Topic: ***October I have the only copy ***

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Subject: ***October I have the only copy ***
Date Posted: 10/1/2008 10:52 AM ET
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Haven't seen this one yet.

Date Posted: 10/1/2008 11:35 AM ET
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A Horse to Love: An Enchanted Stables Story (Pictureback(R)) :: RH Disney ISBN-13: 9780736425049 - ISBN-10: 0736425047


brand new! with stickers included

Date Posted: 10/1/2008 11:36 AM ET
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Here are mine:

Last Summer - Evan Hunter

Slam - Lewis Shiner

Tales from the Arabian Nights (mini book - I'll throw it in free with another order if you like) - Gregory C Aaron



Date Posted: 10/1/2008 11:52 AM ET
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I have the only copies of:

The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior Author: Samuel S. Janus, Cynthia L. Janus ISBN-13: 156106 - ISBN-10: Book Type: Paperback

Unexplained!: 347 Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena Author: Jerome Clark ISBN-13: 9780810394360 - ISBN-10: 0810394367 Book Type: Paperback

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Date Posted: 10/1/2008 12:01 PM ET
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Here are mine:

Bare Bones Meditation:Waking Up From The Story Of My Life-Joan Tollifson

Living With Joy:Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation-Sanaya Roman

Waking the Dead: The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive- John Eldredge

Anatomy of the Spirit:The Seven Stages of Power and Healing- Carolyn Myss

Date Posted: 10/1/2008 2:27 PM ET
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I have the only copy of A Song for Mary : An Irish-American Memory :: Dennis Smith (at least with the ISBN I listed).

It's a great memoir of growing up without a whole lot in NYC. 

niffir - ,
Date Posted: 10/1/2008 2:48 PM ET
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A couple of my "onlys" got ordered in September and at least one other falls off the list because another copy was listed.  Here's what I have now.  Book sale season is coming up soon, so I'll likely be adding a lot more books soon-- and my book selections tend toward the "only copy".

800 Years of Women's Letters :: Olga Kenyon

Olga Kenyon has unearthed eight centuries of lost voices, easily proving her assertion that women's letters are indeed "a great art form." Though readers will have heard of many of these correspondents--from Heloise (to Abelard, naturally) to Restoration playwright-spy Aphra Behn to Madame de Sévigné--most of us would be hard put to volunteer any solid information. Kenyon organizes these letters by theme, including friendship, childhood and education, war work, and political skills, and the juxtapositions are enlightening. "Housekeeping and Daily Life" features the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva, who writes of being forced to leave her two-year-old tied to a chair while she searches Moscow for provisions; Queen Elizabeth I, who bemoans the bad shape Buckingham Palace is in; and Hannah Cullwick, a servant who anatomizes England's sharp class divisions, circa 1864. Cullwick writes of toiling in the kitchen while the upper classes lord it upstairs: "But it's always so with ladies and servants and of course there is a difference cause their bringing up is so different--servants may feel it sharply and do sometimes i believe, but it's best not to be delicate, nor mind what work we do so as it's honest." There is an evident high seriousness to Kenyon's enterprise--you won't find, for example, any of Nancy Mitford's sparkling missives. On the other hand, she does include a teasing letter from the great Victorian traveler Mary Kingsley, which begins: "My cannibal friends never eat human heads unless for religious purposes." -- Amazon.com Books


Ancient Rage :: Mary Lee Wile

From Publishers Weekly
In this startling double portrait of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, and her cousin, the Virgin Mary, Wile creates an unusual glimpse into the psyche of women at the time of Christ. Elizabeth and Mary each gave birth to a son who suffered a sacrificial death seemingly far beyond the comprehension of his mother. Wile picks up the women's story nine years after the death of John the Baptist, as the elderly Mary visits her even older cousin and persuades her to attend a gathering of the Followers, the first Christians. Reluctantly, Elizabeth agrees, only to be revolted by the commemorative consumption of bread and wine, perceived by the Followers as the body and blood of Jesus. What follows is a dialogue between the two women in which Elizabeth releases her pent-up anger and grief over her son's death, while Mary attempts to bring her cousin to a greater understanding of the role John played in the life of Jesus, and of the inevitability of God's will. Mary has accepted the unacceptable, but Elizabeth will not be comforted and can't forgive what she considers to be a betrayal by God. As she reviews her life with Mary, she sets forth a vivid picture of what it was like to be a wife and mother in biblical times. Wile isn't averse to sensationalizing her material (the novel begins: "'What's it like to drink your son's blood,' asked Elizabeth"), but she eschews trite solutions and a pat ending. Her well-written, thought-provoking glimpse into the souls of two women is a significant contribution to the annals of biblical fiction.


Bone People :: Henry Bamman, William Odell, and Robert Whitehead


From the Space Science Fiction Series and published in 1970. This book has a vocabulary of 280 words and is appropriate for about a 3rd grade reading level. Following the story are a few pages of discussion on various space concepts and some follow-up questions for readers of the book.


Choices :: Mary Lee Settle

Community in America: The Challenge of Habits of the Heart :: Charles H. Reynolds

Cosmopolis: Urban Stories by Women :: Ines Rieder

Croatian-English/English-Croatian: Dictionary and Phrasebook (Dictionary and Phrasebooks) :: Ante Antunovic Susnjar

Death in Ancient Egypt (Pelican) :: A. J. Spencer

Kites: How to Fly Them, How to Build Them :: Ambrose Lloyd

Of Mice, Models, and Men :: Andrew Rowan

Philosophy and Biology

Poverty and Vagrancy in Tudor England (Seminar Studies in History) :: John Pound

Presidential Power: The Politics of Leadership from FDR to Carter :: Richard E. Neustadt

Process, Person, Presence: A Theology for Today's Believers :: Raymond Parr

A Question of Values :: Paul Lester Errington


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fireman57 - ,
Date Posted: 10/1/2008 9:20 PM ET
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An Eye For An Eye :: Gerald Seymour ISBN-13: 9780688079147 - ISBN-10: 0688079148

Double Barrel Western: The Bushwackers/Ride the Wild Country :: Lee Floren ISBN-13: 9780843926101 - ISBN-10: 0843926104

Fall and Rise :: Stephen Dixon ISBN-13: 9780865471924 - ISBN-10: 0865471924

Funny Money ISBN-13: 9780523424170 - ISBN-10: 0523424175

Irish Eyes, Large Print Edition :: Andrew M. Greeley ISBN-13: 9780739409930 - ISBN-10: 073940993X

An Irresistible Flirtation ISBN-13: 9780373173181 - ISBN-10: 0373173180

The Killing Gift :: Bari Wood ISBN-13: 140965 - ISBN-10

King of Colorado :: Owen Rountree ISBN-13: 9780345314550 - ISBN-10: 0345314557

The Priceless Gift the love letters of Woodrow WIlson and Ellen Axson Wilson :: Eleanor Wilson McAdoo ISBN-13: 141155 - ISBN-10

There's Something in a Sunday: A Sharon McCone Mystery :: Marcia Muller ISBN-13: 9780892962709 - ISBN-10: 0892962704

Date Posted: 10/2/2008 9:10 AM ET
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Be More Chill :: Ned Vizzini
ISBN-13: 9780786809967 - ISBN-10: 0786809965


Jeremy Heere is your average high school dork. Day after day, he dryly notes the small humiliations that come his way. Until the day he learns about the "squip," a pill-sized supercomputer that is guaranteed to bring you whatever you most desire in life. By instructing him on everything from what to wear to how to talk and walk, the squip transforms Jeremy from supergeek to superchic. Soon he is friends with his former tormentors and has the attention of the hottest girls in school. But Jeremy eventually finds out that there is also a dark side to having a computer inside your brain -- and it can lead to disastrous consequences.


Rome and a Villa :: Eleanor Clark
ISBN-13: 9780060974893 - ISBN-10: 0060974893


IN 1947 A YOUNG AMERICAN woman named Eleanor Clark went to Rome on a Guggenheim fellowship to write a novel. But Rome had its way with her, the novel was abandoned, and what followed was not a novel but a series of sketches of Roman life written mostly between 1948 and 1951. This new edition of the essential classic Rome and a Villa includes an evocative introduction by the preeminent translator William Weaver, who was close friends with the author and often wandered the city with her during the years she was working on the book.
Once in Rome, the foreign writer or artist, over the course of weeks, months, or years, begins to lose ambition, to lose a sense of urgency, to lose even a sense of self. What once seemed all-consuming is swallowed up by Rome itself; by the pace of life, by the fatalism of the Roman people, to whom everything and nothing matters, by the sheer historic weight and scale of the place. Rome is life itself - messy, random, anarchic, comical one moment, tragic the next, and above all, seductive.
Clark pays special attention to Roman art and architecture. In the book's midsection she looks at Hadrian's Villa - an enormous, unfinished palace - as a meta-phor for the city itself: decaying, imperial, shabby, but capable of inducing an overwhelming dreaminess in its visitors. The book's final chapter, written for an updated edition in 1974, is a lovely portrait of the so-called Protestant cemetery where both Keats and Shelley are buried, along with other foreign notables


Yonder Stands Your Orphan :: Barry Hannah
ISBN-13: 9780871138118 - ISBN-10: 0871138115


The Sea-Wolf (Puffin Classics) :: Jack London
ISBN-13: 9780140382792 - ISBN-10: 0140382798


Shipwrecked during a weekend pleasure cruise, gentleman scholar Humphrey Van Weyden thinks his mysterious rescuers have saved his life.

he's wrong.

Van Weyden's trapped abroad the Ghost--a seal-hunting schooner crewed by the most desperate, brutal outcasts of the Pacific. Ghost's evil captain, Wolf Larsen--The Sea-Wolf--is murderous tyrant who uses his superhuman strength to torture and destroy, his brilliant mind to invent sick games, and his relentless will to control his mutinous crew.

Each new day bring Van Weyden pain he'd never imagined. Escape is impossible. On deck flooded with the blood of the seal slaughter, he must battle a savage genius not just for his life--but for the last tattered shreds of his own soul.

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Date Posted: 10/2/2008 2:28 PM ET
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Is That a Politician in Your Pocket: Washington on $2 Million a Day :: Micah Sifry, Nancy Watzman

Monkey Hunting :: Cristina Garcia

Heartburn:  Nora Ephron

The Power: 11 Ways Women Gain Unhealthy Weight and How You Can Take Charge of Them:  Sue Ellin Browder

Rescue Me :: Megan Clark


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Nineteen Minutes :: Jodi Picoult
ISBN-13: 9780743496728 - ISBN-10: 0743496728

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Date Posted: 10/7/2008 2:36 PM ET
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My Treasury of Five-Minute Tales Author: Gaby Goldsack, Jan and Tony Payne

Quiet Times for Mothers Author: Julia Graham


Date Posted: 10/7/2008 3:17 PM ET
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Aldo Peanut Butter
Johanna Hurwitz - ISBN-13: 9780140360202 - ISBN-10: 0140360204

Angel in My Attic (Devotions for Junior High Girls)
Mary Lou Carney - ISBN-13: 9780310286110 - ISBN-10: 0310286115

Best of Friends (Sunshine Storybook)
Susan Postcanser, Jane Resnick - ISBN-13: 9780874490459 - ISBN-10: 0874490456

Bunny's Egg Hunt (Die-Cut Board Books)
Giovanni Caviezel - ISBN-13: 9780689852466 - ISBN-10: 0689852460

Donald Duck and the Witch Next Door
Walt Disney Productions - ISBN-13: 9780307010254 - ISBN-10: 0307010252

Elaine & Flying Frogs
Heidi Chang - ISBN-13: 9780679808701 - ISBN-10: 0679808701

The Honeybears and Their Forest Friends
unknown - ISBN-13: 151506 - ISBN-10:

IT'S CHOW TIME, SNOOPY (It's Chow Time, Snoopy!)
Charles M. Schulz - ISBN-13: 9780449200964 - ISBN-10: 0449200965

Let's Celebrate Easter: A Book of Drawing Fun
Bonnie Brook - ISBN-13: 9780816710522 - ISBN-10: 081671052X

Little Bears Surprise
Kathleen Allan-Meyer - ISBN-13: 9780874036008 - ISBN-10: 0874036003

My Sister, The Pig, and Me (Treetop Tales)
Cindy Savage - ISBN-13: 9780874066388 - ISBN-10: 0874066387

Nature's Assistant
Victoria Cox, Stan Applebaum - ISBN-13: 151490 - ISBN-10:

Never Talk to Strangers
Irma Joyce - ISBN-13: 9780307608765 - ISBN-10: 030760876X

Peter Curry's Shapes
Peter Curry - ISBN-13: 9780843107845 - ISBN-10: 0843107847

The Real Mother Goose
Blanche Fisher Wright - ISBN-13: 152182 - ISBN-10:

The Story Of Baby Moses (My First Bible Stories Board Books)
Carol Wedeven - ISBN-13: 9780689810565 - ISBN-10: 0689810563

Suzy's Book About Friendship
Nancy McConnell - ISBN-13: 124117 - ISBN-10:

Sweet Pea's Thank-You Book
none - ISBN-13: 9780899542386 - ISBN-10: 0899542387

A Thousand Candy Santas
Daphne Doward Hogstrom - ISBN-13: 151504 - ISBN-10:

Three for the Show (No Way Ballet, No 6)
Suzanne Weyn - ISBN-13: 9780816716562 - ISBN-10: 0816716560

Tropical Rainforests: Latin American Nature and Society in Transition (Jaguar Books on Latin America (Paper), No 2)
ISBN-13: 9780842024273 - ISBN-10: 0842024271

Josse Goffin - ISBN-13: 9780688123758 - ISBN-10: 0688123759

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Date Posted: 10/9/2008 9:39 AM ET
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I have the only copy of:

Chocolate (Greatest Ever)

The College Success Reader by Robert Holkeboer

The Essential College Experience with Readings by John Gardner and Jerome Jewler

Navigating the Research University: A Guide for First-Year Students by Britt Andreatta

Your College Experience: Strategies for Success, Expanded Reader by John Gardner and Jerome Jewler

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Matt C. (mattc) - ,
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Runway Zero-Eight  by John Castle and Arthur Hailey

The Shaving of Shagpat :: George Meredith

Space Visitor :: Mack Reynolds

Star Gate :: Andre Norton

Storm Breaking (Mage Storms, Bk 3) :: Mercedes Lackey

Swords Against Darkness :: Ed Andrew J Offutt

Swords Against Death (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, Bk 2) :: Fritz Leiber

Transit to Scorpio  by Alan Burt Akers

Timepivot, :: Brian Ball

The Tsaddik of the seven wonders :: Isidore Haiblum

The Turn of the Screw and Daisy Miller :: Henry James

TWO (2) VIEWS OF WONDER: Faulty Register; Lone Warrior; IMT; Small World; When Petals Fall; Papa Schimmelhorn and the S.O.D.O.M. Serum; Rope of Glass; The Quality of Mercy; Kiss of Fire; A Personage of Royal Blood :: Thomas N.; Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn (editors) (Joe Gores; Miriam Allen de Ford; Pamela Sargent; Michael Kurland; Sydney J. Van Scyoc; R. Bretnor; George Zebrowski; Tamsin Ashe; Harlan Ellison; Willo Davis Roberts) Scortia

Weird Tales No. 4 :: L. Carter

Interstellar Empire :: John Brunner

The Ion War :: Colin Kapp


The Janus Imperative :: Evelyn Anthony


Lost Tale  by Dale Estey

Master of the World :: Jules Verne

Mindbond (Sea King Trilogy, Vol II) :: Nancy Springer

Mirror friend, mirror foe :: George Takei

MORE THAN HUMAN :: Theodore Sturgeon

The New Atlantis and Other Novellas of Science Fiction :: Robert Silverberg

Newton and the Quasi-Apple :: Stanley Schmidt

The Night of Kadar :: Garry Kilworth

No Direction Home :: Norman spinard

The Ophidian Conspiracy :: John F. CARR

Passing for Human :: Jody Scott

PILGRIM PROJECT :: Hank searls

Dragon :: Jane gaskell

Drowned Ammet :: Diana Wynne Jones

Epoch :: Roger Elwood

Eye among the Blind :: Robert P. Holdstock

Face of Deep :: Jim young

False Dawn :: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Gargantua :: K. Robert Andreassi

The Gathering Storm (Crown of Stars, Book 5) :: Kate Elliott


Healer   by F. Paul Wilson

American Book of the Dead :: Stephen Billas

Bander Snatch :: Kevin O'Donnell Jr.

Blodwen and the Guardians (Tote 'ems) :: David Wiseman

THE BOATS OF THE GLEN CARRIG :: William Hope Hodgson

Children of the Stones :: Jeremy Burnham, Trevor Ray

Clarion :: Kate Wilhelm

Cloning :: David Shear


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Subject: Oops posted on the 2007 thread.
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Lemme try again.


Bloodshift by Garfield Reaves-Stevens (Great Vampire Novel)


Little Shop of Horrors by Robert Egan & Louise Egan  (Based on the movie)


Mindbend by Robin Cook

Arolen is a giant pharma company, expanding at rapid pace and bringing more and more doctors into its clutches. Once doctors go on CME onboard a cruise organised by Arolen, they come back totally changed, in personality and opinions. Strangely many of them opt for job in Julian Clinic, even at the cost of leaving their lucrative private practices. Incidentally number of therapeutic abortions at the Julian Clinic are also rising. Hero of the novel, Dr Adam Schoneberg, has to leave his medical education midway for want of money as his wife becomes pregnant and later on trapped in the clutches of unethical medical practice. Adam finally succeeds in unravelling the mystery behind Arolem pharmaceuticals, Julian Clinic, CME on cruise, Arolen's research lab at Puerto Rico and rapid and unexplained surge in sells of Arolen drugs.

niffir - ,
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Boy am I going to have a lot to post on this thread next month.  I went a little crazy at the FoL sale :)  But for now, I'll just give this a bump!