Book Reviews of One Night of Sin (Knight Miscellany, Bk 6)

One Night of Sin (Knight Miscellany, Bk 6)
One Night of Sin - Knight Miscellany, Bk 6
Author: Gaelen Foley
ISBN-13: 9780345480095
ISBN-10: 0345480090
Publication Date: 5/31/2005
Pages: 480
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 172 ratings
Publisher: Ivy Books
Book Type: Paperback
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I finally got around to reading Alec's story, as I said I went into the book not liking the character of Lord Alec Knight due to reading the other book sin the series. But Foley really outdid herself with this one as it is my second favorite of her series, right behind Lady of Desire and the character of Billy. Alec turns out to be a really sympathetic and worth hero. His struggle with gambling and the need to prove himself and to help Becky, the love interest, is excellent to read. This one had, by far, the most sex in it, but given his reputation it was not entirely unwarranted - not exactly my cup of tea to have so many though . It was very well written and definitely something that I would read again. He came out on top, which is why I like romance novels because you always know there is going to be a happy ending. I always reserve them for when I need a pick me up and this one worked on all levels, which is why I would recommend it.
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Wonderful book.
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Awesome, the best by Ms. Foley that I have read. The story line is a bit predictable. However, the character developement is rich and deep. The sex scenes are not for the faint of heart, I applaud Ms. foley for being so bold!
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Loved this book!!!!
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Alec the lonely rakehell, and Becky the strong and reliable girl, couln't help but fall in love after helping save each others lives. Wonderful book a must read. I can not wait for the next in the series.
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A really great read... had all the important elements that I look for: Compelling characters, a great plot, fun, witty dialogue. It will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can. Enjoy. :)
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great books , a series. Alex is the youngest and has a great time settling down
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Lost interest about halfway through this book. Guess I'm just not into historical romance these days.
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An innocent young lady gets caught up in an international scandal in Regency England. She finds herself in bed with a popular London rakehell who is up to ears in keeping up appearance and gamboling debts. Love ensues with a happy ending. Easy read.
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Regency romance - Lord Alex Knight rescues Miss Becky Ward from peril, only to find that she is on the run from her murderous cousin, Prince Mikhail Kurkov. Even in the midst of danger, they find themselves drawn to each other; he promises to protect her & does.
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Very good! Had to skip over the unnecessary sex to keep the story line in sight. Is this what readers are expecting, sexual novels? I must be getting old.
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I think I'm in love!!!! Alec has to be my all-time favorite romance hero ... and Becky was the perfect heroine for him! Loved this book!
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Lord Alec Knight decides to look for his soulmate to marry rather than just to marry for an heir. Luckily, he rescues Becky Ward, who is on the run from her murderous cousin.
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I really like the way Foley explored the character of Alec. He wasn't a perfect hero from the beginning. Instead, this relationship was his chance to redeem himself.
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Great novel, part of wonderful series of siblings, some of my favorite characters ever!
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If you're looking for a scorching hot historical with a good plot, this is it. I absolutely loved Alec. I liked this one almost as much as "Lord of Fire"-- which is saying a lot. Will stay in my keeper pile.

Lord Alec Knight (the youngest of the Knight brothers) is known as Captain of the London Rakehells and certainly lives up to his reputation. He's rather disgusted with himself after getting deep into debt from gambling and having to resort to working off his debt in a rich baroness's bed for a year. Lady Campion pays off his debts in exchange for his "services". As a result, he terribly hurts snf loses the only woman who has ever truly loved him (Lizzie Carlisle). His self-esteem is at an all-time low when he discovers a bedraggled young woman asleep on his friend's doorstep. His overeager friends believe she's a been sent over for their party by the local brothel and they manage to scare her off.

Alec decides to follow her and, while still believing her to be a prostitute, senses that she's in trouble and takes her to his home, where he offers her a hot bath and then orders her dinner from one of the best restaurants in town and tells her she can stay with him for a while if she wants. She allows him to go on thinking her a prostitute.

Alec resolves not to touch her until he's sure she's o.k. and then seduces her in the tenderest way possible. Becky is surprised by his kindness as well as his skils in bed, but runs off without a word in the morning, not wanting to endanger him because of the men that are hunting her down. The next morning, Alec is stunned to find Becky gone without a word and his bed bloodied. Apparently the "prostitute" was a virgin! He runs off after her and manages to track her down, saving her from the Cossacks who are trying to capture her to bring her back to her evil, murdering cousin Prince Mikhail. Feeling responsible for ruining her, Alec asks her to marry him, but she refuses, not wanting someone to marry her solely out of duty.

After Becky confides her plight, Alec makes it his mission to help her and goes on a mission to raise enough money to buy back her home from Mikhail through gambling winnings as well as convince Becky to marry him. He's stunned at the girl's courage and perseverance in the face of adversity. He needs a woman who needs him and finds that taking care of Becky reforms him. He confides his worst secret (Lady Campion) and rather than being apalled and rejecting him, Becky understands and accepts him, saying he handled it the best way he could at the time to avoid taking advantage of others and tells him he should forgive himself.

Alec the rake is redeemed though taking care of Becky and rescues her in a dramatic climactic scene where Mikhail tries to kill them both. As a result, the rake is reformed and becomes a true heroic figure. The transformation is believably accomplished by Foley.

This is a scorching hot romance and the sex scenes are not for the faint of heart. Rather than one night of sin, 20 nights of sin would have been a better title. Alec resolves not to have intercourse with Becky again until she agrees to marry him, but, true to his rake nature, he's quite inventive in finding ways for them to pleasure each other mutually and simultaneously until she agrees.

Overall, a very satisfying romance, with good character development and an interesting, suspenseful plot.
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