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Topic: Over 200 Childrens Books on My Bookshelf

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Subject: Over 200 Childrens Books on My Bookshelf
Date Posted: 7/15/2013 7:24 PM ET
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Subject: Magic school bus books
Date Posted: 8/17/2013 12:38 AM ET
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Hi, I added you as a friend.... Seems we have stuff in common... mainly that we both homeschool.  I was looking at your shelf... and I saw the Magic school bus book... do you have more? My 9 yr. old HATES to read... except the main book that he READ cover to cover WITHOUT complaint was how to eat fried worms... hahaha I've tried box car children... diary of a wimpy kid, adventures in odessy..(which he says are OK..not great) SO I wondered what your kids thought of the Magic tree house.  Maybe I'll look up your Horrible Harry books... I have a OH..wait..my 9yr. old will be 10 in two days.... so I will have a 10 yr. old and a 7yr....old boys... That I homeschool...and they both do not like to read much.  You wouldn't happen to have any easy piano music books, would you?  


Date Posted: 8/17/2013 6:56 PM ET
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I don't homeschool anymore. I only homeschooled one incredibly, great, interesting, fun, wonderful year with my 7 year old grandson when he was in second grade. You can tell I miss it, can't you! Lolcheeky I just want to say, I love children's books as a genre and your bookshelf is awesome! To the (O.P.)

I started a little story about my childhood reading experience that got out of control. Lol. But no matter. I will keep it for you to read, because I think it may be a little entertaining as well as instructive. This is for you Delores, you and your little one. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing and remembering it.

On the matter of your child not liking reading, I, as a children did not like the process of reading. I labored through reading during my lower grades. I did, although, love books. My parents had a huge collection of many thousands of books. We had bookshelves in the bedrooms and halls and some were as high as the ceiling. Many of the books fortunately had pictures and that is where I learned to love my books. My father did buy me an abundance of books that were made into collections that lined the bookshelves in my room along with my dolls, that I never played with. I had much rather played with things to put together and take apart. IIt was a long time ago when there was no cable TV and even in New York City there were only three TV stations. There were cartoons and children's shows on the weekends.like Hop A Long Cassity and The Lone Ranger and at 7 PM on channel WOR 11, Looney Tunes. TV wasn't much fun,except for the cartoons at as a girl at my young age. I was an only child who lived in an apartment building in the city, so picture books and my father's science stories became my favorite past time. Yes, there were other past times, but like drawing and playing with clay, but I had rather done it along with children than alone. So, books became my friends, so to speak, like actors on TV and Nintendo DS3s become children's friends today. Of course it was a different times, but it's the concept that is important. Then came school and books, as I said a labored over books. Fortunately, I did like Dick and Jane. It had pictures in it. Lol. I went to a very progressive school. One of the most progressive school's in the country. It is still progressive although not as experimental as it once was. It still exists, City and Country. Fortunately for me we were not actually "taught" to read, the school's philosophy was, reading was as natural as breathing, so teaching the process early in school just not done. We were read a lot and had a library where we sat amonst the bookshelves in comfortable easy chairs and raised our hands when we had a vocabulary question. The librarian and older children were there to whisper the meaning in our ears. Then our reading was resume. It was my second year at the school and I was in second grade and seven years old when I felt "different". As all the children would be avidly reading, I would pretend to read my books. This was because I couldn't really read. No one knew except the librarian and I didn't know how she knew, but she did. My mom, was quite concerned about my reading, but I didn't know it. Her childhood was spent reading and reading. She had always loved books and reading and couldn't for the life of her understand how I got along not liking it like she did. But, concerned she was and she gave me the very first book I ever read from cover to cover. I mean really read. It was The Secret Garden. She put an incription in it for me and gave it to me like it was my birthday. Knowing it was a special occasion for her to do something like that, I went along with my usual charade and started to read it. But this time something happened in me. I became interested in the story, I became interested in the characters, especially. I read and read and read that day, unill it was finished. I cried a little and laughed some, but mostly I became inspired to read more. I realized deep inside me there were more books like that, somewhere, if only I could learn to read. So learn to read I did. LIttle by little I raised my hand more in "Library Time" and listened more attentively when read to by the teacher. Pictures became part of the background and the written word became much more important. To this very day, I love books and am a very good reader. There is only one thing. I never learned to love the reading process, never! To this very day, reading is something that is not my favorite thing. It is the reading material that is.

So, what I'm trying to say is, perhaps, your son may learn to love books. I'm sure he will one day learn to read very well, but he may possibly not learn to love the reading process. It's like loving one sports vs. art or mathematics vs.playing online games. You just never know what will happen. But don't ever fret, Your child will learn to love books, because you do. He may even become a voracious reader. I just don't want you to be too concerned. Just give his an assortment of books that you believe he will enjoy, just like you're doing. And be the most fabulous mother I'm sure you are!smiley