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ISBN-13: 9780722127537
ISBN-10: 0722127537
Publication Date: 1990
Pages: 250
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I like the Dirk Pitt books - this one was good. About a secret world undersea near Hawaii. My Mom and Dad read it too!
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It was a fast paced read that kept me interested all the way through the story. It made me read more from this author.
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Couldn't Put it down!!
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Fun, February 11, 2004
Dirk Pitt is the James Bond meets John Wayne character that every guy would love to be. Pitt's a "man's man." He smokes, but he still scuba dives with the best of them. He's no pretty boy, well-mannered and cute, but he gets plenty of women. He's no fame-seeking show off, but he always saves the day. Playboy, Maxim, and GQ only WISH they could have such a chap to plaster on their covers!
Pacific Vortex! is a quick read since its a rather short book, but that's not a bad thing. A lot of popular novels contain the author's preaching to the reader or cramming pages upon pages full of verbose meandering. Not so with Cussler. Pacific Vortex is the perfect book for anyone who wants to have fun reading. Its difficult to make a novel fun (is Dan Brown a "fun" read? is Sydney Sheldon a "fun" read? are the classics "fun" reads?), but Cussler writes really fun books. I enjoyed Pacific Vortex because it moves quick - Cussler doesn't bore me by telling me every single detail about every room characters are in, what they are wearing, what they are thinking, what they ate for breakfast etc. There's a mysterious "vortex" in the Pacific? A capsule from a missing ship has been awash? Add Dirk Pitt and the story comes to life and there's not much of a pause. The ending is a bit silly (as is the villian), but good triumphs over evil, there were sexy women (but no filthy sex-scenes) involved in the storyline, and there were guns! I'm a happy reader!
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The Pacific Vortex an area in the pacific ocean very similar to the Bermuda Triangle. 38 ships have disappeared completely off the radar in 30 years. When a US nuclear submarine is 38, Dirk Pitt gets involved in the mystery.

The mystery itself is fascinating. The adventures of recovering the submarine by the US Navy and Drk are amazing. The storyline is not up to Cussler's usual twisty turny plot scenarios but well written except for the romance of Dirk and Summer. He first meets her when she tries to kill him - very little conversation. The next time she rescues him from her father's treachery - no talking at all. Then they see each other again under extreme duress and declare their love - gimme a break. Everything else is believable in this outlandish tale except that. What crap. Dirk always gets the girl in later books - only for a night - so it seems like Cussler wanted him to get the girl in this one but he certainly went about it the wrong way.
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This book was pretty cheesy. Super smart villains, indestructible leading guy, love interest, fights, snappy commentary, etc. Something to read if you haven't got much else.
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Another Dirk Pitt book from Cussler (the first in Dirk's timeline, I beleive). As always this is a fast and exciting read. The ideas Cussler comes up with are crazy! However, this books serves as good introduction to Pitt and how he operates...
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I enjoyed this book. Not quite as complex as some of Dirk Pitt's later adventures but still a good read.
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Pretty good book. Cussler is correct in stating that this book is not as good as his other Dirk Pitt books. It is not as good as his other Dirk Pitt books I have read, but that does not mean it isnt a good book. Still an excellent book.
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Dirk Pitt at his most exciting.
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Fun Dirk Pitt novel. Action, action, action.
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gotta love Dirk Pitt!!
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Wonderful read! Kept me guessing to the end. If you enjoyed Sahara-this is a MUST read!!!
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Kirk Pitt, death defying adventurer and deep sea expert, is put to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous water of the Pacific Vortex. Pitt's mission swirls him into a battle with underwater assassins and traps him in the arms of Summer Moran.
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Death-defying and deep sea adventure. Takes place where many ships have vanished without a trace.The hero must find the latest threat to national defense.He comes sin contact with a woman underwater assassin. Finds hinself on a sunkin island.
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The first Dirk Pitt adventure! I have several of Cussler's earlier Dirk Pitt books that I haven't read so decided to see where it all started. This one is quite unlike some of the later stories without so much detail and length but still enjoyable. In this one Dirk gets involved with the strange disappearances of ships during the last 30 years in an area of the Pacific called the Pacific Vortex -- much like the Bermuda triangle. The book starts out with the loss of a nuclear submarine in the area. A capsule with the Captain's last words ends up with Dirk while he is swimming on the north shore of Oahu. And off we go! Dirk winds up finding out that the ships have been scuttled by a group of men using a lost island similar to Atlantis, called Kanoli, as its base. The leader of the group is like a cross between Doc Savage (he has golden or yellow eyes) and Jules Verne's Captain Nemo. I can see that Cussler was influenced by both of these. Along the way, Dirk falls in love but alas, it was not meant to be. Overall a fun read.
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Dirk Pitt is put to the ultimate test as he plunges into the perilous waters of the Pacific Vortex-a fog-shrouded sea zone where dozens of ships have vanished without a trace.
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First Dirk Pitt book, it tells how he meets his first love.
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This was the first Dirk Pitt book I read. It kept me engaged to finish it quickly. At times it felt a little sci-fi, but it was still a good read.
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This book introduces Dirk Pitt, although it was published several books after Cussler began the Pitt series. Dirk Pitt discovers a message capsule of a missing vessel and is reluctately drawn into finding her. Very enjoyable story with the classic Cussler plot twists and turns.
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My husband loved this book and reads all of the books that Cussler writes.
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Like Laurell and Hardy, with PHD's & Uzies!
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Dirk Pitt's First Most Terrifying Adventure!

AS the countdown heads to disaster, Clive Cussler plummets his hero onto an ancient sunken island- the astonishing setting for the explosive climax of Pacific Vortex!
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Wished I had read this long ago before reading many of the others in the series. Good read.