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Topic: PM asking me to send a book to a different address

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Subject: PM asking me to send a book to a different address
Date Posted: 2/27/2008 11:56 PM ET
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I got a request for two books off my bookself. I also got two PMs from the requestor asking me to mail the books to a different person at a different address from what printed on the wrapper.

When I PMed the requester about it, she explained that she was staying with her sister while her husband was deployed and wanted the books sent to her sister, as her mail is not being forwarded. She also explained that she was a new member and hadn't received 3 books yet and so couldn't use the normal method of specifying a different address. She says that she's requested books from other members without a problem.

Some questions that popped into my mind: If her mail is not being forwarded, doesn't that mean that she plans on returning soon? But media mail can take a very long time. What if she returns home before the book is delivered? Also, she has ten books on her bookshelf, so as a new member, she got 2 credits for posting those 10 books. However, requesting my two books would have costed 2 credits. So, how would she have the credits to have also requested books from other senders?

I'm not completely comfortable sending her the books (to either address). Yet, I don't want to be a bad member or get a black mark for canceling a request. However, Paperback swap probably set up the rule about receiving 3 books for a reason, right?

What should I do?


Date Posted: 2/28/2008 12:04 AM ET
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Personally, I would send them to the address on file with PBS and use the PBS delivery confirmation to ensure credit. 

Date Posted: 2/28/2008 12:07 AM ET
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I would ask R&R about this, by sending in feedback (link at the top of the contact us page linked from the bottom of this page).

Date Posted: 2/28/2008 1:13 AM ET
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I'd take the chance and send them to her sister in laws address--media mail doesn't get forwarded anyway. 


  As for having credits--you can buy those--I do it frequently(um anyone who needs books feel free to order all of mine any time now:)



patticom - ,
Date Posted: 2/28/2008 2:51 AM ET
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If she is Army the typical deployment is 12-18 months, so media mail would hardly be an issue.  As for the mail forwarding, if she lives on a military base she might have just cancelled the phone and utilities are part of the "rent" (base residents don't pay rent, but we don't get housing allowance, so basically Uncle Sam gives us a house to live in temporarily instead of money to rent/buy a house)... and she might be having the rest of their (personal) mail forwarded to her husband down range.  Also, if she lives overseas there could be some issues--a friend of mine just joined PBS but the system would not accept her military APO address for some odd reason, so she joined under her U.S. address and has to pay postage to have someone in the States re-mail her books to her until she gets her first 3 books and can manually enter her address in the "mail to" each time... OR until the system accepts her actual mailing address.

All that to say I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and do as she requests.  :)  One of the hardships of military life is often mail headaches, in the 16 years my dh has been active duty I've definitely btdt.


Date Posted: 2/28/2008 2:51 AM ET
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Ditto the suggestion about asking R&R via feedback.  The policy of not allowing new members to change their address until they have received several books is a safeguard against scams.  I'm not saying this person is necessarily trying to scam you or PBS, but it would be best to stick to the rules to be safe.




ETA: If something about this transaction is sending up "red flags" or making you feel uncomfortable, cancel the request.  I'd still write R&R about it, so it gets on their radar.

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Date Posted: 2/28/2008 6:48 AM ET
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Mail the books to the address she asked you to.  Really, I'm just not seeing the problem.  She's not home, she wants the books to go where she is. 

If the transaction ends up being a problem, you have her pm to show that she requested the different address.

If you're really worried, use the PBS postage and get quick credit for it.  That way, you get the credits and you can monitor the status of the shipment.  

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Date Posted: 2/28/2008 7:08 AM ET
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I constantly ask for books to be sent elsewhere. The only difference I see is that this is a newer member and she has to do it via PM instead of the "change address" button. I'm not seeing the problem?

Date Posted: 2/28/2008 7:41 AM ET
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Date Posted: 2/28/2008 8:21 AM ET
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Media mail is forwardable but if it goes to different town, it comes postage due.

Date Posted: 2/28/2008 9:30 AM ET
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I'm confused. Can't you enter another address to send books to when you make an order? (Manually entering another address, instead of picking your address that's on file?) Is that option missing if you've not received 3 books yet?

Date Posted: 2/28/2008 9:34 AM ET
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The reason I would be concerned and want to check this out is that it seems odd if this is such a new member that she registered at a different address than the one she wants to use.  How many books is she requesting this way? Even if she registered and then got a sudden notice that she had to move, why wouldn't she just request 2 this way, and then mark them received, and then she can change her account address and order more?  She told you that "other members" have not had a problem with it.  That implies she has done this already at least twice.  And the Help Center says if you need to change your address before you have received books, just contact R&R and they will help.  So it sounds like she could be trying to "hide" from R&R by not sending in feedback asking outright for the address to be changed.

I would want R&R to check into it to be sure that this is not a person who has been kicked out of the club and who is trying to sneak back in using someone else's name and address.

No, you can't change the shipping address until you have used your free credits.


edited a million times bcs I cannot seem to express myself clearly this AM!

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Date Posted: 2/28/2008 10:40 AM ET
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Even if she registered and then got a sudden notice that she had to move, why wouldn't she just request 2 this way, and then mark them received, and then she can change her account address and order more?

Or for that matter, why not contact TPTB and eplain the situation and ask them to update the address?

Subject: Librarian asked me to not mail the books
Date Posted: 2/28/2008 11:29 AM ET
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I guess someone from PBS monitors these forums pretty well. I got a message from the PBS team telling me to not mail the books because the requester violated the PBS terms of use. So, I'm not going to mail the books. Bummer. It would have been nice to get two more credits.

Date Posted: 2/28/2008 11:41 AM ET
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I wouldn't worry about how she earned her credits or how many books are on her shelf. I don't have many books on my shelf. If you look at my shelf it looks like I rarely post any books. But I send out a lot of WL books.   She could have bought some. She could have a friend that's a member and gave her some. She could have posted a bunch of WL books or had a bunch of orders when she joined.  I earned around 30 credits the 1st month I joined. 

I would send the book to her the address she asked for and use the pre-printed postage.  You don't have to put a lot of $ into the account if you don't normally use the postage or DC.  I use it for bulk orders and audio-cds so I'm not out the credits and books if they go lost. 

My husband is military. From experience I can say that it's very possible that he had to leave on very short notice after she joined.  Or she expected to stay in her home while he was gone and for whatever reason ended up living with family instead.  Been there, done that. 

Date Posted: 2/28/2008 7:56 PM ET
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Glad you got the official word so you don't need to feel bad for not sending or worry if you did send. I would have been a little suspect of the circumstances too. No reason for you to have to pay more the send the book with prepaid postage because someone else wants a way around a system safeguard. That's just not fair to you.

Angie -
Date Posted: 3/2/2008 10:57 AM ET
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I would have said no too. The 3 book rule is in place for a reason. (Probably so people won't create as many accounts as they want...possibly even after they've already been suspended for breaking the rules...with different addresses.) And...the story sounds fishy. (And yes, my DH was in the military too.)