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Topic: POLITICS '08

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Subject: POLITICS '08
Date Posted: 2/2/2008 7:17 PM ET
Member Since: 1/11/2006
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What is everything thinking?  Do you know who you are voting for?

SOOOOO my heart is with Kucinich, but I am forcing myself to be more realistic. I'm leaning towards Obama but WHY CAN'T HE JUST CALL A GAY MARRIAGE WHAT IT IS? Why does he insist on using the term civil union? He says his denomination of the church recognizes gay marriage and he wants civil unions to offer the EXACT same rights as a heterosexual marriage, but he doesn't want to call it marriage? There is no way of justifying that, and when he tries it just sounds silly. Separate but equal is NOT equal - why is that not clear?

L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 2/6/2008 2:55 AM ET
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Jessie, I could wring his silly neck for the same reason...just stand up and have some b*lls, for Pete's sake!!  All of them are so wishy-washy on the issue.  I hate to be the one to break it to them but Christianity does not hold the reigns to marriage.  They don't want to pizz off the Fundies, so they choose instead to pizz off the LGBT pop.  It's *soooo* annoying!!!

I have no idea who I will eventually choose.  Our primary is late (May), and that makes me feel better.  I am leaning Clinton, but could be easily swayed....


Date Posted: 2/6/2008 4:52 PM ET
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 I Wonder if we the LGBT group all voted for one person what would that say? We have the power they say to swing a vote or be heard yet I don't here us saying anything yet. Where is our voice in all of this??? We Vote in April and by then it almost over....I wish they would stay home make their stand online... They believe this and will vote for that they want to do this and not that.....Instead of running all over the states say this to you and that to me. I am tried of paying for all of it and then they drop out or just make it but do nothing of what they said. I always vote and always will. I just wonder if it will be another four years of I don't blame me I didn't vote for --------------

Date Posted: 2/7/2008 6:48 PM ET
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I voted for the woman, even though our votes in Florida don't count anyway!

Date Posted: 2/10/2008 11:34 AM ET
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I really believe we need a woman in The White House. And I want to see what PC term they come up with for Mr. Bill. LOL

I think it's time for a big change. It's certainly going to be a very interesting year for sure.

Date Posted: 2/12/2008 11:56 AM ET
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I can't justify voting for Hilary just because she is a woman.  I'm a little worried about having 2 presidents in the white house and lets face it she is having a really hard time managing her campaign.  She has run out of money, her biggest supporters are tapped out ...if she can't maintain her budget for her campaign how is she going to do it with a country? And she really can't have it both ways she keeps mentioning how when Bill was in office he balanced the budget and they had a surplus...then on the next questions she says that he isn't going to play a role and that this would be her reign...sorry but you can't take credit for something your husband did, use it as part of your campaign and then turn around and say oh he won't have any role.  It just doesn't work for me. 

As for Obama I like him, I wish he had more experience but I think he is intelligent enough to do the job.  Don't get me started on the whole marriage thing because I think everyone should have civil unions- gay or straight.  It takes the whole religion argument out of the equation.  Marriage ceremonies are a religious and should not be state or government sanctioned.  sigh...but I know thats not going to happen - to me as long as the rights are the same I don't care what you call it, but the rights of the indivduals have to be equal. 

Granted if it comes down to it and the choice is McCain or Clinton..I would have to vote for Clinton...I think Obama has a better shot at winning against him though.  scary times.

Date Posted: 2/12/2008 6:42 PM ET
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I'm still really really torn... I want to vote for a woman, cause I really think we need one in the white house (not just as a wifey), BUT the "machine" of the Clintons is nasty... and Obama just doesn't do it for me.... and of course this is the one year our vote in PA may actually count!

Date Posted: 2/12/2008 6:57 PM ET
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I am with you Sam, this year of all years and the choice is ????? I will keep my eye on everyone.

Date Posted: 2/18/2008 1:40 PM ET
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I would love to see a woman in the WH, unfortunately Clinton comes pretty close to dead last of the women I would want to see there. I have a pretty strong aversion to her (to both of them, actually), and won't be voting for her regardless of who else is running.

I *like* Obama, he seems like a nice guy. I don't really think he has what it takes to be GREAT presidential material, but I *could* vote for him.

In our primary, I voted for one of my favorite doesn't-have-a-chance candidates. My wife voted *against* our least favorite rep. candidate, b/c it seemed as though he would have a pretty strong showing here.

She is also undecided about how to vote in the general election, but we have similar feelings about Clinton and Obama. We will probably vote the same in the election.

Date Posted: 2/20/2008 12:51 AM ET
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I don't like our choice.  That being said, at this point, I'm going with Obama.

L. G. (L)
Date Posted: 2/20/2008 3:39 AM ET
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Well, I'm as excited as heck that we actually *have* a decent choice this time around.  I like both candidates better than I liked them last election.  Both are more liberal that the wish-washy Dems who have run before...I have more hope that something will actually CHANGE.

I have no idea who I will back, come our primary .  I like the idea of Obama, but his inexperience worries me.  I love Hillary's position on most things - she pizzes me off on other matters, and she's a politician's politician (people like that worry me).  I also think she will be a "two for one" deal and that Bill will be helping call the shots, which IMO, is a good thing.   I am glad I don't have to worry until June. ;)

Date Posted: 2/20/2008 1:51 PM ET
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In my opinion, when Bill stopped campaigning for her so much she lost some of her momentum.   I'm glad we have a decent choice this time as well.  But the Democrats still need to get tougher with the Republicans.  And Obama and Hillary need to accusing each other of whatever and just get stick with the issues.