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Topic: **Post your 1 of 1 wish listed books

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Subject: **Post your 1 of 1 wish listed books
Date Posted: 5/28/2008 8:44 PM ET
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There was a thread in the Questions section about this, and it seems a lot of us are 1 of 1 for multiple books on our WL's.

I thought it would be cool to have a place to list these, so if someone has an unpostable or even just has it in their TBR pile they can see who's waiting for them.

Here are mine:

Brat Pack Confidential by Andrew Pulver & Stephen Paul Davies (ISBN 0713486856)

A Judy Blume Collection (ISBN 0689867689)

Our Ecstatic Days - A Novel by Steve Erickson (ISBN 074326472X)

PS I Love You by Barbara Conklin (ISBN 0553140191)

Strange Tribe: A Family Memoir by John Hemingway (ISBN 1599211122)

The Falcon and the Snowman by Robert Lindsey (ISBN 1585745022)

The Midnight Diary of Zoya Blume by Laura Shaine Cunningham (ISBN 0060722614)

The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean (ISBN 009928958X)

Slam by Lewis Shiner (ISBN 0312267770)

To See You Again by Betty Schimel & Joyce Gabriel (ISBN0452280710)

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Date Posted: 5/28/2008 8:59 PM ET
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"G" is for Gumshoe HARDCOVER by Sue Grafton

Inside the Red Tent

The Cat Who Saw A Ghost HARDCOVER by Lilian Jackson Braun

Date Posted: 5/28/2008 9:09 PM ET
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These are the ones i am first in line fo


So you think you know harry potter- Clive Gifford



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Date Posted: 5/28/2008 9:26 PM ET
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Mine are...

Avenger- Andy McNab

Meltdown- Andy McNab/ Robert Rigby

Seven Troop- Andy McNab

Date Posted: 5/28/2008 9:37 PM ET
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The Captive Queen of Scots :: Jean Plaidy
ISBN-13: 105779 - ISBN-10:


great thread idea! :)

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Subject: How do you find this out?
Date Posted: 5/28/2008 10:21 PM ET
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I have alot on my wish list and get suprised with them..how can I check where i am on the wish list?

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Date Posted: 5/28/2008 10:37 PM ET
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Joyce, hover with your mouse arrow over the little grey exclamation mark and it will tell you where you stand.

Mine are:

Beguilement (Sharing Knife, Bk 1) :: Lois McMaster Bujold

Passage (The Sharing Knife, Vol. Three) :: Lois Mcmaster Bujold

Miss Wonderful (Sensation) :: Loretta Chase

Brilliance of the Moon, Episode 1: Battle for Maruyama (Tales of the Otori, Book 3) :: Lian Hearn

Brilliance of the Moon, Episode 2: Scars of Victory (Tales of the Otori, Book 3) :: Lian Hearn

Grass for His Pillow (Tales of the Otori) :: Lian Hearn

Temeraire Vol 1-3 Box Set With Bonus Poster :: Naomi Novik

Once in a Blue Moon :: Penelope Williamson

Tarnished Heisman: Did Reggie Bush Turn His Final College Season into a Six-Figure Job? :: Don Yaeger

Some of them took quite along time to get into first place and i can't wait to read them. Some of them i've been #1 for a long time and i've never seen anyone post them. Hopefully that will change. xD

Subject: Here's Mine (getting excited)
Date Posted: 5/28/2008 11:50 PM ET
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Didn't realize I am Sooooo close (yet so far) read faster LOL from my 1 of 1 wish list, See as follows:

Secret Daughter, Shoe Addicts Anonyomous, The Shooting: A memoir, The Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman, County Fair (Little House), Eyewitness on Alcatraz, The house on Pooh Corner, Jim Thorpe's Bright Path,  A little Fruitcake, The little house collection box set, Little miss fickle, late,perfect,shy,clumsy,noisy,funny, fussy, on the move, Mr. Men Bedtime Story, Mr. Men Colours, Start to Write (MrMen) Mommies Behaving Badly, A little fruitcake,                      Still Summer, Rywka Ryvak: A Survivor of the Holocaust.

Am always looking for Holocaust books. Have read a ton but PM me if you have any.


Date Posted: 5/29/2008 12:16 AM ET
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Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice :: Sarah Chana Radcliffe

That's the only one where I'm 1 of 1 wishing.

Date Posted: 5/29/2008 9:17 AM ET
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Signals the Story of life after life.

Date Posted: 5/29/2008 9:40 AM ET
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My 1 of 1s are:

Twice Born (Mass Market Paperback) :: Pauline Gedge

The Forgotten Legion :: Ben Kane

Hercules, My Shipmate :: Robert Graves

Hercules, My Shipmate :: Robert Graves

Goatsong: A Novel of Ancient Athens :: Tom Holt


The Penelopeia :: Jane Rawlings

Kai Lung's golden hours :: Ernest Bramah

The Amazing Voyage of Azzam :: Kelly Godel

Ou Lu Khen and the Beautiful Madwoman :: Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Star Dancer :: Fay Sampson

Star Dancer :: Fay Sampson

ASSYRIAN :: Nicholas Guild

The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox :: Barry Hughart

Star Ascendant :: Louise Cooper

Family favourites :: Alfred Leon Duggan

The Course of Honor :: Lindsey Davis

The Heretic :: Lewis Weinstein

Wolfgar: The Story of a Viking :: James Richard Larson

The Eye of Odin :: James Richard Larson

Herald :: N. F. Houck

Herald :: N.F. Houck

Spartan Slave, Spartan Queen: A Tale of Four Women in Sparta :: Helena P Schrader

Are They Singing in Sparta? :: Helena P Schrader

Housecarl :: Lawrence J. Brown

Clovis, King of the Franks :: John W. Currier

The Legacy :: Ellen Ekstrom

The Words of Bernfrieda: A Chronicle of Hauteville : The Chronicle of the Life of Fredesenda Wife Oftancred of Hauteville and Mother of Robert Guiscard Duke of Apulia and rogi :: Gabriella Brooke

Cry "God for Harry" :: Martha Rofheart

Iokaste: The Novel of the Mother-Wife of Oedipus :: Victoria Grossack, Alice Underwood

Amenhotep, Son of Hapu: A Tale of Egypt: Book II: Scribe's Duty :: Blake A. Willey

Amenhotep, Son of Hapu: A Tale of Egypt: Book One: Scribe's Ascent :: Blake A. Willey


Date Posted: 5/29/2008 10:22 AM ET
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These are my 1 of 1s:

Cake Art: Simplified Step-by-Step Instructions and Illustrated Techniques for the Home Baker to Create Showstopping Cakes and Cupcakes :: The Culinary Institute of America

The Essential Guide to Cake Decorating (Borders Exclusive) :: Murdoch Books

Hellgate: London Volume 1 :: Nelson Arvid, Lee Tae-hang

Humpty Dumpty :: Daniel Kirk

Rolie Polie Olie and Friends Box :: Bill Joyce

What Not To Build: Do's and Don'ts of Exterior Home Design :: Sandra Edelman, Judith Kay Gaman, Robby Reid

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Date Posted: 5/29/2008 10:29 AM ET
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Wow, I had more than I thought.


Abduction :: Andrew Fox ISBN-10: 1425974287

Bastards of Alchemy :: Tom Piccirilli, ISBN-10: 1889186309

Black Orchids from Aum :: Gerard Daniel Houarner, ISBN-10: 1931095132

Dark Moods :: Charlee, Jacob ISBN-10: 0977304078

Death Drives a Semi: Horror Stories :: Edo Van Belkom
ISBN-13: 9781550822144 - ISBN-10: 1550822144

The Essential World of Darkness (World of Darkness (White Wolf Publishing))
ISBN-13: 9781565048645 - ISBN-10: 1565048644

A Female Vampire :: Katharina Katt
ISBN-13: 9781894841689 - ISBN-10: 1894841689

Going Postal :: Space and Time
ISBN-13: 9780917053115 - ISBN-10: 0917053117

Got to Kill Them All & Other Stories :: Dennis Etchison
ISBN-13: 9781587670930 - ISBN-10: 1587670933

Horror: The Best of the Year, 2008 Edition (Horror the Best of the Year) :: Stefan R. Dziemianowicz
ISBN-13: 9780809572526 - ISBN-10: 0809572524

I Love You and There Is Nothing You Can Do About It :: Gerard Houarner
ISBN-13: 9781929653461 - ISBN-10: 1929653468

I Love You and There Is Nothing You Can Do About It :: Gerard Daniel Houarner
ISBN-13: 9781929653034 - ISBN-10: 1929653034

Inside the Works :: Tom Picirilli, Gerard D. Houarner, Edward Lee
ISBN-13: 9781889186078 - ISBN-10: 1889186074

Little Knives: Twelve Tales of Horror and the Supernatural :: Christopher Michael Davis
ISBN-13: 9780595319657 - ISBN-10: 0595319653

Live Girls :: Ray Garton
ISBN-13: 9780356147994 - ISBN-10: 0356147991

Mental Toughness Training for Volleyball: Maximizing Technical and Mental Mechanics :: Mike Voight
ISBN-13: 9781585189427 - ISBN-10: 1585189421

Methods of Madness :: Ray Garton
ISBN-13: 9789990635348 - ISBN-10: 999063534X

Night Players :: P. D. Cacek
ISBN-13: 9781891946110 - ISBN-10: 1891946110

Old Ghosts and Other Revenants :: J. F. Gonzalez
ISBN-13: 9781894815185 - ISBN-10: 1894815181

A Taste for Blood :: Diana Lee
ISBN-13: 9781560234616 - ISBN-10: 156023461X

That's All Folks! :: J. F. Gonzalez
ISBN-13: 9781893687479 - ISBN-10: 1893687473

Volleyball Cybernetics :: Stan Kellner, Dave Cross
ISBN-13: 9780965617505 - ISBN-10: 0965617505

Welcome to the Ranks of the Enchanted :: Michael David
ISBN-13: 9781555234386 - ISBN-10: 1555234380


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Mine are:

~Dare all for Love by Lyndi Lamont

~The Master of Castleleigh by Jacqueline Bellevois

But since they're both erotica, I ain't holding my breath.

Date Posted: 5/29/2008 6:44 PM ET
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Cry of the Wind (Storyteller Trilogy, Bk. 2)Cry of the Wind (Storyteller Trilogy, Bk. 2) :: Sue Harrison
ISBN-13: 9780380973712 - ISBN-10: 0380973715

GraniaGrania :: Morgan Llywelyn
ISBN-13: 9780517559512 - ISBN-10: 051755951X


Date Posted: 5/29/2008 7:01 PM ET
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I have a few that I am #1 for - They are all kids books, except the first one

Liver Disorders Sourcebook  9780737300901

Boats & Ships (Voyages of Discovery)  9780590476478

Exploring Space (Voyages of Discovery) 9780590476157

Story of Flight (Voyages of Discovery) 9780590476430

Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle (Smithsonian)  9781931465045

Dolphin's Rescue  (Smithsonian)  9781592494262

Giant of the Sea - Sperm Whale (Smithsonian) 9781931465717

Monarch Butterfly of Aster Way (Smithsonian)  9781568995687

Pelican's Catch (Smithsonian)  9781592492879

Puffer's Surprise (Smithsonian)  9781592490325

Down to the Bonny Glen (Little House - Martha) 9780064407144

Sea Horse Reef (Smithsonian) 9781568998695

Sockeye's Journey Home  - Salmon (Smithsonian) 9781568998299

Wild & Free - Black Footed Ferret (Smithsonian)  9781568991979

American Girl History Mysteries Books #7, 8, 9  (Box Set)  9781584852261

Rivers & Lakes, A Nature Hide & Seek 9780679836902

The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew - original reissue) 9781557091550

The Whispering Statue (Nancy Drew - original reissue)  9781557092601

These are some great series that I have discovered & would like to round out the sets I have been gathering for my dd.  Thanks so much.



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Date Posted: 5/29/2008 7:56 PM ET
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Mine are:

Bones, Rocks and Stars : the science of when things happened, by Chris Turney

Booked for murder, by Val McDermid

Clean break, by Val McDermid

Crack down, by Val McDermid

Dead beat, by Val McDermid

Final edition, by Val McDermid

Mr. Was, by Pete Hautman

The Psychiatric study of Jesus, by Albert Schweitzer

The snake charmer: a life and death in pursuit of knowledge, by Jamie James

Swords across the Thames, by Haley Elizabeth Garwood

Union Jack, by Val McDermid

MAN...all the Val McDermids are for my DD....she'll be thrilled to know she's first in line. 

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