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Topic: is this postable?

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Subject: is this postable?
Date Posted: 2/17/2010 3:59 PM ET
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im uncertain of whether a book is postable, or not. I received it yesterday from another member.  however, i already have the book so want to repost it. 


here is my problem.   1. the jacket. i dont think it matters what condition the jacket is in, right?  however, this one is glued to the book, so i cant just take it off.  so, its torn and there is a large piece of tape on the over (its an old library book, so on the cover and under the plastic part).   2.  the binding.  the binding is broken. it is well glued back except for the page before the title page.  when you open to the title page, you can see the binding and that page (opposite the title page) is about 3/4 off the binding (so basically about to fall out of the book, except it was glued to the prior page - the blank page you open the book up to). 


sorry if this sounds confusing.  if this is a postable book, im going to simpy repost it. but i dont want to mark it accepted and in good condition and then have someone else refuse me a credit when they deem it unpostable.  


i can take pix if that woudl help anyone form an opinion.

Rick B. (bup) - ,
Date Posted: 2/17/2010 4:08 PM ET
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If you want to take pix, sure, but the binding issues would keep me from posting it.

Date Posted: 2/17/2010 5:17 PM ET
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I just wanted to point out that you may want to double check the library book status. Technically, you can only post "de-circulated' or "withdrawn" library books. Many library will stamp the inside cover in some way, but not all, and if you see the library's info in the book, you may want to call to be sure. I good rule of thumb about posting books is that if you would not be thrilled with the book, don't post it and also if you have second thoughts about posting a book you probably shouldn't. I hope this helps. A picture of the book would also be helpful if you want a more specific answer.  

Date Posted: 2/18/2010 12:39 AM ET
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The dust jacket is glued to the hardcover?  That's a new one...rather unique, but I'd call that book damage.  And probably irrelevent, because the spine sounds like it's cleaved which makes the book unpostable.  Check the PBS helps for cleaved spine and see if it applies to your book.

Not all libraries stamp their discards as such.  Some cross off or remove inventory barcodes, and others simply remove them from the system and make no distinctive markings on the discarded book.

Date Posted: 2/18/2010 12:51 AM ET
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1. Sounds ok unless you get an RC that asks for a dust jacket, then the DJ must also meet postability guidelines.

2. So many words there scream unpostable. There can be no separation of the binding so a broken spine is unpostable - even if they glue it back together. If you can tell it is broken it is unpostable. The Help Center no longer uses the word cleaved, it say "no separation"  which "about 3/4 off the binding"  violates. If pages are about to fall out a book it is unpostable and gluing them to the next page does not change that.

Please do not put this book back into the PBS system. Mark it as RWAP and state that ex-library books are allowed, but they still have to meet all the other postability requirements and broken spines and falling out pages make a book unpostablee and gluing them back in doesn't change them back into postable books.

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Date Posted: 2/18/2010 1:32 PM ET
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ok, thats kind of what i thought.

just to clarify, its only one page that is like that (but glued in).  i just dont want to be the one that gets slammed w/ losing a credit for this.  


im simply going to direct the person who sent it to me to this thread and hopefully they will understand.  i dont mind sending the book back to the person but i dont want to be out the $$ to do so....I particpate here for fun and do my best to make sure my books are postable.  if something slips by me, i refund the credit.  ive had to do it a few times, even if i thought it was questionable.  its just not worth the hassle not to. 


hopefully everyone will be good.

Date Posted: 2/18/2010 6:53 PM ET
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ok, one more question. i have asked for my credit back.


i have no problem returning this book to the person who sent it to me (she believes its postable). but i dont want to be out the $$ to return it.  so how do i deal w/ that?

Date Posted: 2/18/2010 6:58 PM ET
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If the Sender of a problem item would like it returned, according to PBS rules they should offer an extra credit (on top of the refunded credit) or sufficient funds to cover the cost of return shipping.  You're not required by the rules to agree to returning it, btw, but if you'd like to the Sender is to compensate you for the postage. 

The warning about checking library books is a good one!  My buddy got a book at the thrift store that was a library edition and posted it without checking to make sure it was marked as withdrawn or discarded.  The requester followed the Help Docs instructions and contacted the library, which unfortunately had the book listed in their catalog.  Not only did it cost him the credit, but my friend's account was suspended until it could be cleared up that he wasn't simply posting books he had borrowed from the library.  So check your library editions, better safe than sorry!

Date Posted: 2/18/2010 6:59 PM ET
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Alex--If the sender wants the book back, they should give you another credit to cover postage.  So, they first need to return your original credit, and then they need to buddy you another credit to cover the cost of postage.