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Topic: pre teen - hates to read

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Subject: pre teen - hates to read
Date Posted: 8/21/2009 5:37 PM ET
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I also posted this in the children's books section, but we HS so thought I'd ask here too...

Very rarely my son will find something that grabs his attention and he devours it.  One such book (actually a graphic novel) just did this for him called HERO.  He loved it.

So now I'm looking for more graphic novels that might interest him.  I thought he might like the history series which told battle stories but not so much.  So looking for suggestions.  He's never read Manga and I'm not sure that's his thing or if he's too young anyway (11yr - a young 11).  Any thoughts, suggestions.  I've got to get this boy to read.

Date Posted: 8/21/2009 8:45 PM ET
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What about comic books? My son loves those Marvel hero ones, he is a reader so I am not sure if a non reader would like it. Have you tried getting him into a book series even like Magic tree house? Why not a read aloud book. I have an almost 13 year old and we still read almost every night. It is a relaxing way to end the day. If I can think of anything else I will let you know, Michele

Date Posted: 8/21/2009 9:15 PM ET
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Can you swap comics on here?  He has started getting into comics - it would be nice to get some here.  I do read aloud for school most days.

Date Posted: 8/22/2009 9:20 AM ET
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I have seen a few comics on here, if you look at the search and click on the ones that come in daily there is a spot for comics. We get most of our from the library. Our library has a lot of them. Is he into things like Star Wars or Star Trek? I know they have good children's books. My son really enjoyed a few of the series of Star Wars  books if you would like me to ask him about which ones. Or if he is into sports there are some sports books or whatever he is interested in I am sure there is a book series for him. Michele

Date Posted: 8/22/2009 4:23 PM ET
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We had a graphic novel discussion a few months back.

You might also check out Jon Scieszka's site, Guys [Write for Guys] Read:


There lots of great books listed there.

Check out Book Adventure also:


Date Posted: 8/23/2009 2:24 PM ET
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WOuld he listen to books on tape?

Date Posted: 8/28/2009 9:35 AM ET
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My boys ages 10 and 12 have been reading some of the comic collection books that are available. They like The Far Side, Fox Trot, Calvin and Hobbs, Garfield, and Peanuts. They just read some before bed every night. Its reading and its fun. Keeps us all in a much better mood. I just checked; there are 6 Calvin and Hobbs books in the system and bunches of The Far Side.
Date Posted: 9/2/2009 11:11 AM ET
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Ted Dekker's Graphic novels of Black, Red and White would be enjoyable for him, I'm sure!

A non-graphic novel author is Margaret Peterson Haddix -- she writes without a "girl slant" if that makes sense. My tomboy girl who is a non-reader is currently reading Among the Hidden BY CHOICE, not a book report!

Date Posted: 9/2/2009 8:34 PM ET
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My 7 year old has found a few things he doesn't hate to read.... not that he loves reading, but he'll read these without moaning.  He likes most things Star Wars.  He's been reading the DK readers, but will graduate on to the short chapter books soon.  He likes the lego readers.  He's reading level 4 readers, and want's more of the knights kingdom series. 

Look at what your son enjoys, and go from there.  What's he into?  Sports?  Get books about sports.  Star Wars? There are tons of star wars books at all levels.  Superhero's?  Get him some of the big guide books about all thing's Marvel, or DC comics.  Comics are good too of course, but the guide books will fill some of his knowledge interests, and might lead to other interests in ways the straight comics won't.

My 10 yr old DD is a reluctant reader, but she actually went and got an American Girl book at the library all by herself today! It's nice that we are only two blocks away!  She finished the earlier book in two days, and wanted to see what happened in the next book.  Hmmmm.... maybe she's finally catching the bug?  The cool thing is, she's reading the Addy series, which is about a black girl during the Civil War.  I see a great segue into our history study for this fall!


Date Posted: 9/3/2009 6:50 AM ET
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Aside from graphic novels some of the books my reluctant reader has enjoyed are:

The Island series by Gordon Korman

Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz (kind of a junior James Bond)

Percy Jackson & The Olympians by Rick Riordan

As always I suggest parents preview to see if it meets your family's reading criteria.

Also I have Artemis Fowl books waiting for him to read


Date Posted: 9/5/2009 7:58 PM ET
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If you start a good book and then quit at a cliffhanger part, and tell him that you are done reading it, he may pick it up to read it himself to finish the story.

Date Posted: 9/6/2009 4:15 AM ET
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Julia - this worked for my kids!!

Leave the book in a real visible place for a couple of dayd. I didn'y even say I wouldn't finish it...

Date Posted: 9/7/2009 5:30 PM ET
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Sorry I haven't been on here in a while - I appreciate all the input.  Yes he does like Star Wars and the like.  I'll try to search for that kind of thing and maybe the Far Side stuff - he does have a weird sense of humor so he might like that.  Thanks!


Subject: Reluctant Readers
Date Posted: 9/10/2009 2:44 PM ET
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I have a reluctant reader in my house, and the 'stop right on the edge of the cliff' worked very well for them.

Another big help was finding a book on tape that they would enjoy, then getting a copy of the book for them to read along with.

Taking turns reading aloud. First, they read one page, and you read one page. Then two or three each...a chapter each, and then they're on their own because they want to know what happens and who wants to wait for mom to finish the dishes?!

Date Posted: 9/10/2009 9:02 PM ET
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I have a 13 yr old and asked him for some recommendations. His top picks

  the Maximum ride series by James Patterson (about kids with bird dna, they are cool, have wings and can fly. The chapters are only 2-3 pages long and well just fun books)

The seven sleepers series by Gilbert morris. ( this is a science fiction series about 7 kids. Each book has them in different areas. My husband and I enjoyed them long before we had kids)

Also the books by Paolini Eragon, Eldest and Brisinger are fabulous.

Keep looking and you will find something he will enjoy. I agree with the idea to start out reading aloud to him.....when its interesting they will pick it up and go from there.

Date Posted: 9/12/2009 9:20 AM ET
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My 11 yr. old son was the same way for a long time.  When he was much younger, I found the Horrible Harry series, and I read them to him, didn't ask him to read any of it, for a long time, until he was hooked.  He thought they were so funny!   Someone else suggested looking at what he's interested in - that's what I did.  I often say that our house isn't really our home, but my son's science laboratory!  I gave up on reading textbooks a long time ago, and we just started using science books for his reading books!  I still do this.  He would rather read books on Lego Mindstorms robot programming, or chemistry in the kitchen books than fiction any day.  I figure, if he understands the technical stuff he enjoys and my kitchen turns into a chemistry lab with an experiment, then I don't need to worry!

One of the important keys to getting him to read has been to get him into a series that has a LOT of books.  I think you have been given a lot of good suggestions for those, some of which I'm going to go search for myself!   

Date Posted: 9/12/2009 8:57 PM ET
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