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Prepare for War
Prepare for War
Author: Rebecca Brown
ISBN-13: 9780883683248
ISBN-10: 0883683245
Publication Date: 3/1992
Pages: 336
  • Currently 3.9/5 Stars.

3.9 stars, based on 4 ratings
Publisher: Whitaker House
Book Type: Paperback
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An interesting read on spiritual warfare.
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Spiritual Warfare Manual
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This book is a sequel to the much talked about book, HE CAME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE, by physician Rebecca Brown. Some would call her a extreme right wing religious fanatic others downright crazy but those who have encountered the rituals and practices of satanists and those who have experienced demonic and satanic activity within the witchcraft or satanic underground would beg to differ with those evaluations.
Many more people than you would think have dabbled and even practiced witchcraft and even lesser evils, be it for pleasure or for serious worship and have found this underworld to be wicked and criminal in more ways than one and have little resource as to how to get out of such a mind-controling anti-religious group/groups and Dr. Brown attempts to show people what that world does to innocent victims and how it operates and how unknowing youth are falling into its spiritual warfare and are finding it to be a battle they dont know how to win or even begin to fight against. Dr. Brown shows those individuals that they can leave satan worship and they can only do that by the blood of Jesus and the grace of Gd. She effectively educates the reader on how to avoid these pitfalls and how to pull oneself out of the mire of them and back onto solid and peaceful ground once again. I give this book at 3.5 for her sincerity and conviction to help those caught in the pits of hell on earth.
Some will laugh at her efforts, some will scoff at her remarks, but I guarantee you that anyone who has experienced even one of the portals to hell that she exposes will not only understand her but appreciate her willingness to endure ridicule inorder to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE and do that by teaching them to PREPARE FOR WAR. Gd bless you. Dont dwell on mistakes, go forward and keep trying to help those trapped in the underworld that so few know about. PS Read my story too at

I would encourage the writer to ease up on the Catholic religion because she is in my opinion overly hard on them. While it is true that they are incorrect in some of their doctrine, which religion isnt?, they are not totally wrong and they are very sincere. They stick to a very close interpretation of the Bible and unlike the Mormon religion which I feel she could have exposed more because they do not have their own Bibles ( apparently they do have a version of their own as well), they do not have sexually charged secret rituals, that I am aware of, and they do not believe in plural marriages or spirit marriages or spirit babies to my knowledge, nor that satan is the brother of Jesus which are only a few things wrong with the Mormon religion. They just look at things differently and much of what they teach is correct and while I do agree with writer on some areas regarding focus on the Pope or Mary is excessive I dont feel praying to saints is praying to dead people, its weird and we should only pray to Gd/Jesus but if someone asked Mary for help with something or another saint I dont feel its a mortal sin, need I remind you they are not dead and if you want to be literal Jesus is dead in body( meaning he also died, but unlike others until the rapture he rose from the dead giving us the crux of our faith. He is alive and sitting on the right hand of Gd though he does not have a human form but a spiritual incorruptable form, having beat satans rap of curse and death.Saints in my opinion are alive in spirit and are not dead in that sense thanks to Jesus.)
Since the writer has endured much in her life, for her it is understandable to be worried and concerned that they are opening doors to hell, but for many others its too harsh.This book is a book on educating Christians on what we can do to educate ourselves and be smarter about secular ways and protect our selves by the blood of Jesus!