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Private Arrangements
Private Arrangements
Author: Sherry Thomas
ISBN-13: 9780440244318
ISBN-10: 0440244315
Publication Date: 3/25/2008
Pages: 384
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 177 ratings
Publisher: Bantam
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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This book blew me away. I felt completely depressed reading half of it - Lord and Lady Tremaine have a "marriage of convenience", living in different continents, not saying a harsh word about one another, but for all purposes they are strangers - not seen together since the night of their wedding, ten years ago. In between the present story there are flashbacks that explain the past and what happened to make things the way they are now. Gigi betrayed Camden when they were both young and in love because she was desperate not to lose him, but conversely it was that very act that tore them apart. Their first meeting and talking is shown to the reader in flashbacks, in complete contrast to the present time of the story. They are both engaging and witty characters, clearly well-matched for one another and no one else. And I loved the writing - it had a light, lyrical touch, with a lot of wit. I really felt them falling for each other, I felt how desperate Gigi was, and how devastated they both were over what happened after their wedding. I saw the betrayals on both sides, and the stupid decisions which led to even stupider ones. the more I read the more I understood. It was a different time then, the rules of honor were different, and that played a part in this. The book is set in the 1880's and 90's and it adheres to that well. Dispite his own past decisions, Camden comes back and no matter how calm they pretend to be, the chemistry is sizzling. Be prepared to suffer with the two characters, but the end still rewards you. The only problem I had was the loss of ten years between the characters. All the missed chances in that time just sent daggers into me! Meanwhile there is also another side story that I quite liked - with Gigi's mother, Mrs. Rowland, the pushy mother, hell-bent on her daughter marrying a duke, and then hell-bent on her daughter and son-in-law getting back together. When Gigi files for divorce, and she sees that Gigi may actually go through with it, she looks around for *other* dukes in the neighborhood, which leads to some amusing consequences. Well worth the read for those who love historical romance (is this really the author's debut novel?!).
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Helpful Score: 5
I actually didn't care for this book too much. It was beautifully written... Sherry Thomas is an amazing writer... but there was very, VERY little interaction between the hero and heroine in the here-and-now. What little there was, was mostly sexual. I would have liked to see more conversation and non-sexual interaction between them.
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Wow.Wow.and Wow. Finally something different. I loved it. I loved the story and how they realized they loved each other the whole time. Just Amazing.
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Helpful Score: 5
This book was so good, i finished it in one day.
Hero and Heroine wed, and then are separated on the day after the wedding, for 10 years. The story of why they seperated and what happens when they get together again really made me want to keep reading.
A definite keeper.
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Helpful Score: 4
Very well-written romance, set just before the turn of the century. Excellent character development; interesting storyline actually had me in tears (a first!). A very compelling romance. Recommended.
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I was kinda bored with it. The whole premise was great. Liked the flashback scenes, but I saw the "betrayal" comming within the first flashback. I liked the chemistry between the two characters. I skimmed through most of it, I was bored mostly reading about Mrs Rowland. He hated her for 10 years, just seems like a bit long to hold a grudge. Maybe if it hadnt been so long then it would have been better, but 10 years is a long time to hold on to hating someone. The ending seemed hurried. I cant place my finger on it but something is missing from this book.
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was a bit disappointed with this book. This book had some great reviews, but fell a bit flat for me. I think it may have been that for a majority of the book, it went back an forth between the decades. There was a secondary romance, that was okay, and the reconcilliaton at the end didn't have the impact I hoped for. I will be reading Delicious, I hope it's much better.
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PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS read like a silly Harlequin Regency that I would've enjoyed as an adolescent. The relationship between Gigi and Camden was like a throwback to a 1981 historical bodice ripper. Nothing new or even intelligent to the execution of these characters or to the plot.

I can't believe Mary Balogh endorsed this; her stories tend to be so much more intelligent. I had to skim most of the book with very mild interest in when all the "I love you but I'm too proud and stupid to let you know it" would end. I give this one a D.
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I was impressed with this book. It's much better-written than the typical romance, and the characters are much more believable. Even the obstacle that keeps them apart for so long is non-preposterous. The heroine does something wrong, and she knows it's wrong, and the hero is justifiably angry with her about it. Neither one of them is perfect, and yet they both remain likable.
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I liked it, an easy read
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Intriguing plot but the exectuion (despite great writing) fell flat for me. I just didn't feel it - the romance, the tension, and after a while, Gigi got a little annoying.
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It took a lot for me to finally suck it up and read this book. I bought it because I had seen rave reviews for it on various review sights. Once I got it I couldn't seem to force myself to read. Even though everyone said it was good, I couldn't get over the fact that these people were bitter and angry and cheated on each other. I like to read romance for the warm, uplifting feelings it inspires as I watch two people fall in love. I like to believe that they'll stay together despite the odds. I don't have a problem watching them have huge problems and break ups before they make a real commitment, but for some reason once they're married I have a whole different set of standards for them. Weird, huh?

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Gigi and Cam, I still think that the book is well written. I liked the supporting characters, especially Gigi's mom and the duke, and thought that the story flowed well. At first I liked the flashback chapters, but after a while I was tired of it. I was ready to have more time focused on the main protagonists. I really feel that not enough time was spent developing their current relationship. Added to the flashbacks was a secondary romance. Now I liked Gigi's mom and the duke, but there was a lot of page time devoted to them considering they weren't the main characters. I feel like this book was split up into thirds. One third was devoted to Gigi and Cam in the past, another third was devoted to Gigi's mother and her reclusive duke, and the last third was left for Gigi and Cam to repair their relationship and become a functioning couple again. That short amount of time was really not enough to devote to two people who are supposed to be the main characters.

I didn't really understand why Gigi's actions necessitated 10 years of separation. I know Cam was upset, but that was a bit over the top. I think their encounters with each other throughout those 10 years were supposed to be touching and heart wrenching but they came off as silly. Go after each other if you really want to make it work! I don't blame Gigi for that because she had already tried multiple times in the beginning to apologize and he became petty and cruel to drive her off. I wouldn't try again either.

The person I had the most sympathy for in the story was Gigi's suitor. While Cam and Gigi indulged in their love/hate relationship he was left to wander in the wings looking trusting and dim. Poor guy. Not only did Gigi cheat on him, she also didn't trust him enough to tell him what was really going on. What kind of love was that supposed to be?

I ended this book with a lot of doubt as to the strength of Gigi and Cam's commitment. I'll definitely read more of this author's work though. I liked her writing, but I really hope she lays off on the flashbacks.
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This was my first read by this author. I was a little taken aback by how cruel the hero was to her at first. Of course she had hardened herself a bit to deal with that. But once I could tell that he did still care it sweetened the story. I just really couldn't believe that it took 10 years for these two to resolve their issues. And even though he loved her so much, he moved across the globe to be away from her. And I definitely did not like how after all of the difficulty the relationship had that the last few pages tidied up the ending so neatly. All in all, it was a very good story and I will read more from this author.
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âI don't know why it took me so long to finally read this book. I had my eye on it for the longest time, but something always kept me away. I shouldn't have waited... This book captivated me from beginning to end. There were so many times my stomach was in knots for Camden and Gigi. At first, I thought the going back and forth in time through chapters was going to annoy me, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't bother me at all.

I think what put this book in my "Favorite" catagory is the character of the Hero and Heroine and how well matched they were. I will say, she's a bit modern for the time period, but I was OK with it. I like my Heroine strong and straight forward (minus the deception).

I would say my only complaint is, the author didn't include an epilogue. It was a definite disappointment. Oh well... I guess I'll just have to read another one of her books.
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Loved the book. I felt both their pain and sorrow. Loved the ending. The flashbacks require your full attention. Overall a good read.
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This book stretches over an 11-year time period, from when Gigi and Camden were first married, to their estrangement and reconnecting. Some of the book is heartbreaking with the treachery they inflict on each other, but you see through glimpses in the past and present of the love they once had.
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I see so many people acknowledge that this book is well written but off-putting in some way. I agree that it was well written; however, I thought the characters were well done. What I struggled with was the constant back and forth between the past and the present. And in the present there was so little interaction between the characters that it was no wonder that things did not get resolved. But then, had that come about sooner than it did, there wouldn't have been much of a story. I did enjoy it.
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I just got through reading this for the 2nd time,,,it is
sooo good.
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So many people loved this book and this story, but I just don't get where it's coming from. It's a nice story, lots of angst, but in all honesty, it was pretty boring. There was soooo much angst, I just wanted to yell at the couple to get over it already. And the ending really wasn't all that memorable. Overall, this was fine, but it wasn't as great as some people keep saying it is. That's just my opinion.
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Oh my gosh. I am on a roll here. This is the second book in a row that has not made me want to throw it across the room. I cannot believe that I am reading this genre again...
and liking some of them :)