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Date Posted: 10/9/2010 8:27 PM ET
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Trying to get hubby to agree. The puppies live around the corner and turned 6 weeks old today.  He wouldn't even look at her today  lol My friend tells me of course if he saw how cute she is.  Well I have a couple weeks.

Subject: puppy troubles!
Date Posted: 5/1/2011 12:08 PM ET
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hey guys!


i was wondering if any of you that are seasoned veters when it comes to training puppies could give me some helpful hints. we just adopted a 2 month old australian shepherd mix puppy a week ago. my boyfriend is a firefighter, and is gone for long periods of time, which is why i wanted a puppy or dog to keep my company while he's gone.

it seems as though she enjoys him more than she does me, because i end up being the disciplinarian and he plays with her the whole time he's home, whereas i'm home with her most of the time and end up doing all of the dirty work. she behaves better when with him, and seems to be more aggressive towards me. is there anything i can do to...kind of make her like me more and not just see me as the one who gets her in trouble?

any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

Date Posted: 5/1/2011 1:33 PM ET
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Kelsi, I'm a big fan of hand-feeding meals as a way to bond with a dog. Sit on the floor so you're not elevated and threatening.Take a few kibbles in your palm, let her see it, close your palm, and wait until she's stopped licking/pawing/gnawing on your fist and gives you eye contact, no matter how brief. Say "good girl!" and let her have the food. Repeat, at least one meal a day. She'll learn both that delicious things come from you, but that paying attention to you gets her those good things.

Also make your husband train a bit more and play less.

Date Posted: 5/1/2011 5:43 PM ET
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See, it's weird because she will eat out of my hand, she will run to me when we're outside, she'll come cuddle up to me on the couch when its just us and he's been gone for a little while. She'll even let me take her on a while, while when he tries she doesn't cooperate.

But sometimes she gets kind of rebellious and just acts out towards me, but rarely ever towards him.

Subject: I need help!
Date Posted: 5/11/2012 2:09 PM ET
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Can anyone help me with my puppy!! He is 6 months old and is a lab pitt mix. He is very good, he knows sit, stay, shake, high five and we are working on lay down now! but my BIG problem is that he gets up on our kitchen table and chews everything. at first it started when we were not home and now he is doing it when are in the other room! we do not keep food on the table either. I just dont know what to do i am pulling my hair out!!

Date Posted: 5/11/2012 9:09 PM ET
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Don't fret! Train!

Where do you have your puppy when you're not home? I used a crate for my dogs when they were pups. I adopted 5 month old Boxer/Shepards. They were siblings.I never left them unsupervised. Ever! When I couldn't pay attention to them, they were on a leash by my side. I slowly weaned them off the leash as I trained them to do new things. The way I trained them to leave food alone was pretty simple, but it took about 500 repetitions at about 10 per day. I put a nice juicy piece of meat in the middle of the room on a large dish. I used leash training to do this. When they walked over to the meat I said a stern no! Gave a mild jerk on the leash and lead them over to my chair. When they were good and walked around the food and didn't go to it I said: good dog! and gave them a treat. I did this with different types of food and different size plates. After many repetitions I weaned them off the leash, but slowly. I had to do the same kind of training with the garbage can in the kitchen. Pups at this age are teething. I made sure they had plenty of stuff to chew on. Their gums got swollen sometimes, just like a baby, so I used ice or ice toys. They were great. My personal preference is not to buy toys that resemble human toys, except things like balls and frizbees. I think it confuses puppies. I'm not a professional trainer by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just passing on what I learned in puppy training class. There are some dog trainers in PBS. You might try CMT/Club Members Thoughts, the main forum here to find them.

Have a fun time training your doggie!


Subject: New puppy crazy
Date Posted: 11/11/2014 7:43 PM ET
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At first my datsun\ rat terrier didn't want anything to do with my new puppy. Now they are bff. They run up and down my hall

until they are DOG tired LoL.

Tammie Bryan