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Topic: Question...Maybe you can help me...

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Subject: Question...Maybe you can help me...
Date Posted: 7/27/2009 4:32 PM ET
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Hi, I'm not a teacher, but I had a question about a book edition I thought a teacher might be able to anwser.

I was wondering if anyone knew what the difference was between "Communication Mosaics: An Introduction to the Field of Communication" 4th edition and the 5th edition. I own the 4th edition, but the book list for my class says we need the 5th so I am wondering if I need to get the newer edition or if the books are very similar and I don't really need to spend the $50. (Money is REALLY tight for me).

Thanks everyone.

Date Posted: 7/27/2009 4:52 PM ET
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Have you checked the reviews on Amazon?  Sometimes that will give you a clue.  Check with your professor and let them know your problem.  Sometimes there is quite a difference, sometimes it is just minor editing.  Also, check libraries in your area...you'd be surprised what is available.  As a last resort, find someone in your class who has the updated book and compare page for page. 

Good luck!

Date Posted: 7/28/2009 9:40 AM ET
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I have asked the teacher, but he isn't much help... I it is an online class so I losse the ability to compare another student's textbook.

According to the publisher the differences are:

  • New four-color design and increased number of photos makes the text more visually appealing.
  • Two introductory chapters open the text. "A First Look at Communication" offers a general introduction to the field emphasizing its breadth and possible careers--including PR, journalism, and advertising. Chapter 2, "The Field of Communication in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives," provides an overview of the field's history, research methods and analytical models.
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  • Thoroughly revised and expanded coverage of technology can be found in Chapter 15 and includes a new "computer controversies" section.
  • Increased coverage of mass communication theories, including, "direct effects" theory.
  • Increased and more explicitly labeled coverage of intercultural communication can be found in Chapter 8.
  • New CNN clips that illustrate chapter concepts can be found in chapters 1, 2 and 15. After students view these clips they can analyze the scenarios based upon the chapter concepts.

This sounds like only some of the chapters are affected... as a teacher would you say buying those affected chapters an acceptable compramise?


Subject: editions
Date Posted: 8/1/2009 2:33 PM ET
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Hi. The difference between editions can be just a couple of words, new graphics and illustrations, to the addition of a chapter. If money is really the pivotal point, I would try to go it with the 4th edition and ask someone in class to let you check out their 5th edition and scope out the difference(s). The other alternative might be the college library. Many of them carry the current edition that a class is using. See if the library has a current issue you could use for a comparison. You can always copy the difference. Hope this helps. I seem to remember that some law was passed or supposed to be passed that a publishing company had to specifically list what differences there was between editions. What a great idea!  Happy class.

Subject: editions II
Date Posted: 8/1/2009 2:39 PM ET
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I just read your repsonse about this being an online class. Christa, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and buy the book. The differences are quite a few and are you willing to risk a drop in your grade by not having the resources readily available? If it makes you feel better, I grumbled all the way to the bookstore and all the way back every single semester! I think this is a huge big rip off and obviously, we should all go into the textbook publishing book.LOL!  Your professor did have a choice, unless the college mandates current editions. Try the library first-can you coop a book with another student-did you try cheaptext books online?  Good success to you. Get an A in the class!

Date Posted: 8/6/2009 9:57 PM ET
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Half.com seems to have it for $35.  I agree with someone else who pointed out that the differences look substantial, and you might be risking a lower grade by using the older edition.

Subject: Online bookstore price comparison tool
Date Posted: 12/1/2009 3:36 PM ET
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A good website to try is isbndb.com to compare the prices of online bookstores. It's a great site!