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List created by sasssy25 - on May 13, 2013
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sasssy25 -
One False Move (Myron Bolitar, Bk 5) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Harlan Coben & Jo...
She's smart, beautiful, and she doesn't need a man to look after her. But sports agent Myron Bolitar has come into her life—big time. Now Myron's next move may be his last— Brenda Slaughter is no damsel in distress. Myron Bolitar is no bodyguard. But Myron has agreed...  more


sasssy25 -
In a Blue Room (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Jim Averbeck & Barbara Caruso (Narrator...
Her room still awash with toys, pajama-clad Alice leaps for her bed like a tiny paratrooper. Although it's long past her bedtime, the little cherub is wide awake. She says she can only sleep in a blue room. Yet despite the un-blueness of her room, Alice slowly drifts off to dreamland--as her...  more


sasssy25 -
Things the Grandchildren Should Know (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Mark Oliver Everett &...
A heartbreaking, heartwarming and revelatory memoir from acclaimed Indie rock musician Mark Oliver Everett, a.k.a. "E," of the band the Eels. Growing up in the Virginia suburbs, Mark Oliver Everett was to roam unsupervised with his sister, Liz, while his mother combatted...  more


sasssy25 -
Nemesis (Nameless Detective, Bk 38) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Bill Pronzini & Ni...
Young, newly rich Verity Daniels claims to be receiving threatening demands for money from a mysterious caller. When Jake Runyon agrees to investigate, it seems a relatively simple matter to expose the extortionist by setting a trap for him.The case, however, is nowhere near as clear-cut as it...  more


sasssy25 -
Jim Cramer's Stay Mad for Life: Get Rich, Stay Rich (Make Your Kids Even Richer) (Aud...
The host of CNBC's Mad Money presents the ultimate guide to lifetime investing for listeners of any age. Whether you're a recent college grad trying to figure out how to start investing, a young parent struggling to decide where and how to put away money, or someone well into middle...  more


sasssy25 -
A World Lost (Port William) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Wendell Berry & Michael Kr...
Set against the turmoil of the World War II, A World Lost is just one of the classic chapters in Berry's Port William series. The summer of 1944 finds nine-year-old Andy Catlett in that very town in Kentucky, occupied more with watching meadowlarks and dipping into the nearby spring than...  more


sasssy25 -
Very Bad Men (David Loogan, Bk 2) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Harry Dolan & Erik D...
Anthony Lark as drawn up a list of names - Terry Dawtrey, Sutton Bell, Henry Kormoran.  To his eyes, the names glow red on the page.  They move.  They breathe.  Dawtrey is in prison; Bell has a wife and daughter and a good job: Kormoran lives alone.  They have little in...  more


sasssy25 -
Madness: A Bipolar Life (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Marya Hornbacher & Tavia Gilbe...
When Marya Hornbacher published her acclaimed first book, Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia, she did not yet have a piece of shattering knowledge: the underlying reason for her distress. At age 24, Hornbacher was diagnosed with Type I rapid-cyle bipolar, the most severe form of bipolar...  more


sasssy25 -
Silent Partner (Alex Delaware, Bk 4) (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Jonathan Kellerman &...
At a party for a controversial Los Angeles sex therapist, Alex encounters a face from his own past -- Sharon Ransom, an exquisite, alluring lover who left him abruptly more than a decade earlier. Sharon now hints that he desperately needs help, but Alex evades her. The next day she is dead, an...  more


sasssy25 -
A Brother's Journey : Surviving a Childhood of Abuse (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Richard...
In this gripping, deeply troubling memoir, a follow-up to his brother David's bestselling A Child Called It, Pelzer reveals the unyielding suffering he says he experienced at the hands of his depraved mother growing up in the 1970s. Once David, the elder of the two, was removed from the...  more


sasssy25 -
Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption (Audio CD) (Un...
On a May afternoon in 1943, an Army Air Forces bomber crashed into the Pacific Ocean and disappeared, leaving only a spray of debris and a slick of oil, gasoline, and blood. Then, on the ocean surface, a face appeared. It was that of a young lieutenant, the plane's bombardier, who was...  more


sasssy25 -
The Sheriff of Yrnameer (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Michael Rubens & William Dufri...
Meet Cole: hapless space rogue, part-time smuggler, on a path to being full-time dead. His sidekick just stole his girlfriend. The galaxy's most hideous and feared bounty hunter wants to lay eggs in his brain. And the luxury space yacht Cole just hijacked turns out of be filled with...  more


sasssy25 -
The One That Got Away (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Howell Raines & Tom Stechschulte...
When Howell Raines lost his position as executive editor of The New York Times, he discovered that losing his job was just what he needed--and wanted. Shifting between fishing vignettes and personal stories, Raines uses his most thrilling angling adventures to reflect on the changing...  more


sasssy25 -
The Street Lawyer (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by John Grisham & William Dufris (Narra...
Michael was in a hurry. He was scrambling up the ladder at Drake & Sweeney, a giant Washington D.C. firm with 800 lawyers. The money was good and getting better; a partnership was three years away. He was a rising star, with no time to waste, no time to stop. No time for a conscience. But a...  more


sasssy25 -
Bright Shiny Morning (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by James Frey & Ben Foster (Narrator...
One of the most celebrated and controversial authors in America delivers his first novel--asweeping chronicle of contemporary Los Angeles that is bold, exhilarating, and utterly original. Dozens of characters pass across the reader's sight lines--some never to be seen again--but James...  more


sasssy25 -
Blue Blood (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Edward Conlon & Tom Stechschulte (Narrator)
The life of a New York City police officer, with the NYPD running through his veins: a highly anticipated nonfiction epic- destined to be a classic. — Blue Blood is an important book about what it means to protect, to serve, and to defend among the ranks of New York's finest....  more


sasssy25 -
Beyond Bad (Audio MP3-CD) (Unabridged) by Sandra Lee & Kate Hood (Narrator)
Swinging from a meat-hook, his entire skin was in one piece including his hair, face, ears, nose, mouth, and genitals. Slashes and stab holes tore through the human pelt, a testimony to the wounds he suffered before dying. Cruel and evil, Katherine Knight showed no mercy when she butchered her...  more


sasssy25 -
'Tis the Season (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Lorna Landvik
Heiress Caroline Dixon has managed to alienate nearly everyone with her alcohol-fueled antics, which have also provided near-constant fodder for the poison-pen tabloids and their gossip-hungry readers. But like so many girls-behaving-badly, the twenty-six-year-old socialite gets her comeuppance,...  more


sasssy25 -
Obsession (Alex Delaware, Bk 21) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Jonathan Kellerman & ...
Tanya Bigelow was a solemn little girl when Dr. Alex Delaware successfully treated her obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Now, at nineteen, Patty Bigelow, Tanya's aunt and adoptive mother, has made a deathbed confession of murder and urged the young woman to seek Delaware's help. Armed...  more


sasssy25 -
Havana Twist (Willa Jansson, Bk 7) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Lia Matera & Anna F...
Attorney Willa Jansson's mother has never balked at breaking the law, especially not for a good cause. So when Willa learns her mother has flouted federal regulations and gone off to Cuba, she figures it's just a harmless pilgrimage to lefty Graceland. But when her mother doesn't return with the...  more


sasssy25 -
Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Jon Kra...
Jon Krakauer’s literary reputation rests on insightful chronicles of lives conducted at the outer limits. In Under the Banner of Heaven, he shifts his focus from extremes of physical adventure to extremes of religious belief within our own borders. At the core of his book is an appalling...  more


sasssy25 -
Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by M. William Phelps & J. Charles...
Cold Storage:  In May 2003, an Arizona man who' d bought dozens of sealed boxes at an auction of unclaimed property made a horrifying discovery: the bodies of three plastic-wrapped infants, one of which had become mummified over the years. Police traced them to Dianne Odell, 50, a...  more


sasssy25 -
The Unbreakable Child: A Story About Forgiving the Unforgiveable (Audio MP3-CD) (Unab...
Starved, beaten, and abused for nearly a decade, orphan Kimmi learned that a nun's habit -- and a priest's cassock -- can hide true evil. The Unbreakable Child, a story about forgiving the unforgivable, is a riveting journey inside the secretive underbelly of the St. Thomas/St. Vincent...  more


sasssy25 -
Terminated (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Simon Wood & Emily Beresford (Narrator)
For Gwen Farris, the nightmare commences with the flash of a knife in a darkened parking lot... That's where Stephen Tarbell begins to exact his revenge against her for giving him a poor performance evaluation, for getting the promotion he believed was rightly his, and for being the...  more


sasssy25 -
Stalked (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Brian Freeman & Joe Barrett (Narrator)
Lieutenant Jonathan Stride knows his partner, Maggie Bei, is in trouble when she reports a deadly crime on a bitter winter night. She's obviously hiding a terrible secret, and her silence only feeds suspicion. But Maggie isn't the only one keeping secrets in Duluth. A seductive young...  more


sasssy25 -
The Sinister Touch (Guinevere Jones, Bk 3) (Audio MP3-CD) (Unabridged) by Jayne Castl...
Guinevere Jones and Zachariah Justis take on a baffling case when they investigate mysterious threats, vandalism, and violence against artist Mason Adair and uncover a terrifying cult group. Unabridged - 1 MP3-CD - 6 hours - read by Kate Rudd - no original box or artwork


sasssy25 -
The City of Ember (Ember, Bk 1) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Jeanne Duprau & Wendy ...
Children of the city of Ember shall finish school and begin work at twelve years of age... Lina Mayfleet desperately wants to be a messenger. Messengers spend their days outside, running from one corner of the city to the other. Instead, she draws the dreaded job of Pipeworks laborer, which...  more


sasssy25 -
How Hedley Hopkins Did A Dare, Robbed A Grave, Made A New Friend Who Might Not Have R...
They say there is something awful in the sand dunes. Hedley Hopkins has a few problems: he is the new kid at school, straight off the boat from England in the 1950s. The only friends he has made are the kids at the Loony Bin. But if he could just fulfill a dare and dig out the hideous skull...  more


sasssy25 -
Art of War (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Sun Tzu & Ralph D. Sawyer (Translator) &...
Born over 2,400 years ago, warrior, thinker, and leader Sun Tzu lived during a time of great internecine conflict in China. A classic of Chinese literature, Art of War reveals the strategies, tactics, and insights that lead to success. Mastery of warfare and the maintenance of power are the most...  more


sasssy25 -
Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher: The Epic Life and Immortal Photographs of Edward ...
At once an incredible adventure narrative and a penetrating biographical portrait, Egan's book tells the remarkable untold story behind Edward Curtis's iconic photographs, following him throughout Indian country from desert to rainforest as he struggled to document the stories and...  more


sasssy25 -
Back of Beyond (Cody Hoyt, Bk 1) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by C. J. Box & Holter Gr...
C.J. Box delivers a thriller about a troubled cop trying to save his son from a killer in Yellowstone.  Cody Hoyt, while a brilliant cop, is an alcoholic struggling with two months of sobriety when his mentor and AA sponsor Hank Winters is found burned to death in a remote mountain cabin....  more


sasssy25 -
Bucking the Sarge (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Christopher Paul Curtis & Michael Bo...
LUTHER T. FARRELL has got to get out of Flint, Michigan. — As his best friend Sparky says, "Flint's nothing but the Titanic." — And his mother, a.k.a. the Sarge, says, "Take my advice and stay off the sucker path." — The Sarge milked the system to build an empire of slum housing and group...  more


sasssy25 -
When Friendship Hurts: How to Deal with Friends Who Betray, Abandon, or Wound You (Au...
We've all had friendships that have gone bad. Whether it takes the form of a simple yet inexplicable estrangement or a devastating betrayal, a failed friendship can make your life miserable, threaten your success at work or school, and even undermine your romantic relationships. Finally...  more


sasssy25 -
Chronicles, Vol One (Chronicles) (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Bob Dylan & Sean Penn (...
"I'd come from a long ways off and had started a long ways down. But now destiny was about to manifest itself. I felt like it was looking right at me and nobody else." So writes Bob Dylan in Chronicles: Volume One, his remarkable book exploring critical junctures in his life...  more


sasssy25 -
Undone (aka Genesis) (Will Trent, Bk 3) (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Karin Slaughter &...
In the trauma center of Atlanta's busiest hospital, Sara Linton treats the city's poor, wounded, and unlucky -- and finds refuge from the tragedy that rocked her life in rural Grant County. Then, in one instant, Sara is thrust into a frantic police investigation, coming face-to-face with...  more


sasssy25 -
Killer Smile (Rosato & Associates, Bk 11) (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Lisa Scottoline &a...
Everybody around lawyer Mary DiNunzio has decided she isn't allowed to be a Young Widow anymore, even though she didn't know there was an official cutoff. They're all trying to fix her up -- her South Philly Italian parents, her best friend Judy Carrier, even the office security...  more


sasssy25 -
You Don't Love Me Yet (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Jonathan Lethem
Lucinda Hoekke spends eight hours a day at the Complaint Line, listening to anonymous callers air their random grievances. Most of the time, the work is excruciatingly tedious. But one frequent caller, who insists on speaking only to Lucinda, captivates her with his off-color ruminations and...  more


sasssy25 -
Little Bee (aka The Other Hand) (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Chris Cleave & Anne Fl...
Worlds collide when Little Bee, a Nigerian girl orphaned by violence, meets Sarah, a dissatisfied British professional away on holiday.  The story is extremely funny, but the African beach scene is horrific. The story starts there, but the book doesn't. And it's what happens...  more


sasssy25 -
Poirot's Early Cases (Hercule Poirot, Bk 38) (aka: Hercule Poirot's Early Cases) (Aud...
Still in the formative years of his career, Hercule Poirot faces a most taxing case: who killed Lord Cronshaw?  Was Coco Courtenay's death on the same night a mere coincidence?  And did she deliberately take an overdose of cocaine?   No sooner has Poirot revealed his...  more


sasssy25 -
Drinking with Men (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Rosie Schaap
Rosie Schaap has always loved bars: the wood and brass and jukeboxes, the knowing bartenders, and especially the sometimes surprising but always comforting company of regulars. Starting with her misspent youth in the bar car of a regional railroad, where at age fifteen she told...  more


sasssy25 -
Fornication by Jeff Apter
Here is the extreme story of the indestructible LA group, from their early funk days to eventual success as one of America?s top-selling bands. Despite an epic reputation for exhibitionism, drug taking and drunkenness, through it all the Chili Peppers have continued to produce records that...  more


sasssy25 -
Once They Were Hats: In Search of the Mighty Beaver (Audio MP3-CD) (Unabridged) by Fr...
Beavers, those icons of industriousness, have been gnawing down trees, building dams, shaping the land, and creating critical habitat in North America for at least a million years. Once one of the continent's most ubiquitous mammals, they ranged from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the...  more


sasssy25 -
Oblivion (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Sergei Lebedev & Antonina W. Bouis (Translato...
A young man travels to the wastelands of far northern Russia to uncover the truth about a shadowy neighbor who saved his life and whom he knows only as Grandfather II. What he finds, among the forgotten mines and decrepit barracks of former gulags, is a world relegated to oblivion, where it is...  more


sasssy25 -
Don't Know Much About Anything (Don't Know Much About...) (Audio CD) (Abridged) by Ke...
Don't Know Much About Anything: Everything You Need to Know But Never Learned About Famous People, Exceptional Places, Historical Happenings, Holidays and Traditions, Everyday Objects, Remarkable Inventions, Space, Sports, Food, Entertainment and More! is a compendium of around 275...  more


sasssy25 -
The Invisible Circus (Audio CD) (Unabridged) by Jennifer Egan & Madeleine Lambert...
In Jennifer Egan's highly acclaimed first novel, the political drama and familial tensions of the 1960s form a backdrop for the world of eighteen-year-old Phoebe O'Connor. Phoebe is obsessed with the memory and death of her sister Faith, a beautiful idealistic hippie who died in Italy in...  more


sasssy25 -
Sisters (Audio MP3-CD) (Unabridged) by Patricia MacDonald & Bernadette Dunne (Nar...
Having recently lost both her parents in a tragic car accident, Alex Woods is shocked to discover through the family lawyer that her beloved mother was keeping a secret: a baby she gave up for adoption when she had just left high school. Fresh out of graduate school and back in the suburbs of...  more


sasssy25 -
Behind Closed Doors by Katherine X
Four children by her father.Thirty years of horrific sexual abuse. In March 2009, Joseph Fritzl was sentenced to life in jail for the systematic imprisonment, torture, and rape of his daughter Elisabeth over 24 years, fathering seven children. The case shocked the world. But just a month before,...  more

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