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Topic: RWAP/Water Damage Question

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Subject: RWAP/Water Damage Question
Date Posted: 10/20/2009 9:25 PM ET
Member Since: 3/17/2008
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I have a question about marking a book RWAP- recently I have received two books that are clearly water damaged, although completely readable. Since I have very bad high blood pressure and didn't want to get into it over used books, I hadn't marked either RWAP...I know, I know, you guys will yell at me. I've just so many other stresses in my life, it didn't seem important. However, now I'm starting to get annoyed, because these books can not be reposted obviously and today I just got a third one. Is there suddenly a rash of people sending out liquid damaged books? The one I got today was WL'ed, so the sender obviously saw the golden rule box before posting. I don't want to fight with people but I'd really like it if people followed the rules. Yes, the book I got today is 100% readable, but the water damage is front to back cover across the whole bottom as if someone spilled a glass of water on it. It's not discolored, so I'm sure it was water, but it's just annoying that people post books like this. How many of you would mark this RWAP? BTW- it's not publisher "wavy page " syndrome as both covers clearly got wet as well.

Date Posted: 10/20/2009 9:33 PM ET
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Confrontation can be difficult Erin, but yes I would RWAP.  These members need to be aware that the guidelines are not optional, so don't enable bad behavior by being super nice.  PBS admin can't weed out the bad apples if we don't give them any information to work with.  If you need assistance writing a pm to the sender, there's several active members very good at that type of thing.  Hope your sender resolves the situation quickly and without unnecessary unpleasantness  :)

Subject: PS
Date Posted: 10/20/2009 9:33 PM ET
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PS- I know that by not marking the first two RWAP, the people who sent them get the message that it's okay to send damaged books.  So I guess the correct answer would be to mark this one RWAP.

Date Posted: 10/20/2009 9:39 PM ET
Member Since: 7/19/2008
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I always check the wrapper.  The post office does get a percentage of books wet. 

My theory is that it is quick and easy to mark it RWAP.  And it is difficult to ask for the credit back.  I'll RWAP without hesitation.  But I'll really have to feel that the sender is at fault to carefully word that credit refund request.

Geri (geejay) -
Date Posted: 10/21/2009 2:32 AM ET
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Definately mark it RWP.  I understand about the stress of asking for a refund.  You don't HAVE to request the credit back - that's up to you.  There are places here on this forum with refund request suggestions.  For that matter just post a thread and people will flock to help you compose something.

If the outer wrapping was wet that's a USPS problem and should be marked that way.  Then if it's a WLd book you're back on top of the list.  Even FIFO you'd be back on top.

Since it's unpostable you could offer it in the Book Bazaar.

I have an RC requesting a water proof under wrapping.  I still get some without but most come wrapped in some type of plastic and I don't have to worry about outside water damage. 

Date Posted: 10/21/2009 11:56 AM ET
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I can understand the anxiety that comes with marking a book RWAP, but not doing so doesn't solve anything. Getting waterdamaged books probably isn't too good for your blood pressure either, is it? I know it pisses me the heck off. What I do to try and minimize the anxiety I get when having to mark a book RWAP and ask for my creidt back is just keep a copy of what I have written in the past handy and copy paste in the relevant details. That way I don't have to agonize over what I'm going to say. If they argue with you just restate your case and let them know that if you don't recieve your credit back by a certain date you will be marking the transaction unresolved. End of story.

You could also just not ask for the credit back, you might get it back anyway, but what matters is that they have the mark on their account and if they make a habit of sending out bad books they will be kicked off the site quicker.