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Ralph William Burdick Izzard, OBE, (27 August 1910 — 2 December 1992) was an English journalist, author, adventurer, and British Naval Intelligence officer (WWII).

As a journalist, Ralph Izzard spent virtually his entire career with one newspaper, the Daily Mail. After rising to the position of Berlin bureau chief, he remained a star of the paper for 31 years. The stories he covered took him from Egypt to Algeria, Lebanon to Kenya, Korea and beyond.

In addition to his duties with the Daily Mail, he wrote 4 books chronicling his experiences in India, Nepal and the Middle East. He is best known for the most famous of all his exploits when, as portrayed in his book "The Innocent on Everest", he set out on his own, without a compass or map, and successfully pursued John Hunt's 1953 Everest expedition to its Base Camp at 18,000 ft.

During World War II, Izzard served with distinction as an officer with British Naval Intelligence and the 30 Assault Unit. He received several awards in addition to being appointed OBE. His tour of duty took place under the command of Ian Fleming, who based elements of his first novel (Casino Royale) and its protagonist (James Bond) on Lieutenant Commander Izzard and a card game in which he found himself playing poker against covert, Nazi intelligence agents at a casino in Pernambuco, Brazil.

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Total Books: 2
An Innocent On Everest
2007 - An Innocent on Everest (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781406714913
ISBN-10: 1406714917

The Hunt for the Buru
2001 - The Hunt for the Buru (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780941936651
ISBN-10: 0941936651
Genres: History, Travel