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Topic: Received a photocopied book instead of real one.

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Subject: Received a photocopied book instead of real one.
Date Posted: 2/15/2011 12:00 PM ET
Member Since: 1/8/2009
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I ordered a book that is still in print (ISBN # 9780849940347).  Instead of receiving the book, I got a photocopy of the book.  There's a note at the bottom of the front page that says, "Copied with permission."  The book that is under that ISBN is supposed to be a regular paperback book rather than a ?legal? photocopy.  I was planning on re-posting this book after I finished using it, but it's not the real thing.  What would you do? Thank you for any advice you have to share! 

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Date Posted: 2/15/2011 12:15 PM ET
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I personally wouldn't mark it received since you didn't get a book.  I would contact PBS and ask them how to handle this.

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 12:16 PM ET
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I would report it to TPTB and don't even think about posting it, despite the "Copied with Permission" tag.


Date Posted: 2/15/2011 12:17 PM ET
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One wonders; "Copied with permission." from whom?

First of all it is not likely that any publisher would give permission for a book still in print to be copied in order to be resold (that is what we do here: sell books for credits). I would PM the sender and ask for a copy of the "permission"  when I RWAP it. (That just to give them a hard time).  Since you have a photocopy and not a BOOK, I'd insist on my credit back.

Then I would PM TPTB giving them all the information you can. I'm sure they are not all that keen about abetting illegal activity.

Seem ironic that a book for Christian homes is the object of illegal (immoral) activity. Oh well, some is and some aint.




Date Posted: 2/15/2011 12:17 PM ET
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I never cease to be amazed at the things people do!


Date Posted: 2/15/2011 12:21 PM ET
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DO NOT MARK IT RECEIVED and definitely contact the Team about it.

Per the Help Docs, photocopies are not allowed (see highlighted item below) and it clearly states that if you send it, you won't get credit for it (see last sentence, highlighted.)

What can be posted for swapping here?

Not allowed:

  • Anything that is not a book (this includes calendars, coloring books, blank journals)
  • Anything that contains advertising
  • Advance Reader Copies* (also known as ARC s, Review Copies or Uncorrected Proofs--these are not the final versions of books)
  • CD-ROM books/e-books (books that must be read on a computer)
  • Burned copies of audio books
  • Xerox or otherwise unoriginal copies of books
  • Electronic media of any kind
  • Unbound pages
  • Music recordings, spoken-word recordings (these can be swapped at SwapaCD)
  • leaflets or pamphlets or booklets** without ISBNs (other members complain at spending a credit for these)
  • Brochures/Promotional "first chapters" of books - these are not complete books, even if they have an ISBN
  • Books that require supplementary non-media materials to be useful (non-media materials cannot be sent by MediaMail, and original non-media materials cannot be expected to be included with a used book)
  • Pornography (sex manuals and erotica are allowed, hardcore pornography is not allowed)
  • Supplementary media alone (without the book they originally accompanied)
  • Audio language courses without accompanying bound book.  (if audio tapes/CDs ARE accompanied by a book they are considered a bound book with accompanying media, and swap for 1 credit. They are not "audio books," which are books read aloud by a narrator.)

Please note: if you Post an inappropriate item for swapping, it may be removed from the database as an automatic action without notice; if it has been requested from you before that happens, you will not get credit for sending it.

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Date Posted: 2/15/2011 12:39 PM ET
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Yup! Report it and ask how to proceed. Do not mark it until you hear from PBS.

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 1:00 PM ET
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There was an incident of this happening a while ago. Pretty much the same exact scenario too, a person requested a book and got a photocopy instead. The way it's meant to be handled is that you do not mark it received in any way (since you didn't get the book), and immediately contact the Team. They'll definitely step in on this and take it up with the sender. They have to, since the person violated Federal laws as well as the terms and rules of PBS membership.

Likely, the situation here is much the same as it seemed to be last time. Publishers will often give permission for a segment of a book, or even a whole book, to be copied for special situations. But, such copies are NOT to be transferred to different ownership, in any way, ever. They can't be sold or given away. They're for authorized people only, for the stated purpose. If one of the people finishes with it, the only thing they're allowed to do with it is recycle it or trash it. This person either didn't bother to know the rules, that are at least clearly stated on PBS's end, even if they may be ignorant of the laws on the Federal end, or they simply didn't care. Either way, PBS has to step in on this one.

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Lori - ,
Date Posted: 2/15/2011 1:05 PM ET
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OMG, if someone sent me a photocopied book, I think my head would explode with fury!!!  That is IN NO WAY acceptable behavior.  Who would do that????

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 1:13 PM ET
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I'm woth Lori. There would be some serious rage. You report them, they'll go byebye. Hope you get a real copy soon.

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 2:34 PM ET
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One wonders; "Copied with permission." from whom?   +1

Regardless, Tiffany is correct.  These 'permission/licensed' comments are iffy, and do not apply to transferring ownership.

ETA - basically the OP is a pirated copy, which is why they are specifically not allowed under PBS guidelines.

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Date Posted: 2/15/2011 2:51 PM ET
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Wow, that is crazy!  I would be marking that one RWAP!

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 3:30 PM ET
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I would NOT mark this as a RWAP.  That gives the sender the credit.  I'd go directly to the Contact Us and send a PM to PBS.

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 3:36 PM ET
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Don't mark it received unless PBS tells you to do that.  To me this falls under the no book received so no marked received.  It's not like they just sent the wrong binding of the book you requested.

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 3:48 PM ET
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This definitely falls under the no book was received so don't mark anything as received and just notify the Team so they can handle it.

It doesn't matter if its copied with permission or not PBS rules state it cannot be swapped here so they can get all the permission to copy whatever the heck they want, they still can't swap it here for credit.

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 5:51 PM ET
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I haven't looked up the information as of yet to what kind of book we are talking about but when I was in college, at times they would "copy" a book and reduce it by 25% (still meant you paid $150-$200 for the thing) and it had the same or similar words "Authorized Copy" inside the book or on the front cover. These were black and white copies (all the pictures too) and looked real generic on the cover with just the title and author's name. (sort of like the print on government cheese LOL) The college most certainly had permission to copy and bind more copies of the books in very certain situations. The paper was just as sturdy as the origingal book and the cover was usually like that of a large paperback with a high gloss lamenated finish. Book buy back clubs would even buy these back. They were legal copies of books.

Also some companies have recently (within the last three months around here)  given permission to produce a "dollar store" quality of a book and many of the books in my local dollar store say "Authorized Copy" because a different publisher has printed up the book (looking no different than the original other than paper quality usually) and added their information to the title page.

As to if you can place them on PBS... guessing by peoples statements the answer is no. Best of luck!

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 5:57 PM ET
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Tiffany is probably right-- that it was copied legally with permission, but only for a certain circumstance-- maybe a church book club?  I have been a parishioner in several churches where we got permission to copy copyrighted music or Bible Study booklets and I  always wondered about that since I'd been taught since the 70's that any copying was illegal!  But passing it on as the real book was just wrong!

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 6:02 PM ET
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That 'dollar store' stuff sounds kinda sketch Andrea, I wonder if anyone has actually verified the copyright laws on those?  I've seen many posts on E-bay that state they are 'licensed' sellers of books on CD, but when I contacted the publisher they said NO those were pirated/illegal copies and to please report them ASAP.  Just because a copy is being sold, does not mean it is a legal copy.  The college stuff, yes they might have license to buyback copies for campus use (since the campus is licensed).

Melanie has the bottom line tho, copies (regardless of legal status) are not postable at PBS.

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Date Posted: 2/15/2011 8:27 PM ET
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Keep us informed as to what pbs tells you.

Date Posted: 2/15/2011 11:17 PM ET
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Yes!  Please do.  Inquiring minds want to know!!

Date Posted: 2/16/2011 5:33 PM ET
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Thank you so much for the great advice! I'll contact pbs and will let you know what they say.

Date Posted: 2/16/2011 6:25 PM ET
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For goodness sake, a member here took a credit from somebody for a zeroxed book?'

c'mon.  it's a no brainer.

I hope they get people like this OFF the site. 

Lori M. (ripley) - ,
Date Posted: 2/16/2011 7:06 PM ET
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Is it possible that it is a print-on-demand title? I know that Amazon now sells some dvd and cd titles that are print-on-demand, and probably don't look the same as the original manufactured title did.

Date Posted: 2/16/2011 10:37 PM ET
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Possibly Lori, but I buy those small imprint books from Amazon that they insisted go to 'print on demand' and I've yet to see one that looks any different. 


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Date Posted: 2/17/2011 2:01 AM ET
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PBS returned my credit, put me back on the waiting list, and is contacting the person who sent the photocopied book.  Thank you for all your help!