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Topic: Received with a Problem?- cover damage

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Subject: Received with a Problem?- cover damage
Date Posted: 10/14/2008 7:06 PM ET
Member Since: 6/26/2008
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I received a book today where the paper wrapping was ripped open (no note from the post office saying they opened it).  The book was not wrapped in plastic, and the cover has funny stains on it.  They aren't wet or anything, but the discoloration is obvious.  It's a hardcover without a dust jacket (which I know is fine), but that's why the discoloration looks so prevalent (since it is a light colored cover).  It's a WLed book and I don't think I'd be comfortable reposting it, but I can't decide if it's worth marking it "received with a problem."  I'm tempted to just mark it as received and send a PM to the sender, but I'm also annoyed for being out the credit and not being able to repost this book.  This is the first transaction that I've had where there was any type of problem.  Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

Date Posted: 10/14/2008 7:19 PM ET
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Consider yourself lucky. You have been here longer then me and I have already had about 10 problems between Box of Books and regular swapping.

Does it look like the stains are a result for the package being ripped open? Or do they look older? It's hard to say without looking at the book.

Date Posted: 10/14/2008 7:22 PM ET
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Personally, I'd mark it RWAP.  The posting guidelines in the Help Center state that no stains of any kind are allowed.  I would take this to mean the cover as well as the pages, since it does not specify pages only, and it is in the  "overall condition" section.  If it was me, I would mark it RWAP and politely ask for my credit back, explaining that stains of any kind make a book unpostable.

The ripped wrapping, I think, is a separate issue and is irrelevant- unless you think that the book was stained AFTER it was mailed- in which case you should mark it RWAP and indicate that it was damaged by the PO.  If you do think that the book was stained due to the wrapping being ripped open, it is harder to justify asking for your credit back.  In that case, I wouldn't ask for a returned credit, but might politely PM the sender and let them know that the wrapping was ripped, and that they might want to wrap their books differently in the future.

Good luck.

Date Posted: 10/14/2008 7:23 PM ET
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Plastic of course is not required.   Sounds to me as if the package were torn in the mail and the books dirtied.   It happens now and then.  I don't think the fact that it's a wish listed book has anything to do with it.  There are not different requirements for wish listed books.

Date Posted: 10/14/2008 7:38 PM ET
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The book should be marked RWP if it is stained no matter what. The thing you will need to figure out is if the rip in the packaging could have contributed to the stain or if it was there before it was mailed. If there was no way the rip was why it got stained then you should be marking it RWP-damaged by sender. If it looks like the rip could be why it is stained, then it is RWP-damaged by USPS. Damaged by sender you may get your credit back, damaged by USPS you probably won't. No matter what, you need to give the system the correct information about the book arriving with a problem.

Date Posted: 10/14/2008 9:04 PM ET
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Thanks for your advice! :-)  I ended up marking it received with a problem damaged by USPS because I can't really tell if it was damaged before it was mailed or as a result of the ripped open wrapper, so I want to give the sender the benefit of the doubt, but as Melanie D. pointed out, I also wanted PBS to have the correct information.

Thanks again for being so helpful! :-)