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Topic: Receiving books with water damage

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Subject: Receiving books with water damage
Date Posted: 7/9/2009 4:14 PM ET
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I just want to find out how other's have handled this situation. I know the rules state no water damage on books. I triple check my books before even approving that the book can be sent to someone.

I received a book today and it had brown stained wrinkled pages. Apparently from a spill of some liquid or water. The send said she always sends perfect books and doesn't want to refund my credit. So I lost a credit and can't ever repost this book. The packaging wasn't even spotted or stained which would tell me it was done in transit via postal service, which is what this sender claims.


I just feel that many of these books slip thru and the senders blame it on the postal service and we get stuck with loosing a credit and not being able to repost and share the book with others.

Has anyone else had this situation and how did you get it handled? I notified PaperBackswap themselves and they say they can't handle individual requests that you have to just mark it unhandled. But yet still the sender receives her credit, I loose a credit and get a bad book and never can share with someone else the good book I thought I would have to share.


Just wanted to vent this and see if anyone else has had to deal with this.

Thanks all!


Date Posted: 7/9/2009 4:19 PM ET
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I have received very few books that were unpostable again, so it's rare when I do get them. What I would do, if you haven't already, is mark it RWAP (received w/problem) and document the damage. You've asked for your credit back and the sender declined, so there's little else you can do, really. If you can take a photo of it with a digital camera, you can politely PM the sender to offer her a picture, let her know that you will be leaving the RWAP transaction as unresolved since she declined to return your credit. And then just forget it and move on. It's not worth getting into a test of wills with the sender, no matter how wrong it seems. If she does this often, she will be reprimanded and may have her account closed, but the only way PBS knows this is happening if those are marked RWAP.

Sorry this happened to you!


Date Posted: 7/9/2009 4:21 PM ET
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yes, at one time or other I'm sure there are several of us, myself included that have had to deal with this and no PBS will not get involved. I would send one final message to the sender that you checked the packaging and there was no damage so the damage to the book could not have happened enroute and that you will allow 24 hours for a return of your credit or you will mark the RWAP unresolved which will put an additional black mark on her account but, should she choose to refund the credit you will mark the RWAP resolved which will keep her account in good standing.

Date Posted: 7/9/2009 5:21 PM ET
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How bad is it?  Could you post it in the BB for a credit - is it a WL'd book?  I've gotten a few like that.  Sometimes I've gotten my credit back and sometimes not.   Christy's advice is good.  If I get the credit back I don't post it in the BB.  Come to think of it, I've never posted one at all that I can remember.


Date Posted: 7/9/2009 6:01 PM ET
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I got my first RWAP 2 weeks ago-poster refused to refund the credit at first.  At first implied I must have done something to it-she was a new member.  Said all her other books that she sent were recieved with out a problem.  The book had been in water along the top at some point-back cover was even ripped some.  I think maybe the damage might have occured in shipment-she didn't put that much tape on the package and no plastic wrap-I opened the package with out using scissors.  A couple of days later she returned my credit with out an explanation so maybe give them some time and they will return your credit?  Who knows.

Date Posted: 7/9/2009 9:31 PM ET
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You might try sending photos of the damage to the sender, if you are able to do so, and politely reminding them that if you have to mark it unresolved, that will be 2 black marks on their record, not just one.  If you're polite and enable them to save face, sometimes that will convince folks to return your credit.

That said, sometimes folks are just stubborn, and that's part of the risk of swapping, is that you occasionally get a bad apple.  I hope your future swaps are problem free.




Date Posted: 7/10/2009 9:20 AM ET
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I recently received a book that has a few pages that are sort of "warped" a little at the bottom and look like they might have gotten a little wet.   It does not bother me because there was no water stain and they do not affect the book closing properly or anything like that.

However, I am wondering if I can repost the book.

Date Posted: 7/10/2009 10:44 AM ET
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Henri R. - If there is no change in the 'texture' of the page it is probably not water damage.  Sometimes the pages get wavy from someone holding the book to read it. And some brand new books have wavy pages because of the paper quality. If you think it might be one of those last two then your book is  postable.

To the OP - I am sorry that this has happened to you. I hope that the person has a change of heart and returns your credit. As others have said there is the BB for unpostables or you could offer it as a freebie with an order from your shelf.  I have had  luck with that last one myself and the other members were extremely happy to get a copy of their WL book to read. Good luck to you.

Date Posted: 7/10/2009 7:14 PM ET
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Thanks all for the kind help.

I tried to explain it to the sender nicely and ask politely for the credit back, but she insisted she never sent out a non perfect book since being a member and refused to refund the credit. Its very obvious to me it was done before being sent, maybe she didn't think it was that bad. The book is still readable, but its just that I wouldn't really want to post a book with brown stains and wrinkled pages..the back page was actually stuck to the inside of the back cover.

Once again I'm just letting it go as this is going to occasionally happen. I know not everyone will be honest and its a lesson learned for me.

But I double and triple check all my books before posting and check them again before I accept sending a book to anyone.

I'm sure in life we all run into someone just wanting to get rid of a book to earn a credit. I just wish PBS would at least offer some sort of credit reimbursement when the sender won't refund it.

For me being on disablity and not as much income as I like...I usually have to buy credits..due to reading so fast..I get lots of books. I have lots to repost that way, but don't always get many takers. I don't like to repost bad books I've received, but this one when I'm done reading I will offer as a freebie to someone. 

I do apperciate the advice and didn't mean to complain, but just wanted to know if anyone else had ever had this and how you may have dealt with it. 

Good lesson learned though.

Date Posted: 7/10/2009 7:58 PM ET
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Please be sure to mark the transaction as "unresolved" if you have marked it RWAP.  We don't want these members thinking that it's okay to send these out.  We are the quality control for PBS.  So this would be another black mark on their record and helps to signal a bad trader if they have a habit of doing this sort of thing.  It will help us all in the long run.  No one wants brown stains and wrinkled pages that might harbor spores of mold or mildew.