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Topic: Do you recognize this book? FOUND!!

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Subject: Do you recognize this book? FOUND!!
Date Posted: 9/4/2008 12:29 PM ET
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I know I read it recently and I don't read that many historicals so you'd think I'd remember but I don't.

She was duped into a false marriage (fake priest, etc) and then dumped after the wedding night.  She gave birth to twins but the male died before the book opened.  She was the stepsister of a Duke, Lord, etc, who watched over her.  She has a daughter, about age 4, who doesn't speak.

He may have been the result of his mother having an affair.  But he's still the heir to some title, except he ran away at age 17 and joined the Navy.  His father thinks he's dead and the father's brother will inherit the title. 

The stepbrother finds him in South America?? and insists he return to England to look after the stepsister.  Except she wants nothing to do with him.  She may be living in his house. I know she lives near his father.

They, of course, get together and the daughter starts to speak.  The daughter calls him Uppie.

At the end, there is a big ball and he gets there early (leaving heroine and daugher--I'm not sure if they're married yet or not--behind).  He approaches his uncle and says the title is yours.  Just forget that I'm whom I am (the heroine doesn't want anything to do with Society).  The uncle protests that the title is his and hero starts to leave.  In sweep heroine and daughter.  Daughter calls out Uppie, Uppie and woman sinks into deep bow and calls him by title in front of everyone.  She tells him she loves him too much to worry about society.

Does this ring a bell with anyone??


ETA: I think the hero has a scar near his eye.  His father had hit him in the face while wearing a ring.  I think that was the night his mother had died and he left for the Navy. 

it was not a Harlequin series book.  I think the cover showed his face but part of it was in shadow. You couldn't see the scar.  I've gone through my Books I've Read list and can't find it. 


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Date Posted: 9/4/2008 9:05 PM ET
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Doesn't ring a bell for me, sorry. 

Oops!  PM Willa.  If anyone would recognize it, it would probably be her.

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Date Posted: 9/4/2008 9:29 PM ET
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Heh... sorry, I'm letting you all down, but I haven't read it!

Date Posted: 9/4/2008 9:48 PM ET
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okay this book sounds really interesting so I would love to know what book is and who is by.

Ani,  if you ever find out, can you please let me know?

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 1:03 AM ET
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at first i thought this was by catherine coulter. but in that one the hero already has a title. also the fake marriage was with the hero's late brother.

but this does sound like something she would write or maybe one of  those other writers that sound like her.

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 2:31 PM ET
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I am suprised Willa didnt know LOL *tease*

I would be very interested in knowing the title for this as well. :D

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 2:56 PM ET
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I don't read Catherine Coulter so I know it isn't one of hers.  Dang!  I was really hoping the Uppie part would seal it for someone. 

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 3:51 PM ET
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The "Uppie" nickname is what's making it very familiar to me, but I know I haven't read it:P  I do believe, however, that I've read a review and synopsis for this book, and more than once - which means it probably did well at one of the review sites I frequently check.  What that means, I have no idea, but I'll do some investigating tonight and see if I can track down what it is.  I'm thinking it's something that I put on one of my lists to look for at one time, but I don't think it's on my PBS reminder list.

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 4:00 PM ET
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I would appreciate any and all help!  This is really driving me crazy now. 

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 4:23 PM ET
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Is it Forever Yours by Janmarie Anello?  Amazon description sounds like what you mentioned above.


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Date Posted: 9/5/2008 4:26 PM ET
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That's it!! Thank you soooo much, Kerry!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I can see now I had the cover wrong in my head. 

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 4:33 PM ET
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whoa I've never even heard of that author! I'd never have figured it out!

Date Posted: 9/5/2008 4:49 PM ET
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Well, it's on my list I keep in my notebook that I cart with me to bookstores, etc, but not my PBS reminder list - for whatever reason - so it's not totally outside the realm of possibility that I might have gotten to it... sooner or later:P  I have no idea, but I list them alphabetically, so...  Anyhoo, looks from the notation that I initially got the reco from RomanceJunkies.com Blue Ribbon reviews, a rating of 4.5 - which is good, but might explain why I wasn't agressively stalking it...  But then again, Sarah W. from RomanceJunkies only gave Delicious a 4, which I thought was just plain wrong, so I may have to find a copy now:P

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Date Posted: 9/5/2008 5:08 PM ET
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who??, LOL, anyway glad you found it Ani :)

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Date Posted: 9/5/2008 9:11 PM ET
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I had written a review for it but hadn't added it to my Books I've Read list.  That's why I couldn't find it!

Now I'm wondering where it is!