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Topic: Requsting books ????

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Subject: Requsting books ????
Date Posted: 6/21/2009 7:57 PM ET
Member Since: 5/17/2009
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When I request a book from someone's bookshelf, will the person of that account get the request or someone else with the book.

Just curious! = )

Date Posted: 6/21/2009 8:02 PM ET
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If you request directly from their shelf you will order from them. You have to be careful and not click into the book details and order from there because that will go to FIFO. Make sure you see that you are on their bookshelf when you hit the order button.

Date Posted: 6/21/2009 8:02 PM ET
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If you request it from their bookshelf, they will get the request.  However if you click on the book description and order from there, it will go to the first person in line with the book.

Date Posted: 6/21/2009 9:54 PM ET
Member Since: 2/22/2008
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When someone orders one book from me, I PM to let them know I run a 3 for 2 deal.  I have had a LOT of customers try to order a second book from me, that got caught up in the FIFO thing.  They think they ordered a second book from me when they really ordered it from someone else.   The last person said  the order was already accepted by the FIFO person and the wrapper was printed, so they could not cancel the order.  Is there not a clear enough explanation for this on the site?



Date Posted: 6/21/2009 9:59 PM ET
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This explanation on how to order directly from a member comes directly from the Help Docs:

How do I direct my request for a book to a specific member?

Requests at PBS are submitted in FIFO order, unless the button on the member's bookshelf is used to order the book. 

To direct your request to a specific member:


  • Go to the member's bookshelf
    • Locate the book on her bookshelf.
    • To get to a member's bookshelf:
      • from a forum Post or a PBS Profile: click the button
      • from a Personal Message: click her highlighted name in the To:field.  This will take you to her profile (if she has one)  or bookshelf
  • Click the Order This Book ON HER BOOKSHELF (and nowhere else) in order to be sure the request goes to that member.
    • Do not click the button in the "popup" information about the book that comes up when you put your cursor over the book cover image (even if you do this while on the bookshelf page)
      • If you click the Order This Book button in the popup book information this will send the request into the general system, and it will not be submitted to that specific member whose bookshelf you are on.
    • If you have clicked the book cover/title on the bookshelf to read more about the book:
      • you will be on the Book Details page (which also has an "Order this Book" button on it). GO BACK to the member's bookshelf to click the "Order this Book" button there--use your browser's "back" button.
      • Tip: Before you click the button, look at the page you are on. If "[member]'s bookshelf" does NOT appear at the top of this page, you are ordering from the Book Details page, and your request may go to someone else.
    • You can confirm from whom you are ordering DURING the process of requesting the book:
      • by clicking "Order More Books from this member" and confirming that you are taken to the intended member's bookshelf.  Simply complete your order from there, if it is the correct bookshelf.  If it is not the correct bookshelf, navigate away from the request process try again.
    • You can confirm from whom you have requested the book AFTER completing the request process:
      • by clicking   on the transaction on your account page, and seeing whose name "pops up" in the To: field of the empty PM. If it is not the intended member's name, cancel this request and try again. Don't send a Personal Message unless it is the correct sender, though--if a requestor sends a PM to a sender during the one hour "waiting period" (see below), the waiting period will be terminated, and the request will be submitted to the sender immediately.
      • You can cancel at any point up until the wrapper is printed by the sender. Once that has happened, the requestor can no longer cancel, and should not ask the sender to cancel either.



Date Posted: 6/21/2009 10:29 PM ET
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After getting stuck in a FIFO from an order more deal, I always check that the person's name is at the top of the page.  There are two different views of the bookshelf.  One is the regular bookshelf.  The other is more of a list (the order more page).  But both have the name at the top. 

Date Posted: 6/21/2009 10:58 PM ET
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Oh what a surprise ... this person's account was suspended (or closed). See another thread in this forum by this person .... she was either 16 and masquerading as a 55 year old here or on another site (listed in her profile) masquerading as a 16 year old when she was actually 55.  Creepy for the latter.

Date Posted: 6/22/2009 2:32 PM ET
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Which person are you talking about?  It's definitely not me, but your reply could be easily read that way.


Date Posted: 6/22/2009 5:08 PM ET
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Susan was referring to the original poster to this thread, Juana.  Her account is currently suspended, possibly for being underage.  But Juana started a handful of discussion threads in her short time here.

Date Posted: 6/22/2009 5:25 PM ET
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Denise is right.  I didn't even read your post, Debbie, so I didn't  realize my post could remotely be construed as being aimed towards anyone other than who started the thread.

To be honest, I'm still not understanding how it could be linked to you, but I apologize for the confusion.

Date Posted: 6/23/2009 6:45 PM ET
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HELP!!  I got three add on orders today from three separate customers and they ALL THREE got into the FIFO.  Now I have to explain to each of them, get them to cancel the FIFO orders, and reorder from me.  The last person that did this said the wrapper was already printed and she couldn't cancel from the other person.

Can't this be changed somehow?