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Rhett Butler's People
Rhett Butler's People
Author: Donald McCaig, Margaret Mitchell
ISBN-13: 9780312262518
ISBN-10: 0312262515
Publication Date: 11/6/2007
Pages: 500
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

3.7 stars, based on 183 ratings
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Book Type: Hardcover
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Well, I can't say I loved it, but I did enjoy reading it. I was surprised that the book wasn't so much GWTW from Rhett's viewpoint, but rather, it was about his family, his parents, his sister Rosemary (who's a cross between Scarlett and Melanie IMHO), his old friends, and of course, Scarlett. So that's what it means by Rhett Butler's *people*.

I was a bit disappointed that some favorite scenes from GWTW were not included in this, or were completely changed!

This book is rated PG-13, nothing racy, so if you're expecting sex scenes between Scarlett and Rhett - sorry, they're not here, but there's enough to indicate they had a passionate relationship in and out of bed. The author, has added a lot of behind the scenes scenes, especially Melanie's thoughts and they are quite an eye-ful!

The book is worth reading if you can't get enough of GWTW and it was worth reading for curiosity's sake. I recommend the book, if only to get another peek into the world of GWTW and this time around a lot of it takes place in Charleston. I think anyone who loves GWTW would enjoy this book. The author focuses a lot on slavery and reconstruction, this is a different look than Margaret Mitchell gives us. It's not as rich and detailed as GWTW, of course, but it wasn't bad either. His new characters were better defined than the characters from the original. Almost as if he didn't want to "mess" with Mitchell's originals.

I guess my one big gripe is it lacked a lot between Rhett and Scarlett during the time of GWTW. McCaig adds a whole extra part in the book after "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." The book does not end there by any means. I thought the book would be more detailed and a lot of the GWTW parts were kind of glossed over. So in that respect it was disappointing, but overall, I liked it.
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This was the biggest waste of time. The book could've been a 100 pages shorter. The story drug on and on. The characters were poorly defined. An overall disappointing book. I'm glad I checked it out from the library and didn't waste a credit on it here!
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Thank goodness for this website, because this is one of the worst books I have ever read, and I am glad to be posting it back to get rid of it. This book is as bad as Alexandra Ripley's "Scarlett." It is poorly written and the prose is just like a Danielle Steel novel. I am very disappointed that the Trust once again sold out. There is no need for a sequel to GWTW; Margaret Mitchell said what she had to say. Let us use our imaginations and decide if Scarlett and Rhett got back together.
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This was last month's pick in The Reading Cove. I was disappointed. The title and synopsis give the impression this book is from Rhett's and his family's perspective, relative to GONE WITH THE WIND, after all, that's where Rhett was born. But this "authorized" book read more like tepid fan fiction - when people take characters from their favorite books and make up their own take on them.

RHETT BUTLER'S PEOPLE didn't stay true to the original characterizations or spirit of the characters. Rhett was gone much of the time, his sister Rosemary being more of a focal character than he was! Many scenes from GWTW were changed or omitted. Certain important events in Rhett's life were reduced to Melanie's letter to Rosemary, or not shown at all.

I was very disappointed in this book. Not sure how it works as a standalone novel, but it doesn't work in the context of GWTW.
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For me the characters in Gone With the Wind are so intertwined with the movie actors that I see them as I read it. In Rhett Butler's People I had a very hard time conjuring up the actors. Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley, Melanie, etc. don't come off as the same people. The new characters fit into the story, but they didn't develop strongly identifiable personalities like the ones from GWTW. We hear a lot about Rhett's sister, but I didn't get a good sense of what kind of person she was or how she would react.

The scenes mentioned from the original were glossed over and only served to establish a timeline. The new parts were interesting and believable enough, given the background, and do add to the overall story.

3-3 1/2 stars-I did finish it, and of course you can't really compare it to GWTW, but I didn't love it.
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It's pretty slow for the frist 2-3 chapters, but an okay read. This book is good as an independant story. However, if you link it to Gone With The Wind, if falls disappointingly short.
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It was an easy and fairly enjoyable book to read. I wasn't in love with it, though. You are certainly better off just reading Gone With the Wind.
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"Rhett Butler's People" is a unique view of "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell from Rhett Butler's perspective. This is a MUST READ for anyone who loves the movie or book. I was a bit disappointed that the author, Donald McCaig, did not address the storyline laid out in "Scarlett" by Alexandra Ripley. Nevertheless, this book was very well written and gave a wonderful new perspective to the timeless love story of Rhett and Scarlet. McCaig re-created the passion, drama and sometime tragedy between the lovers with faithful yet imaginative imagery. He gave Rhett a background, family and friendships that are believable without loosing the mystery of the tall, dark and handsome hero that every woman longs to fall in love with.
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If you liked Gone With The Wind, you will enjoy this book. It fills in a lot of holes about Rhett Butler and his family and his relationship with Scarlett. I would read this book again (I don't normally read books twice).
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I have read mixed reviews about this book, but being a fan of Gone With the Wind i felt compelled to try. I did try, but it starts and then goes back to tell another story and it just keeps repeating this way. i feel as if the author felt compelled to make it a 700 page book. It is not worth it in my opinion. it is too long and really you already know the ending so why bother, the fact that you didn't know the story of Rhett doesn't mean you need to read 700 pages to find out it ends the same!
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This book attempts to piggyback on the fame of "Gone with the Wind" by telling everything you ever wanted to know about the life and times of Rhett Butler. I found it very tedious, and gave up reading after three chapters.
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I noticed this at the bookstore over the weekend and was immediately taken aback. I thought "WOW." Being a Gone With The Wind fan I thought that this just might be interesting, especially since the author was hand picked by Margaret Mitchell to write the novel.

I was not disappointed. The saga never ends-----excellent!

Don't miss this one!

Love and Angel Hugs
Marian in CA.
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I was surprised by how good this follow-up story is.
It was believable, which is probably the biggest challenge for any author trying to carry Gone with the Wind forward.
I thought it much better than the one titled 'Scarlet'.
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I loved Gone With The Wind; this was a nice follow-up to the story. I enjoyed learning about Rhett's background (family ties, etc). It seemed lacking in some respects, but overall a good read if you enjoy the time period it was set in.
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I was disappointed in this book only because I am a huge fan of Gone with the Wind, as well as Scarlett, and to me this book did not fall in line with them. Character's that I've grown to know and love through the previous books, have some drastic changes in their personality when read through this new novel. Also, I expected it more to be about Rhett - yet the book centered around his sister Rosemary.

It is worth a once over, yet I will probably not read it more than once!
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He's tall, dark and handsome, a dashing man with a mischievous smile that radiates from his eyes. It's the smile, perhaps, that contagious smirk, that garners such fascination for this man, the literary character with the power to capture a girl's heart quicker than any other creation of ink and imagination. (Mr. Darcy, who?)

He's Rhett Butler, the rough point of Margaret Mitchell's infamous love triangle, and he is the archetypal "bad boy" - the charming rogue, exiled by his family, a rebel blockade runner and a contradiction to the traditions his Southern homeland holds dear. But it is his relationship with the fiery Scarlett O'Hara that creates one of the greatest love stories of our time, for his calloused exterior melts under the gaze of that green-eyed girl, and his feelings for her are portrayed so acutely in Donald McCaig's retelling of "Gone with the Wind" that female readers yearn to be the object of that deep an adoration. "Rosemary, in his heart, your brother is a lover," Melanie Wilkes writes in a letter to Rosemary Butler, her confidant and Rhett's sister. "The shrewd businessman, the adventurer, the dandy are but costumes the lover wears."

In writing the untold story of Rhett Butler, McCaig has put to paper what all book-lovers do after encountering a literary figure who so captivates us that they live on in our imaginations long after we've finished the novel. Commissioned by the Mitchell estate, "Rhett Butlers People" stays true to the facts of its predecessor while revealing the details of Rhett's life that give insight into the nuances of his character, as well as his inner thoughts and explanations for many unanswered questions. (Why was Rhett exiled from Charleston, and why was he imprisoned after the war?) Opening with the mysterious duel between Rhett and Belle Watling's brother, McCaig's tale begins 11 years before the first chapter of "Gone with the Wind," and continues for several chapters after the original conclusion, offering a reconciliation between Rhett and Scarlett after "Frankly, my dear" that differs from the scenario Alexander Ripley creates in "Scarlett," the storys first authorized sequel.

Aptly named, the novel tells not only the story of Mr. Butler himself, but those of other important figures in his life, devoting entire chapters to characters such as his baby sister Rosemary, whose relationship with her brother is quite touching, the unrefined yet endearing Belle Watling and her son Tazewell, many of Rhett's closest friends (and also some enemies) and even Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, with whom Rhett shares a mutual admiration and affection. McCaig was chosen for the job because his treatment of the Civil War in his most popular preceding novel, "Jacobs Ladder," and he weaves the war's progression into each chapter, bringing the fictional plotlines to life against a historical background. At the heart of the story, however, is the maddening attraction between Rhett and Scarlett, two characters whose stark similarities make them all wrong for each other yet so right all at the same time. They love passionately and fight passionately, yet even as she angers him, she leaves him vulnerable.

"I never said I loved you, you know," she said, as if she weren't quite sure. The air in the small space between them hummed His muscles ached from holding still, from not reaching out and taking her. In a husky voice, he managed to say, "I admire your candor." Because his hands ached to touch her, to ravish her, to close around her throat and murder her, Rhett Butler bowed stiffly, brushed past his wife, and walked out of the house onto Peachtree Street, hatless in the cold rain."

Though a bit slow in parts, the entertainment value of "Rhett Butlers People" is enough to warrant attention from any romantic historical fiction enthusiast, though its treatment of several significant events assumes that readers already know the framework and some of the details of "Gone with the Wind." The disclosure of little Bonnie Blue's accident, for instance, may seem almost flippant to the reader who knows naught of her fate. But for "Gone with the Wind" fanatics like myself, the novel reignites a fascination with the Old South and gives us many more reasons to adore the charming Rhett Butler.
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I've read negative reviews of this book bur frankly I enjoyed it. I had always longed to "know" what happened after the end of the GWTW story. Rhett's pre-story was well integrated with the GWTW story as already told.

The integration throughout was not perfect. I missed the ball where Rhett asked Widow Hamilton to dance, for example. But overall it was well done. It was primarily from a male point of view, of course, so its focus on the war, etc, was not as enjoyable to me as GWTW. But there was a lot to love, including better insight into Belle Watling, Rhett's family, and Charleston. Overall I can highly recommend it to GWTW fans.
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I really enjoyed this book. I liked the story of Rhett Butler and what other things were happening during GWTW. I was not sure I would like this book, but I ended up liking it alot. Probably not for die hard GWTW fans, but a good read nonethless.
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If you love Gone with the Wind and Scarlet then you must read this!
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Enjoyable look at Rhett Butler's life and his part of the GWTW story. There were some discrepancies between this and the original novel and if you are a huge GWTW fan, that will bother you. It also bothered me that the editors couldn't spell FREDERICKSBURG right. Hello, editors, four major Civil War battles in and around Fredericksburg and you can't verify that you've spelled it correctly?
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I was so excited about this book. I am a GWTW fanatic and could not wait for this. Well it is L O N G it is close to 700 pages and I just could not gain iterest. I got about 300 pages in and I gave up and I NEVER do that. I was a little happy for the background of Rhett and Belle but the rest were people I could not get interested in.
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This was a wonderful book! The first few chapters are a bit of a slow read, but after that this novel just can not be put down. I thought it was wonderful.
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I really liked this book. Gone With the Wind is one of my favorites and also Scarlett so this completed the story. I liked it so well that after I read it in hardcover I ordered it from here in paperback so it would match my copies of Gone With the Wind and Scarlett to keep and read again someday.
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If you have seen Gone With The Wind or read the book, you will love this one. If you have not then this is a perfect intro. It is the story of Rhett's heart, his life with his father, and slaves of the Low Country. This was a perfect read. You will even run into Scarlett O'Hara again as she was such a big part of his life. This will be a fast read because it is hard to put down once you start.
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An interesting view of the classic story. Not all would agree with the approach.
But I thought it was pretty good.
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If you are a fan of Gone With the Wind you will enjoy this book. It is an interesting spin on the story.
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How do you have 5 stars based on 1 rating showing? it clearly shows there are 5 reviews here?

Awful! Waste of money
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I was not disappointed in this story at all. I was a little leary, because Gone With The Wind is one of my all time favorites. But once I started reading I couldn't put this book down. If Gone With The Wind is a permanent part of your library, then you must complete it with Rhett Butler's People.........
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If you have read the sequel, Scarlet, this book doesn't go with it. However, this is a great book with a wonderful story.
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I saw this book at the grocery store and was compelled to purchase it. It laid in my TBR pile for quite some time. I was afraid that I would be disappointed. I was not!!! What a wonderful wonderful addition to the story. This sequel is FAR superior to the earlier effort name "Scarlett." If you love GWTW you will really enjoy this book!
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I loved this book! I could just see Rhett riding his horse. I could see the Antebellum south and the Civil War. I could'nt put it down!
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I really enjoyed this side of Gone with the Wind
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Did not enjoy this book. The story jumped around too much, and tried to incorporate too many characters into storylines.
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Good read just because I am a Gone With the Wind fan and like anything having to do with it. Pretty much goes along with the GWTW story line but gives an inside peek of the life of Rhett before Scarlett and where GWTW leaves off.
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As a huge Gone With The Wind fan I found this to be a must read. It was interesting and well done but will never outshine Margaret Mitchell's wonderful story. It fills in some of the blanks in questions readers might have about who Rhett was before Scarlett. It also has some details about Scarlett that you might find new and interesting.

Even though you know how the story ends it is great to know how it really began.
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Very good
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Great read with a throwback to the movie and the original story of Gone with the Wind.